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  1. Asa does some lovely stuff and so does John Jeffries but I think he’s made the right decision as a beginner .
  2. Glad to hear that old chap... it was more aimed at him running off with your wife .
  3. Bet you didn’t invite him back for a coffee
  4. Yes mate everyone counts. I never realised how many were killed each year. There is a group of young lads on fb that are out most weekends and the amount they take with cattys is crazy.
  5. If your just starting out I’d have a look at a hdpe from Nick hegarty on eBay or catch him on Facebook group catapult addicts, as for flats and tubes.. it’s really just what you preferr , flats are faster but tubes last a lot longer
  6. Not for much longer... got a stockins catty on order so this will be retired. I only shoot one catty , that way I can get used to it .
  7. 11mm steel and hit him just above the right eye
  8. Well done mate, it’s amazing what a walk in the countryside does for your well being
  9. Mr Wilkes

    Just 1 drop

    Cheers netrigger, for us it’s the only way .
  10. Mr Wilkes

    Just 1 drop

    Still a chance to break in that Nels0n net next dark nights Fred if you can make it.
  11. Mr Wilkes

    Just 1 drop

    The Lad is doing well , does he say what part of the country he is ?. A few year back we were doing the same , now a good night might be a dozen and most nights we only take a few, sadly the rabbits aren’t in the numbers they once were..
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