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  1. There's videos on YouTube of people eating ones a lot older than that, if its freeze dried food lasts a good old while.
  2. Thats not me talking to them, that's a mate who served in the marines.
  3. How many years does it take to get your money back on a house? 14 years isn't bad.
  4. Most people automatically think the worst when they see people in balaclavas, mental warfare.
  5. Converting English sterling to russian rubles. So when the market comes back I can exchange the rubles for gbp
  6. There's 2 types of people on this planet, those that see the good in the bad, and those that see the bad in the good. Why would you hate on someone for making legit money?
  7. Trying to find somewhere that'll covert gbp, you know anywhere?
  8. Nothing against patriotism, its more the fact they're claiming to be angels.
  9. I know mate, it was more a post to show you how much the rouble has crashed.
  10. Yesterday 5,000,000 in russia would get you 44k gbp, now it'll only get you 33k gbp. Been trying all morning to find a place to buy a load of Russian money.
  11. Remember what America did when it feared a huge loss of its soldiers lives? They think they've seen the best of russia, they've seen nothing yet.
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