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  1. She's a Bedlington x whippet bedlington x whippet here's a better picture of her
  2. I take it hes not getting a Christmas card lol lol
  3. I totally agree with you but I did like his posting
  4. Yes good lad he was from what I heard there was.a fall out I don't think he's posting anymore I like he's posting
  5. I've done alot of training with him field work he knew what a rabbits was like ground been too hard for months to run him if u know what I mean
  6. Vin I whent out by myself mate he could of killed 20 rabbits just wanted to see way he would run after all the work I put in to him he passed the test mate
  7. Spud took to the lamp like a Duck to water tonight 8 rabbits out of 11
  8. When I was a kid long time ago lol we used to hunt the local graveyards with the ferrets and whippets they were full off rabbits I did try to hunt the prison one time didn't come out for 10 years lol
  9. Theres a litter of Wheaton x greyhound pups there and a litter whippet x greyhound pups
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