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  1. Of all the crosses iv seen work on foxes it's the collie bull greyhound for me, not saying that because I keep them now but a good one does the job well with no messing.
  2. Never seen anything else mate, fox only dog.
  3. Iv a dog doing 3 and 4 a night no bother. He's 27" iv to run him very light because of his size. After 3 or 4 good courses he's f****d, wind does be gone out of him.
  4. It's what ever keeps a man happy I suppose, I hear lads saying they love to see a good scrap between their lurcher and a fox, the more marked up their dog is the happier they are, for me it's the total opposite. Nice to see a lurcher that knows the sweet spot and kills quick, nothing worse than an arse grabber. Even the best of dogs get caught every now and then trying to get to the sweet spot. A good fox dog will be able to kill 5, 6 or 7 foxes a week. Each to their own tho, as I said whatever keeps a man happy.
  5. Iv a tracer lithium battery for the last 3 years with a halogen lamp, best setup iv ever had. Not a problem with it.
  6. I was told they have stopped making them like gold dust now I reckon.
  7. I was looking on lightforce website, if iv to go down that road and pay abit more I'll have to do it. Very hard to go back to non dimmer now. Thanks for the reply
  8. I'd rather shite in my hands and clap than use them LED lamps beam are very hard to see anything with them. I have an ordinary lamp with no dimmer but dimmer is the only way to go.
  9. Tried everything Tried absolutely everything mate. It's well shook now, had it for a good few years now. Great lamp when it was working.
  10. Could anyone help me lads, iv searched online high and low for one of these lamps, my one has kicked the bucket. As far as I know they're not made anymore. Its actually very hard get any sort of lightforce variable power lamps now. If anyone in Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales has one that they're not using and interested in selling it could you let me know please.
  11. collie bull greyhound bitch pup, nearly 7 months
  12. He knows the how to kill a fox, he's not an arse grabber.
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