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  1. There's two different schools of thought on this from what I can gather. One being "wait until they are at least 12 months before introducing to quarry" and the other being "start them off early, holding rabbits in purse nets to get them keen". A good lurcherman mate of mine reckons the second option is better so I'll be off out with him soon I think.
  2. I've got a 5 month old pup who is my first dog (Saluki/Whippet/Greyhound). I don't post a great deal on here but browse a lot of threads for knowledge. Looking forward to working him this coming winter.
  3. This stuff is £76 for 11.4kg. Absolute madness!
  4. He don't wanna talk about it ?
  5. Got these through the post today ? Thanks @Black neck
  6. I saw a lot of game birds when I was in Thailand a few years back (I'm walking into a joke here aren't I? FFS ?) It's legal out there and the birds in the organised stadiums have to have their spurs wrapped with cloth to minimise injury. Quite an interesting video on it here.
  7. Come back to check on this thread to find a load of people talking about cocks ?
  8. I never knew those things smelled, bet loads of people have bought them and ended up regretting it lol.
  9. Outside it is then I reckon! What size hutch should I be getting as a minimum for 2 ferrets?
  10. If I didn't have the Mrs living with me I'd be doing the same without hesitation mate ? Her only gripe with ferrets is the smell like
  11. Do any of you keep ferrets indoors? I'm thinking about getting a couple or Jills and weighing up the options for whether to keep them inside or outside. I know that the smell get be an issue but I've heard that it's more so with Hobs than Jills? Our garden is communal and I'm not sure whether the neighbours would be alright with a hutch appearing in there lol. That said, they never use it anyways apart from occasionally in the summer to dry clothes.
  12. I should have phrased my post a bit better I think. I'm more looking for books that tell stories about people's experiences with Lurchers rather than training books. 'Running Dog Maintenance' is definitely on my list for the injury care/prevention. I'll be getting 'Tales From the Field too' ? Cheers
  13. I've used the search function and got a few ideas already, but I thought I'd ask what books on Lurchers/Running Dogs you lot would recommend to someone just coming into the game? It looks like there hasn't been a thread on this for a fair while. My pup won't be ready to start working until next winter and I'm partial to a good fieldsports book so I'd like some recommendations of what to read around this subject in the meantime. I've got Jackie Drakeford's 'Understanding the Working Lurcher' and 'The House Lurcher' and have gained lot's of useful knowledge from reading through those. Both
  14. I got my first pup recently and went back and forth in my mind on whether to feed BARF or not, in the end I decided to just feed a decent kibble (Skinner's field and trial) with some cooked meat mixed in. He also has some Butcher's puppy wet food with the kibble because that's what he was on at the breeder's and coating the kibble in a third of a tin of that means he eats it all no problem ? My conclusion on raw feeding was that to do it cost effectively you have to do yourself, rather than use the pre packaged stuff. My pup was going to end up on 1kg a day or something silly which would
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