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  1. Yes pal he was ,sad that he was living in a flat over a shop when he died ,skint ....... fantastic on the 147s as you say...... the lad he came to visit was a face at Hall Green dogs back then and if a certain trainer was "stopping"a fancied dog and going with his other,Willie would be tipped off and come down to lump on ....if it won it was then champagne and nightclubs in Birmingham all night... good old days
  2. Was regularly knocking up 30/40s in 87 when snooker room orderly in HMP Sudbury .....tables where kept in championship condition......as a side issue, one of my snooker opponents in there was visited regularly by Willie Thorn who later on used to join us at the dogs and races ...... but those days are best left there
  3. A Derby winning greyhound trainer once told me that the bitch is more important than the dog when breeding,too much emphasis on stud dogs .
  4. Shame that pal .. best of luck with the bitch and the pups....I'm sure there's a couple of decent ones in there
  5. Spot on ...... the amount of people who look disgusted when I say my dogs live in kennels is ridiculous...... but quite frankly I don't care about their opinion
  6. Another thread ruined all because I originally said the line of bull X used by Penda is being tested several nights per week,by myself and a tight group of a few others and was more or less called a liar .......no wonder the game is dying when we are too busy slagging each other off instead of sticking together.
  7. Cheers pal ...... the reason I stopped coming on here for years
  8. I said several not seven , trust me pal between me and my son we are out 4/5 nights per week in season....I'm 56 not a kid,I don'tneed to lie about the game, plenty do it for the rest of us
  9. Good dog Jack was , the dog in the brown collar (and as a pup in red collar ) is now 21 months ,his parents are the other two in pictures,they are in the kennels in the Midlands where Jack's line started, the man is a good friend of JS , that line is still being worked hard , several nights per week. The line was taken to Wales and produced some of the"big names" that were always spoke of down there. Luckily the line has been kept close in the original kennel, not saying they have all been"champions" but if it doesn't meet high standards it's not bred from,I consider myself lucky t
  10. Yes poached with a lurcher,as for working terriers ,we have three of the best terrier men ever here in the Black Country and all of their dogs were kenneled at their homes,.....two of them were council houses ,as for coursing dogs , not greyhounds, although I owned a greyhound and don't live in Chatsworth House either ...... the lads traveling from the North East to the fens don't look like landed gentry to me .
  11. Agree with you pal , only problem here in England is ,and remember it's likely that the same amended bill will be brought in here eventually, that the government will only listen to the Countryside Alliance and they have shafted the coursing/lurcher world well and truly It may go against the grain with some lurcher lads who have no time for the Tories but while they are in power we are probably ok but next Labour government will end all forms of hunting.... . ironic really as originally lurcher/terrier work the sport of the hardcore Labour voter ,miners , steel workers etc ..... Meanw
  12. Nice strong dog, good luck
  13. My two,half X's ,half brother and sister too .... bitch was out last night and this morning we have a restocked freezer
  14. Like to see that one stick in court
  15. I've said it for a while now.......that message.....if you see a man with a lurcher in a van or 4x4 call 999 ......... imagine saying,if you see a black guy with a bull terrier in a BMW ...... ....talk about selective policing.
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