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  1. gaza

    Phil loyd

    Is that second mouchers tale book still in print?
  2. gaza

    Plummer terrier

    Cracking dog that
  3. gaza

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lurcher looks smart Dezzy-hows he bred?
  4. gaza

    Lurcher with air rifle

    How’s the lurcher bred mate? Is it just feathered game you can use him for, will he run in on rabbits etc or can you still keep him at heel. Looks the dog for the job Mark. Here what your saying about the training for sure
  5. gaza

    Lurcher with air rifle

    Sorry should of put it in the discussion bit.
  6. Bit off topic guys but anyone use a lurcher while your out with the gun. Or just any dogs in general more traditional gun dog types etc. Would spaniels be a bit hyper and a nuisance while out with an air rifle?
  7. gaza

    The Way Home

    Looks a handy team mate how they bred?
  8. Ok cheers moocher appreciate that if you’ve got his number. Thanks
  9. Not sure what he breeds these days. Not got earth dog running in dog in a good few years remember he used to have pure greyhounds for stud in it and a pure kelpie. Just ordered a recent back issue to look at the ad. Does he still work lurchers or is he more into greyhound racing these days? Tbh don’t care where it’s from and don’t buy into famous names just sick of waiting for a collie whippet greyhound litter to come up. See a lot of collie grey to straight whippet litters but ideally want something line bred. Is the dog at stud a half cross?
  10. Does anyone know if he still works/breeds these?
  11. gaza

    Out an about

    No e dogs mate how’s the Merle bred?
  12. gaza

    whippet advice

    Bearfoot is that a purebred whippet or grew?
  13. Nice bitch..is she similarily bred to home line bred collie grey?