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  1. Dont know how to share a link but if u google "blue pride of ireland whippet archives" that will do the trick
  2. Red tail vs harris

  3. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    The wexford dog . owner very happy with him. 14 months. Lamping rabbits and although hes being held back till hes older he found himself a bit of trouble and went well. Owner has high hopes from what he has seen of him. Not easy dogs to hold back. Seems they have a real nack for finding trouble .Sully im sure will tell you the same , they have murder in their hearts but a plessure to own
  4. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    sully's is flying , no reverse. Im told the bitch has started off well. Another went to a friend as a companion( he really threw to the pit bull. 1 died fairly young and now that you ask, i must ring about the dog that went to wexford. They are all still fairly young jack
  5. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    should have said.. sire and dam to sully's dog
  6. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    should have said.. sire and dam to sully's dog
  7. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    Thats a pic of the dam. And dog in my profile pic is sire. Honest dogs.
  8. brenner

    What You Think?

    Thats a cracking looking bitch. I believe the ebt has been crossed into various shepard breeds with great success in the past. Hope she does the buisness for you
  9. brenner

    Bull Whippets

    I've heard the same stories pal, the difference is the breeding, most lads have put any pit to any whippet, I've seen many great bull x's and I've seen many great small dogs , both equally good on a good number of foxes , each have the positives and negatives , Everyone has their own view on the perfect lurcher, horses for courses and what not.the bull/whippet thing was done over here years ago from good stuff both sides and it didn't last long as they were found wanting, to small to slow with no finish equals rubbish..tally.. can you tell me the name of the pit used in the x your talking about. Pm if you prefere. Id like to check it out on peds online if possible, just out of interest. A.t.b
  10. brenner

    Muscle Vs Fat ......

    could it be a case of her getting used to keeping the pressure of that foot / leg. ? I know a greyhound man had a dog the same way. He put the dog on a treadmill , forcing the dog to realize it was ok to use the leg again and dog came good. Obviously every case is different so only you know if this is more of a danger to the dog than a help. A.t.b
  11. brenner

    Bloody Sods Law ......

    Sounds like he has that die hard striking ability and natural retrieval intincs of a Good whippet. Is there a touch of whippet in him by any chance.. Lol. All kidding aside, I'm glad for ye. It's moments like that , that make it all worth while putting the time into a pup a.t.b with it
  12. brenner

    Can Anyone Offer Me A Day Out Hunting In Ireland ?

    that be great fly. I'll pm you my number if that suits. App. It
  13. brenner

    Can Anyone Offer Me A Day Out Hunting In Ireland ?

    I checked out that name shionnach mentioned and found a guy using that name in wexford. I spoke to him on phone , price was 120 for a day's hunting pheasant with a pointer and goshawk . He said he would take me out until 3 o clock. Or 3 catches, which ever comes 1st, he said it would be unusual not to get a couple of kills . Only date he had left was 21st of this month. I'm still not sure if I'm free that date. But if I am able to make it and your interested in going , I can pick you up no problem. I will check that site out aswell and see what I can find
  14. brenner

    Can Anyone Offer Me A Day Out Hunting In Ireland ?

    Sounds good. I'll give that a go thanks sionnach
  15. brenner

    Can Anyone Offer Me A Day Out Hunting In Ireland ?

    Thanks lads, I'll see can I get an offer closer to home but I really appreciate the help