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5 minutes ago, downsouth said:

Thats ok if you can get the use of one of that type that is also well bred and proven.

How many that go over or under greyhound's are proven properly though? I bet the shite that gets chucked out these days is a joke.

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Spent a couple of years on a cattle station in central Queensland in me early 20s . Just went over backpacking originally, but after drinking all me cash in the first month ended up with a job on this

It's not about money it's about power

I don't think that's true, a dog that has caught plenty of pigs will have the scars to show for its efforts ,even if its just a bailer. One out a big boar can make short work of a dog in fact I lost(k

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Just now, Greb147 said:

How many that go over or under greyhound's are proven properly though? I bet the shite that gets chucked out these days is a joke.

Very few if any.Thats why 90% of bull crosses aint worth a w**k.

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9 minutes ago, Greb147 said:

Nobody breeding decent dogs darn sarf like?

Not many.Saying that I can count the good ones Ive seen up North on one hand over the years.Heard of plenty but heard all the excuses under the sun when it comes to seeing them run.We always double up to get the numbers seems to be the favourite one.

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On 21/07/2021 at 09:56, tatsblisters said:

Wonder how many lads who crab him have actually met him or been in his company i have never met him though his name as been around for years same as my old mate D.Sleight  as far as these type of dog's go i would not have one it would be too stressful for my mental well😄being 

I have, compulsive liar and desperate fame seeker. The first clip is mild compared to some of the shit he's spouted. 

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4 hours ago, keepdiggin said:

does reece still dabble in the bull x's he was good friends with a mate of mine so went to his yard a few times but lost contact with them all these days

He's on here I believe, ask him. 👍

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