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  1. Caravan Monster

    if you want isolation

    Strangely enough a mate was telling me about his grandparent's farm just this morning that is now a ruin only a few miles from there. That place is amazing, but I bet you would need £700k and some years graft to buy it and get it working as a rough and ready farm that would barely cover running costs.
  2. Caravan Monster

    Making furniture

    Look at how old heavy tables are put together, they are designed to pretty much hold themselves together under their own weight and the dowels are just to stop the joints getting loose rather than take any strain. It's not my line of work, but I did make this bench for a sales thing that didn't happen a few years ago and still haven't got around to dowelling it. It doesn't wobble at all if you sit on it, but look carefully and you can see joints starting to pull apart, being fresh sawn green English oak it is going to shrink and twist plenty. Probably would have been ok if I'd dowelled it at the time. Depends on what you're after, but shop around and decent old furniture often costs less than the materials would be to make another.
  3. Caravan Monster


    EU military unification is the elephant in the room that the politicians will not talk about at all. They will avoid the question by saying 'there is no such thing as the european army' whilst failing to mention that the UK has signed agreements to participate in the project to unify national armies under the central control of the EU (command and control not 'cooperation'). This means that even under a no deal brexit, the UK will give the EU control of soldiers, arms and intelligence and pay into the EU military budget. The May government 'negotiators' signed us up for a lot of these agreements soon after the referendum in 2016 even though the EU did not expect or push for them to. UK Column are about the only news organisation that have done any significant work on this (they have ex military, intelligence and defence contractors on their team) https://www.ukcolumn.org/series/eu-military-unification Lately, Veterans For Britain have also started speaking on the issue and Lord James of Blackheath recently spoke on it in the House of Lords and got a great deal of trouble for doing so. Former German Defence Minister and soon to be EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is pushing military unification in a big way and a little googling will soon find globalists like our old friend Tony Blair in on it too.
  4. Caravan Monster

    Dog eating grass.

    Mine normally has a little grass quite often, but after a rough few months is eating a fair bit more and off her food some days. She had some weeks lead walk only with an injury, then came into season, then had a nasty bout of bad guts about ten days ago and has been off and on with her food since . Eating a bit more grass than normal but not to puke up and not a happy dog. Bit difficult to keep weight on, but normally ok eater and happy and healthy dog. Not sure what to do to get her back to normal
  5. Caravan Monster

    Are they all getting a backhander ?

    The world has changed, lib dem, tory, labour whatever doesn't mean much anymore. The western world is now divided between those who want big government and open borders in tandem with global corporations involved in everything and nationalists that want to keep nation states and small government fulfilling traditional roles like defence of the realm and infrastructure. There are certainly big money rewards to be had after government for individuals such as Sir Oliver Robbins the civil servant who led the effort to make sure the last government did not leave the eu has just started his new job with global investment bank Goldman Sachs, known as 'the vampire squid'. There are people in industries that like big government and open borders because they are subsidised by tax payers or profit from easy access to foreign markets they can undercut, cheap foreign labour or materials. Probably the biggest group of people that believe in remain and the open borders and big government that the eu brings are those who have done well over the last 20 or so years in the public sector and big corporations that have taken on these ideas as a set of beliefs from the people around them that they know best because they are educated and make decent money and it is like a religion to them. They are also afraid that leaving could result in an end to their success in work. To answer the original question, there are so many politicians trying to remain partly because they will be getting lucrative offers from global businesses to do so, but also because they genuinely believe their way is right and better for them and leave is wrong and worse for their prospects.
  6. Caravan Monster

    The New Defender

    Can't see it being much use for carrying people and equipment around the fields, which is the point of a 4 x 4. Imagine a roll of sheep net, some fence posts and a post bumper bouncing around in the back of that knocking off the trim or breaking the windows. Or some old farmer stuffing a load of string, nails and hammers in the front console and smashing that screen. Doesn't look like it will come with pick up configuration anymore, which some people want. No point being loyal to the Landrover name if they are owned and built by foreigners, just get a japanese pick up, cheaper and better.
  7. Caravan Monster

