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  1. Jacob Evo bred him out of Troy & Misty ( both are Razor bred).
  2. Cheers mate. He’s impressed me so far especially with him a saluki lurcher . I just need to find some sheep to break him to now .
  3. Jim died a couple of year ago (knockerbox repairs).
  4. I could be totally wrong but I’m sure socks mate has a litter on.
  5. He gets a little excited when it comes to water...
  6. Looks like a lot of work goes into one of those Bill .
  7. Been listening to the Big cat conversations podcast , onto episode 4..... very very interesting .
  8. 1..... kazushi sakuraba 2..... Genki Sudo 3..... Mirko Cro cop
  9. Hope you’ve been saving the bean tins
  10. Can you not put a tail sheath on her ?.
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