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  1. skycat

    Muntjac fighting ,stolen vid

    No wonder they need such thick skin round their necks and heads. More like two pigs fighting than deer.
  2. And rather appropriately, a bee orchid
  3. skycat

    The Places Ye Get To See

    None! Tis only a little boat. A case of eat stuff fast before it goes off.
  4. skycat

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Apart from the bloody Canadas waking us up at odd hours in the night, very well. In fact it's paradise, or will be once we get our solar and can be up some quiet back water away from the crowds. Though this part of the Ouse is quite quiet compared to some rivers and certainly the canals. You get what are called 'the weekend admirals' out for jaunts in their river cruisers, but they can't get into our little hideaway. The dogs love it out on the river when they can chill out in the field next to the boat, though I daren't leave them unwatched as there are so many munties about and when the breeze brings a scent across the field I would likely find myself without a dog in sight!
  5. skycat

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Nothing as dramatic as mountains or coastlines but not bad as far as a view from my back door goes, for this week at any rate.
  6. skycat


    Pads, like all skin, are a good indicator of the dog's general health, and a lack of fat and/or accessible protein can cause drying to the skin. That's assuming the dog isn't running for miles on gravel or tarmac which is hardly a suitable surface. That said, some dogs, like some people, do suffer more from dry skin and may need additional fat in their diet. Personally, I'd animal fat rather than vegetable oil of any kind. Even running about on grass on hard ground can damage the pads at this time of year.
  7. skycat

    RIP Tigger

    A proper old fashioned type. I always loved seeing photos of him. Superb make-up and shoulders. Would have liked to see him run. And 13 is a good age for a dog of his size. I bet you have some brilliant memories of him.
  8. Can any moderators please help? I've got a laptop now, to replace my desktop that is, soon not to be, with Virgin, as we are moving on to a boat. I've set up the new account which now says awaiting validation. But it's been so long since I joined that I can't remember what to do next! Do I have to wait until someone in admin sees my application and send me something to fill in? I have one day left before my current email address expires.
  9. skycat


    Now sold.
  10. Thank you all for your good wishes. We never know what's around the corner in life. Challenging though it is, our future is a lot more interesting and exciting than it was before, when we were just sitting in a rented house mouldering along, even if trying to fit a quart into a pint pot is somewhat scary, though decluttering ( to use one of those hideous trendy words) my life is certainly invigorating.
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    And almost new pair of Meindl Douvre Extreme goretex lined, leather boots. Vibram sole, size5 1/2 (39 EU). I bought these a few years ago and have worn them only 4 times. They are just a size too small for me. Quality boots that should last for years and years. Collect from Huntingdon or can post for £4


  13. We could only afford an old Springer, but she's sound, has been overplated properly and everything works as it should. It should do us for the next 5 years until Andy retires when we'll hopefully be able to afford something bigger, unless, of course, I've got used to living in a sardine can. We looked at quite a few boats, most ridiculously overpriced, including a beautiful old converted iron barge 57 feet, but it needed too much doing to it, and besides, our boat is called Windsong which seemed significant, though I couldn't say why. I just like the name. She's very basic, but does have a wood burner, shower and kitchen, and enough room on the stern deck for my pots of herbs. We should be moving aboard by mid May, and yes, I'll put some posts on with photos of dogs chilling and moored up a tributary of the Ouse, which is our aim. Marina for when the river's in flood and for trips to the laundrette, diesel and water etc. Once Andy retires we'll be continuous cruisers with no fixed abode: can't wait for that! Finding little out of the way places out on the fens as far from other people as we can get, our idea of paradise.
  14. Thanks, only a small boat as we couldn't afford a great big one, but it will be all ours and no one can take it from us, unlike the house that I've rented for 30 years and the owners, the Church, greedy pigs, have decided to sell. Actually, we were always going to end up on a boat just not quite so soon, and yes, there will be lurchers on board. Only got one young one now, and sadly one of my Airedale lurchers is riddled with mammary cancer and is a grumpy sod to boot so she won't be coming. Andy still has one lurcher but since his stroke he's pretty much stopped any form of hunting. I'll still get out on the lamp when I can: kind of like the idea of training the youngster to leap off the roof of the boat as we cruise slowly down a back water. It will be a whole new way of life and we're really looking forward to it. I'll put some photos of the boat on here when she gets here: on her way down from Burton on Trent at the moment: life in the slow (and minimalist) lane: ah!