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  1. Timmyk once had a Lurcher that would bite off and gobble down the head of almost every rabbit it caught. The rest of it was retrieved to hand...
  2. Finally got round to Oppenhiemer last night... Give yourself the time to both watch and concentrate on it and, I'm sure it'll be worth it... Director Christopher Nolan at the top of his game! A stellar cast, Murphy and Downey are fantastic, their quality shines through, though I really enjoyed Emily Blunt's performance. For me, the film had just about everything, screenplay, history, tension and acting brilliance. A couple of points though, not knowing much about the subjects history can make it a difficult follow in parts, and some dialogue can be given with little regard
  3. Like a few on here I done the big flash wedding thing first time around, and though that's what her and her family wanted, I believe it contributed to the break up 10 months later. Second time round I'd met someone who, though wanting a marriage, never wanted the pomp & ceremony. We had the suit and the dress, but it was the registry office attached to the council buildings where she worked. With all her mates hanging out the windows cheering us on. Then over to the boozer next door for a swift half, before heading off to our evening venue, the community association club. No char
  4. Read The Old Man & The Sea years ago, just before I was visiting Key West. It was OK, but I enjoyed the film more. Visited his house and the two bars on Duval Street of the same name, that claim to be the one he frequented. Both have a look alike Hemmingway contest.
  5. I can't stand both Grylls & Mears... Give me Bush Tucker Man anyday over them smug tossers...
  6. My busher sounds like a hound, behind anything. Which I sure wasn't expecting in a Cocker/Bull cross..! Sure can make you sweat in some places, but it's really about picking your specks wisely, because that voice comes in real handy too
  7. Not really, I've edited it. Anyway, I own one of those wedge headed, crying bags of shite you also own. Same as I ran long before those fat heads, and long before you knew what a good hare was...
  8. And I know your THL's version of Micky Mouse.... lol
  9. With no thought on what goes into them, how they tick, or who they are sold to. Shame on every 'dog lad' that has been involved in the mass production of these usless bags of shite over the past 10 years...
  10. I'm a fan... A huge fan of the works of David Brian Plummer. I've read and re-read his books many times over the years. Sure, they're flawed, massively so, in some cases.... I knew that as a 12 year old kid. Legend has it that Jimmy Keeling write R&RD's and Plummer 'stole it' from him. His lamping accounts in Merle are so doubtful, as are his digging tales in Artisan and Omega, as well as a million other faults BUT for me, i don’t care, I'd much rather pick up one of his books for entertainment than most others... His books can draw me in so well, draw me to a life in the Br
  11. Just get whatever is easiest... IT'S NOT A QUESTION OF MONEY...!!!
  12. And your 'ol man knew his stuff mate... ? We just see Jay's as crows and Magpie's BUT BUT they are much more... Much more to woodland habitat, much more to biodiversity and really something to shout about. Hats off to your 'ol man mate. He knew his onions, a true Countryman... ? Some species make Briton great... ?
  13. Without reading the whole topic..! Look after your Jay family's, no matter what they do to the songbirds. For about 10 years they will plant you more Oak, Chestnut and Horsechestnut, amongst others, than you could ever do. They will provide everything every other species needs to survive.... We seem to have an inbuilt habit of blasting Jay's and yet these birds are the ultimate in woodland habitat provision.
  14. Right behind Working Terriers, this has to be the most soul destroying topic on THL... Now, I'm growing lettuce, three varieties, beans, broad and runner, kale, chard, cabbage, courgette, cucumber, sweetcorn, strawberry, blackcurrants, redcurrent, gooseberries and more.... But I'll be fecked putting pics up on here, some of you lot make me look like a laughing stock... Best of luck this summer, one and all... ????
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