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  1. Wonder how many are getting divorced or up for murder
  2. They post em as I’ve seen ones that have been converted to bottle openers on eBay.
  3. Anyone know where I can buy a.50 cal bullet casing ?. Any help appreciated .
  4. Pic from today’s mooch, a little wet as the hen dropped int water
  5. Xm30s.....no need to say anything as it’s already been said but I’d definitely get in touch with Ian on here for best price.
  6. I use one of these headband for the t20.
  7. It’s ok but the white pil would be better. I can definitely say if it’s glowing then something is in a drey. I hunt a couple of woods and put squirrels back in a drey and they won’t shift and it’s these dreys I’ve been trying on a night So I went to a new place and 1st glowing drey produced 3 squirrels, I ended shooting one with the catty.
  8. Not every drey is giving off a heat source and looking back on at least 3 of the dreys the heat was north facing. Only one way to find out..... I’ll climb up .
  9. As far as I’m aware you can shoot ferel pigeon, rats , rabbits, hares and squirrels. Not sure about owt else. I was out this morning at 3am walking the pup and the squirrels dreys were like huge oranges glowing in the trees but I couldn’t get any to bolt. It’s amazing how many different birds I saw, the highlight was a female spar , seen her 4 times now on the same branch every time and the pheasants bloody loads . I use a t20 red pil ( couldn’t get a white pil for love or money).
  10. I shoot 11m steel with 1745 looped tubes.
  11. Can’t beat getting out with the young uns well done , tell her I’ve had a word with dad to take more crisps n chocolate next time .
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