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  1. Bosun11

    Non working dogs

  2. Bosun11

    mountain bike

    Can't see over hedges....
  3. Bosun11

    Non working dogs

    Yup, its always a sad sight for me, a majestic running dog being walked by some daft doo gooder, wearing a fecking harness and a muzzel (because its a hunting dog!) and the poor cnut is being walked down country lanes (because its a hunting dog!!) Without ever getting the chance to 'go'..... And do you know who's fault that is... Ours!! For breeding far too much shite... Sickens me....
  4. Bosun11

    mountain bike

    Them road bikes are a bit shit over tracks and fields though....
  5. Bosun11

    mountain bike

    It all depends what your gonna do with it. I love lamping on mine (so does the dog!) Propper poaching, stealth mode and you can get so much closer to easy spooked gear. This year i'm going for a new(er) bike and as i'm in my 50's, ride comfort will play a major part..!
  6. Though i've no idea what his stud dogs are like these days but if your wanting a genuine collie cross and you can't find one anywhere else, then go to Sutton Coldfield.
  7. Bosun11

    Best part of uk to live

    In an ideal world, i'd love to live in the Lake district but with zero tourists...
  8. Bosun11

    The things you do for your kids

    Apologies Newkid, my post was just a generalisation and in no way directed at you or your post.
  9. Bosun11

    The things you do for your kids

    The problem with kids these days is that most people are trying to be their kids 'mate' instead of being their fecking PARENT...!
  10. Bosun11

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    As harsh as it may sound, you'd be better turning your back and leave em to their own devices.... The fact of the matter is that some folks treat dogs much different than others and dont give a feck about it. See, some dogs just end up with a piss poor standard of living, without any direct cruelty inflicted. We have a pair of fat, greasy, trampy feckers down my lane, they run a horse sanctury but keep two dogs at home in total squalor, their house is almost surrounded by trees and open countryside, yet the poor mutts have never set foot out their yard, paddling round in shite all day and a piss poor kennel. In the 9 years i've lived here i've never seen em! How do i know, the window cleaners tell me BUT hey, i aint gonna loose sleep over it. Sadly its just the hand they've been dealt....
  11. Bosun11

    Line bred Lurchers not long dogs

    It dont matter what type of working dog, because if you aint striving to improve performance then you should never bother breeding...! And after that... The best lurchers are made, as well as born. Every lurcher is only as good as the ammount of quarry thats put infront of it..!!! Now lets get back on track... Line bred lurchers.... Waddya know???
  12. Bosun11


  13. Bosun11


    Sounds good, though i've never worn a hat for bed... A mask when the mood takes her but never a hat...
  14. Bosun11


    Same thing with me DS, never got bitten by any insect till my mid 40's and now i'm a fecking magnet. This has been my worst year by far..! Right, off to ebay for some of that Avon wallop!
  15. Bosun11

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    Near enough PH, though there ain't no staff in em.