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  1. Interesting,.. (cheers for the reply),..well, i suppose any non lethal method, that works, in any local situation, could (or should , lol) be applied. Funny enough, just discovered a road casualty, badger, recently. (Scotland) Surprising part was, that its the first in nearly 40 year, in that 'neck of the woods'. Explored, & travelled up & down this way regular, since i was a boy,...& neither me or anyone local, EVER found any signs of badger previous, in the area. Never thought i would see the day,... quite unexpected !
  2. Brocks, over protected , status,...led too it, all. Im personally not convinced either, how major their role actually is, in this 'bTB' scourge, affecting the countrys cattle. (could well, be wrong on that, though. lol)
  3. well, stats i read, 67,000 'billys' culled 'legally' ?? (makes you f....n laugh !, at the irony of it !) , 2013 to 2018, in the Gov 'badger control areas', alone.
  4. there is , (or have been ? lol ) too many, in alot of areas. But , for me, motorised vehicles, etc, travelling the roads,..are probably a bigger factor, in the wee hedgepigs, decline.
  5. You are wise & talk sense ,.......but , no ones claiming to be the "best" here , mate . Plenty catch more than me, etc,......& have better business sense, etc,.....doesnt bother me in the least,....i still get the satisfaction (probably more with my interest in the old bygone styles) i always got from the game, since around 94. Right mate,.....im off. (promise )
  6. Again Dave, yes thats one way to go about it,... but its not 'set in stone',......
  7. Dont worry about "watch what you say" Dave. lol,....f**k them. Sounds like youve learned this off a certain person, mate, & thats fair enough,.......but its only one mans approach, so not the only one.
  8. No mate,....i will go ,.....enoughs finally enough,.....(at least you could deal with it with a bit of humour, partly),.......im off,.....good luck to you ALL.
  9. "Old Fossils",......f**k sake , Clive,. im only in me late 40s,....what age are you ? lol & im independent,.......could have got involved with these clubs, for a bit of financial gain for myself probably, in whatever capacity ? (chance to be Scottish representative, etc, in one too, possibly), & declined......but the moling was NEVER only about the money for me, you see ? (thats how im still skint then ? lol)
  10. Good on you ,.. (its just my personal feelings on the Putanges) ,....no reflection on you at all . ATB
  11. Nah Deker, i really do need to go instead of rising all the time to the provocation here,......its getting unenjoyable now ( remember your posts too , & always something of interest, there)
  12. Who you talking too , ya f***ing arsehole ?,....who is it you think you are ?,.....former Glesga punter , i may have heard ?,....are you the "hunting life police " ? ,.....f**k off too ALL your other sections ! & drunk ????,......im stone cold sober ,....& have been for a while now,......
  13. Listen to you, jumping in ,........its all banter, to me ?,.....your like that though, int ye ?,......jumping around different sections seeing where you can poke your nose in ? lol
  14. Pathetic !,.....Complete & utter 'backtracking' now , from yous !! ,.........other folk had too pay £20 for a pair too,....so whats the negotiation ? ,.....as long as you place a larger order,...a discount applies or something ?,.......get too f**k !
  15. Too right mate, far too expensive for what they are !
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