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  1. Can't beat it mate.
  2. Nothing worse mate, had it happen a few times, last one was someone's spaniel with a rabbit I shot on a paddock, the fecker came out of nowhere, picked up the rabbit and hightailed it back in wood. What catty ya shooting ?.
  3. Yes mate, I made it from a yew fork I got in a local wood, it's the only one I put away and don't consider selling
  4. She's moorhunter bred, lovely little thing.
  5. Had a couple of squirrel this morning, pup retrieved em but I think I was a little too quick in taking the pic
  6. Absolutely gutted for you mate. On another note the young jill is not much bigger than a stoat and just as bloody active , young un named her stick .
  7. You have to use Amber belt and if your using that and can't tie on then it's clips. Here's a natty with no band grooves tied with Amber belt. Never had one slip.
  8. Not tried the wolf, I have a few enzo. I rubbished wasp slingshots when they came out.. until I tried one. For the money you can't go wrong.
  9. Anyone use the wasp xo ?, can't go wrong especially with the price.
  10. It has.. I'm doing well..you ?.
  11. Fantastic read.. well worth the money..imo.
  12. Must admit I was expecting whippets.
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