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  1. thats right enough he wont f**k off if there is any action. its only when out mooching about. if he picks up a scent he is away nose down ears switched off middle finger in the air. to be honest i havnt put enough work his way for a while. so partly to blame
  2. no the guy that wired him up forgot to put in a recall. spend half my life looking for the little B, its not a total disaster though. if i can get him in sight my lurcher pins him and holds him for me
  3. yea thats right. lost him a good while ago. then got a quarter bred wheaten lurcher..
  4. a couple of images of my russell/ plummer. for interest
  5. i know a young fella with a litter of big lumps just now. great dane xcanocorso-bull mastiff wouldnt feed one myself but in this day and age you can see the uses for this type of beast. we used to call em scrapyard dogs
  6. that bitch is a credit to the breeders. looks in good shape after rearing her litter. solid lump of a pup as well
  7. at least it never killed anyones prize chickens
  8. do a fair bit of work your side of the bridge. cowdenbieth crossgates glenrothes way. welcome. nice solid looking pup you have there good luck with it
  9. never left just couldnt get back on lol
  10. no different stuff altogether katchum bred soley for working. not type
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