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  1. That's exactly how i was... What happened to the woman with the tray on a strap round her neck, selling Ki-Ora, ice cream tubs and Butterkist popcorn eh..!!
  2. No Time To Die - Went the flicks to see this one (the Mrs loves Bond) I've not been in years and couldn't get over how fecking loud it was..! Ok, deffo not Craig's best, as the film simply ties up a lot of loose ends. But the locations look stunning and Craig cranks up his 'all action with deep issues' portrail of Commander Bond. And sadly, it does leave the million dollar question of 'who's next'... We just hope James Bond is never black nor female 7/10
  3. Whilst i'd never run a dog in a coat for work or excercise BUT for fine coated, thin skinned hounds, it can make roadwork, or simply a walk round the block on a lead a damn sight more comfortable mid winter. Especially if they are going right back to the kennel...
  4. That's lovely, with my fave handle too...
  5. Shippies, or ship rats is what we called black rats. I've hunted em and they don't look like them in the photo...
  6. It was a single tube two holer. Smoker in one end, couple bolted and were caught, then smoker off and she scratched it big enough to get her fat head in and kept pulling them out. After about 12 we let Darrens border do the same and then back with my bitch. Only wish we'd of filmed it...!
  7. Been written about a few times over the years. Would love to see it but wouldn't know anyone mad enough to try and proove it to be true...
  8. 23..! Missed the first one, she gobbled up the next two (a nasty habit she's just started this year) and there's 20 in the photo. They just kept coming..!
  9. American Sniper - Yer, enjoyed this one, another decent film by Clint Eastwood... 8/10
  10. Coz you was thinking it too...
  11. Agreed... Seen it twice and it's never impressed. Average at best.
  12. Some lovely knives there Rickshaw
  13. Watched Fight Club for the first time in years last night... Still a good watch 8/10
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