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  1. brenner


    12 month pup
  2. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    Was waiting for someone to say something
  3. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    Nice looking animal busher. What height is he ?
  4. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    Got any pics handy busher ?
  5. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    all of the your bitches sires litter mates came out that same colour and as far as i know a bitch on the bottom end of your pups grandmother (the pitbull ) could well be the culprit for throwing the bat ears
  6. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    she looks sharp and well reared, keep me posted mate
  7. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    nice one. a good little dog that. hope he goes well for you mate, ide be interested to see how he turns out in the future. im assuming hes still young
  8. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    i had a feeling he was off that breeding by the look of him. was the sire the Ace dog sully owns ?
  9. brenner

    Dog enjoying sun

    what way is the dog on the bench bred jetro ?
  10. Dont know how to share a link but if u google "blue pride of ireland whippet archives" that will do the trick
  11. Red tail vs harris

  12. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    The wexford dog . owner very happy with him. 14 months. Lamping rabbits and although hes being held back till hes older he found himself a bit of trouble and went well. Owner has high hopes from what he has seen of him. Not easy dogs to hold back. Seems they have a real nack for finding trouble .Sully im sure will tell you the same , they have murder in their hearts but a plessure to own
  13. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    sully's is flying , no reverse. Im told the bitch has started off well. Another went to a friend as a companion( he really threw to the pit bull. 1 died fairly young and now that you ask, i must ring about the dog that went to wexford. They are all still fairly young jack
  14. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    should have said.. sire and dam to sully's dog
  15. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    should have said.. sire and dam to sully's dog