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  1. Really don't know nowt about the stuff was hopping some information about it on here pal
  2. About £50 for 5 dose marvel
  3. It's pg600 for dogs pal
  4. Bitch only has one season a year was going to breed her but one thing or another did not do it , she damaged her eyes an losing her site so am wanting a pup from her , anyone used pg600 to bring bitch in heart say get smaller litters not bothered as 3 pups would do fine , she not have pups again , is pg600 good stuff or is there better to bring in season
  5. Been robbing dogs all 3 from armley leeds west yorkshire there all over Facebook want hands copping off
  6. Defo not Morton pups he from west yorkshire
  7. Will just bent trigger when set see how get on not used his tunnel yet , flatpack , pest stop an defender I got all work fine with trigger bent , defender traps trigger are weak an springs not as strong as rest , really do like pest stop strong traps
  8. £2 a trap can't get better then that will pay for them self tomorrow an Saturday all 100 be in ground
  9. Just got 100 tunnel traps £202 delivered feel good strong traps pal
  10. told kids it's a free job wanted to go home then thay got £5er each half my pay for hour pulling traps , son wants to leave school come with me with pay to look for bones
  11. I'd get nowt done , thay be fighting over whos on probe an whos on shovel
  12. Kids had fun pulling traps daughter more then son
  13. Phone call lad got some bull greyhound x whippet pups for sale , what's parent doing , just rabbits but do a fox if had chance, my reply I'd f**k all of little mix if got chance but that's never going to happen is it
  14. I don't mind Morton says it as it is , yeah be nice if he did bred this beddys more but it's down to his son now who works his to ground , if you read Morton's post he been burnt to many times helping people out with beddys so he don't bother
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