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  1. I really like hobs, castrated they are no problem at all and almost always great to handle. Even entire it's only a couple of months of hulk type behaviour. Could be my approach or ground, but I use Jill's as well because I find hobs typically get the hang of using their power by the second season and inevitably will kill or corner rabbits every outing. I enter a Jill a couple of minutes before a hob to get things moving, not unusual that the hob will find one that hasn't quickly bolted, hopefully without cornering it
  2. I've always hormone jabbed or used a vasectomised hob. Even then it's not no risk and while they might survive I've had two Jills die of anemia after a second season which I've let go on for too long before doing something about. I don't take chances any more and suggest you don't leave them. For the two spayed ferrets I've owned from ferret rescue, both were long-lived. That said, ask the vet on cost for the op as it's likely expensive and it maybe more cost effective to jab every year.
  3. another vote for in season behaviour. I find it's common for a normally content Jill to be enthusiastic about getting out and away at this time of year. For example I let mine run in a small greenhouse for an hour or so each day, not a problem all this winter, they play the whole time. They,ve pretty much stopped playing and Last week I saw a Jill with her head stuck in a tiny gap in the top window vent trying to get out. Down to 10 mins now
  4. Similar in my part of East Anglia. Overall rabbits down a lot in extensive areas like large farms and Thetford forest although in some small isolated populations they can be locally abundant. Can imagine that's linked to ease of transmission of the virus VHD. Hares common, muntjacs abundant and well adapted to life on urban fringe. Foxes uncommon away from habitation guess they get a kicking off the NV shooters. Badgers though, f... me I didn't see a badger in the East until 1995 and they are now everywhere. A major PIA for ferreting. Greenfinch and Goldfinch definitely swapped in ab
  5. Sorry to hear this. I am not far away Lee and I've messaged you. Hope I can help
  6. Sorry to hear this. Bloody frustrating, I am sure you are aware but it's not a case of one and done, I have been there and some dogs I've had were looking good in calm situations but never completely solid when sheep ran so I can see potential for a shock collar. Another option, I do canicross with mine and If you run it's worth considering, what I do is jog through sheep fields with the dog on a canicross harness. Gives you the chance to correct the dog as sheep disperse. Just one thing on hitting them, as some have said, it has to be in the moment but also be prepared that a dog with dr
  7. And another variation for you. I use normal shavings for litter but keep them out of the sleeping areas. Reason is they stick like crazy to meat. The only problem I ever experienced was with dust extracted shavings, sounds bizarre but I could see the processing had greatly reduced the overall size of the chip so maybe that was the problem. For bedding I use material. This is not no risk as very rarely (3 times in 20 years) I have had ferrets get claws properly stuck in material. Straw is next choice. Hay in my experience is the material that causes respiratory issues and scratching
  8. With you on that. I see with my mum that the incentive to get out exercise and interact really helped her quality of life
  9. I stopped over at mums and seeing some nostalgia posts appearing in the forum thought I'd take a few pics of photos she has of collie lurchers I had in late 70s and 80s. I am indebted to her for helping me out on those occasions when work or landlords meant I couldn't keep dogs from time to time. She had a soft spot for lurchers and always had a rescue or 2 as well. I still have a first cross collie and they rate each other. He remembers where she stashes old dog toys and leads her on a tour of the house to collect them up each visit. Sadly at 91 and with Alzheimer's she can no longer hav
  10. And here. Just one outing on a colder farm left, that's an interesting local variation, just 15 miles from other permission but heavy clay soil, more trees and some North facing slopes really make a difference in soil temperature. Otherwise I am a big believer in climate change. I got my first ferrets in 1976 and we used to go to week one of March so IMO and roughly roughly, rabbit breeding is 2 weeks earlier in 35 years
  11. Nice thing to do for Dutch guys. Must admit I thought they had a paradoxical rule that terrier work ok but not lurcher work?
  12. Had to dig twice in this Warren, ferret backed away as I broke through (as they usually do in my experience, only this time the rabbit moved forward and legged it down a side branch only to get cornered again
  13. Slow this morning, all does were pregnant and one probably had a litter and was pregnant again. Apart from one farm that's has some North facing fields on clay soil where rabbits are typically later breeding by a week or so, i am almost done for another season Still, always great to see dog and ferrets living their best life, will get at least one more morning
  14. With you on all of that . I also have 2 × 50m Brinded nets, they catch very well, the but is I only put that set up in the car when I know it's needed, I have to use a fishing sack trolley for it and other kit of walking in.. You exposed my mystery no good net as well, bridport just not enough bag as sold. I saw trammel net mentioned later in thread, so I only have one short trammel, and yes it works but it's also easily tangled, my experience is the dog does a good job of minimising escapers from long nets so I don't get much for extra weight and expense of a trammel. A no dog setup probably
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