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  1. Didn't know that. assuming it was your Lazer, Does that alloy reflector off the blazer work better than the Lazer ?
  2. I think they should be encouraged. Pheasant s are bloody hard to catch mind, vegetation needs to be tall enough to allow the dog to get close but not so tall it impedes the jump. Also it's not all positives, it will mean keeping them on a lead more if you are in a public place particularly near waterfowl that are used to dogs. I've had a couple of embarrassing incidents , just saying
  3. It looks like a tick in the photo. They are dark and bloated after initial feeding and then turn grey in colour and shrink back a little as blood is digested. It will fall off but alway better to get them out if you have the right tweezers and technique to get the head out. If not it's unlikely to be an abscess. In my experience abcesses in ferrets get very big, very quickly, only a vet can deal with them. They need a slash to the skin to get the puss out, rinsing with saline then a week of antibiotics. All the ferrets I have had that lived a long time developed some sort of cancer so random
  4. Great age for a ferret, only had one in 40 yrs of keeping them make it that far. Pretty confident all my jills came into season however old they got, as I have taken some for a Jill jab when they were clearly too old to go in with vasectomised hob
  5. Same experience, touch their coat if it's sunny, even if only about 15C and it's obvious they soak the heat . Assuming they are fit and no veterinary reason There's also sometimes panting in excitement / anticipation.
  6. There's some good responses on here worth taking notice of. My experience is same as w katchum, Definitely not all landowners want rabbits controlled or even if they do, where I am in East Anglia everyone has had regular shitty experiences with hare coursers driving over crops . Still, the problem is not a new thing. I first asked permission for lurcherwork over 40 years ago and it's only a minority in my experience that will let you access. I quickly learnt to not mention the dog and ask permission for ferreting first, bring a well trained dog along and it's going to be fine. Get a written pe
  7. Sad to read this, definitely get the whole lot checked by a vet as soon as you can in case it's a disease. Don't think anyone can say for certain it's not related to Jill jab but it's highly unlikely. There's not a biological reason why the correct dose would cause such a reaction and in my experience I've never had a Jill even look a bit off colour after a jab. Nearest to what you experienced was my own fault. I left an older Jill in season for several weeks before getting her jabbed, that was enough to trigger the hormone imbalance that leads to anemia, no way back from that and she be
  8. I do something similar, front end fed intact fur and all. Sometimes they eat they eat bits of the skin. I find always on very young rabbit up to half grown, never on an old one . I skin the loins and back end before freezing as we eat them sometimes. @mooseI didn't want to put you off mince, just it needs clearing out to prevent flies and as good as ferrets are at stashing food, flies are better at finding it. Decades ago I got cheap or free offal from butchers to supplement but this was before microwave meals . On eggs, sometimes I pop a raw egg in, no more than one egg between two as occas
  9. Absolutely spot on, I run with mine cross country using a canicross harness and it's very different to him free running. He will keep running if I do, so on a bike it would be very easy to do too much, particularly on tarmac. With warmer weather here that's another risk.
  10. Hi there, I use shavings in large trays to make mucking out easier, a bale is much much cheaper and worth hassle of storage. I have once bought a more expensive dust extracted bale and it was a real pain. This version had smaller chips that stuck to meat which the bigger shavings dont seem to. In summer I feed some meat but rabbits jointed or whole for small ones, so there's enough bone to spot the stash and pull it out. Mostly though in summer it's dried food for me. They don't love it but do well on it and it's for a few months only. Just need to have a lot of water available. I use large po
  11. Love that photo. Always sad when they die, 5 years of hunting can provide a lot of memories. Interesting the original owner thought she was useless. Over 40 years I have had a few ferrets that were obviously outstanding, most were decent but never had one that was useless. Be interesting to understand how dogs and ferrets rate their owners
  12. I use a mk 2 collar with a mk3 locator. works fine. every season I forget which way the batteries go in but otherwise its been perfect. Signal not as strong as mk3 collars on same setup but workable
  13. Need to get the calculator out. My vasectomised hob died this winter and Ive just taken the 4 jills to the vet for a hormone jab. First time in 5 years (cost was £110 then). Their policy now is the whole vial has to be binned once its opened and the price was £82 for the 4. To be fair I dont think its BS as I have never experienced jills coming out of season so quickly after a jab. So unless the hormone years ago was less effective I imagine it did go off. Nevertheless on assumption a snipped hob can do the job for 4 years £282 is still saving money.
  14. Agree with others that's a classic indicator of hob on hob action. Just occasionally those bites get infected, it will be an obvious swelling if so. Most often they heal with just salt water cleaning required. I used noxema the medicated cream to help keep crap out after cleaning. Seems to be well tolerated by their skin
  15. Fascinating, hottest it's ever been where I live is 36c even with shade, ice blocks and wet cloths our ferrets looked like they were near death. And that was just for 2 days
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