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  1. talt

    i nearly bought

    Get the greyhound covered. What's the worst that could happen? If you don't you might end up regretting it and if you do and it doesn't work out, well just move on and try something else. It seems like doors are being opened for you and it would be a shame to slam them shut
  2. talt


    Fecking hell Bill i bet you could tell a few good stories, i just wish you could get someone to type it for you so that i could understand it.
  3. talt

    eBay woodburner

    A coat of creosote and it's ready to rent out to a couple of families of Romanians.
  4. talt

    Calls For Rats to be Protected

    Just looked at that link and it says that it wasn't black rats that spread the plague but gerbils. How big was the wild population of gerbils in this country at that time?
  5. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    I don't know if it's a scam or not but i've just received a text saying i have won £250 or 2 tickets for an Elvis tribute show. It says press 1 for the money or 2 for the show....
  6. I am afraid these days my mind doesn't wander, it fecks off completely.
  7. talt

    Pic of my Collie/Whippet I bred

    Nice looking little dogs, got the whippet shape but without the shit coat.
  8. talt

    Good Running dog books?

    I have to thank Brian Plummer for his Rogues and Running Dogs and Tales of a Rat Hunting Man for opening up my eyes about lurchers and terriers as a young teenager and regardless of what is said about the man, for that i am eternally greatful.
  9. talt

    Saluki bull grey pups £100

    I somehow doubt it but good luck trying.
  10. talt

    tv stars and drugs

    I should have known really.
  11. talt

    tv stars and drugs

    Quick someone start a thread about him before socks does.
  12. talt

    All good then?

    What are you going to replace the pom with?
  13. talt

    Fireplace design

    Or alternatively say bolloxx to it and just stick four foot or so of it up the chimney. Health and safety my arse.
  14. talt

    This year's runners

    She's looking well Sid.
  15. talt

    RIP the bandit