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  1. What’s a normal price to pay for one? The imported lines don’t mean anything to me as long as both parents work over here.
  2. Smart mate similar stamp to mine but he’s a bit older.
  3. Crackers. Is the one you’ve kept back jigsaw a dog or bitch?
  4. Cheers Phil, thanks for the reply. Great pic, look forward to it.
  5. Hi Phil, tried to message you but think your inbox is full. Is that new book available to pre-order yet please and is the one before available still in print etc...I'd like to order both if possible. Thanks
  6. A bit of ferreting for him and lamping back end.
  7. Seems a tall dog blue for a working dog.
  8. How’s the smaller dog bred NL?
  9. Is it the only complete Lidl do or they have a couple of sub brands like Aldi’s earl? I’m a tight arse lol..joking got an old bitch at my dads who’s like Benjamin button she’s going to live forever.
  10. No he’s fine mate maybe shitting more now I’m feeding both but not sloppy. Definitely more weight on his back but never had a rough coated pup so harder to tell by eye because he’s so rough. Yeah when they told me that i thought it was to sell me more of the raw and stop the kibble.
  11. I’m finding that with my pup just feeding raw the weight drops off him. What veg do people feed...and what shouldn’t you feed. Sell some mad sh*t at local raw place mixed fruits for dogs for daft money.
  12. I’ve been told that as well at the raw feed place not give raw and dry meal together...anyone had a problem doing this? Give raw morning and night to the pup but like to leave him dry meal during the day for him to graze on while I’m at work.
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