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  1. kinkell

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Very brave man with integrity see him in total different light now
  2. kinkell

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Must be some one he knew to make recordings an old associate ? Maybe to bad mouth him tides turned on them me thinks
  3. kinkell

    Funny Joke Thread

    It is without my higheels on
  4. kinkell

    Funny Joke Thread

    I would miss that couldn't get it in
  5. kinkell

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Panorama goes undercover lots of times don't see it any different if it happens to them
  6. kinkell

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Hope it goes ahead but big screen etc think authorities will find some excuse health and safety you know what I mean
  7. kinkell

    Missus wants a pet dog.

    Seen a nice one page 111 on the joke thread
  8. kinkell


    Used to get kingfisher regular on little stream that comes through the garden landing on washing line.only seen an of one now the bad winter killed them off
  9. kinkell

    Kennel ideas.

  10. kinkell

    Kennel ideas.

    Got inside runs still to do outside runs wee man shed when finished
  11. kinkell

    Kennel ideas.

    Taken 7 year to get this far started from scratch wee bit to go
  12. kinkell

    Kennel ideas.

  13. kinkell

    Zombie knifeman jailed.

    What was the original sentence?
  14. kinkell


    Rest of the outfit from local scarecrow