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  1. Not at all, sorry if my post didn't read as intended, I thought this thread was very helpful and kind . My snidey comments were directed at the forum in general, particularly on lurchers . Completely right to mention turning collar on and off. Sounds like he didn't get a separate magnet, I find the locator magnet at then end of the mk3 hit and miss in switching and if I didn't have a few collars I'd often be wondering if something was up relying on that. I put the Deben magnets on a neck lanyard so I don't lose them
  2. Not at all, sorry it read wrong, my comments were about the forum generally, particularly on lurchers. I thought this thread was unusually helpful. Absolutely right to mention turning collar on, it's a shame these magnetic switches don't always go or off first time. If I didn't have more than one collar I'd often wonder if it's the collar or locator not functioning properly
  3. Dont know what's happening on the forum. Another thread with great advice . It can be frustrating but keep the faith with yourself and your hobs as you are both learning. If you can find small shallow buries that's easier for young ferrets and has been said, don't worry about netting initially, less noise from you the better. I got my first ferrets in 1979 and can honestly say I've never had a useless one. Yes some are better than others and some take several outings to get it but all from working stock can do a job and whether hobs or Jill's. If nothing bolts check their claws for sign
  4. Hope collar working ok. Amongst the good stuff it's Not unusual to read sarcastic / unpleasant / sometimes obvious bollocks in these threads. W. katchum gets my vote for calm and helpful responses here. Nice job sir
  5. Last time I picked up a wild one was in 1980. Exactly same response you are finding but she did settle eventually. Although As a teenager I had more time to rehab her, not sure I could manage today. It took months before I could work her, I remember first time I let her loose in the garden to check she would tolerate our dogs she legged it and I had to corner her and shout to get my dad's welding glove for her to latch onto so I could grab her with other hand. Nevertheless like others on the thread she had once been someone's tame worker and although never perfect actually never did bite and l
  6. Also check out canicross racers. Youll need to do some web searching but focus on the top end racers (most use whatever dog they have) quite a few use this type of dog. Typically GSP X greyhound
  7. Another vote for vet, not what you want to hear but hopefully they can sort it. I have sometimes skipped vets over the years, one mistake I made was on a toe and ended up having to have it amputated
  8. Just seen one, a stable owner friend had one (30+ years ago) and it was a fantastic rabbit catcher. She thought it was a pain as it was obsessed with hunting and often went AWOL.
  9. I have used longnets and shorter stop nets for many years and there's always the odd bounce. 2 stop nets are from Les and they are very well made, catch well and I am delighted with them
  10. My one encounter with a mink hand reared by a ferreting friend suggested it would be too much for me. He had a very young mink kit brought to him by someone who thought it was an escaped ferret. Even after months of daily handling he was still wearing gloves, a falconry one to hold it and a softer leather one to pick it up with. It was unbelievably quick. If you've ever picked up a mean ferret that's spent time escaped......no comparison, thats a doddle. And of course it couldn't be housed with ferrets
  11. Ground is hard as hell here so no point in doing too much. Better to start moderately fit and with no injuries. I do some running with mine on a canicross harness which helps both of us . It's also pretty warm and I'll get about 3 ball retrieves before the dog takes it off to some shade .
  12. Of 3 first cross collie X I've had, two were small at 22/23 inch at shoulder with current dog 25 inch at shoulder and lighter in build. He's faster at top end but not as agile. Nice dog to own apart from pathological desperation to hunt muntjac, there's a lot round me and it's a PIA
  13. in other answers. Here's some pictures of a border collie first cross .
  14. Of 3 first cross collie greyhounds I've had they have all been great dogs to own and work, excellent ferreting companions but in all honesty none of them could regularly catch rabbits on a sports field. The dice needed to be loaded in some way so rough grass / lamping / ferreting and so on. Other lurcher to lurcher crosses with more sighthound blood were more versatile on other quarry but no better on rabbits so I have never been interested in 3/4 greys. The best dog I had on rabbits, over 40 years ago (sadly for her the first I owned so she could have been even better with experience) was a
  15. Didn't know that. assuming it was your Lazer, Does that alloy reflector off the blazer work better than the Lazer ?
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