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  1. Mr Wilkes

    A quick drop

    As Smithie was saying .. under the right conditions that drop will produce far more than 13. I keep meaning to call you Archie but I’m that busy atm.. we will sort a night out soon enough
  2. Mr Wilkes

    A quick drop

    I took a 6” T-bar I use for hard ground but we checked the ground before we entered the field and it was quite soft so didn’t use it .
  3. Mr Wilkes

    A quick drop

    I must admit terry that the green one hanked up perfectly but the red one had a few tails
  4. Mr Wilkes

    A quick drop

    It was great to be out pair netting again, the nets run out perfect and to catch was a bonus. Roll on winter .
  5. Mr Wilkes

    Mystery hiker

    You don’t need a big tree to hang yourself.. I was walking around a wood one night checking out the pheasant population when I came to a fork in the path for some reason I got a weird feeling not to turn right, I carried on left but felt uneasy from that point, I did quite well and headed home but couldn’t get the thought out of my head.. anyhow the next day I went back to be stopped by police ,a old lad had found a chap dead at the base of a tree with a noose round his neck , he’d tied it at head height then sat down.. 6 seconds to be unconcious then lack of oxygen did him.. I havnt and won’t go in that wood after dark again. hope everything turns out ok greyman.
  6. Mr Wilkes

    Double stranded

    It’s a case of knowing your ground Fred , there’s no point in running a 50 if a 20 is all you need, I have a hank of 4z ( new) and running line If you need a 25 yrd net , pm me your address and I’ll send it Lovely catch net netrigger edited to ad that it’s not a Velcro net
  7. Mr Wilkes

    Lurcher pups

    Clean healthy looking pups
  8. Mr Wilkes

    Alfie of clitheroe.

    This time next year Alfie ...
  9. Mr Wilkes

    Anyone in Leeds or around?

    How old is she ?.
  10. Mr Wilkes

    Supersure poaches

    I got my magnetic ring from Everythingsling.co.uk, as for supersure pouches.. just go on simpleshot web and order em
  11. Mr Wilkes


    They will get some work .
  12. Mr Wilkes

    Preferred weight for long nets

    Tried quite a few different long nets over the years , they all caught ( some better than others) but the ones I keep going back to are 4z , they are well made , cheap and will catch (if rigged properly ) most things that hit em .
  13. Mr Wilkes

    Mr Wilkes (on here)

    He took my number and will call as and when
  14. Mr Wilkes

    Mr Wilkes (on here)

    No problem mate , if any more come up I’ll pass them on to you .
  15. Mr Wilkes

    First Catapult Psbs

    Where did you get that fm ?.