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  1. Aye I paid a quid a mile off a dealer a while back
  2. Jus get a fcuking pup and stop over thinking it
  3. Get them squirrels deaded seen more goldies in the last year than I ever have, must have been a good one for em
  4. Most cnuts on this site couldn’t catch there breath never mind a rabbit
  5. Did you get sorted out, if not send a message


  6. Not at the gym mate but bits an bats at home an work
  7. That’s bollocks but I reckon unless max is power lifting an training for a comp or summat then he could easily lose a few stone a timber an feel much better
  8. Are you 50 now max? You’ll never lose that now
  9. Deffo over weight, unless your a 6’5 hippo
  10. Aye I’ll be holding on, holding onto the fcuking chainsaw cutting the thing down
  11. 3 lines too right corner, click them then click account then click manage followed content an should be able to stop them from there, I think
  12. I always tell missus is she keeps getting lippy she get chucked out upstairs window an I throw a bucket an shammy out after her
  13. Somebody needs to give the site a good shake an let the arseholes fall off there perch
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