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  1. Be alright… I’ll get Smithie to take it out
  2. Pass me some of that shit ya smoking pesky
  3. I’ve always wanted a genuine 1st x lab greyhound, looked for years but nothing came up. Then the crazy mare vacated the property we rent out and in moves a greyhound trainer, good lad with a wealth of knowledge and he sorted me a well bred greyhound bitch which I could use , I’d already sorted the lab stud then…. Covid struck ! , thefts of dogs and pups went crazy.. it put me right off. I couldn’t bare the thought of some scumbag taking something I’d waited years for. So I decided to buy a lurcher pup in, pretty difficult trying to get a well bred pup when you don’t knock about with anyone, th
  4. The sight and smell of Autumn is the best time of year for me. The geese are moving I counted 11 skeins flying low over a bank the other morning, I’d have stood there with the shot gun when I was younger but not now. The young robins are starting to sing , sheps are mumering …. Love it.
  5. Try the Facebook groups, plenty being bred.
  6. I live in a village between two well established nature reserves and yup…. There’s one or two knocking abart
  7. Are you a member of any of the farcebook catty groups Bob ?.
  8. Mr Wilkes


    Thrown a few whiteys in the past but never blacked out like you did…. You got someone cleaning for ya while your off work ?.
  9. Got to agree elchapo , there’s just something about him.
  10. Watched the trailer….. enough for me.
  11. Yep looks like a hegarty sps, very nice catty. Good shot by the way
  12. Na…. The fukin size of ya
  13. Bet the farmers shit themselves with you looming outa the dark
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