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  1. It makes money drug companies make government makes , euthanasia costs money
  2. The company that make the drug to counteract an overdose be making big money out of it thay make£££ government makes £££ , you can't got to a drug or alcohol rehabilitation with out singing up to a detox why because it makes money , it's something like 8 out of ten people who take a detox re-use drugs or alcohol
  3. Max all am saying some reply are sad , you never no anyone story seen all walks of life turn to drugs or alcohol some are pushed into that way of life
  4. I'd not make no excuses up or did I say I would , am saying some reply to this post are sad
  5. Some sad reply on this post hope your kids family or grandkids never turn to drugs because you would turn your back on them an that's sad
  6. You just to keep looking try Facebook as for full beddys add say most have fell or lakey in them now for digging job , the beddy type are not easy to find like the borders, same as beddy greyhound very thin on the ground pal
  7. Working beddy to ground are out there you just to look hard hope you find what your looking for pal
  8. One looks like young cock bird mate
  9. Nice pups Tony, first dogs seen work rock was border lakeys , pup on left side of red one got nice box head good luck with pups
  10. tank34


    Ment tobe very haunted house black monk thay say tryed to kill young girl years ago an no one lived sins then think was in 1970 been a film made about it ,people pay to spend night there but don't last the night
  11. tank34


    Look it up made film about house
  12. tank34


    30 east drive Pontefract thay say very haunted place can sleep over in house no one lived in house for years because of the haunting
  13. Seen it on Facebook got one dog back found roaming about , it's a daily thing you see dogs been stolen police doing not a lot about it , hope dogs get found
  14. Shame about the pups some bitches don't want tobe mother's, hope pup makes it for you
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