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  1. Lucky escape this morning. One of few quiet walks left without manic dog walkers. Always enough scent keep dogs busy public footpath to a farm, few fancy houses backing onto footpath. Busy main road before footpath but boss lives in one of these posh houses so park there so straight on footpath ideal routine walk. Cat f*kd it up this morning. Spotted it from distance got lurcher back on lead but terrier winded it. Ran in posh garden baying against internal fence for what felt like ten mins with cat on fence. Can see through fence gap owner staring out of bifolds but cant get through/over fence
  2. Tied up on bit of a mixed day ferreting and ratting. Close to road here so walked cover long netting hares farmer wanted clearing.
  3. Saw a cocker whippet dog on facebook ferreting recently. Dont know location but was only young dogs itself. Nice little thing.
  4. And decent flea treatment please. cheers
  5. Done same outside until they get old and come in when Im in. These 2 free roam of the house pain in the arse at times when filthy. Come back from Spain yesterday and mrs let them f*ck up a sofa . New kennel outside never used ha unless looking after my dads dog (then you remember how easy kennel dog is). Like having them in though and next dog I’d prob be soft again!
  6. Do fancy a spaniel addition one day for ferreting or spaniel terrier. My russel bolted a rabbit itself yesterday, digging on a little 2 holer…who needs a ferret .
  7. Decathlon biggest one they do. Prob too big but does the job. Saw a guy with a teckle using same bell. Is annoying at times but put a quick clip on it, get it on and off. Handy ratting on banks you here a gargling noise and you know hes off swimming somewhere
  8. Wouldnt change my terrier (first terrier so not experienced) but he aint a spaniel so hes going deafen you out. Maybe if was over the top harsh on him to begin with recall might be bit better on scent (doubtful) but dont think hes got that temperament to be overly harsh. Too made up with him smashing through cover straight away to be mindful of reigning his distance in but dont think it would of made a diff anyway! Daft decathlon bell on him recently and handily the audible sound is prob max distance id want him. Just get a bell mate and youll prob hear him 90% of the time and during that audi
  9. Not loads mate but enough to kill a few hours. Got permission on similar spot (little ponds) with a lot more for them to eat or would seem but hardly see anything compared to here. There either bolting straight away or taking a while with no activity, no in-between. Either need a lot of dogs be on them straight away before they submerge or get lucky. Young ferrets first time on rats and they weren’t marked up so don’t know if would sicken after some stick. Got a motor convert to smoker but think id prefer the ferrets. Although could pass as council workers carrying a hedge trimmer on the publi
  10. Old unused railway line (1850s I think) thats now a public footpath. Public weren’t arsed for once, lots of dykes and little duck ponds with rats. Bolted 4 rats, but like torpedoes from bank straight into water and away. Mates young ferrets worked well. Terrier settled down a bit now and starting to twigg ferrets mean sport rather than being 2 fields away hunting to exhaustion . Looks like Rudolph the Russell with this bell ive got him but can relax until dont hear the bell, a lot of our permissions are near expressways etc. 2 rats in the dykes then a rabbit…bolter in thick cover from the te
  11. Left a local spot alone and seemed decent numbers. But terrier started catching few myxi in cover before started ferreting. Week before last did a recce, big mound without nets bolted a few. Ferreted properly with long nets at weekend, one out of it myxi and while doing hedgerow blind one coming towards us middle of field. So thats knackered and to be left.

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