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  1. It could work But not with my Dogs my Dogs greedy c**ts thinks every meal there last lol saying that I think there's a specialy made Dog Dish to slow the dog eating its food fast could be wrong never had any problems with Bloating myself
  2. I take it that's a Joke how would that stop bloating slow the dog down eating its food feed small meals few times a day could held don't run it after feeding it and a couple of other wee things u can do to help it
  3. The Dark nights our in now she will come out off season herself
  4. From what I hear there's a group trying to stop ferreting. OVER here they tryed to stop all hunting with dogs that's means rabbits foxes rats hares even grey tree rats lol it is coming lads quicker than we think
  5. I would say 90 percent on here are safe lol
  6. It's Beter to Die on your feet than to live on your knee's lads Hunt on
  8. Two tonight had a Bad fox problem lost about 30 rabbits so far this year to foxes
  9. Get a mix off 40 Newton nice an wet so u can work with it that will do the trick 4 inches Deep the concrete boys will tell you much you need with the size you give them
  10. I think everyone has done it me personally see nothing wrong with it that's just my opinion there's lads kill rabbits summertime and foxes nothing special about a hare
  11. Iam glad in worked for you mate I put bells on my ferrets But can't hear them Down the holes what's if it's 5 feet Deep then u would be in trouble just dosint make any sense line ferrets in my eyes to many things can go wrong thanks for your reply
  12. Yes pork is OK couple times a week specially when I was lamping them hard plenty fat in pork helps keep the weight on them some people might disagree But work for me along with other things
  13. But holes don't go straight they bend and curve all about the ground you.would have to Dig the field up to find one
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