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  1. Bosun11

    Game bred ebt ,any out there?

    The show bench and nothing more..!! Hinks was a dog dealer, who 'created' them to look the part and sell...
  2. Bosun11

    Game bred ebt ,any out there?

    Agreed mate, i once owned one. A family pet that I, as a keen kid, used for anything and everything. Would i get one as a working dog though... Not on your nelly...!
  3. Bosun11


    I thought Dave H done a fair few interviews and then wrote probably the most accurate account of Smithy's breeding in an early EDRD... I know i've read it somewhere? Time dims memory but i can recall reading that he was out of a B&T dog (can't remember reading Cowan though) and PP & CD had him before Gouldy.
  4. Bosun11


    He judged Peover GF two years ago. My daughter in the child handler class.
  5. Was thinking about an old mate, now passed, the other day and that he hunted all his life, yet i never seen him wearing hunting or walking gear. He just used general gear... Now TBH i buy a lot of gear with hunting in mind and almost all my coats and jackets get a general use before spending the rest of thier days in the field. Which lead me to wondering, if you have any none hunting (walking/outdoor) gear that you use in the field. Have you got any none hunting kit you prefer over hunting kit...??
  6. Bosun11

    10/1 it’s RIP TODAY

    Never liked the man (or rather his tv persona) but he started his career with coursing and always stood up and defended it... So its an RIP for that from me.
  7. Bosun11


    Inbred but a mung - As in mongrel...? Makes no sense... The dog blackmag was referring too was bred near 30 years ago, from stock that carried no other blood. That gear knew how to use their mouths for ALL quarry, soft or hard...
  8. Bosun11


  9. Bosun11


  10. Bosun11

    Car boot find

    Bought mine off him direct in the early 90's i think. I know it was ar the game fair in Haigh Hall Wigan.
  11. Bosun11

    The Killers

    My brother went to Glastonbury every year for nearly 20 years. His Mrs went this year with a friend, on the ticket that was his.... One of these years we'll get there, feel like its time to get to a festival again. Like Sandy i used to do it back in the day but stopped in '88 and just went to single artist gigs. Here's a couple of good 'un's i went to back in the day...
  12. Bosun11


    Do you mean Smithy FL? If so, its true there was some bigguns out of him but i've seen a good few of average size too. A mate of mine had a good bitch of about 12". She lived to a ripe old age too, think she was about 17 when she went. He used to boast she was the last dog direct out of Smithy alive.
  13. Bosun11


    One of my favorite creatures toads. I used to have a EBT that would gobble them up on sight, with seemingly no after effects but then, the dog was as mad as a hatter..!
  14. Bosun11


    Bring it back...!!!!