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  1. Turned out nice ain't they ? Brown collars on its way down here
  2. I was reading earlier where at the start of lock down people were buying pups off breeders and are now phoning the breeder up asking if they will buy the pup back as they are now returning to work, obviously the breeders are giving back only a fraction of the purchase price and then reselling the pup!!!
  3. Always remember in early 70s my old man paid a fiver for a top racing /whippet pup and even now says.... It was a lot of money then ... Scandalous!!!
  4. Good lad Aaron is.. Quality gear
  5. I know.... Must have been them bloody Kosovans as there is a car wash up there too
  6. Here we are...... She had an off day that day
  7. Personally I think if you purchase a pup of a picture of the parents standing in a nice setting without finding out the details you are an arsehole anyway. I don't know Jacob but the parents are superbly bred and after hearing what hes asking for the pups i don't think hes embarking on a high profile advertising campaign with a picture of a snow covered mountain ...far better than seeing dogs on a chain or on old carpet.
  8. It's a total myth that if every lad who drives the fields, poaches, courses hare etc all dropped out of the game today that everyone else would be left alone and treated with some kind of love and affection. The PC brigade, the BBC and other media have brainwashed the public into believing that the lurcher is now on a par with walking around with a knife or screwdriver.... You are seen as going to commit a rural crime, as I once found out when receiving a letter saying, a member of the public was concerned a rural crime was about to happen, from my local police.... I was on a public footpath with the girlfriend at the time with no intention of doing anything.!! I am not defending, damage, theft etc but sadly we are now seen as a criminal, up to no good, doing something that should be consigned to the history books, regardless of permission or not, the Hunting Act was the worst thing ever for us, wildlife, landowners, police etc. If I go to my local greyhound track I have to face protesters on the gate, if I walk a lurcher in the countryside you get looked at like a paedophile hanging around the school gate, it's what it is nowadays lads and won't get any better.
  9. Why do police forces always mount poaching operations out of season? They had one near me on hare coursing in June once, quite frankly I am happy to have a rural crime team who doesn't know the hunting seasons ? With the alleged shortage of police funding how do they justify 66 new vehicles and man hours spent parked up in the woods? What with council amenities, rubbish tips, schools closed etc at the moment I reckon the council tax payers of Gloucestershire are getting a bad deal for their money at the moment.
  10. Both well bred and well tested, breeding being done correctly, well done and good luck
  11. Perhaps its just the circle i mix in but i only see lurchers in working homes ,why would you want 80lb of bull x lying on your sofa
  12. My main issue with this is that unless I am very much mistaken they are not anything other than average dogs been put together for the money, yet more inferior breeding to dilute the working lurcher game even more. Secondly, the lurcher world was never about the money, dogs had a job to do, it was a working class sport, money has ruined it like most other sports, full of people who come into the game, don't stay long, leave a few shite dogs behind before infiltrating somewhere else for profit.
  13. Are these people serious £1500,to think we used to gift pups??
  14. Probably get a decent home if he bothered to return my sons call and message which was made within the first few minutes of the advert going on.... Its called manners and costs nothing.
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