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  1. That would be great. Also your terrain, quarry etc. Please !
  2. Now that’s a smart dog.
  3. Interesting though isn’t it. I’ve bet met any Noah’s !
  4. I don’t think he ever said he preferred non whites to whites. Now I agree with a lot of what you say and not with other stuff. But you can’t suggest folk fit into one of two boxes ? Devoutly patriotic and dislike non whites vs love non whites and don’t like whites. Maybe you can? I don’t know. I don’t like most people, and refuse to like someone just cos they are British or white and refuse to dislike someone just because they are not white. Just judge as I find and what I see before me. Which is why I can see all of the issues with immigration and culture clashes but also see t
  5. Apparently Noah is the fourth most popular name in the country according to that survey ....... so how many Noah’s do folk on here know ?
  6. Is it ? If the stats are bull shit. . . Where did you get the fact that Muhammad is the fifth most popular boys name in the uk?
  7. Just looked it up, London is about 15% Muslim apparently. Edited to add - it’s apparently about 48% Christian and about 20% no religion.
  8. I’m not sure it works like that mate - that Christians vote for Christians, Muslims for Muslims etc etc. Maybe it is. But I also think there are a lot of people who are neither Christian or Muslim. All I’m saying is looking at the statistics - less than 5% of the UK population is Muslim. Be interesting to know what % of the UK is actually non white. London has the highest % of non white folk in the UK. And certain areas of London have a higher % of non whites than whites, largely because they are dumps that no one wants to live in (which of those facts came first is another
  9. Just throwing something out there, but isn’t the UK Muslim population like less than 5% of the UK population ?
  10. Having said all of this, some f*cktard thought it was ok to open a gate off the main (very busy road) into a field wirh 300 sheep in it, so a loop of the field and the Drive out ..... leaving gate open in the way out. Obviously sheep walked onto main road and luckily didn’t cause an accident this time.
  11. Aye I know mate, I lived in Scotland for five years. Scots folk have been hacking each other up forever. It’s just gone from claymores to Stanley blades and Bucky bottles
  12. I must have missed that session, bit like you missed the sense of humour lesson But come on, you can surely see you have a single minded obsession and are totally unable to see any other view point at all. Not a dig, just a fact. You are consistent and stick by your guns of nowt else.
  13. Shhhhhhhh He was white, it don’t count. Actually maybe it can, because obviously he only stuck a knife in another kid because he was influenced by black folk. Anyway it was the darkies fault.
  14. You lot are cheery if you can’t blame the darkies we ain’t interested
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