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  1. W. Katchum

    new season

    Invites on fireman eh sure ye must have some easy places, ye owned a plummer i might fetch lads down to try as long as it’s not deeper than 2ft
  2. W. Katchum

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    Could be novichok
  3. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    What about pups fd? Upto about 18 months? Don’t mean fat podgey dogs just a lil but over weight? I was always told to keep the puppy a bit over weight until it’s entered properly? madness aint it, start a good thread an it gets ruined an deleted but start a piss take an it turns seriousi
  4. W. Katchum

    Gone2ground boxes?

    Aye he just like his da who ever he is
  5. W. Katchum

    Gone2ground boxes?

    Aye please do mate, did tomo recommend them to ye other day in here? I had feeling I’d read that but unsure of it was same mob my lad is talking about, tbh he had found site himself online an it’s his own money we have gave him, he has just done his sats an finished in top 5% of country in them, so can’t complain I’ll let him order one now as he is keepin few hobs back this year an wants a lighter double box than what I got
  6. W. Katchum

    Gone2ground boxes?

    Anybody got 1,know who it is that makes em?? My lad is thinking bout buying himself one, just don’t want him spending his hard earned cash if they shite got that many fcuking boxes here Shed look like a mini funeral parlour but it’s his money an he wants a light weight double box, so anybody any experience?
  7. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    Jus keep feeding biscuits then
  8. W. Katchum

    Let’s see your Pups

    My type a mutt that
  9. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    So why the concern? Enough to ask ask folk on the interweb
  10. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    Aye your doing summat right, asking folk cos you ain’t w fcuking clue
  11. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    I know how I feef me mutts without asking the good folks on the web
  12. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    I suffer from same affliction
  13. W. Katchum

    Ace boon coon

    I think he knows his stuff, but just an arse hole, like most in here
  14. Iv done same a few times an done it again only last week, an I’d drive double that again to put kitts we have bred in decent homes
  15. W. Katchum

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Aye mate ferret as much as like