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  1. Lol iam not takeing it personally mate lol one man's meat is another man's posin we our all Brothers in arms as to speak
  2. All of a sudden wee have to go out an make every thing shy before wee hunt them lol watts that all about the more you hunt them the more skilful the hare rabbit fox get by hunting them
  3. So you drive 50 miles slip a saluki lurcher at them.run them 10 minutes each hare dog missed everyone of them come home lol do lads make rabbits lamp shy before going lamping them don't think so or fox lads don't think so
  4. I know blacky that's why I said ruffley 3 minutes it could off been 6 minutes lol No only joking there il meet you in the middle then say minute and a half you happy with that will lol that one.30 seconds lol
  5. Took you long enough to jump on this though you would off been on long ago lol why do not think a whippet x greyhound can run for 3 minutes ffs mac come on now I didn't have a stop watch with me sorry lol but ruffley 3 minutes there abouts that the nite Xmas time end off December
  6. Feet good but had to get nail removed wind very good 3 minutes course one nite killed two more after that no saluki lurcher but Dosint mess about with them
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