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    Now sold.
  2. Thank you all for your good wishes. We never know what's around the corner in life. Challenging though it is, our future is a lot more interesting and exciting than it was before, when we were just sitting in a rented house mouldering along, even if trying to fit a quart into a pint pot is somewhat scary, though decluttering ( to use one of those hideous trendy words) my life is certainly invigorating.
  3. View Advert Meindl Douvre Extreme boots for sale And almost new pair of Meindl Douvre Extreme goretex lined, leather boots. Vibram sole, size5 1/2 (39 EU). I bought these a few years ago and have worn them only 4 times. Cost over £200 new. They are just a size too small for me. Quality boots that should last for years and years. Collect from Huntingdon or can post for £4 Advertiser skycat Date 14/04/19 Price £50.00 Category Clothing and Footwear
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    And almost new pair of Meindl Douvre Extreme goretex lined, leather boots. Vibram sole, size5 1/2 (39 EU). I bought these a few years ago and have worn them only 4 times. They are just a size too small for me. Quality boots that should last for years and years. Collect from Huntingdon or can post for £4


  5. We could only afford an old Springer, but she's sound, has been overplated properly and everything works as it should. It should do us for the next 5 years until Andy retires when we'll hopefully be able to afford something bigger, unless, of course, I've got used to living in a sardine can. We looked at quite a few boats, most ridiculously overpriced, including a beautiful old converted iron barge 57 feet, but it needed too much doing to it, and besides, our boat is called Windsong which seemed significant, though I couldn't say why. I just like the name. She's very basic, but does have a wood burner, shower and kitchen, and enough room on the stern deck for my pots of herbs. We should be moving aboard by mid May, and yes, I'll put some posts on with photos of dogs chilling and moored up a tributary of the Ouse, which is our aim. Marina for when the river's in flood and for trips to the laundrette, diesel and water etc. Once Andy retires we'll be continuous cruisers with no fixed abode: can't wait for that! Finding little out of the way places out on the fens as far from other people as we can get, our idea of paradise.
  6. Thanks, only a small boat as we couldn't afford a great big one, but it will be all ours and no one can take it from us, unlike the house that I've rented for 30 years and the owners, the Church, greedy pigs, have decided to sell. Actually, we were always going to end up on a boat just not quite so soon, and yes, there will be lurchers on board. Only got one young one now, and sadly one of my Airedale lurchers is riddled with mammary cancer and is a grumpy sod to boot so she won't be coming. Andy still has one lurcher but since his stroke he's pretty much stopped any form of hunting. I'll still get out on the lamp when I can: kind of like the idea of training the youngster to leap off the roof of the boat as we cruise slowly down a back water. It will be a whole new way of life and we're really looking forward to it. I'll put some photos of the boat on here when she gets here: on her way down from Burton on Trent at the moment: life in the slow (and minimalist) lane: ah!
  7. In the process of emptying my house as we're moving on to a narrowboat, and I found a couple of boxes of Running Dog Maintenance by Penny Taylor (that's me). I thought they'd all been sold, but there are 15 or so left, some without dust jackets. Selling the ones with jackets for £15, and £10 for the ones without jackets. Plus £5 post and packing. Please message me if you want one.
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    Time Left: 15 days and 16 hours

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    Deben locator mk3 and 3 ferret collars, box of spare batteries. All working correctly, not had a lot of use and in good condition. £150 ono. plus £5.00 postage


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    Deben locataor (receiver mk3) and 3 ferret collars View Advert Deben locator mk3 and 3 ferret collars, box of spare batteries. All working correctly, not had a lot of use and in good condition. £150 ono. plus £5.00 postage Advertiser skycat Date 13/04/19 Price £150.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  10. skycat

