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  1. W. Katchum


    Give it a week till i go get couple kitts for me youngest 2 an ill show ye proper kitts an ill even put pics up of there firsg outing come season for you
  2. W. Katchum

    Wtf is this

    It’s just a natural reaction to bullshite, that’s why you get it so often
  3. W. Katchum


    Should a known your also a deer an stalking expert out team? What type rifle you carry?
  4. Aye I thought I picked it up as do the 3 in row then day off or what ever your good with, cheers pal I’ll have a bash, Deffo won’t be long now till I start crashing but sayin that I been feelin like that for a few weeks an keep increasing
  5. W. Katchum


    If meats your only objective, go an rustle a coo, jist don’t get caught near mine
  6. Do ye do that 3 days a week aswell mate like the 5x5? An do ye increase the weights each time do ye know? Deffo gonna keep hold a that for when I do go into summat else
  7. W. Katchum


    It comes so naturally to me aswell, it’s both a gift an a curse
  8. W. Katchum


    Atleast they out there stayin fresh an not sat in freezer
  9. W. Katchum


    Don’t listen to his bullshit pal, if ye even want a nice chilled day ferreting come here an I’ll get the kids out Cos it really is child’s play as you know it’s jus bellends like this walloper that try an make it summat it’s not ffs come seasons I half tempted to send me lad out with the idiot to teach him to hunt
  10. Still at it mate, an really enjoying it. Starting to think k could be doin mare tho, stuck to the 5x5 programme religiously am even with the added extra excersizes I feel I could be doing a bit more in gym, not on me off days but on days I am there, ill stick it out for now but then I think I gonna try an beast meself for a while an see how that goes
  11. W. Katchum


    Hobs always fatten up in there second year, get him excersize an meat an he be fine, graft the cnut tho Cos your breedin off ferrets that’s could be useless. Let’s hope there not
  12. W. Katchum


  13. W. Katchum

    Kitts doing well

    I prefer polecats but do like a nice white un, they nice kitts them , well done
  14. W. Katchum

    Father’s Day present

    Fcukin Hell get somebody to so a supply drop an stop eating the bait ffs
  15. W. Katchum

    Wtf is this

    Cowardly cnut