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  1. talt

    Old building, perm

    Good fun shooting ferals. Myself and my brother had permissions at an abbey and a couple of grain stores and we always had good bags.
  2. talt

    Lab x grey

    There were two in my village when i was growing up. One hunted up and caught hares for fun, they both loved water and both worked to the gun. I can't understand why they aren't more common.
  3. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    Christmas eve for me will be a dinner with a few people followed by bed at eight o'clock and a night of rough sex. I fcuking hate prison.
  4. talt


    Condolences to you and your family and RIP Kenny. It's never a good time but even more heartfelt at this time of year. May God grant you and your family the strength to help you to come to terms with your loss.
  5. talt

    New apprentice😁

    I would say he learned and took in more there in a day than he did in a month at school.
  6. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    I put a porn DVD on last night and it was crap, a really dark picture of some old bloke sitting there holding his cock, then i realised i hadn't turned the TV on.
  7. talt

    Is it a fetish ?

    either or, not that fussy. The horse can piss off though.
  8. talt

    Is it a fetish ?

    I quite like tight shirts and riding jodhpurs myself.
  9. talt

    Small lurcher,

    You would pay a hell of a lot more for a pure breed, and some cross breeds fetch silly money. The other choice is go to the pound and give a stray a second chance, there's usually loads in there because people buy them cheap so they can get rid when it gets too much hassle.
  10. talt

    Small lurcher,

    £ 200 - 300 isn't that much for a dog that's going to give you at least 5 years of sport and probably 15 years of companionship. If you are too tight to part with the money get him a gerbil you tight cnut.
  11. talt

    Fury v wilder

    I have never been a Fury fan either but to come back from an extremely bad place both mentally and physically in just over a year and put on a show of heart like he did he deserves the utmost respect for that from anyone. Losing that much weight is not an easy task and to rise above a mental illness says a lot about the mans character. I for one wish him well for the future.
  12. talt

    Hand hits

    Wait until the elastic comes off the fork and smacks you in the kisser and you end up looking like Leslie Ash. Scared to pick a catapault up now.
  13. talt

    Gareth Thomas

    It's only gay if you push back.
  14. talt


    I always remember Richard Baker as the voice in Mary, Mungo and Midge, a kids programme from back in the day. R.I.P Richard.