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  1. Everybody knows you don’t sleep ye daft sod
  2. Up an started with the blackbirds this morn, do this job quickly an watch sunrise with a brew
  3. That’s like the smaller ones ain’t it, looks sturdy that one, have to say I jumped on the clulite band wagon as soon as they done the sealed battery combo an then onto striker them blitz as soon as I saw them, love my blitz an killed some rabbits with it, but back to striker variable now
  4. And they unmistakable, ye could choke a shark with one not as big as blitz but better made an stronger
  5. Don’t they say Coleman on the back?
  6. Nope on a salary an only ever betted on big fights but did out few hundred or even grands at a time
  7. My mate we refused a mortgage, cos he betted on boxing a few times, who the f**k are banks an st uff to tell folk what the can and can’t afford
  8. This forum and all the other hunting related forums in this country had there days numbered when they started banning most of what lads done, can only talk so much rabbit hunting no matter what you say, an it really is simple of you see a thread get sidetracked then add more posts or read summat else. For all the moaning I think if it wasn’t for the banter and crap then this forum would have been long forgotten like the rest
  9. Started off with the missus mate an trying to embarrass her when shopping so I’d eat some grapes or open a can of coke an drink it, but it’s progressed over the years now an near ago point im making me own sandwiches whilst she up an down the aisles
  10. Few pallets an then some thin ply over the top an sides to make it look pretty sn stop the dust getting into the herd to reach bits, and ofcourse the ply will hold the whole thing together an make it stronger
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