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  1. SheepChaser

    6 weeks to 6 months

  2. SheepChaser

    Knowing the right time

    Ive always said, if they can take them selfs off to toilet ok, and can potter about, eat and drink and not in constant pain, then they can enjoy their old age. Nowt wrong with an old dog that wants to do little more than potter about the yard. Its when a dog wants to do more, tries to do more and fails that its heart breaking.
  3. SheepChaser


    "but this morning it met its Waterloo".
  4. SheepChaser

    Muntjac in Wales

    I wasn't talking about your post. If you look further down . . . . I'm probably being quite pedantic, but previously things were put on here location wise, that made a load of ground we hunted for a long time, an absolute fecking nightmare, as suddenly it got flooded with muppets who didn't quite grasp the concept of subtlety!
  5. SheepChaser

    Muntjac in Wales

    There are Muntjac in Wales. But I have NO F***ING IDEA why anyone would want to put up locations and place names of where they have seen them, on the roads or not. Its been proven time and time again, all it does is attract the idiots! If they can't find them for themselves, f**k em!
  6. SheepChaser

    I miss the old days

    I guessed it was one of you. Is it Blue or Chase thats on the settee behind you? Was that the brothers name?
  7. SheepChaser

    I miss the old days

    Yes I did, and I was impressed enough. They were also decent lads. I lost contact with them and moved away from the area.
  8. SheepChaser

    Pre ban section

    Aye, that'd be grand. Good idea.
  9. SheepChaser

    I miss the old days

    I can see Scothunter is reading! Didn't realise you were still here!
  10. SheepChaser

    I miss the old days

    Its funny because I remember that thread about beddyxwhippets taking fallow regular, which started it all, and I remember expressing disbelief. I got an invite and went to see for myself!
  11. SheepChaser

    I miss the old days

    Ive got a few favourites! There was a time when I worked abut 2 days a week, spent the rest of the time hunting all over the country and arguing on THL in the evenings. So many decent lads used to be on here. After every moon down, the posts would be coming thick and fast! For the record, i'm an anti-social c**t and don't favour anyone, but if any of the northerners want to come down and run socks bunnys, i'll adjudicate lol. For the record, I've run both, and rabbits in most countries of the U.K. There are easy and hard rabbits everywhere, depends on population levels and how much they are hunted. However, having said that, hunting rabbits in SOME parts of the north, is easier than a lot of places. . . . there are lots of them, and they seem to like staying above ground and trying to out run the dogs in a way you don't see elsewhere!
  12. SheepChaser

    I miss the old days

    You're bang on mate. This place is a shadow of its former self. Even madder is to think back to before the ban, when the posts were all about 'went out today and knocked this smart roe buck over'.
  13. SheepChaser

    Bedlington X Whippet bitch pup wanted.

    To be fair you sound like EXACTLY the kind of person who should get a running dog, and I hope you find the right bitch. Take your time, there are a lot of idiots out there.
  14. SheepChaser

    Importing a dog

    I don't think we should be discussing another mans dog. End of. If he wants to discuss it, he will.