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  1. Looks like coke cola makeing it lol who is makeing it and when who is field testing it alot of question I know
  2. Your given away your age shaaark lol they say the rabbit was here too and didn't make it through the ice age how knows
  3. Mchull watt is a English hare not knocking you here the only native hare to England in the mountain hare if iam right could be wrong here brown hares were brought in
  4. There's not to many with Brains on here But plenty with big mouths llf lol
  5. There's a bitch Bred out off a greyhound that couldn't even make it on the track it was useless but the greyhound took to hunting like a duck to water that picture was took end off October many years ago I know people's going to say they were soft out of season But them days we hunted hares from September onwards and they were day time hare's
  6. Each to there own right if you.were out with a whippet ferreting or lamping and it was smasher But it couldn't win a race witch would you breed from the worker or the racing one I know which on I would breed from hope that answers that lol
  7. Jigsaw not going to tell any lies here yes it was on the lamp that was 1989 I think and all flat out lamping then now can't take it away from this we bitch she was deadly on them and she did kill plenty day time too that we bitch died on me 7 years old as I say lads that was back in the old days
  8. If you get the right whippet these we dogs are Deadly on them
  9. Took this wolf out with me loads off times brilliant dog with the ferrets in bushes like a terrier and marked holes too sadly at 10 years old it took cancer
  10. We let 3 foxes go one day it was mid February we got 5 that Day the three we got were in season so let them free for another day sorry for the other two they were dog foxes they were put out of cover the lurchers made short work off them
  11. What way did pup turn out did if make the grade as to speak
  12. There's a blast from the pass Ginger French we got two dogs from him late 1980s sent over they didn't work out to good for them
  13. When the wind blowing from the north its called orange wings lol
  14. Well did she catch it phil smashing photos lovely bitch
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