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  1. kinkell


    If he's only one fight to the death I'm putting all my money on his opponent
  2. kinkell

    carol is looking spiffy dont ye think

    Seen nicer things in a gin trap
  3. kinkell

    Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    Dynamic earth just across from holyrood well worth a visit
  4. kinkell

    Dogs and chocolate

    Could end up a marathon
  5. kinkell


    Once was working from home and had to share a double bed with a notorious bed wetter he asked me what side I wanted I said the shallow end
  6. kinkell

    Dogs and chocolate

    This is going down a treat
  7. kinkell

    Dogs and chocolate

    Often see boys giving their dogs a bit of chocolate on a shoot day for a bit energy but don't know but think grapes are bad for dogs
  8. kinkell

    Dogs and chocolate

    New someone would bounty say that
  9. Chris packam had a road show in Perth last night to a sellout show
  10. kinkell

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Stonework photo by mistake from a previous post .sky photo was from my garden this morning
  11. kinkell

    The Places Ye Get To See

    More like a dodo the time you got to it
  12. Never entered my head that I must live in a bubble
  13. kinkell

    Shooting Log

    As long it's your own stains
  14. kinkell

    Spanish fly....

    I meant fining them and treating like that I hate any kind of litter