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  1. Mr Wilkes


    The advantage of having a well trained dog , I’m seeing a lot more squirrels lately . Even in places I havnt seen them before .
  2. Mr Wilkes

    My lads

    Well done lads
  3. Mr Wilkes

    Time for a change.

    Absolutely ... plenty of power but accurate with it .
  4. Caught too many by the belly ( and yes I did tweak the tunnels before anyone has a go !) the last straw came when I walked past a fired trap . I went to my furthest point and picked traps up on my way back.. 20 mins before I got back to that fired trap and when I lifted it the mole was still alive and caught round the belly. I control pests but try to do it humanly IMO the tunnel trap isn’t humane.
  5. Can you translate ?
  6. Typical fukin farmer !
  7. I’m sure this is his brother in law
  8. I decided to treat myself to some .7 gen 3 precise ... cut at 20mm straight using 9.5 steel. I’m more than happy , the 40mm spinner didn’t last long at 10 mtrs.
  9. Mr Wilkes


    I wouldn’t let one bad apple spoil it mate there are plenty decent folk on here
  10. Mr Wilkes


    The coal bit is right but not sure about the other.
  11. Mr Wilkes


    The things we got up to would make you hair curl
  12. Mr Wilkes


    I was ok .. I was out wi Graham keys.