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  1. Now that’s a plan! I will even stroke my beard wisely
  2. Yer I kind of forgot you were in Spain I’m tired ! But that sounds like monumental hassle and pretty unfair really
  3. I don’t have any I’m bringing Johnnyboys kids to the comp mate. I just had a brain freeze and thought you were going
  4. Hang on just realised you live in Spain sorry
  5. I wouldn’t worry too much mate, but the kids an ice cream
  6. Will have four smaller humans of a variety of sizes with me..... well five if you include Wales12355678910
  7. Looks like I am going. Not fishing though I don’t think, just drinking beer and heckling.
  8. Ah right I thought you meant have three seasons by 12 months
  9. Also if that’s an attempted dig at me for only having one make retirement, trust me as hardy as your dogs are, dead is dead.
  10. However hardy a dog is, it can still get knocked about. That’s just life. Some dogs are lucky and some are not. Obviously some dogs use their heads more or are structurally sounder or whatever, but if you slap your paw down on a big sharp bit of flint while you’re motoring get stamped on / kicked badly, it’s going to have repercussions. As to the last sentence ..... I don’t have a clue what you’re saying ?
  11. I know it can be an issue but up till now not had a problem. On the subject of working career I would be very happy if I could manage to graft a dog hard for several seasons and not pick up a few injuries which slow it down etc. Nearly all of the dogs I’ve met that hve had a good career aren’t exactly in pristine nick
  12. If I’ve had a decent nights lamping with the dog and it’s had a good bit of rough and tumble, when I get home I take him into the kitchen, give him a rub down, bathe his feet in warm salty water and sort out any other bits that might need attention. Then give him a good feed, if it’s a cold winter, often it’s a bit of a warm stew type thing. Then he usually lounges on the mat in the kitchen while I have a beer and a smoke, then it’s back in the kennel. Kennel boxes are insulated with kingspan and usually full of decent barley straw so plenty warm. Dog usually sleeps during the day and is usual
  13. I’ve not really read all the previous replies so it might have been said....... but there are a large variety of factors. In ‘theory’ a good running dog is in its prime at the age of 4-5. Someone once said to me it takes two years to get a dog to be the complete article, it then takes two more years to get that dog to fully practice and hone its craft, and then two years where it’s the complete and practiced article and still running like a good un, then you get two years before the dog is old. Don’t know if that’s true really but it makes sense. Having said that, I’ve never really m
  14. that’s really interesting mate, and somewhat makes me feel a bit bad for my earlier post! But a lot of the folk I’ve met who are smoking while pregnant just say the science is nonsense etc etc. Interestingly I think it’s a bit like alcohol, it doesn’t necessary automatically effect the kid, some get away with it some get screwed.
  15. Don't take this the wrong way anyone, but if you can't pack in the fags, drugs and booze for nine months while you are carrying your unborn child inside you . . . . . . . then you're a selfish c*nt.
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