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  1. This is the only whippet I've had, always lurchers before and I still have a collie x. Reason is that in East anglia the hatred to hare coursing is frothing at the mouth so it's a pain in the arse to be seen with a lurcher. (By the way, turns out having a whippet doesn't change much ,) anyway Hedgerunners are ped and at for least the litter I have one, from the males are big. Mine is 22" and 34lb. He's incredibly game, has tremendous stamina and is very quick. Sounds great although the downside is he puts 100% of his tiny brain into pursuit and that makes him a handful when hunting
  2. If you can't find the named lines you are after a quick scroll through Instagram will find you working whippet lines. Without going too far North, I have a hedgerunner dog who does the job for me and a litter brother also I know is good. Jolly quick have some good looking pups
  3. Not sure how this happened but our 1st x collie lurcher who has always refused to chase plastic lures has got bored of watching our whippet racing and at 5 years has suddenly become mad for having a go himself,,,,. He still likes a spot of ferreting mind ,,
  4. I recently got a second hand mk1 box that works ok. However, having used both over many years I find the mk1 boxes less reliable than mk3 and prefer the 3 system. On the flip side the collars on mk3 occasionally randomly quit, only about one every 2 years, but that's put me in trouble with numbers of collars so I use both systems. It's a pain in the arse. ,,
  5. For anyone in the east Essex ferret welfare have a few vasectomised hobs and Jill's can visit them for a reasonable fee. Worked for ours. The vet practice they use is experienced with the operation and is probably a good place to get your own hob done. The implants that replace jill jab are extremely expensive as Arry says
  6. With you on that,. Not much near me it's mostly arable but one farm I have permission on uses a lot and it's very difficult to ferret. I've not cracked how to work those types of hedges successfully. Complete pain for ferrets and dogs with little reward
  7. In East Anglia it's been evident for several weeks now. Big impact in population on the fields I know but not a complete wipeout yet
  8. I feel better reading this thread as one of my current dogs can be sensitive, it's not unusual as they get older. Only thing I'd add into consideration for old lurchers is cheap frozen white fish boiled briefly and flaked in. I use a lot of cooked chicken, various kibble that I know works (none cheap), rice and raw game. I like the idea of all raw but the difficulty knowing where it really comes from makes me hesitate
  9. That's Kevin Mallon s line. When I was looking it was clear good whippets within easy travel of me , these days are expensive, much more than lurchers on plus side I liked Kevin's approach, pups are very well reared and handled and I felt we were off to a good start.
  10. As far as I know both outcross to keep the lines sharp so you'll see different parents from time to time. As I said, I'm impressed with physical attributes of mine
  11. Easy to find breeders of working whippets on Instagram. Honestly . Some great lines about. I have a Hedgerunner and he is rapid and very prey driven
  12. Plenty of optimism here . In my experience most dogs are humbled by rabbits on golf courses. Of 10 lurchers I've had, only one was a regular taker of rabbits on sports pitches in daylight and she was exceptional at picking up compared to the rest. One of my two current dogs is a whippet who is proven fast on the clock, he's not sussed it yet and usually carries too much speed into a potential catch opportunity. As ever, High winds, poor light and a careful approach help a lot
  13. They have to be sexually mature. I had one done this year end of may at 11 months. With 6 week delay Before sperm is dead it makes it tricky to use them until following year
  14. At least in humans, ligament tears don't particularly hurt so probably explains dogs lack of response and with poor blood supply they don't heal well either. For serious ligament and tendon injuries that need surgery there's a short window of time to fix them and I am not confident about success. Only ever had one like that and vet amputated her toe. Good news is there was no obvious impact on running
  15. I'm pretty sure Sally Hancock still breeds the occasional litter and there are still enthusiasts out there
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