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  1. Damn shame, rest easy Flick... RIP
  2. Lovely Arry , mine ain't quite 'out' yet for a photo..
  3. Ahh... Rickshaws on, gotta say love your posts on them Cat dogs, because no one else on here has any expierience (i think) bar you. And, as much as i love the look of em, what they would bring to the table for lurcher production is very questionable...
  4. I remember him and used to speak to him but i don't remember that cross...
  5. Be nice to see sommat like that. I love the look of them catahoulla's, though i don't tell anyone about it... Met a lad with a Beauceron last year, of which their blood is supposed to be in them cat's. Lovely thing it was too, look even better if it'd came out of greyhound...
  6. Of course theres pit bull in em, Main Frame kennels were putting these out 20 years ago. The bull blood is just shite, big dog to big dog, with other shite slipped in too. But you are right Dan, they were bred to look good in music videos.
  7. Little cracker, as Tony said, coats can change as they grow... Best of luck
  8. Loads of them things round here. Think that 10k price tag has halfed now. Just big 'pet bulls', though there all bred out of game dogs years ago, so as DS said sooner or later it'll all end in tears... Plenty of folk breeding the arse out of them! If i'm right XL's started mostly from Main Frame kennels in the US, a dog they called the 'blue dog'. The band Outkast are part owners of the kennel and everyone wanted these overinflated pit bulls (in both size and price) Dogo's and Catahoulla's will be next mark my words...
  9. Nothing kills older dogs better than retirement... As Charts and others have said, there are so many variables in this subject BUT keep them at it for as long as you can and you will have a fit and healthy dog, sure it may not have the speed it did in its youth, but expierience and cunning it will have-a-plenty and you can't buy that..!! I had my first dog still catching at 14 years old and fool that i was, i stopped taking her because i was getting ripped by my 'mates'. I broke her heart, leaving without her and taking other dogs out and within a few months her health faded and she
  10. Bosun11


    Also read the story, great bloke Stallone and an Evertonian too... UTFT
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