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  1. talt

    Let’s see your Pups

    I like that black merle
  2. talt


    Can't give you a like walshie but
  3. talt

    Funny Joke Thread

    Can't really argue with any of that.
  4. talt

    When the shit hits the fan

    A friend is someone who will give you an alibi when the shit hits the fan. A good friend will help you hide the body.
  5. Kev was at fault. He should have reversed over them.
  6. I had a terrier bitch jabbed after a mongrel terrier got in with her and she ended up having eight pups, so i will not be wasting my money again. On the bright side i kept a pup back and he turned out to be the cleverest most easily trained dog i have ever had, he is also my best mate.
  7. talt

    A day for the pup

    Nice one, i look forward to your videos .
  8. talt

    Woodburner project

    One suggestion i would make is that it would be prudent to take it outside and burn the shit out of it to get rid of all the paint on it, the fumes from that will be more likely to kill than anything else. Spot on otherwise.
  9. talt

    need a new incubater for birds of prey

    Pardon my ignorance but what's the difference? is it just temperature or something else? I got an automatic chinese one for £60 and it's bang on for chickens and you can adjust the temperature and its all digital.
  10. talt


    I don't remember this episode lol.
  11. talt


    And another
  12. talt


    Anyone remember this
  13. talt

    10 weeks

    Lovely pup, god feet and plenty of knuckle to grow into. Is he a first cross?
  14. talt

    If st george done bbq,s

    In my opinion St. Georges day should be celebrated with the same vigour and verve as St. Patrick's day. What's racist about celebrating our heritage? Why should we be ashamed of our birthright?
  15. talt

    Ferreting The Fenceline

    Looks like a nice warren to ferret, no brush to snag the nets and nice clear runs for the dogs