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  1. I recon he tripped over a few mushrooms in the magic woods.... they’ll put him on a pedestal and worship the daft f****r, still one thing came out of it... he got a wash.
  2. I had noticed from your posts that you kept bitchs .. good luck with the dog
  3. Took this cock Magpie this morning with 8mm steel at roughly 10 yrd , his eyes were closed whilst sunny himself so never knew what hit him.
  4. Dankung China, saying that I’ve been waiting 8 weeks for my order now ffs !. Talking to a lad other day and he said white shark that Wayne sells out performs sheshou.
  5. Lovely them Ken , will you be keeping a dog pup ?.
  6. What..... hung in someone’s old shed... I don’t think so ..... suit you sir !.
  7. Here you go tank...
  8. Think it’s a wind up...
  9. The thing is Tank ... did they get paid ?
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