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  1. Like a dog like that can work most weeks handy to have pals old rock bitch like that never take much sick but get you the bolt
  2. Morton maybe a out cross for yours or your lads ??
  3. Be handy mooching dogs an around a hole
  4. Beddy whippet big money down to been the new pet to have with a silly names like whiplington , breeding 3/8 Beddy 5/8 greyhound bitch back to dog bred same way be December timeish she comes in any spare pups your well come to one , 4 pups are spoken for pal
  5. Seen Morton son dog big strong dog , Morton said on here he putting dog over this Wheaton greyhound bitch
  6. People need to start naming the dog robbing c**ts , seen loads on Facebook pay for dogs back then say nowt as told be come backs as know we're thay live , I've said it before an was shot down for it but will say again scrap men are ones to watch in an out of gardens taking what thay like
  7. Just seen on Facebook he got dogs back
  8. All bobs dogs be related he had line over 40 years
  9. I'd start with looking close to home by sounds of it new what was going for , what was there , most days on Facebook dogs been taken
  10. Came out of fashion the first x , now there a wanted dog it's finding the right beddy to use an there just not about
  11. Looking at taking litter out of my bitch only thing she comes in season December time ones a year 3/8 beddy 5/8 greyhound back to dog same way bred blue bitch fawn dog
  12. My pal old bitch is 10 or 11 she not see work now her mind wants to work but her bodie not up to a shift in the rock piles she not get about like she did an she not a digging dog so her days of work8ng the rocks are over dogs are just like us older you get the less things we can do
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