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  1. Hmmm.... do agree on the need for more sustainable and less oil dependent farming, especially to turn away from the drive to plough everything that has been underway for the past 10+ years. However, the rewilding concept has the stink of green eco / communist / new world order globalist crazies to it. https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/about/ the organisation mentioned in the video to have been advising government mention Chris Packham and George Monbiot as friends, the type of elitists that genuinely want authoritarian government to control the lives of the population and create their vision of what the world should be. I hadn't heard about this and will be paying close attention as an indication of the way things are headed.
  2. Also goat hunting thread in general talk about his gritty coursing type that he would have liked to find a good bitch for, although old and might not have any lead left in his pencil...
  3. This was a strange one, utter w4nker anti brexit barrister kills fox trapped in the wire of his chicken pen in central London with a baseball bat and is stupid enough to post about it on his prominent twitter account. The incident is then used by youtubers with zero actual on the ground knowledge about hunting and the quite complex issues surrounding the ban to make features on what they deem to be the barbarity of mounted packs fox hunting. Today's headlines, tomorrows chip paper, but the laws arising from these low information opinions have had life changing consequences for otherwise law abiding people. Don't follow the hunt myself and have no interest in it and I'm broadly in agreement with many of the arguments this youtuber puts forward in other videos, but he is just making up a sensational story in this one.
  4. @skycat had some a while back. If memory serves they were imported from the states because only show type were available over here.
  5. Phones and many digital cameras record what is called EXIF data with every photo. It is a file which records technical photographic information and also time, date, gps location, camera id etc. The danger is posting photos on the web without editing or removing the EXIF data file. If the photo is on a windows computer I would guess you can find and delete the EXIF data before posting by right clicking on it and going through the options. I just looked on an android phone, where camera > settings > more > turn off location should stop it recording gps coordinates. It's worth googling to learn more if you post photos online. When smart phones first became popular there were loads of stories about people putting photos of expensive nickable things like motorbikes outside their garages on ebay and thieves were using the EXIF data to get the gps coordinates of the garage to locate the bikes.
  6. I wouldn't expect much democracy from the Tories either, least worst betrayal of the referendum maybe. Assuming they win the election I predict we will see a 'brexit in name only' that leaves the UK tied into the federal European Union in many ways, not the OUT result won in the 2016 referendum. I also suspect that history will show the destruction of UKIP, that was starting to gain a lot of votes and traction, to have been at least partly a product of establishment dirty tricks. This election is about the future of government in this country, not soon to be forgotten random manifesto promises played out in the media circus. Trouble is all the options are sh1t.
  7. Get with the times, every political party and it's politicians hate the little people. Labour highlights including Emily Thornberry's disgust at a constituent's van and St George's flag in his window, Gordon Brown caught calling a constituent 'that bigoted woman', Lord Mandelson's 'we'll rub their noses in diversity'. That's before we even start on the momentum sixth form politics club that want to supervise the little peoples' lives by way of communism. Forget the class warfare comrades, Labour politicians are just as well connected and from the same backgrounds as the Tories, Brexit Party, Lib Dems and Greens and they all despise you. Politicians are interested in creating more government and helping their corporate friends. The rest is just a show for the media and the manifesto promises will soon evaporate. I fell for it all my life until the brexit referendum betrayal made the truth all too obvious. Remember the caring Lib Dems canvassing for the youth vote a few years back. Nick Clegg now resting easy in his made up corporate job at facebook...
  8. Agreed he was taking a stupid and even bigger risk going lamping without permission whilst under a court order, but the point remains that something is motivating the police and courts to prosecute very harshly and they are justifying it with reasoning as dubious as the origins and enactment of the ban. The Rural Crimes Coordinator for Dorset says: Is it now acceptable for authority figures to prejudge an entire group of people on the basis of very little knowledge or experience? For every tw@t with a lurcher or terrier, there are many more otherwise law abiding people that kill quickly and humanely and give over a significant portion of their lives to the training, exercise and welfare of their dogs that would shame most pet owners. I still can't see the difference between hunting with dogs, hunting with guns or killing in an abbattoir. In each case the quarry / animal will suffer a degree of stress. All lurcher and terrier owners are now prejudged by the police, the law courts and court of public opinion as scummy career criminals, whereas the other two ways of getting meat are still ok.
  9. We had a spate of sheep thefts in the area recently, as many as 50 a night disappearing obviously an organised gang. The police put up signs saying sheep were being "attacked" and to report suspicious activity making it sound like "poachers". I found the police in the yard late one night and asked them what they were doing to which they replied they were looking for lampers, not sheep rustlers. People running the land really isn't a problem around here but I've been stopped whilst walking the dog a few times in recent years (never been in trouble with the law otherwise). My guess is the disproportionate amount of time and effort rural police spend on hunting and harsh sentencing in the courts is part of some political cause amongst people in power.
