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  1. Looking for a 8x11mm baby bean mould.. any for sale ?.
  2. Can't beat nettrigger for good advice
  3. Not sure Fred, possibly 18/19"
  4. Can't say I've had a problem with this bitch catching fleas but in summer mites are a problem from the greys. She gets a wash n towel dry before she comes in house
  5. Years ago I used to keep Spanish game and a hen pheasant used to come to the yard and feed , she was mated by any stag that was out on his tether. She then disappeared. Later that summer the dog put up some poults in a local wood that just looked different if you know what I mean, I often wonder if they were Spanish x pheasant.
  6. Pretty hard to get hold of so I'm led to believe..you done well getting one.
  7. She a belter mate, is she pedigree?, funny this one of mine ain't bothered about deer thank feck. I Don't use her for anything else but squirrel. She's run a couple of rabbit and caught one , never seen a hare or fox. I'm too old for all that type of hunting now. I enjoy a quiet stroll int woods chasing the grey menace.
  8. She's far from perfect mate but I've learned to live with her. Her nose is second to none and she retrieves every thing I shoot with the catty. Everything has to be killed again before she retrieves it and she's part crocodile so it tends to be in a state. Things should change as she matures but I'm not to bothered tbh. What's your whippet like ?.
  9. I agree mate theres a much better way to carry and run out a long net, as for the whippet I couldn't ask for better mate. She loves the squirrel
  10. Enjoyed watching that Fred, as Jack said the old lad does it differently. Will his way of netting work..yes without a doubt but its a lot of faffing around to be super efficient. I really used to enjoy our nights netting up int dales with old smithie but life sent me a curved ball and I needed a long time out of everything to recuperate.
  11. Anyone have one for sale ?
  12. I've just knocked up a couple of hundred 9mm lead using a lead melting pot and a Lee mould. Top tip is to keep fluxing the lead with bees wax to get rid of the crap and keep the spout clean .
  13. Yes mate shot a lot of stuff with looped tubes but I can't get on with single.
  14. Martin parkin, I'm shooting this well enough so I've got him to make me one. What set up n ammo you using ?.
  15. I was chatting to a lad about the apex , it ended up with me picking up a ply apex from him to try. Squirrel every where this morning but none stopping for a shot. I must admit the apex is a very nice catty to shoot.
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