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  1. W. Katchum

    Health and safety

    If only ferreting was that easy, a tricky dig an I’m wishing I was back at work three days
  2. W. Katchum

    Health and safety

    Still wouldn’t swap it for feeling a bit better an been sat on my arse me whole life feeling I’m owed summat
  3. W. Katchum

    A Wanderer with nice sambar stag

    Files an a lot a hard graft an talent I think
  4. W. Katchum

    Old girl

    Is that it?
  5. W. Katchum

    Health and safety

    Exactly the same on farms pal My 12 year ole lad makes guys double his age look lazy an thick when he comes to work with me
  6. W. Katchum

    Running dog addiction

    Darcy is alright for a Wierdo If reading his books made you feel a wee bit inadequate or whatever, I suggest that’s your problem folks an not his i read the first few an really enjoyed em but lost interest, but not in his books but in books altogether tbh let me know tho when some a yous guys trying to get a dig in, write your own, I’ll be sure to have a read
  7. W. Katchum

    Old girl

    How ironic
  8. W. Katchum

    Kids taking money

  9. W. Katchum

    One to stay away from

    Deffo ruin your good trainers
  10. W. Katchum

    Old girl

    He was here collecting a wheaten or was that another inter web dream
  11. W. Katchum

    Old girl

  12. W. Katchum

    Kids taking money

    Guy been caught in cctv in Richmond here passing snide score notes poor cnut all over fb now
  13. W. Katchum

    One to stay away from

    Fcuking tramp
  14. W. Katchum

    A Wanderer with nice sambar stag

    I’d happily live with them flaws, Cos I don’t even know or see them Lovely tool that, hope the owner appreciates it as much as us
  15. W. Katchum

    Lurcher Litters

    That’s it pal, I had a fair few seasons travelling the country running the dogs hard, lamping most nights an work the next morning had some decent bags an great times but now I’m a lot busier with boxing an gymnastics with the kids an work so I’ll happily plod along these days, enjoying meself an appreciate the outdoors what flavour you thinking about gnash? They all have there good an not so good points