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  1. You also don’t tend to tell too many folk you keep that cash in large bundles of untraceable (by you) bills at home ...... When you can find out where you live pretty easily if so inclined.
  2. That’s the same % as my white bitch I had and the mother to my tan pup. But bred 3/4 grey 1/4 bull over a 5/8 bull 3/8 grey bitch.
  3. Day time roe are piss easy ? Also - why did you post photos of money you took off the internet ? And finally why do you keep talking about how you have money ? Do you think this impresses folk or means anything ?
  4. When I’ve got 50 pet lambs come fill your boots
  5. Can we get a thread which includes - Wanker of the week Pendas final thought Letters to Donny and Has Grebo got a mutt yet
  6. This is perhaps the single greatest thing I have seen this year
  7. You know who we need to save this site don’t you ? You all know the answer I’m sure.
  8. He’s mellowed right out still got good dogs.
  9. I don’t want to speak out of turn but I have a feeling a couple of young lads on here had a bit of an eye opening
  10. MLB and her daughter collie/grey or something like that ? Apparently a pair of wrong uns Other than that lot, the female members on here were mostly class.
  11. One for you @Penda from the other day whicg I shot and the pup tracked down for me.
  12. You need something that makes them really really want to get as far away from that cover as possible love munty hunting.
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