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  1. my mouching dog is my dog i use for everything realy ..lurcher cur..
  2. collie lurcher bred over many yrs proven worker to worker
  3. cheers mate thanks for sharing .and nice comments. clever dogs that punch above their weight great temperaments. Elvis has todd both sides and Dancer on 1 idealy he should go over something with either both or just one of these great dogs in their blood. having seen Elvis turn into a decen animal being bred from related parents i realy believe its worth doing. problem is im not aware of many bitches ??. dancer miley n todd littermates
  4. cheers for comments hes from a very long line of collie lurchers worker to worker over many generations. the last few matings have been related matings. I bred him out of my late bitch miley to her nephew a dog called rudd. Miley was out of a bitch called taz from teeside way very good bitch. taz also produced a dog called todd and it was a pup out him i later mated to my bitch miley. Miley was awesome for me and opened my eyes in that clever dogs can be quick dogs too and caught more than her fair share of larger game. Elvis is very much the same hes 26" and 26kg is fazed by nothing yet
  5. collie lurcher bred from worker to worker over many years . i bred him out of my late bitch to her nephew. mainlt a mix of grey whip n collie
  6. little vid of my dog hes just turned 5. obviously being careful as i can ..
  7. Maybe you read to many novles because ive kept lurchers over 40 yrs and ive yet to see 1 run a net at night. 1/8 is plenty for my type of hunting.
  8. Your safe on your ground with your collie type but to be saying jacking is nonsense in these collie curs is narrow mindedness on your side . Easy rabbiting keeps um happy and focuesd and thats the reason hancock sells these crosses to the flyball brigade. Put them under pressure because of lack of speed and harder terrain you can get them yapping and jacking. I prefer a bit of collie 1/8 maybe.
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