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  1. Better now from England....
  2. Momentum to Wales now....
  3. Yup the sheep shaggers
  4. VOON

    Trump Under Fire

  5. There's a fella in Waterford heads to the UK most weeks with dogs.....hunts a bit...heads up around Manchester, if it's any good to yis....
  6. VOON


    I'd check with your insurance company, to be certain there's no issues....
  7. VOON


    https://www.thejournal.ie/brexit-driving-licence-uk-no-deal-ireland-northern-ireland-4769433-Aug2019/ have you swapped your license yet Wilf....
  8. VOON


  9. VOON


  10. VOON


    What you wrote there is a complete load of tosh......but you know that......
  11. VOON


    Yes agree, but I'd say if you read the small print in the deal. It will be due to rise in 10 years time with the trend towards higher level industries in Europe or that's at least what the politicians hope for....
  12. VOON


    the only shit stirrers with regard to the Brexit deal is ...........drum roll..... The British government and elected members of Parliament. Ye want to leave, voted in Parliament not to leave without a deal....didn't know what deal Ye wanted, voted down the deal May got.....are leaving now without a deal....all the while Boris and co are still rabbiting on about getting a good deal if the E.U drops the backstop.... So if Ireland agrees to no Backstop will Ye then agree a deal?
  13. VOON


    Doesn't sit well with me. With the mercosur deal, the E.U. has agreed to allow in 99,000 tonnes of South American beef into Europe for resale, mercosur wanted 350,000 tonnes to come in. The trade deal has been ongoing for 20 years. Agriculture has been sold out to its detriment everywhere in Europe over the last 50 years, even though it's getting more efficient and still a main business driver in all European countries with lots of other industries living off the back of it. The beef protestors in Ireland are protesting outside factories at the price been given by the processors, if processors were giving what farmers deem a fair price for beef, there would be no protests. Factories know the amount of cattle being finished in Ireland at any one time, when cattle are coming fit, they always push prices down and string farmers along pushing costs up and causing unnecessary stress on them, when cattle should go when there ready. Grading is another big area where farmers are being screwed. rainforests and carbon emmissions from cattle, yep hawarden kite first aired by greeners who fly off on there holiers each summer to destress, with no idea of how to feed the world or save the planet. What's root cause of Global Warming?
  14. VOON


    What Question?
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