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  1. Ive seen birds survive and thrive for over a year without being fed, just left to roam wherever they want and find all there own food,,no matter how far they went theyd still come back to the barn and roost in the rafters, some of the most picturesque birds to look at as well, never seem to do as well as when left to there own devices
  2. I dont like mine, he gets beat up off jack russells, eats any chicks that get out, robs my shoes all the effin time and has now realised that when my hens start clucking theyve made a tasty little snack and he always seems to take a shit where i walk. But bar that hes grand, different to what im used to but variety is the spice of life so they say, already putting a lot of older dogs to shame with his scenting ability, no speed machine but i knew he wouldnt be. Bit sensitive as well but living with me isnt easy so i forgive him for that
  3. Lot more taspy is her..... what does that mean in the queens english?
  4. Coloured egg layers dont lay as well as white egg layers,,its to do with how long the egg is kept inside the hens system, all eggs begin white but then the hen adds the colour, the best egg layers are white stars or generic white leghorn hybrids and bovan neras,,isa browns, warrens,;all pretty much the same thing from different breeders, the bovan also do a bovan black which is the equivalent of your black rock, dont lay as well and eat slightly more but developed for a free range type system
  5. Always found it easy to sell surplus eggs,,so get about 40 id say, plus artificial light in the coop will keep the numbers up when the days begin to shorten, then get the majority put into a poultry sale when the camp site shuts and keep a few back for your own eggs and to breed replacements, hybrids lay the best but dont breed true so you need to buy in fresh pullets every time you need replacements
  6. Mine barks at people if they get to close to where my birds are, only started doing it this week, no doubt he will be a useful dog to have about..... if he doesnt stop ragging my pants or torturing my rabbits and quail
  7. Bored hens are noisy hens, i lived in a downstairs council flat for 3 years and had 20 plus quail for eggs under a 18/6 light scheduele,, kept most of the block going on quail eggs, no one knew i had them till i offered them eggs
  8. I have 2 new zealand does, a cali x nwz buck and in the next 2 weeks will have another 2 proven nzw x cali does, can put you intouch with breeders closer to you if youre still after some?
  9. Big lump of a dog, does he attack you like this creature of a thing i have?
  10. Built mine a nice kennel and he sleeps under the caravan wheel on the floor, bought it nice dog food and it'll only eat wild game, won't even eat human mince, stock broke to chickens after taking a whooping from my shamo cock, got hissed at by ferrets and decided they weren't worth bothering, what I will say is this is the smartest pup I've seen in a long time, takes everything in his stride, even got him venturing into water which will be handy for retrieving ducks, really looking forward to what the future has in store for the my mouching partner in crime.
  11. As a alrounder I think saluki bull greys take some beating, all breeds compliment each other well
  12. 682÷9= you robbed me, how could you do me like that, I thought we where going to be kelpie friends for life
  13. I imagine the closest style I've seen is what the aussie lads do and they swear by deerhound greyhounds, I'm sure some lads run them on coyotes in the states to
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