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  1. Missed hearns in that lot
  2. Why no one mowed them cnts down is beyond me
  3. If you’ve seen the footage the first person he shot was a white woman he got out the car lined her up and killed her I don’t honestly think he give a shit who he was shooting
  4. I know most of the victims were black but so was the majority of the shop it just seems fcked up to me that going on a racially motivated shooting the first person you shot was a white woman surely you would’ve swung past her if that was 100% motive.Either way he’s a cxnt
  5. Don’t know if it’s the same video but the one I see the first person he got out and shot looked white to me
  6. Popped down to see my son who had a week in Devon lovely place been their a couple of times he had 21 fish including 4 30s
  7. Cheers jimmy I’ll give it a clean might try a couple different pellets as well nice little gun really with a 200 shot count
  8. Chilli chicken and prawns with egg fried rice ,probably put 1 too many chillis though
  9. Anyone got one ? Just bought my lad one but struggling to get real tight groups with it ,tried a couple of different pellets any preferred ones cheers
  10. Can’t seem to send you a message,towards Minehead
  11. 2.2 mate about half hour from Taunton
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