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  1. If you look back in this section there are some cracking posts ie netting at night , mesh size , making nets ect.
  2. A good day for us as it’s also my sons birthday
  3. Cheers mate, he’s ticking all the box’s atm. Looking forward to working him this winter.
  4. Likewise Northernlite, she looks indestructible, lovely powerful little thing.
  5. Cheers mate, he’s doing well, I’m happy with everything so far.
  6. Can’t beat it. A little dip does em good.
  7. Never seen one worked other than the videos from the USA . I’m sure that you can’t get one from the wild in the uk and train it to hunt freely as if you don’t get it back then in the eyes of the law you have released a non native species…. Something on those lines. But hey…. What the eyes don’t see
  8. Think I’ll have to do the same, I have a old dog cage hanging around. Walked up to allotment this morning ( 5 mins away) and counted 13 of the buggers.
  9. I seem to have found the right combo Fred.. 8.7mm steel and 1842 tubes. I can shoot 9.5mm steel with the tubes but they are not as fast or accurate imo. I’m hitting most i shoot at with ttf so won’t change for a while… 4 jays in the last week + a couple of squirrels ain’t bad.
  10. For the life of me I can’t understand why you would want to walk 3 of them at once, 300lb of muscle to get off anything would take some doing.
  11. Another for gzk . .9 cut at 16/12 with 8.7steel . They last a long time . I’ve also started using 1842 double tubes with 8.7mm steel (ttf) to good effect.
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