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  1. I'm in Ireland mate, but thanks for the offer. Blackmag, don't start drama here like there is on Facebook
  2. Well lads iv a nice little 21" bull whippet cross bitch there if anyone would be interested in her. Free to a very good home, she wont be going to just anyone. Shes 2 and half year old, no good for foxes but great little bitch for rabbits. I'd be keeping her myself only very little rabbits in my area and I don't have the work for her, if anyone is interested in her private message me
  3. I totally understand what your saying mate. I wont be given her away to just anybody. I'll be giving them a good grilling first. I'll make sure she goes to a good home. Im in no rush to get rid of her. She is a great little bitch but she doesn't suit for what i want her for.
  4. Nice little rabbiting bitch there if anyone is interested. Free to a good home. I wanted her for foxes but she doesn't suit. Im in galway Ireland.
  5. Any lads in Ireland in the galway area please help and share
  6. For anyone whos cats have gone missing....this might help.
  7. Cracking dog mate. Looks like he knows his job 🖒🖒
  8. We have the best of them here in Ireland mate
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