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  1. The reason I asked is hear alot of the older dog men saying these processed nuts/biscuits are big cause of these cancers lumps on dogs
  2. A bitch belong to a mate of mine she's 3/4 bull 1/4 greyhound
  3. Just out of curiosity what has her diet been over the years??
  4. Cheers mate Collie bull greyhound are very very popular in North of Ireland, alot of lads killing big numbers with them.
  5. That's one of mine, the first photo is mid June and the second photo is mid January.
  6. Training collar should do the trick, let him out to the sheep if runs after the sheep wait until he's up behind them and stick him to the ground with the collar
  7. Seems to be a great cross, everything you want in a fox dog for sure. Alot of lads work them here in Ireland
  8. Litter mates, both couldn't hack it and jackedWhat iv seen of the cross I wouldn't be a fan.
  9. Any of the Lightforce lamps, I see f**k all different in the power or distance I can't get used to the LED lights, halogen is better for spotting game.
  10. Litter mates, dog and bitch For two big strong dogs they lacked an awful lot of courage.
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