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  1. Alpha male more like junk mail
  2. iv found it’s more thin skin that fcuks them up rather than coats, likes been said iv had good an bad smooths an good an bad roughs when it come to the weather
  3. More like soon the wife leaves with kids for school run it’s grab a brew, turn the computer on an settle for day arguing about pure bollocks
  4. How old are they what graft they done an what they got to add to a litter mate, if you gonna advertise atleast try an sell the things I know it’s for stud an not for sale but you know what I mean, nice mutts but tell us more
  5. 20 past 8 on a Tuesday morn an this just starts again, where the fcuk do you’d find time an energy haha get out the house ffs
  6. Use it in pastry am stuff aswell if your missus bakes it’s awsome
  7. Big blocks out local butcher mate
  8. Fcuk bbc id rather stick rusty pins in my eyes an then snort salt, Peodo cnuts
  9. And the forced rationing as no man alive would serve himself pityful half a plate a food
  10. Did you see the nick of themwants to be ashamed of herself
  11. Sorry mate it’s this phone an fat fingers beef dripping was meant to say
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