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  1. Kit kat wrapper got more fingers than him
  2. When you are landing in scotland the cabin crewremember you to turn back your watch to the correct time 25 years
  3. Been watching his channel for a we while always look forward to a new one
  4. Flew up in the hedge beside nest mates saw it getting fed .there was trapping program here for the grey squirrel never seen one for a good few years plenty red now
  5. Young goldie just hopped nest up my pathway
  6. One of my old neighbor used to give me a packet of nuts and raisins didn't find out till years later that she ju sucked the chocolate of fruit and nut bar
  7. Don't know how to put link up
  8. Came across oat stookes when out with the dogs first for me
  9. Thanks will take a look
  10. Noticed they done it when there isn't going to be an audience same as footballers taking the knee and I'm going to finish text with a full stop......
  11. Fresh today duck eggs home made bread and butter cup of tea with the tea bag left in
  12. Had one similar about her identical twin but he had a moustache
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