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  1. I'm looking for American birds if any one got any for sale a.t.b twobobdog1
  2. Looking for transport from Newcastle to kent ASAP thanks
  3. It's a very good offer true gentleman let us now how many make excuses like to far if u were closer if some one wanted to work their dog on permo You don't get better then this you don't Get offers like this often bet u get messed about by loads of keyboard hunters Best of luck finding some one genuine a.t.b
  4. does any one work them and what are they like any pic a.t.b twobobdog1
  5. First night out just got this dog about a week or so ago Only just tried him on the lamp had 7 not two bad mised About the same lol
  6. is any one working this cross and can you put pic up pls
  7. And he has not got any permission so keep away from him and get your own permo Keep out of Kent
  8. Don't go he can't dig and he's dogs are shit
  9. So no one seen them in kent
  10. Are they near u ds how many have seen ??
  11. has any one seen any wild boar in kent when out lamping ??
  12. 100 cock112 hens 90 odd chicks A.t.b luke
  13. Fantastic can't what to see what's next A.t.b Luke
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