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  1. kinkell

    May or may not be lost

    Thought this was another Brexit thread
  2. kinkell

    People your dog don't like

    Lined it up for you
  3. kinkell

    People your dog don't like

    My old dog used to chase the postman on his bike
  4. kinkell

    Boy mauled to death by dog.

    Totally horrific poor we lad
  5. kinkell

    Brexit party

    Totally agree
  6. kinkell

    Brexit party

    Jacob Rees Mogg sister a candidate
  7. kinkell

    Brexit party

    Just watched the start of the Brexit party in Coventry
  8. kinkell

    Vigelante justice

    Mungo Jerry pushbike song
  9. kinkell

    Going Cuckoo

    Friend has heard nightjar
  10. kinkell


    Bet that will be All on the BBC news
  11. kinkell

    Tit for tat raghead payback

    Wasn't on the BBC 6 o'clock news
  12. kinkell

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Just checked the sign and according to Wikipedia it can be a white supremacist sign amongst others
  13. kinkell

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Honestly why would anyone want to watch video
  14. kinkell

    Wolf dog

    Any photos cheers
  15. kinkell

    National Geographic Photo

    Really lovely photo of a byegone age think dog at the back having a chew on its lead