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  1. Hope dogs are found want good kicking keep eye out leeds
  2. Tell place dogs a c**t take fresh sample should test for you
  3. Well after all that been aired can we get back to hunting an dog crocs
  4. When the grounds to hard or the lands to wet dog crocs is what your hounds need no more waiting till the land in right dog crocs will catch you the hares
  5. Bitch be 6ish dog think 7 this year we be keeping pup each pal
  6. He's my pals dog he been doing good not loads but not put foot wrong yet pal
  7. Am going to wait bitch only come in season one's a year she not be doing much this season as she going blind in one eye lost site in other eye so want pup out of her keep line going
  8. Not going to use it wait till she comes in , no gravy train here pups be free to good working home when do breed bitch be happy man with 4 pups
  9. What's about looking for nice 4x4 truck must be 5 seater in good nick
  10. Get her done so can't have pups an gift her to good home a farm or smallholding for keeping rats down
  11. Just sometimes a good zap of the training collar will sort dog out
  12. Nice beddy greyhound you can tell old Bob stuff breed very alike hope she makes a good one for you
  13. Have look on Facebook bedlington site's you may fine your self a pup or get your name down for pup , but as we all know price for dogs is mad so you may have to pay a price for bedlington pup
  14. I've walked away from cupple of farms as only willing pay £6a mole stick to your price as you end up working for nowt , £10 a mole or £20 a hour , farm on now he tuck £20 a hour he happy man as he winning 75 moles 30 hours he saved £150 , pluss same farmer got me two more farms , it is hard to start been at it over year an just starting to pick up
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