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  1. VOON

    Rail strikes

    Should give him a million be on a 1/4 of the Tory wage…. was blacklisted as a spark for better pay and conditions.l..sparks on good wonga now….
  2. VOON

    Rail strikes

    Tory Bashing…..
  3. VOON

    Sentient a.i

    What you think off that
  4. Are you referring to a young girl on a stretcher
  5. First past the post favours voting inertia by design……FOMO
  6. He’s finished 148 against……See what Rees Smug has to say now…….Remember Miss May…
  7. Et tu, anti-corruption Tsar……the knives are out…….
  8. VOON

    6th June

    Formally known as D-day, now known as B-day…. I wonder was it done on purpose? Invoke the “fight them beaches spirit”
  9. Possibly, looking like big reversals in the by-elections…..shore him up before more damage done…..but if they don’t vote him out, it will be looking bad for the Tory party long term…..but the ERG will try to achieve all objectives in the meantime,
  10. The boo’s on Saturday rang loud. I think he wins but do enough Tories vote against him for Boris to consider his position, a la Thatcher, a La May? Boris will never do the honourable thing. I meant he moves against the GFA agreement this week…..Trade war incoming….Just to keep the ERG happy……
  11. UK wants to include Ukraine in ‘European Commonwealth’: Report WWW.AA.COM.TR New bloc could 'potentially' also be open to Turkiye at later stage, according to Italian daily Corriere della Sera - Anadolu Agency So what’s the gig here? Boris wants his own EU? Why? Workers, money, thought ye wanted to go it alone……New Boris Empire?
  12. Me Nan god rest her had a saying…..don’t give it, if you can’t take it….
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