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  1. W. Katchum


    Really need to sort some rats out on a job I do. Folks don’t wanna use poison as lots wildlife, owls, an stoats an stuff about that don’t cause any harm an the folk like seeing them. Can use dogs on it now an again but 90%time we cant, it’s no great loss as the same folk give us plenty other land to use dogs so swings an roundabouts. anyways Iv never trapped a lot really so what’s me options, ideally wanna set a trap line that can be checked few tomes a day an easily reset hit me with it
  2. W. Katchum

    Sunderland lamper jailed.

    Should have got a kick in arse aswell for putting a whippet on a fox an dtanding filming it an not helping dog kill it
  3. W. Katchum

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    200kg deadlift
  4. W. Katchum

    New arrivals

    Get that bread buttered
  5. W. Katchum

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    I’ll stick some money in pot for you lads if ginger beard attempts it at the comp. I won’t be there but will gladly throw summat in if he has a bash an he has time to train an get some growth hormone in him
  6. W. Katchum

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Fcuk it if your that confident an ginger, I’m not leaving gym in morning till I’ve done 200kg I mean it’s knly about 10 times what I do noo
  7. W. Katchum

    Lung worm tablets

    Yeah I was jist saying as it sounded like he thought it was a spot on when I read it. An Iv only ever used it once tbh years back for pups Cos oh was easiest way a getting each pup to take it
  8. W. Katchum

    Ferrets have been poisoned.

    Nowt would surprise me pal where neighbours an locals are concerned, could have been a moose or a rat had got in there to die tho an has been eaten, best to get prepared tho with next ones. Locks on cages an things that way you’ll know if they been tampered with
  9. W. Katchum

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    An I’m only about £999 grand away from being a millionaire an that’s if I count this months wage
  10. W. Katchum

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Running, lifting an everything else jumping, etc is quite easy to get real gains fast, especially for folk that are new to there chosen sport or excersize, sooner or later tho you will hit a wall, plateau or what ever ye wanna call it an that’s where the real hard work, dedication an things come into play, some folk even find there natural limit an then use drugs to move further, you say bolt is only 6 or 7 secs faster than you, but I bet you could drop a second or even 2 off that time with a lot a training, an it may even feel easy, but try getting another second or 2 after that an I bet you cant gains an progression comes easy to start with, but once they start slowing down an you get nearer that top end a performance then the gains slow down a lot an are much harder to achieve, hope that makes sense it does in my head but that’s what Iv got so far from reading a few bits an bats an thinking about my own previous performances from tabbing, running an stuff in army to other things like playing footy an things
  11. W. Katchum

    Funny Joke Thread

  12. W. Katchum

    Lung worm tablets

    Panacur ain’t a spot on its liquid ye give orally to mutts over 3 days
  13. W. Katchum

    Ferrets have been poisoned.

    That’s wrong arry, I know for a fact rats can get in ferret hutches an runs that ferrets can’t get out, years back I had a big ole walk in run out garden that ferrets we’re living in, an a few nights in row the terrier was whineing like fcuk in her kennel an as soon as let out she was going mad at ferret run. So few days a this an in end so said to wife there no chance it’s the ferrets she is after so I was convinced that kids or cats or summat was coming in garden, set up a camera an the very next day me an wife were sat in living room an she was just about to go do collect the kids from school, an I said I may watch the recording from last night, so I set tele up an about to plonk me arse in coucj to watch it, an hear a noise from back garden, I thought wife had left gate open so went to back window to check an allow an behold I saw a big ole rat, come out from under the slabs of next doors garden an run along the house wall till it got to the ferret run. Then I was amazed to see it go throo the bars, an steal a biscuit out there bowl, an Fcuk off back under the shed, terrier was lay on sofa oblivious so I grabbed her with scruff an crept back to window to see it return back to run again an back inside, by time I got to back door ot had beat me to the shed an was back under, the lil fcuker so a chat with next door neighbours an they let me check under there shed, but it seemed the hole was under there’s but the fcuker was living under ours a couple hours emptying shed an lifting ye flags an as we got to the very last flag( out of 12) the terrier was going mental, I told me lad to lean other flags against fence so it had nowhere to go, lifted the flag an it bolted an was caught an killed by ole lakie in quick style, but there was also 14 baby rats in nest that had just started getting fur, an to my amazement there must have been a good 1/4 sack a wellbeloved ferret biscuits under the slab aswell, cheeky lil cnut so the kids got shown what had happened an told that what greed gets you, if it had just been happy with the biccys it had it would never have been sussed so for sake a being greedy it got itself an it’s baby’s all deeded i have to say the mesh it was getting in was the type ye see in shop bought hutches . With longer meshes than the square ones, these were long slot types a mesh. So they deffo get in where ferrets can’t, an same as ferreting them around farm. There’s few places the ferrets can’t fit bit stick a water hose or smoker up there an ye get some decent sized rats bolting
  14. W. Katchum


    Put maggots in a bowl an they won’t get out unless they get wet mate. Ye can also buy bigger weights that get threaded throo the line rather than squeezed on, ask for some arsley bombs or summat in the shop, an even ask them if for some hooks already tied onto line, the line will be about 8/10 inch long when ye get them, with hook attached, an a loop on end of line mate. Then just tie a basic loop on other end of your line an use the loop to loop connections to join both lines, will be much easier for you than fiddling about with hooks an knots, with maggots there is a fat and an a thin end to em, you really need need to try an get the point of the hook throo a lil tiny bit skin at the fat end, that stops em from bursting but they need to be just nicked on it they do burst, or try some other bait, bread is easy to use but needs changed a lot, worms are easy an stay in longer if you thread me up onto hook rather than just sticking hook straight throo em, or even try a lil bubble float with a bit water inside for weight an a fly or summat, idea being ye lob it upstream an let it float down taking the fly or bait with it dont give up tho pal, it’s called fishing, not catching
  15. W. Katchum

    Tale of the 3 lamps

    Was 3 lamps up dales other night, was 12 degrees an a full moon I was tempted to go get my lamp put motor an lamp them from the tractor but thought fcuk it, chances are it will be only time they get out Cos Ce sept when it’s cold wet an dark the fcukers will be into summat else