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  1. That's watt I tell.people too and it u believe that well
  2. Trust me I know all about it its fcking ridiculous lads
  3. I don't know mate to be fair a old ferreting mate gave it to me
  4. Specially if u our half Blind like me yes I do like a white ferret
  5. Well would u.part them mate they our like hens teeth lol
  6. Do u have any of them mate just interested in old tapes or DVDs
  7. U most have some rabbits under your Belt this year mate well done lads
  8. That's our we beddy x whippet beddy whippet
  9. Ok Trev watt way is that.we Bitch Bred mate
  10. Yes they said it was to old for them too
  11. Put them in Different Boxes mate that will help
  12. The main thing here is getting it out early and let it learn all about the game I had one she was about 25 inches and.work her on lamp ferret and hare done.well on them all . Go ahead watt have u to lose mate get her out.there from a early age
  13. Watt year were they made in did use ever work them in the.field
  14. Has anyone got Phil Lloyd's night hunter one tape or DVD on lamping rabbits
  15. Phil have u still got the snare if u have I would be interested in them mate
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