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  1. I agree with what you say ,we are pissing in the wind trying to keep our way of life going ,you have to go about your business discreetly and have a little smug grin occasionally,,,, but trust me Barrie is no anti ,he's fought to keep terrier work going for years ,and he must be in the top 5 terriermen this country has seen ,so cut him some slack .
  2. zigzag dan

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Lovely looker,broken coated ,leggy ,dog ,just started marking and putting rabbits up out cover ,lad has been out of the game 20 years and went back to what he had before,, hope it works out for him .
  3. zigzag dan

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Mate of mine had one off him about 6month ago ,cost £350 ,nice looking dog to be fair but in my experience at that price you are really taking a chance on one off his pups ,seen one or two decent ones but more very average ones .
  4. zigzag dan

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    Very well bred ,,,better value than a Pug at £1000
  5. I don't go to many shows nowadays but this one is frequented by working dogs with, let's say ,,,,,interesting owners ,,,,,lol ,,,,,always a good ,entertaining afternoon.
  6. zigzag dan

    Pups for 2019

    Nearly 12 months,,,,bull grey X saluki Collie grey
  7. zigzag dan

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    Yes ,very sad it is no more ,I have my card from the last day signed by judge and slipper ,I used to stay up there from the call over till the last day ,,as has been said ,you can marry a man ,be non gender ,be took to court for putting a hand on your own child ,be accused of sexism for opening a door for a woman,,,,,,but you can't stand in a cold field in Lancashire and watch a finely tuned canine athlete do what the breed have been doing for hundreds of years all because Labour had a hatred of country sports,,,,,,, what a sad country we have become.
  8. zigzag dan

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    The Merle was the mother to his bitch who he put the bull X over ,that bitch is a decent dog ,takes a lot of rabbits and hares ,I have a pup out that litter , showing good promise,I have been in the game long enough to have seen plenty of similar lads but I knew the bitch was doing good bags on the lamp ,to be fair he didn't make money on them ,gifted a couple and covered the cost of jabs on the others ,I think we have all bought in rubbish when we actually have better in the kennel to start with,best to be your own man in the lurcher world .lol
  9. zigzag dan

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    What page has he put it on King
  10. zigzag dan

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    What page is it for sale on ?
  11. zigzag dan

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    This is my bitch out of the same litter
  12. zigzag dan

    Checking dogs over

    I'll get my coat and piss off then ,,had my first greyhound 35 years ago but what do I know.
  13. zigzag dan

    Checking dogs over

    Robert Meek is good ,he travels all over to kennels ,tracks or will meet on services, his number is on the net I would imagine .
  14. Letters warned me to stay off land ,which I didn't as public paths through it and no quarry on it anyway ,,,,motorway cops were sound ,told me why the car was flagged ,and who by ,and that after 28 days Staffordshire police should remove it ,,,,but probably won't !!!! I phoned rural police and told them what I had been told ,they went mental ,wanted motorway cops details etc ,,of course I couldn't remember them
  15. Spot on Ray ,you are made to feel a lower form of life just for owning a lurcher ,a couple of years go I was with the girlfriend on a public footpath, with dogs on leads and a member of the public reported me to rural police as they thought a crime was about to take place!!! This resulted in letters off police ,car was flagged and was pulled on M6 with my Dad and son in car on way home from a rugby match !! Since the ban the media have misinformed the public about hunting and this has led to a lurcher owner becoming one step below a sex offender!!!!