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  1. not mine mates dogs there's beddy types out there been dug to
  2. By sounds of it he tipped the cart over , mob power gone to his head
  3. You can get the bags of the net my pal gets them sticks his bud in get good money for it , thay think it's cail weed but it's grow in his back bedroom
  4. Think someone on Facebook dose then if can find it will tag you mate
  5. There mother an daughter old bitch was lost in rock she was about 9 year old when lost both was rock dogs get odd dig with them but only if shallow as would come out drop back in , just got beddy type on she to big for rock piles
  6. Depends on the rock pile we put dog in some that deep you can't find the dog we used the old grey box till broke got the 40 ft one still not find dog in most spots , bellman collar to big for rock work , we don't own a rock dog now old bitch was put to sleep a bit back , pic of two good rock dogs both gone rip midget an Molly
  7. Going to part with the nacked neck aseels if anyone interested in them nice pair
  8. Been slow over summer golf course and gardens jobs handed loads cards out so hope more work comes in nowt after this job so will get handing more cards out , glad it's worked out for you don keep at it sounds like you be busy happy days pal
  9. Trapped this field up last week belongs to big house garden was clear of moles but field has plenty on first pull 12 moles
  10. Price has dropped for weed for small growers lucky to get £90 an z big drop from 150 an z , albanians have f****d the market for small bedroom growers
  11. Will come to an end with albanians soon law will shut them down same as did with chinks then be f**k all about an price will go up know loads who have jacked in as money crap , know cupple lads who have grow shops there saying trade not as good and one thinking of shutting shop up
  12. Grandson got reza hen now to go with his stag little belter she is lucky to get her hard to find reza asils
  13. Always look close to home 9/10 times be some c**t you know or had run out with dogs , see on Facebook people paying grands for dog back than say f**k all
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