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  1. So mods can call folk names now but member dare say anything wrong an it’s delete it, say sorry or else Nicepig your a Fcuking walloper
  2. Nicepig trying to throw his weight about, what a walloper tootle bye, it’s been a blast
  3. Remember the only diff between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about 6 months just now
  4. That was decent of the guy, he deffo a new person since his time away, I reckon he found god or summat
  5. Pattx pit x whippet, but anybody’s guess, them pitterpats are big overseas tho
  6. Wouldn’t mind seeing that run the beam, looks the part anyways
  7. They deffo mixed up, it’s for attention an too see how far they can push it, an look, they pushing it further than anybody ever imagined
  8. Some terriers are just cnuts. But by sounds of it that dog missed a lot of education at an early age, but saying that even some out an about from the nest still turn out pure wnakers
  9. Pigeons are meant to get coxy bad like that aswell, can’t say I ever went to trouble of checking tho, I’m with you tho, coccidiosis is my best guess
  10. Surely you could have picked a more manly instrument than a Fcuking fiddle flute fiddle clarinet an cello are for poofters an women, check if you don’t belive me
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