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  1. Caravan Monster

    Collie x

    Same here, too many roads and people around here for mine, it's not very relaxing. My old one bred the same way liked a long run, but nothing like this crazy fecker. Now she's around 4 and the collie in her is becoming more evident, in fact I watched her stalk another dog she likes to harass crouched to the ground like a sheepdog the other day. I'm not a terrier person, but can understand why bull lines are often crossed in to this type to make more of an all rounder.
  2. Caravan Monster

    Tree felling

    Using a winch like a tirfor to pull the fallen trees away (and up the bank by the looks of it) until they are free would remove you from the danger zone, but be aware of the dangers of winches. And wear a helmet, they are not for show with trees.
  3. Caravan Monster

    Does any one work a huntaway x greyhound

    A few farmers round here ended up with NZ huntaways. The ones I knew had an easy going temperament and made a good general farm dog for a bit of light shepherding and looking big and intimidating to dissuade uninvited visitors. The big ones were quite fast in a straight line on account of having a long stride and I am reliably informed that one managed to occasionally take fox, rabbit and hare. Don't remember them barking much. I liked the ones I saw, but they were nothing like as effective as collies for herding and can't see any particular reason to use them for lurcher breeding. Believe the breed also has problems with hip dysplasia...
  4. Caravan Monster

    RIP Tigger

    Always admired photos of him, big dog like that must have been a sight to behold at full stretch thundering across the ground intent on his quarry.
  5. Caravan Monster

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    He was sailing close to the wind, but arguably wasn't actually breaking the terms of the reporting restriction. There was a Sikh youtuber doing exactly the same thing on the court steps with no attempts made to stop or arrest him. From a practical point of view that day was sentencing, so no arguments or decisions being made in court only a pre written judgement being read out, which counters the argument that his actions could change the course of the case. The Court of Appeal was critical of the judge that sent him to prison that day because he was so far out of line with normal court procedure that TR did not receive proper process or legal representation and the sentence was excessive. It's not so much what Tommy Robinson is saying, the problems mass immigration and political Islamism have brought to the UK are already known. The targeted prejudicial twisting of the law and procedure by the police and courts and the lies of politicians and the media in relation to him is the real eye opener. His previous stint in prison for mortgage fraud was for lending a relative the deposit for one of those dodgy self assessment 'liar loans' that the mortgage firms were pushing hard pre 2009 financial crisis. Can't imagine many other people got time for being one step removed from a dodgy mortgage application, it was rife at the time and being encouraged by the brokers.
  6. Caravan Monster

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    The silly behaviour with high strung mongs in town centres playing up in front of the camera is all a good laugh, but I won't be forgetting any time soon the footage of his most recent release from prison. Look at the 'crime' he was punished for and the endless and obvious media lies and harassment and it is hard not to conclude that he was locked up as a warning, having become too much of an irritation to the establishment at the heart of the British state. I hope the dubious Israeli funding he receives is really good, he has earned it with the never ending grief from all sides.
  7. Caravan Monster

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Or he could end up in the House of Lords, like Baron Prescott of Hull It isn't tory v labour or left v right anymore. The internet is increasingly highlighting every lie from the establishment and the general public are rapidly starting to understand how things really work and don't trust what they are told anymore. They censor and punish Tommy Robinson at every opportunity because he at the forefront of making people really think about and look into what is going on around them. Own up, who was it
  8. Caravan Monster

    damp advice

    Yeah, that could be part of the problem, the walls of older houses tend to draw up more wet from the ground because they didn't have dpc sheet and big good quality concrete foundations like moderns. Drafts and heating kept dampness out the walls, whereas modern ones are much more sealed from the ground. The sealed concrete floor might be causing all the wet under the house out to the walls because that is the only place it can evaporate from. The damp course blues are all that's stopping water getting sucked up the wall and it can probably still travel through the mortar joints and the snots that ended up in the cavity.
  9. Caravan Monster

    damp advice

    What sort of floor is it in the hall? Renovations in old houses when they put dpc sheet and screed or concrete floor in cause ground water to travel up the wall because it's the only way it can escape. Often the wet patches are around doors and fireplace openings. If it's still got a suspended floor, it's well worth checking the air bricks and the void under the floor are clear.
  10. Caravan Monster

    Brexit party.

    I'm suspicious about his real motives. If Nige had really meant to see through brexit he would have stayed at UKIP to fight the government instead of appointing some idiot to destroy the party and 'leaving politics' (whilst keeping his euro MP salary). The Brexit Party candidates look to be very close to the conservative party and are establishment people such as lawyers and academics. Hope I'm wrong but suspect the Brexit Party has miraculously appeared out of nowhere to stop UKIP now that smearing people who stand up for themselves, their local community and their country as 'nazis' doesn't work anymore. At the moment they are concerned with the european elections in may which are proportional representation instead of first-past-the-post like British elections, so every vote counts. When reminded that we should already have been out of the european federation in march and are only participating in a euro election because the conservative government has used every trick to keep the country in, betrayed voters are going to vote against europe with the Brexit Party and UKIP.
  11. Caravan Monster

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    Phil Lloyd mentioned breeding a litter a long time ago of deerhound / collie / greyhound x whippet / deerhound in his book. He said the resulting litter were more agile than deerhound sized lurchers with good steady temperaments and weatherproof coats.
  12. Caravan Monster

    People your dog don't like

    @ginger beard slaughterman right? My landlord used to be a meat inspector and so was in abattoirs all week and it was really noticeable how dogs didn't want to be anywhere near him, I actually had to keep my old lurcher away from him because even when she was very old she would bark at him (never anyone else). The sheep dogs and labs didn't want anything to do with him either. Might be because he's getting elderly, but now he's retired dogs seem much more relaxed around him and my current lurcher although a wary type is all over him.
  13. Caravan Monster

    Dog being aggressive

    These days people are so mental, uptight and ready to kick off at the slightest thing it's better to put the dog on the lead until the other people and their dogs are gone. Calling the dog back when it wants to run over to greet other dogs is just reinforcing the recall, should come with some patience and time.
  14. Caravan Monster


    Treaties are already signed with our new military partners Germany, France and the Netherlands. As well as British and NATO staff, there is also an eu headquarters inside Northwood. Strange military cuts and purchasing decisions make a lot more sense if the plan is for the armed forces to be part of a unified eu military instead of functioning as an individual nation. The 'eu army' that politicians like Nick Clegg were lying about a couple of years ago is a half truth, european countries supplying intelligence, troops, hardware and funding to a federal army under the central command of the eu is the end game: https://www.ukcolumn.org/series/eu-military-unification
  15. Caravan Monster

    Dose anyone work Hungarian vizsla on here

    A mate trained a few for beating and picking up and his family bred the occasional litter over the years. Outwardly a nice steady trainable sort of dog, but a bit prone to unexpectedly biting (including people on occasion). No idea what the lines were.