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  1. I need a extra mk3 collar lol. Thats some collection mate, handy.
  2. give it a try mate, easy. swartz sauce. i shouldve mixed the rice with it all but it was gid like that
  3. Ive probably done it before and not known mate, would prefer they didnt go to waste
  4. salt and chilli rabbit legs and peking rabbit legs , braw
  5. A few pics from a few recent morning ferreting trips 1.A decent wee morning ferreting, much needed experience for these ferrets. The young hob is still playfull but he'll come good. Long net was spot on at the first bit, 2 rabbits hit it, glen held them place untill i got over. Glen picked another up not long after. I couldnt find the mk3 ferret finder collar batteries this morning, decided to risk it. Sods law, the two jills caught two underground that i couldnt get to. Moved onto another bit, if i had placed the long nets on the other side it would've been another 3, i decided to c
  6. Got 13 rabbits the other day, some very clearly have myxi, others look abit better, some had loads of fat. Don't think ill eat these ones.... do yous feed dugs and ferrets myxi rabbits or just bin them ?
  7. Rtech 180, might be able to get you a 7.5% discount. Not cheap, get what pay for.
  8. Somehow missing part of the mk3 collar cap, anyone one have one forsale, bit that screws on to.... see pic, cheers
  9. I've used abattoir meat for the dugs for years with no problems. I spoke to a local dog food supplier who sells raw, after I told him I could feed my pot lickers cheaper he tried to put me off saying that the meat they use was intentended for humans, human grade meat and that stuff from the abattoir Is probably full of infections / bacteria and drugs. Anyone had any issues with abattoir food?
  10. Wanted to try something different, was Gid. Rabbit chilli con carne
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