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  1. tank34

    Up for stud

    Shocking things you see on there an vids that get put up pal
  2. tank34

    Up for stud

    A mars bar have you seen price gets asked for pups an dogs on Facebook shocking
  3. tank34

    Bedlington whippet bitch wanted

    See loads asking for beddy whippet an see litters on Facebook but most are asking £350 for pups silly money , do make handy little dogs the beddy whippet
  4. tank34

    Funny Joke Thread

  5. Been there houes hopping with two lurchers dog an bitch got houes landlord said no to pens in garden so past bitch on to a good home for free lad is on here he was told everything about the bitch an told if not happy or any problems she comes back my dog jacked was sick lad rang me said got problems can she come back she with me an staying , lad worked her for about 9 month he was well happy with her , lad I know wanted to bye her for £250 an at the time I was skint would have been a shit home so said no she not for sale good forever home an she come back any problems more important them money
  6. Split with wife two terrier for sale no we're for dogs but will swop for hard terrier doing both , got dog in deal will sell or do chop on dog not had dog out but lad said doing it all
  7. A good rock dog will fine anywhere be it rock or earths or on top the nose is on real in a rock dogs as ratface said sent gets blown about dog to work it out an find , seen rock dogs get worked couple times aweek not get mark on em but bolt plenty then times dog in hours fox bolts dog comes out very sore or dog has killed the fox , I think sometimes dog can get the better of fox in rock an kill em but same dog would not in earth funny old game is rock work
  8. tank34

    Bellman red brick

    Thanks witch one be best to get
  9. tank34

    Bellman red brick

    https://www.facewest.co.uk/Transceivers.html will all ones on link work with b & f collar
  10. Any thing can happen in rock dog kills fox blocks dogs way out a rock drop block way out or dog slide down a big rock an not get back up every time a dog is put in rock there's a chance dog will never been seen again , yes a rock dog an digging dog are not the same , I know a man called Allan he had black an tan an worked rock with his dogs be 20 years not see him border Lakeland most black an tan odd red one he had about 14 terriers at time most was for rock work an some for digging
  11. She did not get hung up as no collar on some piles we put collar on as can be dug an not deep , the pile worked Friday only had Collier on to see how deep it is as only had old grey box before but could not find with the 40 foot one , sometimes it's good to no how deep your dog gose in rock , a dog that don't go deep in piles not going to find much
  12. Do rock work not as much now good rock dogs get lost or stuck in rock run fox in an had presher on it fox will go deep to places in pile it's not been before good dog will follow fox , was allways told if you run one in the rock give it best , how my pal lost his bitch bolted one for pile bitch ran it in never tobe seen again same pile bitch work 8 season's in spent month going back looking for her , had bolt Friday from rock 40 foot box could not find dog in pile bitch will only stay hour or 2 if not bolt she come away drop back in most times get your bolt , do old concert panel dumps with rebar in fox like tobe in em take locater off dog in them as dog can get hung up
  13. tank34

    On the rock piles today

    Its was cold out -2 this morning