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  1. Only actually talked too him in person once, like a ghost in the night, the c..t, lol but see all his markers, when he's around, can't miss them !
  2. Me being me, text asked if alright to ring him, about something, now I know it wasn't my place, but a says "Allan, should you not be charging them more , mate,....the boys I'm aware of , further down South, etc, charge more than that " (& rightly so), it was as much for him, I said that, (not just for me ! ),.....as far as I'm aware now , he's at least £300, now
  3. I've observed (when passing, before) he actually bangs all the traps down, over a couple of days (if bad) , & I reckon he picks up end of the week, in reality,....not checking in between, etc
  4. Hopefully, you'll get a couple more mate ? (anno, depending on competition, etc)
  5. Katch, would you be surprised to know how much this quad moley boy, charged per farm, when he first appeared here, bout 5 year ago,......£250 ! no matter how 'black wi moles' ! , gives them a weeks attendance (still not sure if hes actually over the 5 days or 7,.......& I remember thinking then, how the f**k am I meant to compete with this now ! lol
  6. Yep, I get you. One of the farmers here, splits the farm, with turf growing. The quad moleys got the main farm (I've got another of the farmers parcels of ground , nearer me.) Anyway, he won't let him do the turf fields , (not many) , cause of the quad , so I get a shout, fir them.
  7. Funny, the rare conversation I had once with the travelling moley, that comes up here, with the quad, when I mentioned about golf courses, I remember him saying "they can keep them ! " ,..a should have probed him more, but the only thing I could think of, is maybe he's a "cash in hand" only, guy, maybe ? Ah so they really don't want mole catchers accessing with quads, generally ?
  8. Technically it was meant to be a 'grey area' I think, whether you could use the Strychnine on a golf course, you know, cause obviously the golfers/public access, etc, but I think I remember being told , it ended up ok (in Scotland)
  9. Good move,....I canvassed round the golfies, around 2008, & was lucky cause most had nothing done (or tried with gas) since the Strychnine guy had to chuck it, cause of the withdrawal of it. (2006) Got around 6 , but now just have two, regular, & one or two just occasional, every couple of years, or so. (various reasons for that )
  10. Aye, a notice worm casts too, & mentioned & the head says, they can't get some of the good stuff, they used too use, before, etc , to treat it. Keeps you in a job, your situation, anyway
  11. They only do essentials on greens & tees, November to March, here, I've noticed, they mostly do drainage work & path maintenance, etc (Nov/Mar) instead. Aye, that's a good point, about the golf buggies,..although they haven't all got them (& nobody offered lol)
  12. Obviously we should be mostly on top of them, before cutting, but I have seen me catch every month of the year, on one course, in a bad year ?
  13. Funny enough, only rarely get mole working on green or tee surface, raised tees, mole working round banking, at most, & usually perimeter of greens, Well there's gonna be alot of sand under them parts, & low worm 🪱 count, probably, & ave heard they can't get the worm killing chemicals,etc, easily anymore, but ?
  14. , one of the greenkeepers reckons them cutting regular in season, helps keep the moles at bay, am not so sure, right enough ?
  15. Putanges definitely ideal, now that they've started cutting ? Just finished my last Golfie, recently, & billed ! As you say if an odd one comes back in,etc, in near tee or green, they'll maybe phone me & then can be a big walk for only one !
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