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  1. Must admit I was expecting whippets.
  2. I’ve seen those before and the lads that were shooting them did pretty well with em The tubes should be ok mate.
  3. Dankung in China imo the best tubes there is.
  4. No worries mate, good to meet you. You’ll have to come over and we will go for a mooch with dogs n cattys at some point
  5. Think it was £1,300 .. a chunk of money but worth every penny.
  6. I’ve used 1745 looped with 11mm steel to good effect but dropped down to 1842 looped and 8.7mm steel for pure accuracy and easier handling.
  7. 17month mate , I’m just bringing back to full fitness as I dropped his protein intake ( personal circumstances ) to calm him down. He’s now back on the good stuff and bouncing. He will look twice the dog in a few weeks.
  8. He’s slimmed right down Fred he looks more like a skinny saluki body wise. Plenty of wind but everything is run saluki style unless it has hooves then it’s shit or bust style.
  9. Still using dopey bollocks.. he’s turning more into a specialist ( hunting certain things) rather than the all rounder I wanted.
  10. Nice one mate I’ve moved over to 1832 tubes and 8.7 steel..very accurate set up
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