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  1. Until 2020 I couldn't get my head around the not voting and just disengage from it all, but I do now and will most likely never vote in general elections again. To put a positive spin on it, now that it's clear that 'they' don't work for us and there's not much we can do about what goes on at the top, it's time in the UK to disengage from Westminster politics and concentrate on engaging with the people and things around us. Build our own networks outside theirs, live to our culture and values and become ungovernable from the top. Look on the web - there's people all over the world that just wa
  2. I enjoyed Penny Taylor's "Tales from the field: Lurchers and Terriers" although it was a bit of a downer when she lost several dogs in the field in quick succession. Also liked Darcy's "Down the Beam" with it's stories of the daftness that happens lamping and honesty about how crap some dogs were. The photo with the dog that is being a wanker about surrendering it's rabbit to it's handler made me laugh, know that feeling well Another +1 for Phil Lloyd's "A Moucher's Tale" and "A Moucher Forever" (will @OldPhil leave the world the uncensored version for posthumous publication in his last will
  3. +1 I'm a big fan of boneman / chiropractic type treatment and don't want to sound like I'm slagging them off, but for things like possible torn or detached tendons 100% get an x ray. Mine got a similar looking injury couple of years ago and the greyhound vet didn't have an appointment for a week or so and I took her to a boneman beforehand to get some idea of what I was dealing with. The boneman is a good one and has helped cure some nasty collision injuries in the past and he wouldn't take my money this time, saying it was bad news. I set off to the specialist vet a few days later expecting t
  4. Don't think we see the numbers other parts of the country do, but here in the middle of the English midlands there's been a noticeable increase in munties and a few more roe over past few years. Rabbit numbers also looking promising this year.
  5. I thought the vitamin supplements were probably snake oil but decided to give the D3 a go after hearing so much about it's role in giving covid patients a quicker recovery. It's really improved my skin, teeth, hair and joints and I have a lot more energy than before. Also dropped about 2 1/2 stone without really trying, nearly back to what I weighed as a teenager My understanding is that D3 on it's own can cause calcification of the arteries and you have to get the tablets with D3 + K2, the K2 stops the arteries getting blocked. From a web search, it sounds like it might actually have been th
  6. Sounds like you're headed the right way if working on recall and stock breaking. If possible also break to ferrets because that's probably the best way to get the dog working with you. Have to get the stock breaking solid because being a saluki he will end up chasing something into the next county and if not trustworthy with sheep and far away from his handler....
  7. Glad to hear the dog is on the mend Something I've been meaning to ask on here, has anyone else had trouble with getting a decent fitting tracker collar on lurchers? I used an old sport dog tek one with the skinny saluki x in my avatar (26" and 20kg, so very light even for that type) and even after making extra holes in the collar it bounced around so much when galloping it appeared to be causing bleeding in the oesophagus. Are the boxes on the newer collars much smaller?
  8. Always been a few hares around here, rabbits sadly ever decreasing especially with more and more pasture getting ploughed. Muntjacs also increasing and getting ever stupidier, mate saw one sauntering past the garden gate toward the centre of the village the other day
  9. Maybe the responsible thing to do would be to try and understand what the vaccine is before taking it. I think the media are going on about the Pfizer one at the moment, which is an mRNA vaccine. That's a new technology and different in some respects to flu, childhood illness or third world disease vaccines. Or trust the media and the government that it's the right thing to do and take it without asking any questions....
  10. Article: https://www.portugalresident.com/judges-in-portugal-highlight-more-than-debatable-reliability-of-covid-tests/ Judgement in English: http://www.dgsi.pt/jtrl.nsf/33182fc732316039802565fa00497eec/79d6ba338dcbe5e28025861f003e7b30
  11. To my very limited understanding, they were pretty close from the start. The earliest one I heard of was Dr Zelenko in NY, who was treating orthodox jews who it was ripping through because of their large and regular religious and family gatherings. I believe it is the zinc that kills the virus and hydroxycholoroquine (HCQ 'Trump pills ) or quercetin are the delivery mechanism for the zinc. This route went badly wrong when Trump mentioned HCQ and it became a political and pharmaceutical industry marketing issue. The 'America's Frontline Doctors' coalition were pushing for similar treatment in
  12. Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, Melatonin and weirdly Ivermectin becoming standard early treatment for covid around the world, for example: https://www.evms.edu/media/evms_public/departments/internal_medicine/Marik-Covid-Protocol-Summary.pdf To add to my earlier point, many of the doctors that were successfully treating with this type of treatment back in March and April were being ignored and censored.
  13. British Medical Journal, worth a read, it's short and not technical. Gives an overview of valid medical opinion that is not being presented to the public by media or government https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4425/rr-31 -mainstream media and government narrative have created disproportionate levels of fear to push poor policy decisions and suppress sensible debate -PCR covid tests significantly over inflate infection numbers, further driving fear and used to push bad policy decisions (the Portuguese Appeals Court recently ruled PCR tests unreliable, but that is unlikely to
  14. Been the same since the beginning, senior epidemiologists like Wittkowski and Ionnidas laid out what course the epidemic would take and why lockdowns would make very little difference and they were right. Practising doctors were coming up with effective treatment regimes back in March and April with high success rates using early treatment with cheap and well known medicines like that big beard Russian Jewish doctor in the US that was quickly curing hundreds with in the spring with nearly 100% success rate who was completely ignored at the time in favour of killing patients with ventilators, a
  15. To be fair to what I believe Max is trying to say in his own special way, a lot of the criticism of government policy and government medical advisors (such as SAGE in this country) has come from people at the very top of the medical and medical research professions and it's been like that since this started in March. The media censorship of respected doctors and scientists that challenge treatments, lockdowns, track and trace, testing, vaccines etc has been unlike anything I've ever seen before and you wouldn't know about it without looking for it. Something isn't right.
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