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  1. Enjoyed that Trev. How was the rough fawn dog bred?
  2. Great images mate pup looks well
  3. Average to good bag round me poxon. Going to give it this season then might do the same if not worthwhile, give the stinkers away. Ferreting a riding school local this weekend.
  4. Haha the wife wouldn’t get in that skirt now
  5. Biggest regret.... finishing with an ex girlfriend who was born over there (dad a kiwi mum a Brit) just before we were travelling there. What a mistake that was haha and not just for the hunting side of things . Can’t remember for the life of me where he lived though. Damn that office skirt my wife used to wear! Great posts toolebox really interesting
  6. Not had many dogs and he’s the only one that don’t know exact percentages (not that it matters think people get too hung up with fractions- plus can only take it on trust what been told in past with other pups anyway). He’s beddy/whippet/grey x collie/grey beddy/whippet
  7. Thanks Sid much appreciated. He’s only 40 mins from me as well. Just sent an enquiry via the link
  8. how do you find it mate? Been thinking of getting one but dont take myself too seriously to warrant the top end ones. Not for shooting just spotting with lurcher.
  9. Cheers for all the feed back fellas much appreciated . Will prob wrap see how we go and get them removed in summer save the hassle. My only worry was botched vet job and also they obv have them for a reason so if had them removed it affecting his running. Might have been me who knocked it this time sort of stumbled onto him dragging him up a bank after farmer had lamp on me!
  10. Yeah I’ve seen a dog on here always wrapped up but can’t remember who’s. Cheers mate I’ll give it a try and can’t do any harm. It’s not the expense of getting them off, I’ve read they can be a ball ache to heal after splitting open again. Plus I’ve only just got him going so eager get out with him. Sorry to hear about your dog atb with your pup
  11. Yeah was going get some vet wrap. Wasn’t sure though if that always works...if the dewclaws sort of permanently warped and going to affect his running and day to day. Never had dewclaw probs before with other dogs.
  12. Anyone had them removed from an adult dog? How did they heal and did they effect the dogs running? Can’t lamp him 2 nights in a row without a lay-off with them....well one of them!
  13. My beddy lurchers coat isn't the best doesn't do anything for him very open coated-does seem to suffer in heat but maybe not coat related with it being so fine. My mates 1st x completely different type of coat. Had a 1/4 collie cross smooth coated dog and had good thick jacket on them. My dads got a supposed wheaten grey x whipp grey, coats finer than a pure whippet
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