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  1. With regards to hunting partners. I have one lad who moved locally last year and we go out a lot, and two lads who live 5-6 hours away who come to mine regular sometimes just for the night and sometimes for a week to ten days at a time. The one drive 6 hours with a leg in plaster for an afternoons bushing and a night in the pub and then drove 6 hours home in the morning. Mad.
  2. You didn’t piss me off I just moved 100 miles away. Just saying like ?
  3. For the 1 millionth time ..... can those who think they’re are big cats explain why we don’t have any bodies to show ?
  4. StilL comes back to the same thing. If they were about in any number at all. There would have been a dead one to show folk at some point.
  5. I’ve had quite a few bits of stock stripped in a day / night. Worst culprits and badgers and res kites.
  6. Is it really that ? People been calling them day dogs for a long time.
  7. Cheers Phil. The sledge hammer is for when she meets a real sticky cow.
  8. I’ve said it a lot of times. But in this country, there is nothing stock wise that a good border collie can’t do. Bred for the job, bred for the ground, the climate etc. Lots of folk do enjoy these other breeds but mostly they don’t offer much we don’t have. With the one exception maybe being the deep bark of a huntaway clearing bit rough hill ground, but that would be fairly rare.
  9. Aye that’s mainly what they are used for. Bit like a hound. They will lug, but generally used as finder bailers.
  10. Random and a different country. But have you lads seen the cur dogs that a lot of the American lads use for cattle work and also hunting. Particularly in places like Texas and Florida. Mostly tan, rangy hound type things.
  11. Spot on. Out last night and he really impressed me !
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