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  1. Anyone got rabbit drop box for sale
  2. Ran beddy x a good bit now , one bitch was a very good fox bitch game as thay come mute she found hunted up an killed a lot of fox with her had two more beddy greyhound one jacked bitch got now , if wanted an out an out fox dog the beddy greyhound needs a bit of bull adding
  3. If remember right dogs grandmother was 29 tts coursing greyhound put size in there lines
  4. My bitch 3/8 beddy 5/8 greyhound 23tts her sir an dogs mother are litter mates
  5. No mate line breed 3/8 beddy 5/8 greyhound over 26 tts big strong dog brother to northenlites Bruce
  6. Should make handy pups the dog game strong fast dog see him work the bitch don't no much about her lad runs rabbits an long ears with her mate
  7. Going to put him to my bitch December time only comes in season one's a year
  8. Brother to your Bruce mate
  9. Pal put his beddy greyhound to a saluki x collie cupple of weeks ago
  10. Did the man get his terrier back
  11. tank34

    Weed ;)

    Read into ones you want todo some do better outdoor humbolt seeds do some good outdoor
  12. tank34

    Weed ;)

    If getting mould the set up not right look at in take of air an out take of air fan to move air about , look at humidity in room get that right no mould
  13. tank34

    Weed ;)

    Read up on ones you want to do as lots that take heat wet an don't go mouldy if indoor your room not set up right
  14. tank34

    Weed ;)

    Auto are ok but you want do out door humbolt seeds are the one all there's are for indoor or outdoor
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