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  1. Are the noisy feckers to kennel in general ? I will own one eventually so be good to know
  2. you probably know this already h+b but the only reason M sold the bitch (the dam) to me was because she hadnt got alot of mouth to her but she wasnt lacking in heart. he ended up buying the bitch back of me in the end just to work with along with the terriers i think. she could be trusted to a certain degree to walk alongside other dogs she was used to.
  3. Busher , trying to send u pm but cant. Think your inbox is full

  4. Appreciate the offer busher. The breeding behind ace is tried and tested for generations as far as you care to look back , some really good producers on both sides of ped. My money would be on him producing some good animals put to the right bitch
  5. Thats a fine looking animal. What way bred . Guessing 1/4 bull x grey
  6. If i was ever after another lurcher ( dont imagine i will be anytime soon), i would be trying to source something down off him. A cross like that could be very usefull
  7. That would be definitly be a good x. Keep me posted if it goes ahead.
  8. Yeah i seen the pic in earlier post. Nice dog. Also i missed what asked about parents in an earlier post. Yes i still have the whippet and the guy i bought the pitbull off end up buying her back and as far as i know still works her in the field. A game little bitch
  9. Its a shame i didnt get to see how the rest of the litter turned out but il be very interested to see how ace,s offspring turn out when their older ( work wise )
  10. Thanks busher. I know one didnt make the grade on teeth . One died only few months old. And lost track of other two
  11. Just came across some pics looking back through phone. Sire and dam to ace
  12. Was waiting for someone to say something ?
  13. Nice looking animal busher. What height is he ?
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