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  1. Doors, Floyd, Bowie, Nick Cave, Stone Roses, Tupac, New Order, Smiths, Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Few others Cheers, D.
  2. Edited to say £30 up front, not £300
  3. Had to go in the shop yesterday to sort Mrs phone out and matey was showing me these, works from an app on your phone, accurate to 5m and works all over the UK. Ones in the shop had a key ring loop on them are about an inch and a half wide and half inch thick. £300 up front and £3 a month, get 2 for £4.50 a month. Look okay, has anyone tried them? Cheers, D. Curve, The Smart GPS Tracker | Vodafone Smart Tech ESHOP.V.VODAFONE.COM Curve, the smart GPS tracker with SIM card designed to attach to keys, bag or car. A small GPS tracker
  4. Lawlesx Netflix, 1 hour 40 no idea why it's an 18 C tbh, disjointed, poor storyline prohibition gangster/cowboy movie, poor 6/10 ( mostly for the cinematography) few big names in there as well Cheers, D.
  5. Because he's the one they'll target, low risk, no hassle. Cheers, D.
  6. Its what Arry put up, dick Cheers, D.
  7. Told you before mate, Emma was customer of mine, she's not even Cornish lol it's a hand me down/passed on recipe Cheers, D.
  8. AC/DC crap, Quo crap, Stones meh, Metallica decent. Fact. Cheers, D.
  9. Alright, calm down with your fcuking Devon pasties Cheers, D.
  10. Scarface, on now itv 4 be on at 00:15 on ITV4 +1 Cheers, D.
  11. Went out tonight with just the pup, not the best conditions, warm still and ambient light from a nearby industrial estate but the rabbits obliged lol. First rabbit, jumped about 10 yards away, he never saw it , second one, good run and put 3 turns into and unlucky. Third one, a squatter, took it out the seat two laps of the field later and he dropped it at my feet, well crunched Fourth one, he ran it into the hedge and it popped back out and he had it, couple of small circles and he brought it back, almost to hand. Had a few more handy ones but he wasn't looking d
  12. dytkos

    Roger Hunt

    Called in his pub by chance on a day back from hunting in the Lakes. Circa 1978. Didn't know it was him till we saw his caps etc on display. Had a nice little chat with him, good chap and excellent player. R.I.P. D.
  13. Out for the first time tomorrow night with the pup, will be a few, hoping he'll see them? Short grass, just 4 or 5 flattish fields Cheers, D.
  14. That looks like a cat tied with its arms behind its back to me Cheers, D,
  15. Haix, comfy, well made, good design, cheap, better than Lowa imo Cheers, D.
  16. Queuing to get in Asda today, blocked both sides of the A30, wankers Cheers, D.
  17. Unbroken. Netflix. 2 hours 15 mins Jack O'Connell plays an American Olympic track record holder whose plane was shot down and captured by the Japanese when he was an airman in WW11. Based on a true story, a little long winded in parts but decent. 7+/10 Cheers, D
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