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  1. I found my old catty a fair while back. I stuck some cans up and pulled back and the elastic snapped and smacked me in the mush and left me looking like Leslie Ash. I put it back.
  2. talt


    I have just read this thread from the start and find it absolutely fascinating. Very informative and personally I think all the feeding, conditioning and breeding is close to being a science. Keep it coming lads.
  3. Feel for you mate. As long as she is eating and drinking and getting about okay then I would carry on with her. I have the same dilemma with our 20 year old russell but he still dodders about and seems happy enough. As sid g said to me on another forum, you will know when it's time.
  4. My dogs seem to regard cat shit as a culinary delicacy and dig it out and hoover it up with great enthusiasm, dirty twats.
  5. I miss my dads bird room and the smell of the shavings, soft food and the carophyl red food colour.
  6. Smart looking little birds . I had never heard of them before, I had to google them. If I was ever to keep a few birds again I could happily keep this type.
  7. I think that there must have been triplets.
  8. We also got the old DVD/VIDEO machine down from the loft and started re-watching all of our old DVDs, you don't need their channels. Plus porn is free on the internet
  9. I have had one every month or so since 2012 after the Jimmy Savile stuff came to light. We stopped watching live streaming mainstream TV and news channels and just watch stuff on youtube, netflix and amazon and feel a lot happier for it. We had two visits and I politely told them to feck off and we have not seen anyone since. I could go down the road of informing them we don't watch live TV so we don't need a licence but where's the fun in that?
  10. My dad always put mesh on both sides of his aviary panels because of those little shits.
  11. Just a thought but do you by chance use Zoflora disinfectant on your floors, bowls, etc ? We had a lurcher that started having fits when we used it on the floors and when we stopped using it the fits stopped.
  12. I just tried to send an email but I got the reply that I cannot register from the domain @gmail.com.
  13. My grandad was responsible for bringing down 15 German aircraft during WW2. The Luftwaffe said he was the single worst aircraft mechanic they ever had.
  14. Just take them out into the countryside and let them go.
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