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  1. gaza

    Age start your ferrets

    Cheers guys
  2. gaza

    Age start your ferrets

    Yeah with you mate. Work for glass fibre place an lad at work built double tiered rabbit hutch and I can have that should last forever lol. Might just have this as a spare.
  3. gaza

    Age start your ferrets

    Picked hutch and 2 jills up tonight £40 all in made up. Jills 5 months. Hutch pretty much brand new just want to put a door on it rather than lifting the top. Not got a dog of working age and don’t shoot so dry food will have to do for now.
  4. gaza

    Age start your ferrets

    Are they full grown at 6 months?
  5. gaza

    Out Today

    Sorry to hear that mate. You got just that bitch out of him or anything else as well.
  6. gaza

    Out Today

    Sorry to hear that mate. You got just that bitch out of him or anything else as well.
  7. What age do you start working them roughly?
  8. gaza


    Yeah I know mate pretty unlikely. Moving to a new area- built up town but few random farms straight out my new estate so might be worth an ask as a long shot.
  9. gaza

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Exciting times mate if I hadn’t of just got a pup I’d of been interested in one sure they’ll be real handy. Looks like they’ll get the best of starts . Atb
  10. Hi, there’s a stupidly long waiting list for allotments in my area and I’ve never had one so dont have a clue really. Anyway, I’m moving few mile away soon and there’s some local farm land. What’s the chance of asking for a small plot on a farm or even a bigger plot make it worth a landowners while and split them into multiple plots. Planning wise can a farmer do that. Thanks
  11. The d*ckhead fell backwards into the canal today after I made him sit for a passing cyclist
  12. Nice mate hope mine makes that sort of height
  13. gaza


    You guys think 23/24 is bg enough for most things?
  14. Smart mate especially the dog.
  15. gaza

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Nice how are they bred teckers?