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  1. That's really interesting cheers. Learning so much on here
  2. Not that far off. Always scanning the horizon... Bloody nightmare to walk - he's after anything. Wouldn't have him any other way.
  3. He's just VERY saluki... stubborn, sensitive, independent. Fools around like a puppy when you're not looking, pretends he's too high & mighty for all that when you catch him being an arse whines like anything. About anything. Fooks off deaf but always keeps an eye on you. Comes back in his own time.
  4. That's why I'm being cautious...
  5. He's already f****ed off a couple of times and always come back in 10 mins, doesn't like to leave for too long.
  6. That's interesting cheers. Explains the temperament then...
  7. Ha, could just be owt in him then? I'll settle with that x sal bloody hell, I've been asked by non-lurcher folk if he's a doberman before
  8. Cheers. He's a good lad. Built to chase. Too stocky to just be sal /grey I think, too slight to be much of owt else. Could be anything in there, maybe a bit of bull. Not sure.
  9. He didn't have the acceleration on him to get the rabbits 10m away from him and 3m away from their burrows...
  10. Cheers, great advice mate. Yeah def think it's me that needs educating! Might go out just me him and his dog first, then the next time try my lad. I'll see.
  11. I've heard saluki owners are a breed apart themselves I'm stubborn and sensitive myself, with a dead tough edge sometimes if it needs it, so maybe I've found my type of dog
  12. Think he might have something else in him besides sal/grey?
  13. Haha I agree the lad can be but I love him for it. Too clever by half sometimes, thick as two short planks at others Stubborn all the time. 'Just give him time to obey' I keep saying to myself... He does, every time, just takes him 30 seconds... Try to badger him into something, the harder he resists. I like that challenge
  14. I guess I know he loves it so much that I'm willing to take some risks with him but not until I've done everything I can with him to try and mitigate the risks like working way way away from big A roads etc...
  15. Thought it might be that. Yeah he was crap at chasing the rabbits when he did once - all went into their burrows too quickly for him. He wanted to stretch out!
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