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  1. tank34

    Jibb or more time

    Hole ending a big no for me don't do it learn dog nowt do it to many times dog thinks fox is 2 foot in an don't work full earth to find dog needs to use its nose
  2. tank34

    Jibb or more time

    Some dogs need time I would not right a young dog off after 3 strikes I'd give next season ago then 3 strikes then out
  3. tank34

    Jibb or more time

    If vixen was in can sicken a young dog
  4. tank34


    Had my terrier done at 6 month old at vets think was £90 Had to get mate with gun licence an chipped in his name vet closed down now shame as he would treat working dogs
  5. tank34

    Blue eye

    Never seen one before we made ours from car light an baby milk tin
  6. tank34

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Lad bred some on Facebook pups look nice going to have size an look tobe strong to , be a handy x should make good around hunting dogs
  7. tank34

    Beddy whippet breeders

    Don't no nowt about dog seen you was asking so put it up , by sounds of it lad been messed about , someone you no will have fb put name in his profile will come up send a message pal , looks nice beddy whippet cheap to put time in over summer ready come season
  8. tank34

    Beddy whippet breeders

    Dog back up for sale lad been let down asking £100 cheap dog
  9. tank34

    Beddy whippet breeders

    one there for sale any good to you
  10. Good news bet little boy over moon
  11. tank34


    First terrier seen to ground was black an tan border Lakeland man had yard full all worked to ground most worked rock earths drains an odd bigger one just for digging , most of his terriers was black an tan couple that was red thay looked just like Lakeland terrier
  12. Police will not give a f**k about then robbing your lads pup now , hope you get pup back an c**ts get a kicking
  13. Wanker hope you get dog mate
  14. tank34

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Not on about Rambo pal , just saying you don't need a digging beddy to get good beddy greyhound if beddy works cover an gets stuck in be a dog to look at to put to greyhound