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  1. big yin

    Anthony Crolla

    Great fight to watch and a very professional and disciplined win
  2. big yin

    Khan Vs Alvares

    Khans a good fast boxer and I think hell win a few early rounds but canelo will just prove to strong for him and will stop him mid to late rounds
  3. big yin

    Opinions Please

    One was rangy other 2 3-4 holes and no other dog availabe Always trust them mate unless they give you good reason not to ,don't burst your nutover thinking it and get him out proper next season ,atb
  4. big yin

    Opinions Please

    What size of earths was it he didn't find in ? Did you then dig it with a different dog ? and as been said treat him as the young dog he is through the summer and get him full of himself
  5. big yin

    David Haye V Mark De Mori.

    Young fury and Hughie are different fighters pal
  6. big yin

    David Haye V Mark De Mori.

    Young fury is only 19 years old and had 6 fights so surely not a big test either
  7. big yin

    David Haye V Mark De Mori.

    Can't see him getting his next fight with Joshua or fury but if he did it be a quick end to his come back I reckon
  8. big yin

    David Haye V Mark De Mori.

    I wish him all the best and agree either of those fighters would be a better test
  9. big yin

    David Haye V Mark De Mori.

    Who's he going to fight next ? Whoever it is let's hope its a bit of a test as that was a joke
  10. Nice one and great to see the young lad enjoying himself
  11. big yin

    winchester sx3 3 1/2"

    withdrawn from sale
  12. big yin

    winchester sx3 3 1/2"

    first and last price drop for a great gun and a bargain before it goes for a trade in
  13. winchester sx3 3 1/2" composite ,30" barrel for sale , this gun is only a few weeks old and fired just 40 shells,2 year warranty not even sent yet, its smooth as silk and works perfect but its just to light compared to the 10 gauge im used to , comes with all shims,1/4,1/2,3/4 and an extra briley extended l/f choke this kit with extra choke cost ne 885 , £765 and prefer face/face may consider a deal with a heavier auto ie 391,xtrema or similar
  14. big yin

    daystate mk4 s

    may take a part exchange with money my way
  15. big yin

    daystate mk4 s

    daystate mk4 s .177 in first class condition , still have original receit ,23/10/08 , comes with charger,2 keys , fill adaptor and 10 shot mag and all instructions, it can come with original left handed stock (its a left handed bolt) or with the right handed stock that ive been using on it,can send pics to email £575 posted