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  1. Dr John is a shrill…..he’s a proven liar, just making money out of suffering….
  2. John Campbell (YouTuber) - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  3. Tyson should have went forward more in the early rounds……
  4. Should have done this last round…..Usyk has it…
  5. He’s back in the game….may go forward at nothing on the backfoot
  6. Fury needs a knock down
  7. Good Stuff now from Fury
  8. Fury upping the pace….body is working for him….
  9. I don’t know Jimmy Saville…What I meant the ones I’ve heard off in our locality. Most have been pillars of community….but Mr WILF summed it up more succinctly than I.
  10. There could be something in that…..most of the ones I’ve heard off, have been the god fearing holier than thou, nice as pie fella’s rather a rough and ready type
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