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  1. You could ask for the site to closed for a specific day in the week for purpose of pest Control, check latest general licence for 2022.
  2. IMO no, just a bad set or bad choice of trap.
  3. I use a Garmin 62st GPS all the time on large golf courses, because I use markers that look like just a bit of debris, I have to to prevent traps being taken, so GPS gets me down to less than 2 mtrs, I also mostly only use putanges which are almost invisible to the naked eye to locate. When I get home I download data onto oogle earth just remind me and also a back for my own memory. It can be very easy just to mislay a trap or two so GPS is great addition to my armory.
  4. Been out today have one doe she was full of young, (already).
  5. I agree 16ft to scan for ferrets is far more preferred imo, together with reasonable pinpointing.
  6. Anyone know were these can obtained, need to top up with a few more.
  7. I'm sure its the impact thump of the .22 when it hits the rabbit, the noise is generated more local nearer to the living quarry not being hit, so they get spooked because generally its the only noise they hear.
  8. I'm not concerned or worried about the rifle or with the accuracy or the ammo's performance that I use, just curious that if it had been a 1-12 that I might had pushed up a bit in bullet weight, but as you all say theirs nothing to worry about and that I agree with, just curious old me lol. But could it not possibly be as Ref: my first post why some rifles of same make and model might prefer a different round food for though.
  9. The gun is shooting fine and accurate, I thought that I would check its twist rate just out of curiosity as I had read somewhere that mistakes in barrel twist rates can happen, also I am shooting 55 grn so just checking up on the gun.
  10. Just check my 22.250 Tika T3x Light barrel twist rate, I am getting 1-13 after countless attempts, I am following the correct procedure, the advertised rate is 1-14 or 1-12, but it is said that mistakes can happen in production, so were am I (1-13) ? or what,anyone else had this discrepancy.
  11. Stick a rod up tail after washing Meths away, then when tail shrinks to rod pull out,this keeps some dimension to skin on tail so when you manipulate tail with hands for a while to get that nice floppy fox tail. I wash Meths out with wash tablet, then condition with minus's hair conditioner lol and then rinse, then dry on a rod.
  12. For me it's Strelok Pro, simple to use, I don't tend to push my shooting to far out 22.250 keep up to 200 yds that's straight shooting for me, comes in handy for FAC air and 22 LR mostly and Wind hold overs.
  13. I use near zero on windy days, then double check at 100 when conditions allow. Also I stopped cleaning my barrel after every trip, this I have found gives me for more consistency with up to around 50+ rounds, clean the breach though, I now clean the barrel when I start to loose consistency then check zero on range.
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