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  1. I jus got in an had a shower, gonna roll meself a blunt an watch the new ‘ call of the wild’ must admit I nearly cried watching Togo if this half as good I’ll be happy
  2. Fcuking hell you must have been a right good boy in ye youth greeting faced fcuker
  3. All these guys saying how much the love the wife an how much time they spend together an how little they fight alls I can say is 4 lil words under the fcuking thumb
  4. That out you out work now then if all casino’s an that’s closed? Sounds similar to here, the dales are quiet, but life still trundling along
  5. He beggin the local Spanish cops to let him go to off sales, so he can have a bevy between sessions now the missus is back
  6. What’s the city’s an towns like closest you Chris? All iv hear md about here is New York
  7. Maybe let you keep one under a license or summat, but the need took off the streets
  8. Stop being sensible, fcuking ban it, Satan brewed the whole lot of it, an whilst we at it let’s ban midgets aswell oh fcuking hell, nearly forgot them gingers, they need added to the ban list
  9. Ban it, Orrible shite they kills just as many folk every year as corona, I wouldn’t even notice if it got banned truth be told
  10. Iv always and a couple boxes gloves in car for gutting bunnies an stuff, an the masks I carry are wrong type Shit against corona but excellent against cctv when kidnapping prossies
  11. Reason I surround meself with idiots as they don’t usually pick up me mistakes hence why I come here
  12. Was using drones today in north York’s to find folk
  13. You know ya self it be okay, so craic on an if you ever wanna give it a day ferreting give me a shout as if love to see it graft when old enough
  14. It was obviously serious when the videos of the wee willie winkie welding cnuts inside blocks a flats hit the internet.
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