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  1. Winded the Mrs up (who hates the stinkers) that Ive used there shit for manure
  2. Cheers guys, went originally just buy a few tomatoe plants from old lady few roads away and then just bought randomly. Left them to their own devices for a month or so even without canes all droopy. Stuck them on top of dog kennel out of the way as dont really have a garden as such for the moment its a building site.
  3. Cheers Arry appreciate that . The first pic of French beans are they ok as they are? I'll split the courgettes on there own and tomatoe in bigger pot. Courgettes are they going get bigger or have I stunted them having them in small pots! If I pick will they flower again? Cheers
  4. Veg virgin. Bought a few young plants but cant remember what they were. I know I bought 2 varieties of tomatoes. That first pic tomatoes and the second the same but a bit behind or something else? Also do they need bigger pots? Grown courgettes, there only small at the minute they going get much bigger or is that it because haven’t given them enough soil?
  5. Never seen them draining it. Ferreted a bank there as a kid but too many people about. Canals quite quiet for dog walk though…think because its not most picturesque in world . Great boozer up there.
  6. Yeah had about 4hours in my head. Cheers Ross and the pub at the end sounds good.
  7. Air ambulance flying over aint too encouraging!
  8. How long did it take Ross? Got to caravan park today at the foot of ben nevis. Going give it a go wed but not done any route research just going do the easiest!…. prob the unfittest and heaviest Ive been
  9. Just read this and moved on from Oban. But guessing might of been the one I went for champion league final green fronted on a bend Aulays think was called. Seemed the liveliest one. Real nice people just struggle understanding some of them but think was the same for them.
  10. Yes mate. Temperamental dog aggressive thing that was.
  11. Just got the highlands for weekend. Gone local boozer had 5 fellas saying lurchers a wolfhound and terrier a plummer. Come out to a wolfhound
  12. They pretty much the same rifle then? Other than you get the Phox as full kit.
  13. Cheers for replies guys. Didn't know about legislation changes, you cant have anything! Thanks for the recommendations I'll do a bit of research but wont go to town, as long as can sell on and get close to money back down the line. When I'm looking at specs whats a half decent shot count?
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