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  1. I’ve seen the bitch admittedly only in the yard when picking up my bushing pup. She’s a real strong nice looking bitch and seemed well mannered and good temperament...so was surprised she’d not had the best of starts in former home. If I had the work for 2 lurchers I’d of been interested, tbh prefer her and that type to my own lurcher that’s just turned 2 . Looks dont mean anything but knowone wants an ugly dog!...and she’s a smart bitch. Would definitely suit someone.
  2. Yeah fencing mate, thanks for the reply. Even if using the resin that I’ve seen?
  3. *or 10mm hole and M-8 bolt so fits easy Dont why that’s banned text guessing “mate” abrev.
  4. I’m sh*t with anything like this. I know it’s easier to get a fixing into concrete because tarmacs brittle but can I do it with mechanical fixing or do I have to use resin for tarmac? Got 6 post brackets with 11mm holes, didn’t get the fixings with brackets. If can do it with through bolts am I using a 10mm sds drill bit and m10 bolt or 10mm hole and [BANNED TEXT] bolt so bolt fits easy then tightened up with washer and bolt.
  5. Looks a cracker mate and great start.
  6. Said same when tried to send. Maybe it’s my inbox then I’ll delete.
  7. Just tried to pm you mate but says your inbox is full. You know what I’m going ask! . No doubt all spoken for but if any avail I’d snap your hand off. For working alongside my lurcher, mostly forestry blocks, ferreting and a bit of ratting. Cheers
  8. 1kg will just about do it mate. They say 500g per square metre and that’s about 2 metres square. In reality always goes a bit further than 500g a metre anyway so you’d have enough.
  9. Yeah you need to topcoat if doing the roof but not the floor really because floor not going to be exposed to uv (well depends on how big hutch is, suppose if open sided court rather than hutch it will). Topcoats not just your colour aesthetic it provides uv protection to your laminate underneath. Otherwise your laminate will eventually perish as no uv stabilisers in polyester resin. But topcoating doesn’t provide any waterproofing. People with Grp roofs who have a leak and pin holing think it’s the top coat, it’s the original laminating/paddle rolling in your laminate, air entrapment/ dry glas
  10. Thanks for sharing. Food looks immense
  11. Yes mate just a quick local walk but one of the quieter ones believe it or not. I knew everyone would be out today with the snow. Just back from canal walk guy shining a torch on canal bridge, asking if I've seen a pair of swans. They guys monitoring how many there is and says there being poached by Eastern Europeans. 27 signets gone missing and 2 families. Supposedly a guy caught trying to sell one as a turkey recently .
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