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  1. Truncated, never heard of them myself, but sure someone will soon enlighten us all?.
  2. Dig them up? I personally don't bother seasoning traps and never had a problem catching, the only traps I like to season up a bit are Putanges,but suppose everyone has there own methods.
  3. Good luck with finding earth,that's why I don't generally sort foxes until after harvest unless it is a must do on a request.
  4. Has he not been on a bullet casting thread a couple of days ago?
  5. I carry a couple pairs with me when trapping just for some situations that i think there worth trying,that's all I will ever buy, there well over priced to expensive to justify buying anymore.
  6. I find just a brush up were the trigger sits on putange and the same with trigger contact area just before setting stops the from binding and not going off,I've had mine for some years now and they as good as ever, I use a small brass brush spark plug cleaner,you only need to brush up the trigger and trigger contact areas.
  7. I told my local doctors after chasing them up a few times that if they didn't respond to the FAO in a week I would be in danger of braking the law and would have my guns confiscated from me, next day they asked me for come down and pay £15 they had sorted it.
  8. Just tunnels,with Body grips 116 or Fenn Mk6 no bait best, use bait and your likely to attract other unwanted species, Mink cannot resist exploring a tunnel.
  9. Thanks W Katchum, I might have ordered from this guy before,thanks again for the reminder.
  10. Hi all, been running Putanges for some years now but purchased any for some time, in need of some more can anyone put me onto anyone that is selling genuine original French Putanges. thank-you.
  11. Prelove them free and collect, they good early warning with there attitude to intruders, someone might have them for small holding?,they prob be tough as old old boots not fit to eat,as Tyla says.
  12. A few years ago i could have said the same about Notts,but there now showing all over my area unfortunately my wooded shoot owner doesn't want them shooting and the rest of my land is open farm land, got a shooting Permit for N Trust but again only farmland no deer shooting, Boar will be next as they works there way up north.
  13. That was going to my next question, it states "and any other lawful quarry" on my 22.250 so it is after all already conditioned for Muntjac.
  14. Anyone on here got there 22.250 conditioned for Muntjac?
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