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  1. talt

    All good then?

    What are you going to replace the pom with?
  2. talt

    Fireplace design

    Or alternatively say bolloxx to it and just stick four foot or so of it up the chimney. Health and safety my arse.
  3. talt

    This year's runners

    She's looking well Sid.
  4. talt

    RIP the bandit

  5. talt

    Old school rat control

    Your rats look in good nick. Oh and the chickens look well too.
  6. talt


    I often think to myself if a super bright lamp is really needed. Back in the day i have had many a good night with the good old Halfords handheld spotlight and they were not a patch on the specialised lamps on the market now. Mind you, back in the day my feckin eyesight was a lot better as well.
  7. talt

    Forum lifespan

    Fookin hell the cnuts been banned and we are still talking about him, he would love that. I think it's time to forget about him and move on and try and make this forum something worth clicking onto again. Onwards and upwards folks
  8. talt

    Forum lifespan

    I usually never let the internet get to me and i like a bit of banter, but i have twin lads who are autistic and i must admit some of his comments made me grit my teeth.
  9. talt

    Forum lifespan

    Can't give you a like walshie so have a
  10. talt

    Let’s see your Pups

    It's got some fooking great big feet on it, looks well.
  11. Many happy returns mate, another year closer to that bus pass
  12. talt

    Open heart surgery.

    Not quite the same but i have just got my mrs. back home from Papworth hospital after a heart attack. All i can say is the surgeons and nurses in these places know what they are doing and i am certain your granddaughter is in very capable hands. I know what you are all going through and i wish you all the best and i hope your granddaughter makes a speedy recovery bless her. The NHS staff are worth their weight in gold.