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  1. Joe1888

    Sliced coat/skin

    Vets in morning, they said will be ok till then as not bleeding, not really bothering him. Not being a tight c**t lol
  2. Waiting for mrs to get in so i can phone vets, any advice?
  3. Joe1888

    Marmary tumour

    Bitch was spayed 3 days ago, just spotted her licking the area for first time, yous reckon should dab area with salt water to reduce chances of infection? Only been using the head cover for night as been managing to keep her away from it untill now Vet spotted a second small marmory, decided to leave both untill after spay now as it was to much skin to remove at once, one nipple will need to be removed.
  4. Have some big confifers in bottom of garden. Can i build a concrete pad ontop of the soil instead of digging down and hitting roots? Avoiding killing the trees or making them weaker in winds. garden is alittle sloped so if i was to build ontop then it would level out. Pad would be for a garage.
  5. Joe1888

    Marmary tumour

    Ok mate, thanks
  6. Joe1888

    Marmary tumour

    Did you get your bitch speyed?
  7. My bitch just finished her season and we noticed a small bb size lump next to nipple. Vet confirmed it was a marmary tumor, vet advised to have it removed and get my bitch speyed. She said they could cut it out soon or advised to get both done in 3 months time, once all her levels dropped after season. But if the lump got bigger to phone them and they could remove sooner. Anyone had experience with mammory tumours? I had played with idea of getting a pup from her one day, guess that wont happen now.
  8. Joe1888

    Rabbit meat

    Added bonus
  9. Joe1888

    Rabbit meat

    Shouldnt kill me
  10. Joe1888

    Rabbit meat

    f**k it, getting eaten
  11. Joe1888

    Rabbit meat

    Its just the thin bit of skin that goes round belly. No like its all rotten
  12. Joe1888

    Rabbit meat

    I froze complete rabbits after ferreting last time i was out. Defrosted them and was going to eat today, i noticed some of the skin/meat has changed colour to green. I know its because i didnt skin straight away, ive frooze like this a few times before, first time this has happened Can i still eat the fuckers, just cut out the little green?
  13. Joe1888

    couple days ferreting

    now and then mate, go where ever the rabbits are. hoping i can get out abit more before all the ferrets come into season. hows the season been for yous so far? hes not bad mate, does what i need him to. aye, ross is an alright c**t, should be out ferreting with him soon. its more the hedge rows i was wondering about, ive got a couple to do. open on all sides, need to be a good judge of where the fuckers will bolt. least with purse nets more difficult to hole hop. thanks for the offer mate.
  14. Joe1888

    Packing up for a while

    All the best mate
  15. Joe1888

    couple days ferreting

    aye mate, it is that. glen is one of the dogs deanflute bred a while ago. atleast they didnt get them all. i seen your post, looked a good days ferreting, cant beat it I need to get using the long nets more, its alright when theres a few of you, its a c**t carrying it all when ferreting solo.