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  1. Hmmmmm aye ok Yer that’s me ...... a part time pretender sounds like you know less about me than I thought PS I’m a welsh farmer to
  2. I did indeed. Last I heard you’d mostly jacked it in after having your old dog pts a few years ago and the kids taking up your time. Mostly doing a bit of beating and shooting. Good to hear you’re back doing a bit. They did say your old dog was a handy animal. Like I said enjoy Wales.
  3. ah right ok so now it makes sense There were a total of four folk who saw that young bull x bitch take her first fox ..... me and three others. So I suppose you’re calling them all liars I know who you are now though and I know who you count as friends and people who speak the truth and that says it all to me Good attempt at getting Mr Green to bite as well, he’s probably a bit better at resisting than me Good luck in Wales.
  4. You are comedy gold you can try as much as you like I was having a good yarn with the owners earlier on today they were pestering me for an invoice for some lambs I gave them for their freezer and also provided for the local village fete a couple weeks ago for the spit roast I still have sheep there and I also have hunting perm there. So they can’t be too unhappy with me. I am starting to work out who you must be friends with I’m not sure how much the owners would like you bringing the estates name up on a Lurcher forum though! I’m starting to work out who you are now I t
  5. Be a bit careful what and who you listen to fella. I’ve lived here for 8 years now and a few things I’ve learnt are that this area is absolutely jam packed full of nasty jealous little c*nts who have never made anything of themselves and so like to try to run other folk down. And also that anyone associated with that one particular estate (which is pretty ground breaking in a lot of ways) tends to get a lot of flack at any given opportunity like I said I’ve spent 8 years here now so I’ve sort of got used to the type of folk who are about here. Probably why there is only one lad locally who I
  6. Naaaw you obviously don’t know me then had one rspca visit and that was over the dogs so whatever locals you have been talking to don’t know their arse from their elbow
  7. I’m just going with the local rumour.... Plenty of folk have said who Big Ron is over the years and I’m pretty sure they are correct and lots of folk are also saying Sammy Baller is same person as Big Ron. Sammy Baller deffo isn’t local to here but travels down ...... hmmmmm Sammy Baller also seems to know what’s been said on the other place. To be fair he (and I thought you) were having a pop at me and my dead dog ..... so I thought my ‘know it all style’ was quite polite this time ..... I didn’t call anyone a sad little c*nt who tries to run peoples dead dogs down .......
  8. Small jeeps are the kiss of death round here
  9. Hello Big Ron, Sammy Ballbag or whatever name you’re using this week. It’s pretty sad how you think you know me and try to run me down. I guess maybe you don’t get out as much as you use to and so it upsets you that other folk do a bit or maybe you’re just bored like the rest of us, who knows. Well .... you’re wrong again..... what a surprise being as you are such as expert on the area I hunt in I thought you’d know how it goes. I took the white bitch out into the field behind my house for a bit of exercise and she rose a fox and ran it into some standing crop and must have
  10. The topic of summer hunting always brings out some comedy gold. Each to their own for sure. But it just shows you how absolutely desperate for a score some folk get, they obviously catch f*ck all most of the time so desperate to get anything. Always seems to be a hell of a lot of ‘pest controllers’ about in the summer but they seem to be less frequent in winter Same as farmers losing stock - f*ck me if you’re losing lambs from now you either have super foxes or shite sheep I know lads who will be flat out from now as soon as the hay starts coming down, when I say
  11. Seen a few bad dos with dogs shoved into boxes after a dig. Sort of feel like if you’re taking out workers, and working them hard, being shoved in a wee box squashed up for hours on the way home maybe isn’t the best level of care. The lads I go with also will have a couple of bigger dog crates to stick on the back seat of the motor on the way home if the dogs have had a good bit of graft. Just the same as cleaning them up and treating them before going to the pub / heading home.
  12. You wait for the end of season - we are ferreting flat out, purse nets, long nets etc and just can’t get round all of the permo and catch all of the rabbits we have to go at. But woe betide anyone who poaches a few...... we shall tell the keepers and burn out their van ........ type posts You know I’m right
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