  10. I've got a couple of containers that I use for all sorts and one does have a pop hole going into a run and a lurcher size sleeping box inside. I made a tin roof for mine with 100mm insulation boards sat on top of the containers. The roof keeps the heat out in the summer and stops the condensation in the winter. The dog hides out in the sleeping box out of choice in the summer because it is cooler in there although she never looks that pleased about going in there during the winter. You might struggle to find a container with a steel floor, generally newer ones have plyboard and older ones have floorboards. I would say that building a roof over the container and run area is essential. If you own the land the kennel is on, my advice would be to spend a bit more on a purpose built masonry / timber / galv panel type structure. Containers can work as an ok compromise but a steel box isn't the ideal thing for people or animals to live in because it doesn't regulate temperature or breathe or ventilate very well.
  11. Different local planning authorities take different lines on it, so local research is important. Making friends with farmers might be helpful as planning regs around converting redundant farm buildings to residential were considerably loosened a while back and they seem to be able to get away with far more than most. Normal houses are better structures to live in and easier to maintain a decent standard of living in than caravans. Around ten years ago I saw no end of people living in caravans and yurts hidden in bits of forestry on the outskirts of the Lake District National Park, lots living full time in caravan parks as well, don't know if that's still the case. Living in not especially great conditions especially when the winter rolls around and worrying about planning authorities isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  12. Mine is mostly coursing dog with collie /grey added a generation or two back. She has plenty of speed and above average desire to find and catch but doesn't have the strength or fire to be an all rounder and I would actively avoid the forbidden beasts even if it was legal.
  13. I always struggled sharpening with a flat stone but can get good results much more quickly using my own Heath Robinson version of the system described in the video. If you don't want to watch the video (he goes on for 20 minutes) the basic points are: 1. Use a carborundum wheel on blunt knives to raise a burr or wire. Bench grinders are no good because they spin too fast and will blue the steel losing temper. He uses a slow speed drill. I also use a slow drill clamped to the bench and also have the carborundum wheel in water (plastic milk bottle with side cut out to make a trough). I would imagine an old school pedal powered grinding wheel would work well if you can find a working one. 2. When the grinding raises a burr, remove it. It will look like a really thin piece of wire. 3. Use a leather, paper or mdf wheel with linishing compound to polish the cutting edge. This is what makes it really sharp. This wheel is made from absorbent material to hold the compound or polish or whatever you use. It can go much faster, I don't think you can blue steel with these fine abrasives. Make sure the wheels spin with the top moving away from the operator, so that the knife can't catch on the wheel and open up your belly with your newly razor sharp knife. It's probably a good idea to do grinding outside or wear a mask as the dust produced is bad on your lungs.
  14. The Countryside Alliance are probably not all that bothered what lurcher owners think because they don't bring money or influence to their organisation. Resources and media attention seems to be focused on hare coursing as a countryside issue even though incidences are low compared with theft in rural areas. I have wondered if this is down to an organisation such as the CLA lobby group whose biggest contributors are big estates, big business and investment funds that have been buying into farmland in a big way for over a decade. They don't care about animal welfare, community, the environment or employees, they are only interested in money, influence and power and the public on their land is a liability to them. Their campaign would be long term planned, well funded and have influence with government, police and media organisations. It might start with hare coursers being the big problem, then fly tippers, then dog walkers, horse riders, cyclists or ramblers and before you know it councils are agreeing to close rights of way because of 'problems'. Why do they care so much about what is 99% of the time the local lurcher enthusiast exercising the hares and not a group of hardened criminals looking to batter the farm workers and rob the machinery? https://www.cla.org.uk/influence/campaigns/hare-coursing-action-plan#
  15. Can't remember which politician it was that went on about the three 'R's, reading, writing and arithmetic to prepare kids for the world. I think they were about right, in today's world it would be more like they need to be able to communicate well, so that's reading and writing but also using computers and talking to people. Learning to think critically is the other - to look at something and understand and discuss it in a clear and logical way. I think a lot of home schoolers with life experience could teach these things as well or better than school teachers. Who you know, making a good impression on employers and having work experience will go much further than academic qualifications for the large majority of starter jobs. Again, this is something home schoolers, or just parents in general can often do a better job than schools to prepare kids for. They are trying to keep people in education until they are in their twenties when it isn't necessary and many would do better and be happier if they got into work at a younger age.
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