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  1. I've ran 4 beddy x only one did not have hart an he was big strong dog to my best one was 22 tts bitch beddy greyhound very game an big hart
  2. tank34

    Show us your Bull x

    When I run bull x big collar saved dogs necks many times
  3. It seems lines an names come before work
  4. tank34

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    Had half x about 20 year ago 26 tts big strong dog but lacked speed moto dog but still found it hard to catch fox the dog was game an a one trick ponies really no speed to the dog he was sold on for the game he could catch
  5. tank34

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    Here you go
  6. Nice type Morton
  7. Because there ego so big they can't see it
  8. Bring size down in the beddy
  9. tank34

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    If government introduced a licence to work terrier to ground I think it be down to money if you got land to work your terriers on letter from farmer to say your doing pest control say £1000 a year for licence or more ? Plus would license only be given to gun ticket holder's ? All your details be logged so rspca police will no who works terriers to ground all would have to be in order terriers always to vets after work , think rspca would love it would do every terrierman who had licence
  10. The vet did doc her tail coco my mate had to get her chipped in his name an show his gun ticket I marked where to doc an vet did her £72 it cost me the man who bred her did not doc any of the pups as most looked like beddys pic of my pup with pig tail first pic can seen stitches that vet did
  11. tank34

    Chris packham

    Be saving fles an ticks next prickham
  12. Rock is what I have to work dogs in an I like beddys , would not take a 14 month old dog on as I like pups to bond with a bring on my way , I have young bitch on her dam beddy type sir black dog all works out with her she be put back to beddy type the pic of marking in rock she about 6 month old top pic she 13 month old rt