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  1. www.ourruralheritage.co.uk WWW.OURRURALHERITAGE.CO.UK The starting point for the Countryman's culture and heritage. Have a look folks: a new magazine, which will feature all forms of rural traditions, hunting and customs, with also a focus on wildlife, conservation and how we can continue in the face of modern society's condemnation and threats to our way of life.
  2. Also: there is an additional danger if the amount of air in the chest is causing pressure on the heart, which may not be immediately fatal, but unless the air is removed the heart could, eventually, fail.
  3. Firstly, do not let her exert herself at all. If she has ruptured a lung, then it will take weeks to heal. My old DeerGrey ruptured a lung many years ago. And she did not break a rib, but hit the far side of a dyke at a gallop at night. The vet drew a massive amount of air from the space around her lungs, and she healed fine but it took about 3 months before I let her run at all. As to your question: would they do the above under local anaesthetic? Quite possibly, though times have changed and vets no longer want to take any sort of risk which might allow the owner to sue them. Sad times
  4. Have you tried added probiotic powder? Helps a lot with sensitive digestive systems. Also, maybe the sharp bones in minced chicken (assuming you get it as a pet food?) could be irritating his gut. Just a couple of thoughts. Old guts don't always manage to cope with the same food they've done fine on for years.
  5. PS NEVER tell a pup off for peeing!!!!!!
  6. FFS, rubbing a puppy's nose in its pee will do nothing to train it, except to make it wary of peeing where you are. Take it outside, stay with it until it pees, then bring it straight back in. I've found it harder to housetrain pups during summer when the doors are always open. And if there are kids around to distract it, or disturb it when it needs to pee outside, it will go somewhere quieter and more familiar. If it has really got in the habit of peeing inside, then restrict it to one easily cleaned room, not carpet. Make a point of taking it out for a pee every fifteen minutes to begin
  7. As above, but I'd chop the nail off as close to the skin as you can. It will bleed, but keep firm pressure on it for a few minutes and it will be fine. Just wash with salt water until it is healed, and thereafter keep the claw as short as possible.
  8. That's an absolutely stunning photo of the Galgo
  9. I wouldn't put neat tea tree oil on raw flesh: stings like hell and is strong enough to delay healing. Salt water, savlon and then keep dry and clean, no running, short lead walks, with a sock or bandage over the foot, until new skin has grown.
  10. Looks like the ligaments which hold the toe bones in the correct position have been damaged. A very common issue with some sighthounds and lurchers, often caused by the toe being forced suddenly upwards when it hits a rock or branch when running flat out. If the ligaments have snapped, or stretched beyond their ability to contract again, the toe will remain like this. Rather than have the toe removed I'd suggest getting a good greyhound vet to have a look at it and maybe completely remove the claw to stop any further damage from causing pain. The toe won't return to its correct position, but a
  11. I am in contact with Ed Swales from Hunting Kind. They are trying to put forward the case for 'natural hunting' which means that hunting with dogs (all dogs, as in fox hounds, beagles, harriers, terriers and lurchers) should be legal. This is obviously a long and drawn out process with no absolute guarantee of success, but it does seem to be the best option to date. Whether or not this can succeed depends, in part, on getting MPs to admit that the current legislation is flawed, that certain wild mammals need controlling, and that there is also the cultural heritage of hunting to consider,
  12. Have a look here: Hunting Kind - The opportunity to make the voice of the ‘Rural Voter’ heard. HUNTINGKIND.COM Hunting Kind - If you care about proper wildlife management, our countryside, our cultural heritage, our rural community fabric, our civil liberties, our rural...
  13. I just got this on Kindle, and as it's aimed at very young children it does the job admirably. We could do with some more books of this type, though I can hardly see teachers approving it in schools, nor the gen z vegan mummies. Still, it's worth promoting as much as we can. Without balance the world is just a Disneyesque playground.
  14. Get some food grade diatomaceous earth, from Amazon, dust the ferrets well with it, rubbing it all over and into their fur, and also do the hutch, put in fresh bedding and liberally douse the bedding with the powder too. It's completely non toxic and kills all insects and arthropods by getting into the crevices in their joints and carapaces and thereby drying them out.
  15. That's the main reason why dogs go lame after apparently recovering: they don't get enough time. Tendons, ligaments take weeks and weeks to heal, and once torn or over stretched they never come quite as good as they were before the injury, so you end up getting repeat injuries and wondering why. Tendon: 6 weeks minimum, that's what I was always told by a very good greyhound man, and he was absolutely right.
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