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  1. What hunt was that again ? Always used to go!
  2. I just meant the potential for having smoked a zoot before mate
  3. To be fair DC could probably be called into question as a witness
  4. Yer to be fair I’d just call you a whopper on here
  5. You are correct we are one of Europe’s biggest poultry producers, but that’s going to fall quite rapidly due to the above mentioned factors, plus attitudes to intensive poultry production and NVZ rules here in the UK. Poland is a bigger producer than us and is rapidly growing. If getting folk biting on the Internet is the high light of your day, that’s cool, you do you. Whatever makes you happy and brightens your life up. I just feel like someone probably ought to at least try to educate you a little. And no it’s no all doctors and as I said immigration is a huge problem an
  6. Lots of beef animals are fed and fattened on grain, in particular dairy x animals which is what a huge amount of the beef eaten in the UK is. A lot of that is home grown, but the price is increasing due to fert and fuel. The importation thing comes from the masses of soya we import to make up cattle feed. And you are partly right in that we do use a lot of what’s known as brewers grains for cattle feed but we also grown massive quantities of feed barley, beans, peas etc.
  7. No..... we import loads of cheap (mostly polish) chicken because we can’t produce the amount we need at the price the market will tolerate due to the price of feed / fuel / fert in this country. And also labour. Mate you’re not an expert in anything other than talking bollocks on the Internet and making out like you’re an expert in everything 1 - I don’t entirely support immigration, it’s a massive problem. But I’ll take a Pakistani doctor over a useless scrounging lay about Brit who’s a drain on society 2 - Of course global warming exists. The planet is getting measu
  8. Bit odd that last year we imported £132 million quids worth of chicken then isn’t it I know you’re an expert in everything ...... but sometimes you really aren’t
  9. When you read stuff like that it sounds good. Great, we produce pretty much all of the swedes we eat we don’t eat that many swedes as a population, and no where else really grows swedes to import them from. And stuff like beef is great, 86% self sufficient (which to be fair I doubt), but that’s because we eat a vast amount of chicken, pork etc. Which is imported. Cut that out and there wouldn’t be enough beef to plug the gap, and we wouldn’t be self sufficient in it. Those figures mean that in the current system we mostly only use home produced carrots etc, not that we produce enough carrots
  10. Just seen this apart from walking across fields with your dog, how much do you actually know about farming more than someone who does it for a living we don’t actually have a huge amount of fertile land compared to most country’s, we’ve grown a lot of food cheaply using chemical fert etc. That’s becoming less viable now. We are also planting trees, rewilding, building towns. Our productive farm land is shrinking at a rate of knots.
  11. Don’t forget the mushrooms and the bin chicken.
  12. Ok so the UK exports about 200,000 tonnes of wheat which sounds a lot right ? It imports just shy of 2.5 billion tonnes a year ....... remember we are talking about the industry I’m in, I probably look at export and import amounts and prices pretty much every day. We are not self sufficient in food production at all, and we are constantly removing ground from food production. Also our production costs are going up rapidly and many folk are lowering their output, in order to lower input. Out soils are also degrading fast, and will not support the same level of food production e
  13. Don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not entirely sure you have much of a grip on this stuff in reality.
  14. We import a vast amount of our food and resources.
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