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  1. I keep bees loads to it , when your ready catch some swarms be good start for a hive plus swarms of bees are free, any bee keeper close by set hive up swarm my move in
  2. tank34


    I've had 7 swarms of bees in past two week some from my own bees , two swarm got in small box an next day gone moved on was not happy in there
  3. You be surprised how little coke there is in bags people get corporation bash , old pal of mind was locked up drunk been on coke all day , police drug tested him came back negative told him best have words with his dealer as he not sniffing coke
  4. Try game bird uk on Facebook
  5. Thay be on my allotment so noise will not bother me , will hatch out with my Oxford ginger there great brooders
  6. Anyone kept guinea fowl for eating before been thinking of getting some for eggs an meat
  7. Pig feed not cheep now am paying 12.50 a sack , started getting out of date bred , veg an fruit for free from community centre bringing cost down to feed pigs
  8. Mite powder is not good for birds , creasort the old stuff I use paint coop out before put birds in , summer time clean out blowtorch coop then jet wash out , keeps mites at bay
  9. I feed my hen very little layers more corn and maze mine get to roam about to , 5 hens 5 eggs aday
  10. Get some broody hens Oxford ginger are great broody birds an great mothers , get better hatch rate one of my ginger was on 18 eggs last year hatch all out
  11. Just got some saddle back cross piglets for meat and some land of farmer I mole trap on to fatten some lambs up on
  12. Most my traps are from uk putange supplies , very good traps for the money
  13. Sorry for your loss Ray
  14. tank34


    Some say trumps part of the elites?? But there trying there best to sink trump so he don't get back in power
  15. tank34


    She say Ukraine is the head of the snake for the elites , Putin going to cut the head off the snake , an the new world order will fall with trumps help , trump an Putin both said there going to drain the swop , pedo island flight log will come out an lots more will fall , most stuff she says has come true
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