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  1. First girlfriend was a red head no hair just a red head
  2. kinkell

    Wtf ??

    Heard it was overload of all the pictures of rabbits everyone got last night
  3. kinkell

    Wtf ??

    How many times did you try to log on I was about 20 sad
  4. Reminds me of the wife's nickers
  5. Local man Andy Robbins the wrestler and who had Hercules the bear died this week
  6. When my mates found the lorry batteries they got charged
  7. Do you think this could be fake news?
  8. New home needed bought my wife new 8week old Belington whippet turns out she is allergic to dogs .She is 42years old good with kids and a very good cook
  9. People dead and folk having a joke amongst themselves dreadful
  10. kinkell


    Round the waist?
  11. 5 minutes from my house water probably over afoot deep been out feeding pheasants
  12. First of the year went through a few deep puddles frozen solid this morning couple of watering cans with hot water sorted it need to remember not to put on handbrake tonight
  13. Put my hearing aid in shop to get fixed haven't heard anything since
  14. If Skippy is standing over it and there is some one down there with a broken leg definitely a mine shaft
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