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  1. He would off threw you to the wolves as quick as he would look at u if the pressure was on him that's only child's play what u done but each to there own
  2. Once a cop always a cop
  3. As far as I know he asked to be Deleted from the site mite be wrong
  4. From what I heard he was jabbed up the ass
  5. In my opinion if you run that dog in 3 weeks you will be back to square one with that foot all the best with it anyhow I always give mine 6 to 8 weeks rest from running
  6. Ffs blacky you Definitely the clown on this site if your putting that on your undercarriage you have put your Dick were I wouldn't put my walking stick llf.lol
  7. Watt way do you use that still blacky I can't get it made up already so have to buy it like that
  8. That's the stuff there is it I dilute it mate with water and nivea face cream it works for me anyway
  9. We short stop nets on No fukcing glasses on lol
  10. We cut through maybe 3 Different places put we short stop on rabbits Don't know what hit them lol
  11. I near 100percnt you dilute it now I used to get mine out of the chemist made up already
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