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  1. Anyone got a second hand one for sale?
  2. You getting your messages mate. Sent you PM.
  3. Got 20 yellow spun poly nets and a stop net off Netmaker easily best I’ve had . Arrived on time and doddle to deal with. Really stand out colour wise for picking back up.
  4. She’s ok mate and good retriever but can be hard getting her sighted on rougher ground. Can get straightened a lot as well but can’t have it both ways a 26tts running machine isn’t going to ferret hedgerows the same in and out of cover.
  5. Haha dogs for jobs mate. My dads beddy whippet 1st cross is the same in the day but different story on the lamp.
  6. Good going mate can’t ask for more than that . How’s your mates rough dog bred?
  7. Hi mate I had rats in the loft at last house quite recently and I’ve got ferrets but there’s a good chance of losing them. I through the wife’s cat up don’t like cats anyway and he did f*eck all lol. Got them with traps and peanut butter. I’m randomly in Warrington as well. All the neighbourhood was tidy but must of been existing problem as was traps already in the loft. atb
  8. gaza

    Had my eyes opened.

    I’ll clear my inbox now mate nice one. In Warrington-Cheshire.
  9. gaza

    Had my eyes opened.

    Being cheeky here but anyone in northwest with a Teckel or bushing type. Like to tag on and see what would suit me. Got a 7 month old lurcher pup at the minute want to get him going and then maybe pick up a bushing pup in the summer. Only ever had mongrelly terriers before for bushing.
  10. Any big difference between the mall and the shepherd crosses Bill?
  11. Will that work on lightforce? Or I’ve got some American one called cyclops will it in work in most lamps like it says? https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/cluson-dimmer-switch-jp-js
  12. Can you add a dimmer switch to an existing lightforce 170? Can’t seem to find anything on the web.
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