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  1. You missed out lifts full of puddles of piss
  2. If anyone has any hammered coins for sale I could be interested cheers
  3. Just got this through after ordering a pair of boots ,they worked out expensive ..
  4. A good friend of the wife’s died of it a couple of weeks back 47 year old no health problems 3rd person I know now
  5. I don’t know enough about them tbh mate she looks good and has a decent temperament though
  6. Cheers my lads just got a bitch off him
  7. Anyone heard of j p man canine and what they’re like with training?
  8. My lads got one of those Mali’s 9 month old bitch she’s good with the kids but she’s a c**t with the terriers grabbed hold of three of them
  9. Loads of building sites been open all the way through it only had a few days off myself
  10. Probably the same reason most building sites are still open
  11. Wilbur smith the Courtney books are good reads
  12. f**k that switching on in ya pocket
  13. Ratcatcher 22 View Advert Good little starter gun £125 posted Advertiser torchey Date 04/03/18 Price £125.00 Category Airguns  
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