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  1. I keep my feet on the ground don’t like heights….
  2. I know a racecourse for the battle
  3. So I am….that was an spelling app wrote that. Layman…..ARE you Greb?
  4. Are you aforementioned person?
  5. Never seen any issues with Staffs…..there was a line of Pit in Dublin after a black dog which would take a grip when they got excited. We had a dog bred off him…great dog I used to have the job of walking him….used to let him run free in the country….he hunted like fook….was walking him near a river one summers day, a few travelling boys were swimming…dog was running free….fooker switched on with the splashing and the roars of the boys….belted into the river after them…..I shouted them out of the water…..dog couldn’t get out with the bank at far side….but fook he was in prey mode….I shit mys
  6. Journalists covering Just Stop Oil protest ‘arrested and held for 13 hours’ WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK ‘I don’t want to be intimidated by it. But at the same time, it’s extremely concerning,’ filmmaker says Freedom of the press is a precious privilege that no country can forego.
  7. VOON


    Study suggests psilocybin reduces depression symptoms WWW.RTE.IE A new study has suggested that the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, along with psychological support, could help people with treatment resistant...
  8. That’s exactly my point……so why Tories/Right wingers the blaming the E.U., Remainers and Labour…..they have never looked to solve the issue…..”I have a dream about a plane load of immigrants heading to Rwanda”….. A Coherent policy with all first world countries is what is needed….why not give seven million a day to keep people in their own areas….more money to be made keeping them poor…..
  9. Ye got your sovereignty back, ye took back control. It’s time ye took responsibility for your own actions/inactions.
  10. Mmmm….I never meant it would…….are you allowed, expand the story
  11. Well mine definitely would….. One thing about these times….you can learn any martial art….get access to proper training…be nice to train for real life situations as you can now. …but then people these days can’t hunt the way we used to….so swings and roundabouts….
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