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  1. talt

    fury wilder 2 ...

    Just watched the full fight again and i am of the opinion that Wilder lost the fight in round 12 of the first fight. I think the fact that Fury took his best shot and got up and shook it off messed with his head for this fight.
  2. talt

    fury wilder 2 ...

    That made me absolutely piss myself
  3. talt

    fury wilder 2 ...

    And the way he is winning over the fans in America no doubt sooner or later there will be a Hollywood movie about him. Who would they get to play him though?
  4. talt

    fury wilder 2 ...

    When i saw that an overweight, unfit and out of control Fury was talking about making a comeback i laughed my socks off and like most had written him off as history. I actually really disliked the guy, but just to lose all that weight and get his addictions and mental illness under control alone is remarkable, and then to achieve what he has done in such a relatively short space of time is an absolutely astounding feat for any human being. I am genuinely pleased for the guy and he gives others hope where perhaps there was none.
  5. talt

    fury wilder 2 ...

    Forgive me if i'm wrong but did the ref have a tear in his eye at the end? Not the tidiest match i've ever watched but effective,.
  6. You'll like this one FD.
  7. Just had a quick google, is she anything to do with west midlands hunt sabs?
  8. It's because the coonts keep coming over here, there's too many and we're sinking.
  9. I really like that little bitch and she is improving every time i watch your videos. I like the way she keeps between the rabbit and the hedge, turning it away from safety. You've got a good'un there mate
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