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  1. Bosun11

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    I'd only heard the comments in SF books but as i knew Gary Middleton well enough, i bought the book on him. I quite enjoyed little snippets about where he was born etc but sadly, the book jumped all over the place and it seemed like the author couldn't keep a direct track which i believe was because he had huge holes of information. Recon this book will be the same...
  2. Bosun11

    Punch lines

    Ah... Nice one DS, because unless you 'know' it really dont read like that...
  3. Bosun11

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    Dunno Sid, as i've not seen the book BUT i suppose its a clever play on words "in company" if he only visited twice....
  4. Bosun11

    Punch lines

    Sorry Boss but as i have a genuine interest can you elaborate... Punch was bred out of a mediocre greyhound to a bulldog called Rumour's half brother...???
  5. Bosun11

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    A close friend of Brians told me back in August that Brian wondered how he wrote the book as he'd only been to his yard twice....
  6. Bosun11

    Punch lines

    Before i came on this site (bout 12 years ago) i only knew of one 'line' of bull bred dogs. This site made me realise that right alongside the dogs i knew and worked, a very similar thing had happened in the south. Both lines have their lovers and haters BUT its testemony to both that there are still people striving to continue and/or improve on them and their names remain, long after them dogs are dead. And the point i want to make is, that although i've never seen dogs of this line work direct, from who i know to be sound, reliable dogmen i've only heard good things about this line... And if YOU are reading this and think 'them's are the very dogs for me' Then do your homework, because from the little i know, tight lines are kept tight... Keep the thread on track folks, its a refreshing change on here of late...
  7. Bosun11

    Natural Instinct

    Sounds great if it suits your budget.
  8. Bosun11

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    I dont think Brian's contactable at the moment....
  9. Bosun11

    What's everyone running this year

    Love the title of this (and many more) threads... This year i'll be running the same mutt i've been running for the past 4 years and hope to be running for a few years more. With sound selection choices and a good splash of luck, everyone could/should be getting a fair few years out of a dog...
  10. Bosun11

    Bucket List Trips

    Max, i've just done the Disney/family thing (came back Thursday!) and i had all the doubts you have BUT it really was a very enjoyable experience. Thing is you dont need it for two weeks, a week is more than enough, four days is about right... PLUS your over there and if you do a fly drive get to have a little fun too. We drove down to the Everglades and stopped over in Everglades City, got to meet some of the best an most interesting people i could meet, with plenty of airboats, fishing, gators an coons... Could have stopped there 6 months! Florida offers so much more than Disney and i'm sure you could find plenty of invites out for a few days hunting or fishing BUT dont be afraid to do the Disney thing, its a family thing and well worth it... On the subject of bucket lists, i honestly believe that on our deathbeds there will be a few regrets of our lives but most will be just circumstance and if we have lived a fine active life, we'll look back with little sorrow BUT travel, the chance to put ourselves into another far flung place is something that we all CAN do in some way or other (Dick Whittington walked to London FFS!) and i think it will be a massive regret on our deathbeds, no matter how much we love our country, city, town or village. The chance to escape, just for a little while, is well within all our grasp. The world has never been smaller... Carpe Diem...!!!! (And if you have to ask, you'll never know..)
  11. Bosun11

    All good then?

    Good to hear from you Andy, keep posting..!
  12. Bosun11

    school dinners,fond memories

    Loved school dinners, which was just as well as me mum was a school dinner lady (the cook) and always brought loads of stuff home for both us and the dogs. She never worked at my school though (thank feck!) The last one she worked at was DeLa Sal, with a Mrs Rooney, who's son was always a little horror but quite handy with a football i believe.... Anyways, an over keen teenager's over worked dogs, couldn't have had better grub back then and always looked in fine fettle..!
  13. Bosun11

    BBC 1

    Worth going on the BBC website and leaving some positive comments.
  14. Bosun11

    Open heart surgery.

    Wishing you and yours all the very best with it mate.
  15. Bosun11

    Adding carb to BARF - very lean lurcher

    Looks fine to me also CM. I'd keep on keeping on with what she's on. Some dogs are just lean, raw boned types, got one here the same, though mine eats like a horse and leaves his bowl spinning! So many variables that can have him going from a show stopper to a rescue case, harder graft, not enough graft, longer runs, colder weather (when out), knocks and cuts, diet changes, wormers and medicin etc etc... And over the years i've tried to combat his weight/condition through diet alone but come to realise all those different things are just the norm and these days i keep to a good diet and know he will never stay in top nick throughout the year but thats ok because he lives a full active, working life....