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  1. I wondered a bit more mate, what were sire and dam.
  2. I have to apologise im not sure I messaged you back my heads been in the shed a bit as they say. Are you still after a busher pup?
  3. Yes mate, class little dog, massive character, awesome rat killer and loves flushing bigger stuff. I believe there may be a repeat mating on the cards. Little dogs doing well, kept the two in the end but one just went to a lad who’d had a bit of crap luck with the dogs.
  4. What’s the crack with deer ? Why is it a problem ?
  5. I don’t. I imagine there’s one person who may still have them, but the man who started it and bred them is getting on and doesn’t keep them anymore. I always regret not sticking my old mans cocker over her. When I came down south, she was too much dog. She spends her days in Wales rattling around the woods with my folks Motley pack of spaniels and collies, my mum frequently reports missing hound / hound in a hole / hound has killed a creature stories. It keeps her and them fit and they live in a place you can pretty much do what you like.
  6. Saluki / bull / grey and collie grey / saluki grey / bull grey
  7. 100%. Plenty of folk always saying they would batter them etc. But plenty of folk will know exactly who abs where they are and do nowt. You can find anyone that’s days within a short space if time. But most folk turn a blind eye to things if it’s not directly effecting them. There will be lads on here who know lads like this abs don’t do or say nowt.
  8. Oh I’m fairly confident the dog will do what I want. Ps I’ve two more dogs in my kennels with saluki blood in them
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