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  1. Dolly Parton dead 2023 : Singer killed by celebrity death hoax - Mediamass EN.MEDIAMASS.NET News of singer Dolly Parton’s death spread quickly earlier this week, causing concern among fans across...
  2. i should have realised as it was under the "photography section",
  3. Turtle Doves are protected and rare these days
  4. here's another good app for identifying plants,birds,insects,trees etc Seek by iNaturalist · iNaturalist WWW.INATURALIST.ORG
  5. are Jews a race?? Are Jews a Race? | My Jewish Learning WWW.MYJEWISHLEARNING.COM The short answer is no — Jews are not a race. People who identify as Jewish include individuals of... Are Jews a Nation or a Religion? WWW.JEWISHVIRTUALLIBRARY.ORG Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and...
  6. Sue Gray and now these complaints,all civil servants on labours books??
  7. possibly a dunnock
  8. always thought he was shit
  9. or even waste it here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11984619/Labour-plans-young-asylum-seekers-Wales-1-600-MONTH-cash-fight-deportation.html
  10. switched off emergency alerts on my phone 3 weeks ago,just checked my phone and emergency alerts were turned on
  11. Starmer’s Shambolic CPS. Starmer’s Shambolic CPS, previously… | by Lucy Nevitt | Medium MEDIUM.COM Starmer’s Shambolic CPS, previously dubbed ‘an enemy to women’, proves he is unfit to serve as a member of...
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