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  1. Ps forgot to mention Northern Ireland dosint add fluoride to its water lol think we our the only ones that don't llf lol dosint change my opinion
  2. Good man stick to your guns and il do what I've always done fill the bucket up with topwater and hope for the best lol each to their own all the best
  3. Now everyone is looking up Google to see what it has to say lol what about ferrets I've never gave my ferrets anything but topwater
  4. Mate no harm to you don't believe everything you read me personally never heard of anyone having problems with their dogs with top water and I have been around dogs a long time and my late father and grandparents all had greyhounds never had any problems at all
  5. Never done any my dogs any harm in 50 years dos that go for cattle too coz there water comes from the mains most off the time
  6. Pm me il nip down sort them out for you not far from you
  7. That's better picture off toe I cut it back all the time it's a common injury in running dogs some times it works cutting it back I ended up just getting nail took out job done and Dusted
  8. That's the way it was before only done yesterday hopefully no more problems
  9. Had the same problem only front foot I kept cutting it back but ended up getting nail took out
  10. He would off threw you to the wolves as quick as he would look at u if the pressure was on him that's only child's play what u done but each to there own
  11. Once a cop always a cop
  12. As far as I know he asked to be Deleted from the site mite be wrong
  13. From what I heard he was jabbed up the ass ? ?
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