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  1. Bosun11


    RIP Windsor... Thanks for the memories...
  2. Bosun11


    Some old photo's of our collie bitch, 51 years ago, with my mum and me as a babe in arms. The collie my dad used for rabbits and she caught em well enough. The next is my parents, with the litter she had to a cur type jukel (as Bill calls em) And the last is the pup my dad kept back and me (on the left) and my brother lol..! That bitch was a very handy animal.
  3. Bosun11

    Life of brine

    Oh yessssss....!!! Though an 11 day wait would fecking kill me..!
  4. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

  5. Bosun11


    That's what i've heard too but Max's first owner kept lurchers and terriers and it was a Reid dog called Max....
  6. Bosun11


    Two lads owned him. He went up to Scotland on loan for both stud and graft, thats where that photo was taken
  7. Bosun11


    Graft -When he was alive. The internet - When he was dead..!
  8. Bosun11


    He was as good a shape as you'll get in a F1. He was put over his litter sister Otter and threw same shape dogs.
  9. Bosun11


    He did a fair bit yer
  10. Bosun11


    He was out of a Reid dog called Max to a greyhound bitch called Maggie. Genuine first cross.
  11. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

    She's ok....
  12. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

    You guess... Answer in your own head please...
  13. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

    No mate...
  14. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

  15. Knife porn at its finest...! Stunning knives...