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  1. Makes me smile when lads on permission admittedly have been posting pictures since August of 40/50s of rabbits, shot hares etc, running on hard ground, in warm weather and folks are telling them how good they are??? Never had an ounce of permission in 40 years but never damaged or stole property and if confronted, apologise and leave yet are looked down on by some folks who's aim is to get as many pictures on Facebook as possible of their summer adventures.
  2. My family ran an animal feed business for a long time and didn't take me long to realise that it was the same small group of men who had the best livestock no matter what they kept, when they kept lurchers their dogs were top class, pigeons, they won everything, trotting horses, won everything again etc. On getting to know them, I realised that they only used, tried and tested lines, fed the best possible feed, and most importantly, didn't keep hold of an average animal whilst kidding themselves that they could make it a world beater. I don't know him personally but AS is a good ex
  3. Don't know how old the dog doing the biting is but I have a 14 month old lurcher pup here who is always doing it to the older bitch, seems to be just a stage hes going through, wouldn't worry to much, its instinct to pull quarry down, be firm, pull her away, tell her no.... It will pass.... The dog will put her in her place if needed.
  4. Spot on pal..... It amazes me how people still hold onto the dream that any two animals can consistently throw top class animals....... Do the Arabs take their classic winning mares to Old Bobs gypsy cob down the road .... Why waste your money going to Frankel...... Good breeding takes a long time to obtain in your kennels, stables etc.
  5. Its a myth that a proven stud dog will consistently throw class pups out of an average bitch, yes, you will get the odd one, but overall you will get more wastage. A multiple Derby winning greyhound trainer once told me that the bitch was more important than the stud and when you study the data, especially in greyhounds he is right, no guarantee with any breeding but you can move the odds in your favour a little. Its no coincidence that some, and there's not many of them, men, breed champions when they keep dogs, horses, canaries, pigeons etc, because they consistently use the best
  6. Superb, honest statement, proves that you MUST keep the lines tight and not use any old bitch to a top sire.
  7. Saw the dog at a show in Wales with his owner DB, dog is a monster, tall, heavy set, more like a bull x . Has been well tested, won matches etc, few pictures of him on FB, Calender Coursing Club page
  8. The " Blackwater" stuff was Chance to Tiny, and Chance to Belle the Tumbler, i had a pup off both litters, and Chance went to only one other bitch i think. Make no mistake, this breeding was extremely well tested, Tiny and Chance especially, these lads were a close knit bunch all bang at it, there was also a big red dog on the crew called Cue, i had a pup off him too, very game dog sadly killed in the field in his second season.
  9. It sounds as though you lads up there know him , he guaranteed all his bullxs on all quarry, and in the case of Tiny and Chance he was spot on
  10. Honestly don't know pal, the lad told me that he was an old guy in Burnley, but I think it was the same guy who used to advertise in Earth Dog Running Dog, most of the pups and dogs he had were from the Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool area, i actually spoke to him on the phone once myself.
  11. I knew the lad from Nuneaton who owned Tiny and Chance, I had a bitch out of the Chance /Tiny litter who was killed on deer in the New Forest and i had a dog out of the Bell litter, made 32tts but was very nervey, couldn't trust him with dogs or people, Tiny and Chance came from an old boy who peddled a few dogs from Burnley as pups, Chance was the runt but they were deadly on all quarry.
  12. Spot on pal, Ive lost two and there's no worse feeling than coming back without your dog, saying that, every time you slip him there's a risk so you have to have a bit of luck on your side sometimes.
  13. And add some bone meal to his food, makes a big difference, cheap too.
  14. Yes mate I went last night and I backed two dogs a few weeks ago, one went out in the semis other one was Thorn Falcon at 25s.... Atmosphere was fantastic especially when the whole place sang Sweet Caroline as the finalists came out.. Fair to say the Indian restaurant did well out of us on the way back
  15. The pheasant..... The most overrated bird that lives...... Reared to be shot by folks who pay well to take a brace home..... I know a lad who is paid to take his JCB and bury hundreds of them each season on a shoot near me as no one wants them...... Pointless, might as well shoot a few clays.
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