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  1. Waiting on a teckle × beagle pup Both parents finding and marking so fingers crossed the pup makes the grade
  2. Is the bitch for sale? Would you be in Ireland?
  3. Any lads in Ireland have any barking springer hunting fox that are willing to part with. Hoping to hunt foxes out of ditches to a lurcher. Probably a long shot but just chancing my arm. Cheers
  4. Any lads in Ireland with barking springers? Looking for one to hunt ditches and put out foxes to a lurcher. Probably a big ask but just chancing my arm. Thanks in advance
  5. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters mate.
  6. Nothing wrong with having a bolting terrier if it has a purpose. For me I like watching good dogs do their job well and no messing about with the game. I wouldn't keep an average dog just to kill numbers. I'd prefer to have nothing than to keep an average dog. That's just me.....every man to his own.
  7. Another problem is lads having low standards. Seen a post on Facebook the other day of a dog working a fox, to be honest I wouldn't keep the dog in my pens as it was very poor but in the comments for the video was about 30 comments praising the dog....saying it was top quality and as good as you get, it's these same lads that are breeding litters of shite. To many lads in the game just passing through.....its only an image for them......a phase
  8. You spend that much time on here mate you wouldn't have time to hunt one of these
  9. That line is well proven, and well before I was lucky enough to get my hands on them. Most the dogs are killing 50 or 60 a season.
  10. They are all line bred alright, a mate of mine started the line maybe 20 year ago or so
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