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  1. tank34


    A lad I know gave a bitch away at 18 month old as would not enter or rag a dead one lad he gave it to dug the bitch two month later the bitch never looked back , so no matter the temperature of a pup you can't say dog will not work to ground
  2. tank34


    It's a pup don't expect to much out of her let bitch be a pup , an at 6 month old how can you tell she be no good for earth work ?
  3. tank34

    Funny Joke Thread

    https://m.(!64.56:886/story.php?story_fbid=637099216806398&id=100015189757314 hope it's worked LMAO
  4. tank34

    Pups stolen

    Good you got pups back , seen on Facebook people paying grands for there dogs back after c**ts had litters out of then
  5. tank34


  6. tank34

    Deerhound x greyhound

    Android phone is easy to put pic up then laptop pal
  7. tank34

    Border x lakey pup

    Nice pup hope makes good worker for you , first terrier I seen to ground was the border Lakeland don't see many about nowadays
  8. tank34

    Airdale cross lurchers

    Ziggy can't send pic in pm pic here said get more tomorrow deerhound greyhound x airdale
  9. tank34

    Airdale cross lurchers

    Airdale x you don't hear or see about loads hunting sites on Facebook might be worth a try , I know gets slagged Facebook but I found my terrier on there an good lads to
  10. tank34

    For sale

    https://m.(!64.56:886/story.php?story_fbid=922212024786112&id=100009919692999 can jump for fun killing 3/3 day time an much more will not be bagged trial welcome but if you smash it you own her
  11. tank34

    Wormers what actually work

    I would never use it again stronghold or advocate sorts mange out , in past had 5 dogs with mange tuck 3 month to shift me an pal got dogs right then thay got again got rid then got again so used a lot of ivermactin to get rid of was a lot going about at time some people lost there pets to mange vets could not shift it , so did loads of reading up on ivermactin on dogs , collie type dogs can kill them an any other dogs can give health conditions as dog get older bad breathing a cough that don't go and knocks time of there life span
  12. tank34

    Wormers what actually work

    Stronghold or advocate an drontal every 3 months keeps worms fles ticks and mange at bay , did use ivermactin in past but read up on it not good for dogs in long team give dog health problems when older
  13. Thay take some getting used to did not like one I had , so got a ortovox box an b&f collar £280 for both not much more then the 40ft one