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  1. I've had similar thoughts about relocation but totally failed to act. Has the relocation worked ?
  2. It's a concern in East Anglia and if anyone comes across a hare with myxi or rvhd symptoms there is a study " This project is being run by Dr Diana Bell, a senior lecturer at the University of East Anglia School of Biological Science, Norwich. She is requesting members of the public who find or photograph hares to email her at d.bell@uea.ac.uk ".
  3. Another thanks, I've been putting off repairs recently and this is encouraging me to face up to the job . Don't forget to add top line and purse line videos
  4. Same for my area of East Anglia, creates some issues for me as the farmers and friends are very alert to hare coursing and I can't afford to be judged deliberately out on hares. When ferreting on land with hares I walk between warrens with the dogs on leads
  5. Sounds similar to mine, 22" and 18kg. Phenomenally quick but too game for his own good. Has to be on a lead if deer might be about. I walk both of mine on a lead to ferreting spots as there is a high risk they'll put up a muntjac left to their own devices
  6. For the hob I had done last year the vet was very careful in telling me everything that could go wrong . Fair enough. Equally I am on my fourth vasectomised hob and for each of them the op was successful with no side effects and another 5 years of service at least in each case
  7. That is amazing if still valid. I know they had several done and of course there is the issue that these hobs are entire and will need a separate cage for about half the year so they may be hogging cages
  8. That's a good idea, it's how I found the vet we used. It's a much better and usually cheaper experience if the vet is familiar with ferrets
  9. Btw these are independent vet practices, very different pricing on anything non standard compared to the big corporations
  10. I've had two vasectomized by the vet practice I've used for our ferrets in 15 years since we moved to Cambridgeshire. If I remember correctly about 120 pounds in 2011 and definitely 200 in may 23 Anyone in easy distance of Essex ferret welfare can take jills there for a reasonable fee. The vet they use is doing several ferret vasectomies a year and i understand is still only charging about 100 pounds so next time I'll go there.
  11. Most days I wish my collie x was as driven with rabbits as he is with cats and muntjac. He has an 11 out of 10 setting when a cat appears
  12. I can't beat @boors joke so I'll be serious, just don't try it. Fox is also a serious risk although I have over the years bolted foxes that were in rabbit warrens (no smell or evidence of them ) on two occasions with no loss of ferrets
  13. Bloody hell that worked with 2 of them. , batteries out as well
  14. Fair points. Badgers in east Anglia have become incredibly common, even 40 years ago they just weren't in evidence and today they are everywhere. I hadn't thought about foot traffic, that has gone up a lot and also plenty of new build houses in our area with lots of cats, I lost a ferret this year and looking for it around our village at dawn and dusk I was amazed by the numbers of cats. Deer certainly cope better, muntjac are a massive pain for me as my dogs are mad for them
  15. It's difficult to be certain with RHD because the numbers just collapse and you don't see carcasses but I feel it's the main problem. I have in the past ferreted and shot on one farm and numbers always bounced back
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