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  1. You do realise by definition Johnny of other folk are conspiracy theorists, then by your own admission your a rank cur coward
  2. So tell me this, is it more okay to say no cos you fear a little prick with a needle, or that you fearbm the rest of your life after taking summat unknown to man till last year
  3. Iv been in this thread as much as you? your deluded kid, you keep contracting yourself, you standing up for folk free choice an your choice is no bit anybody else that says no is a conspiracy theorist
  4. You just sat here putting the world to right instead with your masses of internet searches
  5. All over your hunting life account tho ain’t it
  6. You sausage it’s belligerent pricks like you talking about
  7. Like the fool above who says he agrees with it but refuses to have it?
  8. Iv don’t more a part Than most, i grafted all way through it to make sure the cheeky judgemental cnuts sat at home had there milk for there coffee an tea
  9. Just because everybody does summat, certainly don’t make it right, or me wrong for not agreeing
  10. But look it from here mate, I been asked work all way through this, no bounce back loans, no sat at home on pay but not even so much as a paper mask or a pair of gloves off the govt, but now they an you of all folk who despise them the other 6 days a week, think they wanna protect me with a jab they admit may not protect me an will constantly need boosting an updating to other variants, when whilst all this happening folk all around me are getting it an at worst are ill for a week Have i got that right ?
  11. If you just called me a prick cos I refuse a vaccine that we all know won’t protect me then i think it’s you that the belligerent prick
  12. So the jab is useless? Why can’t nobody just admit it
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