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  1. That's an awesome 24 hours
  2. Completely agree, they are not soft dogs. My collie lurcher was attacked by a lab at 6 months and now he goes for them, of course because they are a common dog this can occur almost every day and people thinks he's a c...t. I've been bitten a few times by dogs but only two breeds...... border collies (both times trying to get permission ) and labs. Borders sneaked around and got me in the calf but labs were more upfront about it.
  3. Good idea to try fish oil, also Loxicom for cats is used off label for ferrets as painkiller. Best to give in short bursts of about 3 days, I've not had problems with that. As others have said 8 is a great age for a job, you must be doing a great job
  4. You're going to have a lot of fun with her, she looks great
  5. The difference I find is more people have an opinion, Its always been hard to get permission but i don't remember anyone but landowners being bothered about hunting with dogs 40 years ago. I completely get the excitement about terriers and a lurcher, I loved seeing that interaction. Today we have so many muntjac and badgers where I live it's not practical to have a terrier, the poor b*****d would never be allowed off the lead
  6. Apologies if it's already been posted but FFS the Jill jab Delvosteron, is discontinued and there is no replacement. My vet suggested implants which a friend of mine in Denmark uses so I know they work but... £250 a ferret. My last vasectomised hob died 3 years although I just caught an escaped entire male so it's an option but my Jill's are almost all in season so it's a long wait before that would work out.
  7. Phenomenal, probably the best word to describe the rabbit tick burden on a ferret we picked up yesterday thanks to a friendly farmer who spotted him and called me. Thanks to fine tweezers and fipronil all should be fine
  8. A friend of my mum's in the late 1970s had a Ibizan, they lived on a smallholding and said it caught a lot of rabbits mouching on its own. Unfortunately it wasn't ferret wise so the one time we visited with my ferrets and terriers it was obvious he couldn't get involved so I didn't see it work. Nice looking dog though
  9. Always together, so I don't know how he'd be on his own
  10. Hi to all, so I've never owned a whippet before and have encountered an irritating habit that got worse in the last month of ferreting and was wondering if anyone out there has had success minimising noise during ferreting? So he runs prey silently, almost never barks at home so I was very happy going into his first winter, but.... when the ferret slot machine is not paying out fast enough for his liking he yips at the holes he senses are near the underground action. On top of that, if he runs a bolted rabbit to ground again he persistently barks at the hole while constantly looking at me
  11. That is a little odd. Most years one of mine randomly loses hair around the tail, (I believe it's a hormone imbalance) however their coat usually looks poor as it's starting to come out whereas that ferret seems to have a good coat elsewhere. Sorry I've never had a ferret temporarily lose hair that wasn't linked to the classic "bottle brush tail".
  12. Some time ago the advice on keeping these hormones changed, they don't last very long once opened even in the vets fridge. I think old hormone is one reason some jills come out of season. At the moment I don't have a vasectomised hob so I am using jabs and it's fine, last year none of 4 Jill's came back in. However I bought a whole vial at my own risk as vet said they would not do any followup unless it was either new hormone or my material in their fridge I try to wait until all are ready, but don't leave it too long as once they are full in season it's the right time. . another 6 to 8 w
  13. That is a real bummer, but it happens. Well it's happened to me anyway . Although not to anyone charging for it. I have a few permissions which I share with people I don't know well or really get on with. Some ferreting but every farm around me has someone shooting. I live with it as I'm still working so can't make crazy promises on numbers or timing My experience is keep in touch, it's hard to not throw ones toys out but other opportunities may come up / It's not unusual the other guy will quit / have problems etc. And Farmers sometimes pickup new land or friends ask them for rabbitin
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