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  1. Yeah one yesterday full of young.
  2. 0161 536 0105 Paul Mahoney £500 OL8 4NB Working Dogs And Ferrets | Brittany Spaniel cross Lurcher looking for new homes WWW.(!64.56:886
  3. Don’t know if that’s worked lurcher x Brittany pups.
  4. Her grandson out for a bleak walk today.
  5. Sorry to hear Ray done the right thing though if only going to deteriorate. My old bull x was same age and I prob left it a week or so late with hindsight, ended up having a funny turn whilst I was thinking about it.
  6. Big 1 today and lucky to get the rabbit, jill killed to ground. Lesson learnt and collar batteries ordered. 1st time since was a kid stupidly going without them collared up. Just couldn’t quite reach the rabbit. Started to think before that if she’s not killed to ground does this little 3 holer link up to big warren further down I’d left. Public land forestry block full of dog walkers left spade in van and didn’t get there early, spur of the moment to go today. Ferret surfaced got back to van and drove round other side of the wood through a building site compound just to dig a rabbit. Securi
  7. If you could put him over a bitch Ray what type would it be?
  8. Haha he’s filled out a bit of late had him behind me on the bike a bit as well. Regret not getting up first light today and ferreting local public bit.
  9. Not done much other than daytime walks with him but he’s starting to hunt up well. Any lads local Cheshire/Merseyside way with bushers or a ratting pack and fancy a walk out help bring him on give me a shout.
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