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  1. Worth a listen... The Pat Kenny Show Highlights - Science News And Updates From Prof Luke O'Neill PODCASTS.GOOGLE.COM Luke O Neill joins us on the show with science news and updates and all the covid19 developments. Listen and subscribe to The Pat Kenny Show on Apple Podcasts...
  2. He been super stressed over Hars....needs a kitkat...
  3. COVID-19: Boris Johnson says pub landlords could bar punters without vaccine certificates NEWS.SKY.COM The PM revealed a number of bombshells about pubs, holidays, the French border, social care and MPs returning to the Commons. Get in line....ye all get it now...
  4. Vaccines could prevent asymptomatic infection. Here's why that's key to ending the pandemic. WWW.NBCNEWS.COM Encouraging signs have emerged that Covid-19 vaccines protect against asymptomatic infections, a factor that scientists say is crucial to ending the pandemic.
  5. Vaccine rollout gathering pace in Ireland, but NO Clarity on when restrictions are being lifted. From what I heard on the radio I have a couple of major concerns, 1. The efficacy of vaccines against variants. 2. The effect of vaccines on the transmission of the virus from people who have been vaccinated. 3. What the medical experts/governments around the world are not telling us, re lifting of lockdown. Do they have any idea what will happen when “herd immunity” is reached or is there something they ain’t telling us about the virus?
  6. Did I? Or was it a post of a party in a castle? Seems very important to you.....passing remarks about....How long my neck is, is no concern of yours....
  7. Gardaí launch investigation into St Patrick's Day party at castle owned by UCD professor WWW.THEJOURNAL.IE Security sources say upwards of 75 people may have attended the party at the Co Kildare castle.
  8. Science with Luke O'Neill | Newstalk WWW.NEWSTALK.COM Every Monday and Thursday Professor Luke O'Neill from Trinity College Dublin, explores the world of science with his incredible knowledge and familiar wit.
  9. is this precisely what any of the vaccines are reputed to do....one of them is not having great results against the South African variant.....immunologist on the radio during the week speaking of a case study in the United States involving 40,000 people where deaths, hospital admissions and severity of illnesses where massively reduced compared with normal stats, after they had been immunised and community transmission seems to be dropping as well.
  10. When your there, Can you ask which came first the flu or the virus....thanks
  11. I would take that as a positive....immune system responding to infection...
  12. How do you bait them....nearly lost an arm trying to set one....rodents were taking bait, but the trap wasn’t going off...
  13. Mayo...Galway.....Leitrim.....Fishing, Hunting and Good value....what type of hunting you after? L
  14. Pence going get him done...he ain’t taking that shit lyin’ down....
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