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  1. talt

    Whippet/saluki types LETS SEE THEM

    The best dog i have ever had was a saluki / greyhound x whippet / greyhound. Not as thick or headstrong as some would have you think.
  2. Might be an inspiration to pen a few more books good luck with the new lifestyle and best wishes to Andy and i hope he has a speedy recovery.
  3. talt

    Newmarket.. ???

    Good for a bit of fly fishing is Graffham. Some big rainbow trout in there.
  4. talt

    Newmarket.. ???

    I used to work there about twenty years ago. I felt like a giant with all the little jockey people milling about.
  5. talt

    chickens as warriors

    I like the little shelters made from old tyres and seat belts. Birds are in good condition too.
  6. talt

    Don’t forget

    If you do you'll have a good lie in because they are supposed to go forwards.
  7. talt

    Australian senator Fraser Anning.

    Good on him
  8. talt

    Few for the pot

    excellent little video. I will be showing it to my two lads. I hope the positive feed back encourages you to put some more up
  9. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    BREAKING NEWS.......... a man was shot with a starting pistol today. Police think it was race related.
  10. talt

    Your favourite film as kid

    The Flame And The Arrow and The Crimson Pirate, Zulu, Von Ryans Express, and most of the carry on films.
  11. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    I went to a fetish restaurant last night. I got toed in the hole.
  12. talt

    Out Ratting

    For me this is one of the best threads on here with really good action pics. As skycat says, keep them coming
  13. talt

    Old man's clothes

    When you are watching a porn film and you find yourself thinking " hmmm, that bed looks comfy " and when you can sit on your own balls.
  14. talt

    Rubbish dump Ferreting

    There are a lot of people who just buy ferrets at the start of the season and sell them when it's finished, they have no affinity with them they are just disposable. They moan and whine when people charge more than a tenner for good working stock and would tell you " just get another ". They have no concept of the man / animal relationship and i expect never will. I genuinely feel for you buddy.
  15. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    I once went out with a cross eyed chick. I dumped her because i thought she was seeing someone else.