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  1. Just said on the radio the demand this week has been 500% more than usual. 500% ffs Cheers, D.
  2. Socks be all over that like Cheers, D.
  3. Just watched Fall of the Krays, Netflix 1 hour 50 mins. The sequel, 2 pretty decent films tbh 7/10 Cheers, D.
  4. They used to play regularly in the next pub to ours back in the early 90s Cheers, D D.
  5. Just to add last showing on Netflix is 1st Oct. Cheers, D.
  6. Gangster Squad, Netflix 1 hour 50 mins, post WW11 Los Angeles, an elite squad of detectives are assembled to bring down mobster Sean Penn, with Josh Brolin and a very different looking Ryan Reynolds. Would have been a higher score but it's one of those where most of the action is shot in the dark 7/10 Cheers, D.
  7. Do not put an 11 week old ferret up against a rat! Set a trap instead. Cheers, D.
  8. Very sad to read. R.I.P. Lima D.
  9. I'm hoping for a bottle, hint hint. Cheers, D.
  10. Bought the top one after I lost the one underneath. Found it 10 years later in the lining of a jacket Cheers, D.
  11. dytkos


    I did 72 yesterday morning at 06:00 when I just drove home from work, seems reasonable? Cheers, D.
  12. We got country on 3 sides, birds singing etc on those, tractors, caravans and motorbikes/cars on the other. Wouldn't change it for the world Cheers, D.
  13. The breeze blocks set it off........ Cheers, D.
  14. Got a thousand problems..... Cheers, D.
  15. I used to use cheap shitty ones from Asda etc, £3.99ers (still do for work lol) but since I've had this it's great for walking the dogs at :05;30am, great beam, secondary less powerful beam and (annoying) flashing beam. Red light on back and battery guage, lasts well (no data just noted what it's like) and charges from a usb charger in a couple of hours or less, just looked it up, £17.99 delivered Cheers, D.
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