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  1. Crocs are what you need, slippers are gay
  2. Nice looking dog that, but the sister is nicer
  3. That’s why I ain’t bought my own yet, can afford to wait as all ke regulars let me use there’s so can wait for right one, the better ones are mad money just now
  4. Thanks for taking time to post pal, keep em coming, i not got ig or anything
  5. I knew he was a spoofer when he said he drove past the services, but there again the other spoofer wasn’t there either
  6. Holy fcuk balls if your neck was gold rather than brass you’d actually have all you claim you Fcuking walloper
  7. It’s a matter of perception, uses a normal name like dog fox, greb, an folk think he gonna be normal, if he just called himself jester, we would all know what to expect but anyways lets no talk Ill of the fallen
  8. I been busy all day but I’m sure iv just read a few posts off bangers an the simple Cnut don’t even know what’s gone off, like the rest of life, he oblivious to it
  9. Poor dog is dehydrated after pushing that rabbit around 7 fields an up a road side verge an into some scrub land before the rabbit dropped of fatigue
  10. Collie cross too clever for him
  11. An another quater of a mil in the hospital, I mean bank
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