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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to confuse or hijack the thread. I've got a pup out of this littler too. Had my Whippets 6/7 years and they've been 100% for me but I still chose not to breed them; even when prices went up ten fold. Won't breed this bitch if she's not up to scratch, end of but couldn't bring meself to do a Bill Hardy and "drop her in the Trent" if she doesn't make the grade. Could do with his input now actually; he had a few Mali's and Shepherds through his kennels if I recall... Bill?
  2. Pups are 6 months old on Friday. My bitch has been fed everything as per Phil's post and more; 70% bone and raw, 20% Orijen / Gain puppy, 10% fish, scraps etc. I've not been over enthusiastic by giving her 30 mile hikes or beastings through the spring time slop. Just gentle walks up to an hour 3 times a day. At 5 months old she was bigger than my whippet lad and is very keen. I'm more than happy with her so far and will see how it goes. Are her legs a cause for concern? My experience on this subject is limited. Cheers A.
  3. I have a litter mate to your pup. No issues with mine; good coat, feet and legs. I'm heading up your way early August if you're up for a meet. PM me if you prefer.
  4. She looks good at 12 months Trev. My two ped whips have done me right these last few years but this is one of those mixes for the future that keeps niggling away at me. I've been watching her progress and look forward to seeing her develop.
  5. You might want to double check your calendar cos its 2019 now. . .
  6. I've signed it. Don't want to see this in any of our waters but especially not down that stretch. Some fantastic fishing marks and great memories made down there.
  7. Fourth year working these pair of whips together. Still building up the fitness and strength with regular road walking and bike work but already off to a flying start this season.
  8. Vetalintex hydrogel is always checked/topped up at the start of the season.
  9. My bitch and my lad. Roll on the cooler nights and softer ground.
  10. Mike Brown's. https://whippet.breedarchive.com/animal/view/black-as-the-pit-34f4ba92-a882-438d-9ec3-cf286fbe8e58
  11. As above, give Bobza a shout. Your mate will be more than happy. I know I am.
  12. Merlin but as its a bitch... Khaleesi / Kally / Kal
  13. PMd ya mate. He's bonny. Fired up the camper and took off for the last few weeks; he's been bunny bashing the Suffolk and Norfolk coast line. ATB.
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