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  1. Huge 26ft Buffalo military TANK found buried 30ft underground after 74 YEARS WWW.THESUN.CO.UK A HUGE 26-foot-long Buffalo military tank has been discovered buried under 30ft of earth after 74 years.Locals have spent five days excavating the veh
  2. Our internet has been playing up all week. We are with SKY at the moment as we always found it really fast at our old house before we moved. However, that is not the case anymore. Who is the best?
  3. I keep telling my Mrs. that
  4. That's what my Mrs. keeps telling me.
  5. My dad insisted that Haith's seed was the best to be had and would travel miles to get his. I can't remember the brand of soft food he used but i can remember the smell, and if i was to smell it again it would take me straight back to my dad's bird shed.
  6. I miss the sound of the birds and all the different smells like the soft food, shavings and the funny smell of the carophyl red colour feed in the water
  7. I think red eyes in canaries is usually a sign of cinnamon colouring but I could be wrong.
  8. I don't know about a cur but mine can be a cnut.
  9. I thought it was a pregnancy test
  10. A small price to pay for a bit of permission. If she threw in the pheasants as well there might be a tongue involved.
  11. I have often wondered about Catahoula Leopard dogs from the states, they breed merle to merle and seem to get away with it or rather you don't hear much about it.
  12. A can of Ben Shaw's shandy and i'm anybodys. Two and i'm everybodys.
  13. To be honest i think my dogs would probably have got stuck in, seals aren't really something i've considered stock breaking them to.
  14. Nice looking dog. Got a better jacket than a pure whippet and I imagine a thicker, tougher skin.
  15. Very sad to hear, one of my favourite boxers. RIP.
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