    David platts

    Can't help thinking of deerhound / greyhound crossed to one of @jigsaw kelpie / greyhound litter, could produce some steady general knock around lurchers in years to come if they come good.
  8. Caravan Monster

    Bill hook ... sort of

    You could probably find a niche market for heavy double handed billhooks amongst enthusiast hedgelayers, like Dyton uses in the video. Seems most doing hedges for a living these days use loaders with grabs to do most of the work and any actual cutting is done with chainsaws, not much call for billhooks there.
  9. Caravan Monster

    Season Starts At Midnight

    Mine has come into season and has another week or so lead walk only before I can start getting her back to fitness after leg injury. Start as we mean to go on
  10. Caravan Monster

    Adding carb to BARF - very lean lurcher

    Strangely a year after that photo was taken, now at four years old, the dog was weighed on the electronic vet scales for anaesthetic > xray and she has put on 2kg or 10%. I suspect a good part of that is increased muscle. Don't know where that came from as I never could get her to eat much more and exercise has remained the same. Got a few more weeks lead walk only, but all good because that day I was expecting an operation and possibly not great recovery from injury.
  11. Caravan Monster

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    I had a first cross border collie from him over 15 years ago that turned out to have been born with a hip defect. To be fair, he offered a replacement free of charge (not money back though ) My mate had a beardie 2nd cross at the same time that was sound and a tough old thing that was a good helper around the nets into old age and it was unfortunate that she lost some of her speed after getting hit by a car quite early on. She had a sweet temperament, but did sometimes get upset at odd things living up to the weirdie beardie reputation. Can't help wondering if a property developer made them an offer they couldn't refuse for that farm. They looked to be running a breakers / scrap yard alongside the dog breeding which didn't exactly fit in with the executive neighbourhood.
  12. Caravan Monster

    HW100 KT **SOLD**

    View Advert HW100 KT **SOLD** NOW SOLD PENDING COLLECTION HW100 KT .22 with Webley stirrup pump, Bushnell White Tail 1.5x to 5x scope . Not used much, it has been sat in a cupboard for most of its life. I replaced all the o rings a few months back because of it's age (spare o rings come with it). Couple of scratches on the cylinder from doing the o rings and there's a spot of white oil paint on the stock. £280 Prefer collection Rugby, Warwickshire. Advertiser Caravan Monster Date 16/08/19 Price £280.00 Category Airguns  
  13. Caravan Monster

    HW100 KT **SOLD**


    • FOR SALE
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    NOW SOLD PENDING COLLECTION HW100 KT .22 with Webley stirrup pump, Bushnell White Tail 1.5x to 5x scope . Not used much, it has been sat in a cupboard for most of its life. I replaced all the o rings a few months back because of it's age (spare o rings come with it). Couple of scratches on the cylinder from doing the o rings and there's a spot of white oil paint on the stock. £280 Prefer collection Rugby, Warwickshire.


  14. Caravan Monster

    Shepherds hut

    Roof - I would band saw the rib profile you want out of 2" x 9" To put the flue pipe through the roof people normally use aluminium flashing with a silicone 'sock' thing that fits tight around the pipe. Smaller the better for stoves because most are designed to heat a much bigger volume of air. I've got an old wendy stove that's been 'borrowed', but if I can get it back and you are ever passing through the midlands, I'll do a good price for it. http://www.windysmithy.co.uk/woodburners If you are building on a bale trailer, it'll need some way of getting the wheels off the ground or else it'll rock around when people go in it. Also, building on a bale trailer means it'll end up 11' or 12' high, which will catch the wind and be exciting to tow. This firm has been a success because the man realised there was far more money to be made selling the parts for shepherds huts rather than trying to shift £10k sheds on wheels. He sells the traditional style axles, which would keep it low to the ground, but not that great for moving it http://www.shepherd-huts.com/index.php
  15. Caravan Monster

    Hock Joint Sprain

    Was looking bad at one point, surprised how quickly the dog went downhill physically and mentally being kept in. Turned out to be unusual tendon damage and should heal 100% . Lesson learned, with potentially serious injuries like this, take it to a specialist and get it xrayed. I used https://www.mikeguilliard.co.uk/