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  1. Caravan Monster

    Two notices

    The chimney sweeping is the easy bit, he'll pick it up as he goes. It's the selling and co-ordinating work that you have to get right. To make proper money, getting jobs at the same time in the same place is critical. People in the same street who know each other is ideal. That way everyone who is out at work will leave their keys with old Mrs Miggins at number 10 who will let the sweep in and the sweep can get 6 to 8 jobs done by lunch time at £45 each. I think you need to be in the right part of the country to succeed. My part of the country there's loads of pipe gas and smokeless zones and not much community being London commuter belt, it's not too good. I would imagine the former mining / industrial areas would be best.
  2. Caravan Monster

    Two notices

    To be fair, there are a few things to know before starting out chimney sweeping, but the training centres take the p1ss. I could teach the course content in a morning, but they stretch it out for 3 days to justify the cost of the course. The assessment is a part of the process of fleecing another few hundred a year in return for dicking around with pointless paper work. What insurers and conveyancers want to see is a form detailing how the chimney was swept and any problems, to cover themselves. The chimney sweep can make their own forms, they don't need to be part of an association or to have their forms. There's a load of these training centres/associations been set up around the country (not just chimney sweeping, all sorts of trades) because it's a feck sight easier money than the job itself.
  3. Caravan Monster

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    Does anyone use boarding kennels? I've never been that keen having seen others come back with kennel cough and mentally traumatised. I'm lucky in being able to have the dog with me most of the time at work and have a good kennel and run at home for when I can't, but it would be handy if I could get away a few weekends a year without the dog. Friends and well wishers are not keen to look after the dog for me because they know she's a fecker that'll be off over the fence looking for game the moment they turn their backs (even those used to lurchers) and I don't like to ask a favour anyway.
  4. Caravan Monster


    Mine cracked some ribs a few weeks back running into a ditch. It was odd because she was just messing around and knows that field inside out having jumped that ditch a thousand times. She uses her head when working, which I am thankful for as on top of the usual hazards, there is plenty of that angle iron fence round here about 16" high with single strand barbed wire, just right for killing and maiming lurchers. She's not a happy dog now, panting in the sun with sore ribs and come into season for good measure
  5. Caravan Monster

    PURE !!!

    This thread reminded me of saluqihounds who used to post lamping videos of his pure salukis on here (10 years ago ) Ameerah Lamping Youtube I'd never seen a pure saluki in real life until a few weeks ago. The most noticeable difference to my saluki x was how much denser in bone and robust the pure looked, whilst still very lean in build and muscles. Even at 10+ years old a very fit and healthy looking animal. Good calm, sensible and level temperament and decent obedience as well.
  6. Caravan Monster

    Sthil ms250 chainsaw

    See if you can find a small engines man to have a look at it, I would be a bit worried that hard starting, hot running and high rpm could be an air leak which could be a pain to fix, but hopefully it's something more straightforward. I loaned a chainsaw to an old boy that I had found a month or so work for. He wasn't really physically up to the job but I felt sorry for him and did all the heavy work. He knew where I live and promised to bring it back. Never saw or heard from him again and when I phoned his mobile to get the chainsaw back, I got his former employer. It turned out he had stolen the mobile from them and had been using it long after he left, until they had the phone company deactivate it. Live and learn
  7. Same here, much as I like her, something a little more pedestrian for me next time
  8. Caravan Monster

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    Do many use the saluki types over there? Bit bigger than the whippet x's, mine is 26" but suprisingly agile around the warrens and much faster on the open going. Also good endurance in the heat and so far has only ever damaged stoppers when she has ended up turning at speed on granite chip trackways. I've had a bit of trouble with mine hunting on at a distance, but close in obedience is fine. Probably not the best choice for a part timer like me, but I would imagine this type would thrive with plenty of rabbit work on what I've seen of aussie ground. Mine is mostly saluki / greyhound coursing type with a bit of collie in there.
  9. Caravan Monster

    Lurcher hunts on - sound / vibrate collars for recall

    Not owned many lurchers over the years, but she is the best ability wise by some margin. Unfortunately my part of the world has a lot of major roads and unenlightened people around so we can't be off following scents for hours. You can get a fair idea what's going on from the gps, so I wouldn't sound the collar when the arrow is flashing around the screen Black neck was that an electric or vibration / sound collar with the terrier?
  10. Saluki / collie / greyhound type that has got worse for hunting on over the winter rather than coming back after a run. She's about 2 1/2 and still quite puppy-ish and excitable but receptive to training. A little unsure in new situations but generally confident and a bright sort that works things out quickly. I bought a sportdog radio and gps collar because the hunting on was getting a right ballache and it at least enabled me to find her and get in the same field to call her back. As I understand it (will check with the sellers), you can add components to the collar that will vibrate / make a sound / electric shock. Before anyone says it, I have no intention of using the electric shock because I'm not trying to administer a shock to break a behaviour, don't even want the component on the collar. I just want to try using the sound and vibration as a prompt to recall at a distance - she has ended up a mile away before on the gps, too far for whistle or shouting. I guess training routine would be start close by, vibrate collar > reward recall > let her go out again, increase distances and introduce the routine in situations with game around as recall becomes established. I've read about the collars being used like this for recall in the US with trail hounds, wanted to ask if anyone had seen it done this way with lurchers?
  11. Caravan Monster

    Protection Dogs ?

    Outside of police / prisons, how does it work using malinois type protection trained dogs to guard a home or business in the UK? Outside of the deterrent effect of a barking dog that alerts it's handler to someone in the yard or garden, what can they do? Surely if the dog were to hold a trespasser like in those bite suit videos, the owner would be wide open to a prosecution under UK law.
  12. Caravan Monster

    Making money on a smallholding

    Stabling horses seems popular around here with a seemingly good supply of clients prepared to pay daft money for the privilege, but depends on where you are. The Joel Salatin type intensive and sustainable farming is interesting, but most of that looks like big outlay and several years to reach profitability. I suspect Salatin himself makes more money from books and speaking than farming.
  13. Caravan Monster


    will remember that. Went off the beer a few years back and was thinking the other day it is probably a good idea to have something to get a little relaxed / monged out every once in a while.
  14. Caravan Monster


    Isn't it a particular type of weed that makes you sleep? I remember smoking some as a kid and it made me paranoid as f#ck, didn't make for a good nights sleep when I thought my heart was going to stop and every noise was 'them' coming to get me
  15. Caravan Monster

    Bone men

    Also not sure what will happen to Daniel Doherty's practice after the puppy farm thing