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  1. For me it's Strelok Pro, simple to use, I don't tend to push my shooting to far out 22.250 keep up to 200 yds that's straight shooting for me, comes in handy for FAC air and 22 LR mostly and Wind hold overs.
  2. I use near zero on windy days, then double check at 100 when conditions allow. Also I stopped cleaning my barrel after every trip, this I have found gives me for more consistency with up to around 50+ rounds, clean the breach though, I now clean the barrel when I start to loose consistency then check zero on range.
  3. Calculated showing 100 yard zero 1" kill zone, near zero 42 yards approx, but please test actual zero at the range on paper. On my Strelok Pro app, 1" kill zone, best zero 131 yards near zero 40 yards good to out to 150 yards ish, but again always check on paper on range.
  4. Great little caliber, great for "lets get the rabbit problem sorted", don,t tend to push mine above 140 yards, as Stavross says start at 50 then push out to 100 on zero.
  5. This was there reason for refusal. Dear applicant Thank you for your application to trap signal crayfish. Unfortunately on this occasion we must decline your application. Yorkshire and its surrounding counties do not allow crayfish trapping due to risks associated with the activity. The three main reasons for this decision are.... The risk of spreading invasive crayfish and aquatic diseases through the use of traps and other equipment. Traps and associated equipment are excellent vectors for invasive crayfish and aquatic diseases to reach new wa
  6. I had same problem up here in Nottinghamshire tried doing all legit but they wouldn't licence me,they gave a bag of sh-t reasons for not doing so. Red area only they will probably licence you if you apply. It was around 2 yrs ago that I applied.
  7. I've not seen that before, whats worrying though you say you had dusty stuff spray in my face, was that out of breech when fired.
  8. Truncated, never heard of them myself, but sure someone will soon enlighten us all?.
  9. Dig them up? I personally don't bother seasoning traps and never had a problem catching, the only traps I like to season up a bit are Putanges,but suppose everyone has there own methods.
  10. Good luck with finding earth,that's why I don't generally sort foxes until after harvest unless it is a must do on a request.
  11. Has he not been on a bullet casting thread a couple of days ago?
  12. I carry a couple pairs with me when trapping just for some situations that i think there worth trying,that's all I will ever buy, there well over priced to expensive to justify buying anymore.
  13. I find just a brush up were the trigger sits on putange and the same with trigger contact area just before setting stops the from binding and not going off,I've had mine for some years now and they as good as ever, I use a small brass brush spark plug cleaner,you only need to brush up the trigger and trigger contact areas.
  14. I told my local doctors after chasing them up a few times that if they didn't respond to the FAO in a week I would be in danger of braking the law and would have my guns confiscated from me, next day they asked me for come down and pay £15 they had sorted it.
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