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  1. Haha he’s filled out a bit of late had him behind me on the bike a bit as well. Regret not getting up first light today and ferreting local public bit.
  2. Not done much other than daytime walks with him but he’s starting to hunt up well. Any lads local Cheshire/Merseyside way with bushers or a ratting pack and fancy a walk out help bring him on give me a shout.
  3. Cheers mate. Bred by sheep chaser related all them dogs in his post. Made up with him so far and easy to keep
  4. Think with the night master you can select a colour combo white amber red etc for filter. Not sure if the amber replicates true halogen spot and eye shine though. Night sabre looks better build quality but think you’ve got to change pills if you want filter or filter over the top. Filters I’ve used on leds block a lot of light I gave up with leds can’t spot for sh*t with them.
  5. Did it today because worked yesterday and weather was better anyway. Just sat in conwy now having a pint on way home. Really enjoyed it was rammed though the waterfalls are something else.
  6. Cheers white van appreciate that . Yeah I saw the stock prob the one time I went some fat chocolate lab running itself to exhaustion as soon as got on the lanberris route proper off the road past a farm house.
  7. No I've not been camping in years Moocher71 doubt I've even got a tent anymore after house move clear out. Was looking for airbnb or a dorm or something (like stayed in last yr) but struggling to find anything, plus mrs wants me back handy for some family thing. Decided on Watkins route, fancied it anyway but whatever forum I was on they were saying not suitable for dogs so wasn't sure if they meant narrow or some full on mountaineering pass/scramble at the top. Would be good have a full weekend wander up there and camp, just a last minute jobby this get some head space.
  8. Cheers guys. Took dog last time and definitely going just undecided on route. Aim to go early plus weathers not supposed to be great so shouldn’t be too busy. Just remember last time quite a long section where giving way all the time because bit narrow passing with dog so didn’t want a route where waiting for people get past stop start.
  9. Only walked Snowden once with my mrs and sister in law last year…let’s just say it took longer than it should but I really enjoyed it. Just did the easy Llanberis route. Want to try a different route maybe this weekend. Is The Watkin Path suitable for the dog, can’t be bothered giving way to people all the time if the path is tight.
  10. He’s about 7 months mate. Sheepchaser will have better idea though if that’s wrong. He’s not a Russell really just mixed terrier breeding litter mate of Sheepchasers tan bitch pup.
  11. Haha made up with him mate flying through cover . Boss wants some rabbits shifting from his garden so prob take him ferreting soon.
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