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  1. I read them, that’s why I posted it….
  2. https://www.science.org/content/blog-post/vaccines-will-not-produce-worse-variants
  3. VOON


    Yes the widespread use of it, trivialises the issue’s that people who are suffering have to endure. keeping pumping Fella, and good Luck in the future…
  4. VOON


    Good……I head out on the bike now….been doing it for a couple of years now…don’t like the effort of going out sometimes but once I’m out for ten minutes, I’m flying it….concentrating on pushing the pedals, focus’s the mind. This seems to allow stressors to float away and lots of solutions to problems come to me when exercising, or least become minimal….. I do think the term mental health is overused now. I know people who have suffered with mental health and most people have no idea how much they suffer. exercise and a bit of fresh air are great tonics…..
  5. VOON


    What does exercise do to help you?
  6. https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa2109730 have a read….real life data…
  7. Romantic Britain is dead and gone, it’s with Shakespeare in the grave….. need to live in the now….but remember where ya came from… Young Fella sounds like a good one….how that happen?
  8. COVID-19 live updates: Total number of cases passes 240 million WWW.MEDICALNEWSTODAY.COM This live article covers developments regarding SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. We will update it regularly as the pandemic continues.
  9. The Lancet Infectious Diseases: COVID-19 vaccines are effective at reducing severe illness and hospitalisation, new UK study confirms WWW.NEWSWISE.COM After two vaccines doses, the odds of hospitalisation were reduced by more than two-thirds and breakthrough infections were almost two times more likely to be c this one?
  10. Heard of that lad….know another few lads up your way doing….strokestown….UCD doing a lot of research into it at Lyons Estate….if you ever get a chance to go there jump at it….
  11. Fairly good money at that….be expensive at the butchers…..
  12. Online Butchers – Buy Meat | James Whelan Butchers WWW.JAMESWHELANBUTCHERS.COM Welcome to James Whelan Butchers, We deliver quality Irish beef, pork, steak, lamb & poultry anywhere in Ireland or UK. Try our Wagyu, Angus & Hereford Beef
  13. Weanlings today making 1400 beef is around 4.00 euro a kilo at the min in the factory….
  14. There a lad’s whose buys of us…..finishes them does around 400 head a year…. makes bad cattle good gets 1.8 to 2.1 kilos of daily live weight gain…..90 day finish deadly at it…. that’s some of the cuts he would get outa them…there finished for different specs
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