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  1. How lovely to hear such good news. It's horrible going through any illness and not being sure of the outcome. So pleased everything has turned out so well. Best wishes to you both.
  2. skycat

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    So sorry to hear he's gone. I didn't know him well, but met him a few times over the years. Lovely bloke who looked after his dogs very well.
  3. skycat

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    Well, that's a hard one to answer. She is incredibly complex. Right from the start, when I got her as an 8 week old, starved and stunted pup, she was confident, watchful, super alert to everything around her, incredibly sociable, could be quite sensitive to noises she hadn't heard before: like a woodpecker tapping a tree: freaked her out until she got used to it. But thunder and gunshot don't even figure on her radar. Exceptionally intelligent, knows how to press our buttons, prey drive now kicking in, very focused, intent, but loves positive interaction with me: plays ball all day, loves learning new things, does the Collie 'sit, down, stay, come' like an obedience Collie, and loves getting orders from me, so long as she isn't too intent on stalking rabbits. Very aware of human emotions: shuts down if I get cross with her, so, in a nutshell, she's tested all my skills to the limit and then some. If I'd had this dog 15 years ago, or more, I'd have thrown in the towel by now, but thankfully I've learned a bit since then, and she's coming good in all the right ways and I've managed not to break her trust in me, which has taken some doing at times as she can be wilful and stubborn. It really has been a case of positive reinforcement for the first 10 months, and only now can I speak sharply to her if she's not listening. A friend who has Beardie lurchers is rearing a pure working Beardie at the moment: he said something interesting: that the pup won't be able to focus on him, or listen, until she is a year old: she's just a live wire into everything. A bit as though she is receiving so much information from the world around her that there's too much white noise going on for her to focus on him. That's a bit like Skylark was until recently. But she's a lot of fun too, so hey ho, onwards and upwards we hopefully go.
  4. skycat

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    All the replies show that it's impossible to determine the breeding of a lurcher by its appearance. Thanks everyone. I shall continue to enjoy watching her grow up. She's about 15 months old now so should be ready for autumn.
  5. skycat

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    Thanks. Can't complain at all right now.
  6. skycat

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    She's about 25 inches. And I did wonder if she has Beddy in her. But she's very sensitive in some ways and a right thug in others. An interesting character to be sure. But she's also being slow to mature and only recently shown serious interest in hunting. She's certainly got the Collie stalking thing in her.
  7. Just took this photo of Skylark. I'm starting to think that she's got Wheaton in her. What do the experts reckon? I know she's got Collie in her as she's actually a red Merle under all that coat, but what else?
  8. skycat


    Great post Sandymere: I've written about feet too, on more than one occasion. Poorly maintained claws are a real hate of mine, can't stand seeing dogs with long claws. One of the Airedale lurchers has appalling feet, which are made worse by the fact that her toes were never strongly arched to begin with (the fault of her dam, the Airedale, which is surprising to say the least). Couple long, flattish toes with mega strong claws that grow very fast, and it's a recipe for problems. I have to use a nail grinder to file them down every 10 days or so, and using the grinder means you can take the claw almost back to the quick without hurting the dog. We can't always have dogs with perfect feet, but proper maintenance goes a long way to keeping the toes injury-free.
  9. skycat

    Muntjac fighting ,stolen vid

    No wonder they need such thick skin round their necks and heads. More like two pigs fighting than deer.
  10. And rather appropriately, a bee orchid
  11. skycat

    The Places Ye Get To See

    None! Tis only a little boat. A case of eat stuff fast before it goes off.
  12. skycat

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Apart from the bloody Canadas waking us up at odd hours in the night, very well. In fact it's paradise, or will be once we get our solar and can be up some quiet back water away from the crowds. Though this part of the Ouse is quite quiet compared to some rivers and certainly the canals. You get what are called 'the weekend admirals' out for jaunts in their river cruisers, but they can't get into our little hideaway. The dogs love it out on the river when they can chill out in the field next to the boat, though I daren't leave them unwatched as there are so many munties about and when the breeze brings a scent across the field I would likely find myself without a dog in sight!
  13. skycat

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Nothing as dramatic as mountains or coastlines but not bad as far as a view from my back door goes, for this week at any rate.
  14. skycat


    Pads, like all skin, are a good indicator of the dog's general health, and a lack of fat and/or accessible protein can cause drying to the skin. That's assuming the dog isn't running for miles on gravel or tarmac which is hardly a suitable surface. That said, some dogs, like some people, do suffer more from dry skin and may need additional fat in their diet. Personally, I'd animal fat rather than vegetable oil of any kind. Even running about on grass on hard ground can damage the pads at this time of year.
  15. skycat

    RIP Tigger

    A proper old fashioned type. I always loved seeing photos of him. Superb make-up and shoulders. Would have liked to see him run. And 13 is a good age for a dog of his size. I bet you have some brilliant memories of him.