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  1. The farm I do rabbit control on has been at me from may mate sure what can u do mate its rabbit control
  2. I have a spare leather collar hear for u if that will help.u out give me a buzz when u finish work
  3. As soon as my pups get there jabs there out and about in the fields they will soon let u know when there our ready for home learning different smells sounds getting under gates wire just getting into everything it all pays off later on in life for them
  4. Just taking a we rest lol
  5. Well done mate keep the good.work up mate it all pays off in the end
  6. One the dosint take the hand of u every time u pick it up lol
  7. Good straw can't beat it for beding
  8. All very good advice and agree with lads 100 percent what to do with your dog or pup But always remember once they are off the lead they our in God's hands
  9. And iam blind lol lol I sent it to wrong person
  10. Nothing to do with me iam not saleing it lol I was.asking is it.a miss print just because he was asking 1000 for it lol
  11. Ps But it is for sale for a.1000 all the best ferretman
  12. You our right lol it's my eyes wasn't ment for you lol sorry
  13. Your looking 1000 for it is that right or is that a miss print
  14. Brilliant Trev that pup has the makeing of a good one it's the best way to bring them on
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