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  1. gamerooster

    Starting Work

    15 to 18 months for me, seen many a dog ruined by being entered to early, yet to see one ruined by being entered to late.... focus on training first, if something gets up in front of them while out and about so be it
  2. gamerooster

    Old Sayings

    There's many old dogs, and many bold dogs, but there ain't many old bold dogs Every man is entitled to one good dog and one good woman in his lifetime It's not rape if you shout surprise first
  3. gamerooster

    Whippets Preban

    Is a 23 inch dog still a whippet? In my eyes that's just a grew, 21 inch and under in my eyes
  4. gamerooster

    Whippets Preban

    I like whippets, but I like catching game better which is why I won't have one lol
  5. gamerooster

    Saluki !

    An interesting thing I read online was a man went to several different places in the world that have there own saluki type dogs, and most of not all dogs where an inch or so taller than they where longer, just an interesting fact when everyone is so obsessed with dogs with long backs
  6. gamerooster

    Favourite Quarry

    Who gives a flying feck about earth dogs, this is the running dog section so jog on to the terrier section and stop ruining a good topic
  7. gamerooster

    Saluki !

    According to a quick search on Google it tastes as follows........ Think of a really really good piece of beef, then take away the fattiness and accentuate the flaviour. It's delicious.
  8. gamerooster

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    Can't see a half cross dog doing anything a 3/4 grey can't, though I know a 3/4 grey would be more consistent on certain things
  9. gamerooster

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    Meiowwwwww lol
  10. gamerooster

    Deerhound X Greyhound

  11. gamerooster

    Saluki !

    Don't suppose there'll be a surplus pup to sell?
  12. gamerooster

    Saluki !

    Surely it'd taste more like venison?
  13. gamerooster

    Saluki Bitch For Sale

    By lowering the price you aren't ensuring a good home, all you are doing is putting profit.in it for someone else, be careful she doesn't end up in the wrong hands
  14. gamerooster

    Buying A 8 Month Old Pup???

    The lad who got the dog has just messaged me there saying he'll sell me the dog for 200 quid, not even had the poor thing 48 hours,,this is what's wrong with the game
  15. gamerooster

    Favourite Quarry

    Doesn't interest me at all no course just full on battle. May as well be into dog fightingAn average pit bull will kill most badgers easily, don't even compare the 2...... well that's what I heard of a load of old fellas Exactly what am saying. It takes a game lurcher to take one but it anit hunting inmo The word game gets thrown around a little to often these days, an animal tackling somthing a third of its size isn't so, there's only one way to test gameness and that's lb for lb..... but that's a story for another day and probably not wise to discuss on an open forum