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  1. that made me laugh not herd that one before
  2. Think he got upset said he not be back on here
  3. He not been on from September so don't think he be putting on here
  4. Don't f**k up a good topic , do you work rock piles ? Sometimes you have to leave the fox an just be glad you got your dog out
  5. Not all rock dogs just work rock some can be dug to some are very game an kill a lot in rock or earths , my mate little rock bitch can be dug to an right up to what's in front of her but if deep place we don't dig to her as she be out in hour or so she will drop back in most times get bolt or give it best move on
  6. Dog needs a very good nose in rock my bitch got good nose but to head strong for rock trying to push in little gaps that a ferret would not fit she not be tryed in big rock piles again
  7. We don't have much more to go at but rock the little bitch that worked the pile worked them all her life she be ten now , her mother was top class in rock
  8. When ever you let dog to ground be it rock earths drains or old dumps always a chance you can loose your dog
  9. There's dogs for jobs the bitch we use is a good bolting dog , rocks all about the bolt as most can't be dug my mates bitch will stay hour or two if don't bolt she will come out drop back in most times get your bolt or some rock dogs will kill fox in , dogs can be lost in rock never tobe seen again , most stay away from rock piles as can be hard going dog in for days or weeks , not all terriers can work rock take a lot to work out an find in big piles or not built for the job
  10. Had day out found new rock pile on place work a bit dogs was keen tryed my bitch she no rock dog , mates old bitch had look been about but not in , moved on had nice 4 foot dig to old bitch not often she get dug to as she a bolting dog for rocks pic of the rock pile
  11. Do hear what your saying but some of us keep our self to our self don't know many in the game so finding pups is very hard , I wanted a beddy type looked for years got knocked back or did not like want was told , two lads gave me a chance got a pup still keep in touch with lads , you hear more story's of good friend mates getting pups for free an selling em on , man's willing to pay an travel hope someone give lad a chance an gets a pup some of us still stick to our word
  12. Should not tar every one with same brush man could be a sound
  13. Maybe get greyhound bitch an breed your own , a cross you don't see much off can't see you been stuck with pups
  14. Looks a rocky spot do thay go deep pal
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