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  1. I have a ortovox box cheaper one but does the job
  2. I was shown one time how to set traps then just got on with it done some big farms with more mole hills then grass an done good job happy farmer , was thinking of doing a mole trapping course but I think I worked the game out , tunnel are my main trap I use when checking traps take bucket of talpax any back fill change tunnel to talpax works for me
  3. Got flat pack , Paul Stanford , defenders an pest stop , out of the 4 pest stop are the best good strong springs, after this season be changing all my tunnels to pest stop
  4. Many people went down the rabbit hole in lock down with conspiracy theory , was one called fall of the cabal very interesting but all gone now taken down free speech taking way , why ??? , probably because there was alot of truth in what was said , do I think covid really yes , have I been jabbed NO , why I've lived my life as always have not been ill at all don't get poorly, to much bull shit from the government , if your a Muslim you die it's a covid death no matter how or what you die from , Muslim have had to say covid deaths so can get bodie to put in ground as thay do it with in 24 hour
  5. Conspiracy theories was one about Jimmy the pedo I was one who said f**k off not Jimmy he a good one , many of us was proven wrong as he was a pedo , so it makes you think are some of the conspiracy theories about covid all bull shit or is there some truth in them
  6. All Muslims deaths have been put as covid , thay have to so thay can get bodie to put in ground or have to wait 4 , 6 if not say covid killed them , this is why Muslim covid deaths are so hight
  7. Throat infection going about plus we had big drop in weather kids get ill this time of year
  8. The story is 19tts beddy whippet killed it on lamp last night single handed retrieved it to ,
  9. Seen terrier have fits when drank very cold water had hole in the palet of top jaw from work that never healed only time it have fit was drinking very cold water
  10. My pal used to fish for eels he sold them to Chinese many years ago , been fishing Wray wood boston spa bingley club water not had one used tobe full of eels , think eels are on in danger list now
  11. Wish we had eels very little of them in Yorkshire now
  12. Mole hill soil works well when water clear with worms
  13. Hair rig bits of lob worm hemp in feeder works for me for barbel
  14. Had this chub last Sunday on the lob worm one smaller on minnow 7 barbel and nice perch all on lob worms
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