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  1. Well said mate ,i couldnt be bothered to answer his stupid comments anymore ,just spoiling for an argument ....the reason loads of lads dont come on here anymore .??
  2. No but will knock £50 off to make up for it ?
  3. Not really pal ,the greyhound as far as we know wasnt broke to sheep but hadnt attacked any ,this dog obviously has form for it ,plus the greyhound which was well bred was offered cheaper than £500 ,so not double standards at all ,more like no standards ?
  4. Its a well known fact that animal rights nutters are going to attempt to stop this weeks Grand National .....anyone who cannot see whats happening is very gullible ,they will end any sport or entertainment involving animals in time .
  5. Regards the NHS its a cash pit now even worse due to the amount of immigrants who have contributed nil to it .If you gave the NHS a £1m every hour of the day they would spend it ,its not the lack of money its how they spend it . 12 local NHS trusts recently recruited a Director of Friendship and Diversity ....their job to make sure language and signage in hospitals etc wasnt offensive to some eg..using the term person not male or female .....yes ,unbelievable i know .....salary of £120k per year .....do you really think Labour would sack those 12 people ???
  6. Amazes me how the same folks who want to see illegal immigration sorted out will still vote Labour next time ,remember if and when Labour get in ,they will have an open door policy on immigration ,kids allowed to legally change gender at 16, hunting and shooting finished ,eventually followed by dog and horse racing ,as a nation of patriotism and traditionalism we are finished ......yes ,things arent good ,but it will get a damn sight worse.
  7. Barrie ....I remember your Dad walking his whippets round Darlaston ,cracking dogs and your Dad was always very smartly dressed ?......i hate to say it but i really think us lurcher lads are up against it due to the fantastic job the police ,media even the CA have done on us by throwing us all under the " hare coursing ,organised crime gang ,driving the land " banner ,just walking a lurcher down a country lane is an arrestable offence now ,sadly i think we are beyond help I wont stop ,i cannot stop ,i love seeing my dogs run ,are 56 now ,had a whippet at 7 year old ,greyhounds ,lurchers
  8. I have to drink it daily as i have kidney stones and it relieves the pain and breaks them down over time and it does work ...also i had a corn on toe ,they reckon if you dab it with ACV it goes .....2 days later it went ?.......good stuff for 99p from Home Bargains but yes its bloody vile to drink ??
  9. zigzag dan


    No one does it better ?????
  10. These harsher penalties will result in one thing ,lads doing even more wreckless things to get away especially on the Fens ,only a matter of time before a courser ,a copper or landowner is killed ,if people think working dog lads will just go away after your dogs have been such a massive part of your life they are mistaken .........who can honestly say when that quarry runs you are thinking of the jail sentence ,when the lead tightens it could be 6 months or 6 years you dont care.
  11. With the current state of the country ,cost of living crisis ,out of control immigration ,a PM we cannot trust etc this government shouldnt be prioritizing anything else never mind chasing a hare round a field .
  12. Yes pal he was ,sad that he was living in a flat over a shop when he died ,skint ....... fantastic on the 147s as you say...... the lad he came to visit was a face at Hall Green dogs back then and if a certain trainer was "stopping"a fancied dog and going with his other,Willie would be tipped off and come down to lump on ?....if it won it was then champagne and nightclubs in Birmingham all night... good old days ?
  13. Was regularly knocking up 30/40s in 87 when snooker room orderly in HMP Sudbury ?.....tables where kept in championship condition......as a side issue, one of my snooker opponents in there was visited regularly by Willie Thorn who later on used to join us at the dogs and races ...... but those days are best left there ?
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