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  1. Absolutely, my read of it is you could ferret with a dog as the nets arguably constitute the primary method of capture and the dogs arguably search for rabbits evading nets. But you need a solicitor / test case to confirm and surely a landowner will be nervous about giving permission as I see they could be prosecuted as well.
  2. Always good when we can give a ferret a good home and it pays off
  3. Absolutely agree, never thought it at the time but it's great to look back even if it's just a few pics
  4. Superb, pretty sure I went to that Lambourn. There was a short but bloody prize fight at the bottom of the hill? Some good racing and decent beer tent. Heady days
  5. From Harlow in Essex, they had the dam but I only saw a photo of sire
  6. Sorting through my mums house we came across pictures of my first lurcher, 1979 so I gave the pup an of the era name "toyah" . We had terriers and ferrets but this bitch was a game changer for mooching. Lurcher to lurcher cross, she was a dream to work although in part I put that down to the time one can devote at 17 when the world is yet to discover current electronic distraction. She was insanely committed to catching game, near miss accidents were frequent and sadly a tree collision was her undoing. Despite the look of her white beard she didn't make 3 years. Ever since i am not a fan of d
  7. In my ferreting which is virtually all hedgerow work, digging is usually a result of work by more experienced Ferrets, most hobs I've had and more aggressive Jill's will need the odd dig to from 2nd year onwards. I do it because we can and it definitely means more rabbits in the bag. Much as I hate the actual digging because roots etc make it tough, I really like the relationship between me and ferrets that will stay when being dug to. They back off when you break through, then look up and move to where the rabbit is. If it's only one backed up then once that's out they then shin up the hole y
  8. Got to say that's unusual. Now well fed adult ferrets are not going to eat all of a rabbit, they don't have teeth and jaws of hyenas and they definitely have preferences for easy to eat parts. That said if it's fresh they always have something. My experience is Ferrets don't eat meat that's going off so it's important to use fridge and freezer to manage quality. Unless it's a freezing day I portion control and bin any meat they don't eat in 24 hours. I do prep rabbits to maximise use by ferrets / dogs / humans. Providing the rabbits look healthy I will dump diseased livers and freeze the meat
  9. What bearinator and netmaker said . There's always ticks and fleas on rabbits and in their burrows. Fleas I am not that worried about and just focus on once a week cleaning of joins and corners in ferret sleeping areas plus bedding change to reduce numbers of fleas in hutches, I rarely treat ferrets themselves with insecticide. Ticks I do deal with straight away (when I see them swelling up with blood,
  10. I am sure battery testing is not new to many but was to me so thought I'd share. one of my collars was playing up and even after swapping batteries it wasn't consistent. I just bought a battery tester and turns out that the life of even quite new cells of 394 is not consistent. Two good batteries and all was well. This Ansmann analogue tester is £5, it's a faff to use for button cells but works and given the price of cells I reckon it's a useful tool
  11. Looks like a great place. Can't help comparing that at 7am today in East Anglia it's pitch black and the ground is saturated with water
  12. Absolutely classes are useful for socialising, really, having a trainer there cuts out all the bollocks most dogs owners talk and act out . It is an arse ache though, Reactive dogs are frustrating for everyone involved and hard not to get tense. If the dog is scared then belting or zapping it isn't positive IMO, save that for aggressive actions. A rabbit skin or commercial tug toy can be a useful distraction if used before the barking kicks off. Otherwise seek out dogs they do get on with to maximise positive interactions. Good luck
  13. Reassuring, everything about him is incredible, speed, stamina and commitment. But...it's shown me even when you think you've seen a lot there's more to learn, in comparison to collie type lurchers, his focus on the job is like a mayfly. The penny will drop, (without distraction he's very obedient) but until then there's going to be a lot more swearing you'll probably hear in Oz
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