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  1. Deffo they eventually get bored with it
  2. Them raccoons look like they would make great pets for the kids
  3. If your so worries tho about you an other folk it’s your duty to get the jab ASAP, not go on you hollibobs first, they weberhwhere an it take minutes there’s no excuse
  4. The one an only reason is I don’t think I need it, iv got this far, don’t hide from the flu every year an don’t get a jab, you’ll notice it first to laugh at thee conspiracies about the jab an stir the pot, I’m not anti jab, i Do think covid is real, I do think it’s been blown out of proportion an I think we should have our own choice, an we have an I’m saying no, not saying hang on till I build up the courage
  5. It’s for inside the udders mate aye, you jab into them up through teat for mastitis an that, it’s strong tho
  6. I said it seriously effects my kids I’d reconsider it, what parent wouldn’t you clown, I’d take a bullet for my kids ffs but like j said they ain’t gonna starve us, can’t even starve folk on hunger strike
  7. Blah blah blah, your a good mouth peice, that’s it
  8. Your the one saying your getting a vaccine but too scared an your the one said you’d come to catterick but posted a pic of a white fence biting your a no show, simples, put your money where your mouth is then, roll your sleeves up an prove it
  9. that’s the one mate, he said he was gonna come to catterick an get me, wa stole of me walking me dog in racecourse am he said he come but come in the back gate there is no back gate, never has been never. An that’s on me kids lifes, I didn’t offer him a fight he wanted to come get me an I said okay, I’d say same to anybody
  10. You’d have to go somewhere to drive home, we never see this passport just like we never see you, loads folk off here met me, but not you
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