    Dog being aggressive

    To think that he'll grow out of it is very wishful thinking and doesn't take into account why the dog is behaving like this. Yes, he's feeling his feet, his male strength, and the buzz he gets from challenging other dogs is self-fulfilling, but it's up to you to show him the rules, which mean that you are in charge. Every time the dog runs off to 'play', threaten, dominate another dog you are allowing him to be in charge, to be in control. Whilst many people these days feel bad about disciplining their dogs, it is absolutely necessary that you take control of him, in every situation. I've had challenges with my latest pup, not that she's aggressive in the slightest, but her daft bouncing, charging at other dogs is not well received by other dogs or their owners. She is now a year old and I have put in months of training to get her to where we are now, which means that the moment she sees another dog she stands still, expecting me to call her back to go on the lead. Believe me this has taken all of her first year, and I've not had to beat, punish or threaten her. It's all been done by slow, patient conditioning. But if I'd let her get on with it to 'grow out of it' she'd still be behaving as her instincts tell her to behave, which is not acceptable. If we allow, for one moment, such dogs to choose how to behave, we are in trouble. You can, with a dog of 2 years old, change his behaviour without beating him up, but it will take time, and involves keeping the dog on a long lead for a while, so that each time he goes to lunge forwards/run towards another dog, he'll be firmly checked by you. You then call him to you, and reward him for doing so, even though he hasn't had an option. If he is food orientated give me a tasty treat. If he's not food orientated then use a bit of rabbit skin on a string as a lure, and throw it a few feet from you as he comes to you so he can grab it as his reward. Altering an established behaviour will take much longer than if you were simply training him not to charge at other dogs from when he was a little pup, and you'll never be able to relax, be off guard. As for allowing him to run free, you can only do that in a safe enclosed area where there are no other dogs, because if even one recurrence of his instinctive behaviour is allowed to happen, you are back at square one. Don't be afraid to check him firmly as you walk past other dogs and he starts poncing about acting the big man. Keep walking, short lead, firm commands to heel etc. Behave like a drill sergeant. Dogs understand leadership, and appreciate and accept it far better than many humans, and he'll respect you the more for showing him that you are the leader.
  11. skycat

    Marmary tumour

    Mammary tumours are very common in older bitches that haven't been spayed. One of the reasons they develop is because hormonal changes during the reproductive cycle kick tissue changes into life. Some small tumours can stay small for years, others blow up very quickly, and each time the bitch has a season it will get worse after the season has finished. Tumours come in varying shapes and sizes, from tiny, irregular shaped lumps to flattish, raised areas around the nipple, in the milk gland, and sometimes are perfectly round, like marbles. All will eventually metastasise (spread elsewhere in the body) and will kill if left in place, but your vet is right in saying that spaying late in life won't stop tumours once the bitch has already had them, even if you have them removed.
  12. skycat

    Dog pup

    Purely as a comment, and in no way intended to criticise the owner, but I've had one or two dog pups who were as slow as snails at that age, but who went on to become more than fast enough for a wide variety of game. At 12 months of age a male lurcher of that size has probably barely finished growing in height, and then needs another 6-12 months to fully develop the muscles which are, obviously, responsible for the animal's speed and certainly for early pace. One of my better coursing dogs looked pitifully slow behind a hare at 14 months, but went on to do himself proud by the time he was 2 years old.
  13. skycat

    pup not taking to diet

    I had one lurcher that couldn't eat raw chicken including bones, or rather she'd eat it (to begin with until she learned what happened) and then throw it back up within half an hour. Eventually she refused it, but was fine on lamb bones. Every individual is different, and if a dog is fine on what purports to be a good, balanced diet, then feed it, but monitor its health and maybe try to change to something else once in a while. I've had dogs become intolerant to certain things, and also grow out of that intolerance. There's so much going on in a body that we can't always understand the whys, hows or whats.
  14. skycat

    pup i kept back

    Rabbit is good providing you feed the whole carcase, including the head and brain. Apparently, if those starving pioneers in the USA had eaten the brains of rabbits as well, they'd have been OK, as the brain contains a fair bit of fat, but also, there is a fair bit of difference between a wild canid eating rabbit and our domestic dogs as a wild animal can access all sorts of other bits and pieces which instinct tells it to eat to supplement the lacks in certain wild meats.. I go for variety as much as possible when feeding dogs, and steer clear of cheap dried foods at all costs.
  15. skycat

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    That's excellent news. So pleased for you and the pups. You must be feeling so good after watching them come through this and become normal pups. Well done for having faith in them.