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  1. THC is lipid soluble, so hence icecream, yoghurt, butter, milkshakes etc work so well. Most edibles it’s done via the lipid content. Teas are just made by steeping it in the hot water like any other tea, not overly efficient but good if you hVe large volumes of outdoor stuff. Have tried some odd stuff over the years including Ganga and citrus stuffed trout which were banging, also ganja pheasant breasts wrapped in bacon, pizza etc etc
  2. It’s mostly all I run and it’s a nightmare isn’t it!
  3. Not sure how many working lurcher pups really are though. Keep hearing about the crazy prices but I’ve seen plenty pups being sold for sensible money 150-300 and some decent enough adults etc being gifted. There’s just two worlds now that operate side by side when it comes to dog prices .......
  4. One of those saluki whippet grey whizz banger types ?
  5. You’d just put it back to a 28” bull x wouldn’t you, to iron out any faults.
  6. I would really like to breed a really good litter of hard collie grey hounds, have a crack at breeding one that could have a good crack at most things. But theres other more pressing things to do and I'm not sure I could handle all of the collie greyhound enthusiasts i would have to have over for a cuppa.
  7. Depends how much he does ./// .. the whole a dog must be x age before you breed is half horse shit.
  8. Going slightly off topic It’s interesting talking about breeding and someone wanting to use a dog over their bitch. In theory less sh*t dogs should get bred than bitches. In theory!
  9. Its been a bit of a funny year. The early part of lockdown at the end of last season was great, no people about and the dog team was coming together nicely. we were having lots of sport and lots of catches. Looked forward to this season and it started well at harvest, with some real nice catches, off to a flying start. Then disaster struck, I lost my main lurcher bitch on August 30th suddenly, it knocked f*ck out of me. Found myself with a retired bitch who was going blind and a pup, so was mainly messing about with the bushers. Had some great nights off with friends coming down and visiting,
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