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  1. skycat

    Holidays dog boarding

    A boarding kennels that lets a load of dogs out loose in a field together when they don't know each other should be banned from taking dogs in. That sort of ignorance will lead to a bad fight and dead dogs.
  2. skycat

    Lurchers hips

    I'm so used to lurchers that are very supple and less heavily muscled (Saluki and Collie types) that it's hard for me to see past what seems to me to be an overall stiffness. I did think for a moment that there appeared to be a right shoulder issue, but the video didn't last long enough to see properly. And when a dog paces (moves like a camel: both limbs moving in tandem on each side, as opposed to diagonally) that can make its movement appear very stiff and weird too. If she were my dog I'd get her to a bone man for a check up, and learn how to massage correctly: stiffness in the muscles can be helped a lot by regular massage.
  3. skycat

    Lurchers hips

    Looks very heavily muscled for a sapling that's not yet one year old. How much hard galloping does she get a day? Looks quite stiff around the hip area, which is not to say its the hips, but possibly the stifle joint that is affecting the hip movement. But, with a lot of Greyhound in the mix, a lurcher will have a lot more muscle than one with, say, Saluki in it, and they do appear much stiffer. Can you go a video from the side, both trotting and walking? Get someone else to lead her out.
  4. skycat

    My ferrets vulva grazed!

    My vet actually advised waiting 3 months, just to be on the safe side.
  5. skycat

    Coyote reaction to population reduction

    Fascinating. Thanks for the reply.
  6. skycat

    Coyote reaction to population reduction

    I thought that the wolves had reduced coyote numbers. Can't remember exactly why this was said to be a good thing, but must have been the impact coyotes made on another species. Going by the TV programmes I saw at any rate.
  7. skycat

    My ferrets vulva grazed!

    Iodine?????????? No way. Far too strong on such a delicate area. Bit of sudocrem is about as harsh as a swollen vulva can tolerate, though chances are the ferret will lick it off. Keep her in a very clean hutch/run. Clean out every day. Don't use wood shavings, use straw. Wood shavings can seriously irritate.
  8. skycat

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Such a shock. Wasn't expecting this when I logged on today. I didn't know her well, but I wish I'd kept in touch better, and she was a truly good, kind person.
  9. skycat

    Running dog next to bike

  10. skycat

    Running dog next to bike

    What a total dickhead. It has been proved that dogs can shut down, become very depressed if they are incited to chase lazer beams around like that. Imagine what it does to a dog to keep chasing something it can never catch, that doesn't really exist! People these days have no more idea of what they do to their animals than they did hundreds of years ago. Humanity is totally fecked.
  11. skycat


    That is incredible: what a chance to get that shot.
  12. skycat

    Ugly Fecking thing !

    Why the hell would anyone want to breed something that looks like that, though when I come to think of it, why would anyone want to breed monstrosities like dogs with no muzzles and the breathing problems to go with it. Those goats, though, really the stuff of nightmares: can't believe they are real. Ugh!
  13. skycat

    Lurcher pup

    That's it in a nutshell; most pet dogs have nothing to do except go for walkies in over-stimulating situations, such as watching other dogs playing about, kids running and screaming, and they belong to idiots who don't understand that just about all dogs were originally bred for a particular purpose. Decades of breeding haven't removed that original instinct so it's no wonder that many mutts cannot cope with the lives they lead. I've yet to encounter a working lurcher with the tendency to take out another dog, or a child, unless it has belonged to a complete lunatic. One such I met had been shut in a kennel 24/7, only walked on the lead: it was a Saluki type lurcher and had been baited by kids through the kennel bars and was owned by one of the worst fools I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Thankfully those sort of people are far and few between, unlike too many of the pet-owning general public who seem to think that Fido is a furry robot who just wants to please them or fit in with their unproductive and unfulfilled lives.
  14. skycat

    Lurcher pup

    Putting a tiny pup alone in a kennel in a strange place is asking for problems. She needs to be with you, not shut away on her own. 90% of the sort of problems you're having would not happen if the pup was able to cuddle up to someone. Dogs are social creatures, so being isolated is so terrifying: she has lost the security of her litter mates. You are a giant in a strange land. Some pups are more needy and worried than others, but to think that kennelling a pup alone will 'toughen it up' is an outmoded and cruel way of doing things. Keeping a puppy with you, letting it fall asleep on your lap: this won't spoil a pup, but give it the sense of security it needs, and little by little she will begin to overcome her fears and, more importantly, you'll be building a bond of trust that will make all your future training that much easier.
  15. skycat


    If in doubt look at their pupils: grass snakes have round pupils, adders have vertical slits for pupils. Can't go wrong with that.