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    Trump Under Fire

  3. All detectives and members off RSU and ERU carry weapons, and have done for decades.....
  4. VOON

    Gyms shut

    If you’re getting injured running slow down I’m up to 15k now. No injuries. Run till you hit heart rate limit...walk till you recover.....
  5. That’s really tough.....that she may have the best of care now.......God Bless her and your family...I’m sure your words have struck a chord with all fathers on here....
  6. VOON

    Trump Under Fire

    was that not why Flynn was sacked by Donnie....for lying to Pence.... Oh he resigned and lied about being a foreign agent re Turkey and Russia.... must be an election coming and a national pandemic that’s causing Trumps ratings to Fall.
  7. VOON


  8. VOON

    fury wilder 2 ...

    Wilder should have listened to Off The Ball
  9. https://www.donedeal.ie/view/23616656 Ex display Bike Ignite was €399 now €150 click on that fella's other adds......bike shop in Dublin
  10. https://www.donedeal.ie/view/23837829 Bicycle for Sale as new
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