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  1. *similarily bred to sire
  2. Nice bitch..is she similarily bred to home line bred collie grey?
  3. gaza


    Anyone know the breeding of these? https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/117827870/lurcher-pups.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3DLurcher%2Bpup
  4. Should be chancey at most things. How tall are the parents, is the bitch single handed?
  5. gaza

    whippet greyhound x collie

    Cracking dog taffey
  6. gaza

    MINSHAW .....

    This book still available in print folks?
  7. gaza

    Falcon Raptor Lighthunter

    Cheers guys. I don’t mind waiting for a light hunter multi shot to come up but just noticed there’s lot of ultras for sale and there seems a lot of people using them on here. Cheers jonjon and kind offer but I’m not local I’m in Cheshire.
  8. gaza

    Falcon Raptor Lighthunter

    Sorry for all the questions guys but how does the BSA ultra compare to the light hunter in general and as a first rifle?
  9. How much does this coast folks to covert a falcon light hunter from single to multi shot. Can’t really find any definitive answers online and only need a ball park figure.
  10. gaza

    Falcon Raptor Lighthunter

    Cheers for that I’ve contacted a couple. Anyone know how much these usually go for and conversion costs from single shot to multi shot. Cheers
  11. I know what I want as my first rifle but can’t seem to find any? New to shooting altogether more into my lurchers really, anyone know of any good sites with a busy for sale section. Cheers
  12. gaza

    Exercise wheel

    Anyone got pics of these?
  13. gaza

    Anyone else work a springer spaniel out ferreting

    Does she not start hunting up rabbits mate on the beating line?
  14. gaza


    My dad bred a litter in the 80s from my uncles working Doberman. I’ll take a picture of the bitch he kept back, although it wasn’t the raciest bitch he wanted to keep back, apparently my grandad sold the wrong bitch while he was at work! Was decent mooching dog and on the lamp and the odd hare, but not coursing just knocked up on rough land. Always in the right place at the right time type of dog. I’ll take a photo of a photo and get it up. About 25 inch I think but didn’t do teeth. Think made a decent dog probably because he was young lad at the time and shown her a lot of work rather than anything to do with breeding.
  15. gaza

    just nice to be out and about

    Looks a good day. How’s the lurcher bred?