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  1. Somebody seems to be trying really hard to make out they don’t care
  2. So realisticly how much did you have to spend on camera an battery’s an such to get decent quality vids in end without a lot of chew on?
  3. Get your own back then. Every time the little shit goes to sleep turn the hoover on I miss when mine where baby’s, now they got far too much to say
  4. Best to sit on the fence like me that way you can call every Cnut a Cnut
  5. Hope the wee man okay , an do what I’d do, feel the urge, walk the dogs
  6. Oh it’s there for anybody with at least one eye open to see
  7. For a guy who try’s real hard to come across as all logical on a lot of threads your rabid hatred for torie party is a sign of your true colours Sandy
  8. It’s like everything diff strokes for diff folks
  9. It’s not trying to get the ferret back it’s getting the rabbits that the farmer wants gone, you gonna say after you walk away an a rabbit pops out
  10. I don’t like to an very rarely give my own away. I couldn’t sell stock of any kind tbh, unless it dead to game dealer
  11. What micro ferrets? Or you meant to be on big cat thread of course the exist, they are loads of them, could get you some tomorrow if wanted, but why would anybody want em is the real question
  12. Fcuking loads a them, they all called the name of place like batley boys an that tho I’m sure, some crackers up there we visited when my lad fought up that way. Like been said tho go see max, bags don’t hit back
  13. I really dislike art an the folk that usually go with it but that’s summat I like, my kids would all fight each other, enter the dragon style, to get to hand that in there rooms any more of pics of his other work ?
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