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  1. Thanks Borr, a couple of years back, but i'll message him
  2. Got a mate looking for a well made two piece spade/shovel. There was a bloke advertising some on the FB terrier pages, but he's stopped making them for the time being. Anyone know where he could get one? Thanks
  3. That's excellent work...
  4. He's a FB sensation.... Pissed himself laughing the day it all came on top, and was posting more incriminating shite within a week... Does anyone think he gives a feck? And there's a hundred more right behind him.... It's all fecked....
  5. Met SMP a couple of times at the Cup. Bloke would/could talk to anyone and he was always 'holding court'.... My fave quote of his i was not there for. And i'd bet somone can tell it better than me. It occured on another coursing field where a Roe buck got up infront of two coursing greyhounds and one turned off the hare and nailed that buck. SMP's reaction to the field was, "that dog doesn't know it yet, but it's got a wonderful carear right in front of it..." Or sommat like that...
  6. Don't know what the cup is for, can you tell us more please?
  7. Stunning pup there. Best of luck with her, and keep us posted
  8. Recently seen a pair of these first hand and then googled their website. I must say, they look and feel really good, and for the price well worth a punt.
  9. I do love a decent fish & chip shop. Our fave one is The Swan, in Southport. Only every few months mind, makes us enjoy it even more...
  10. I'd have a lot of fun with that type of lurcher but in a few years time...
  11. I'm a huge fan of Mali's but i've no use for one... My lurchers have always guarded, which is enough gard for me. Sadly for the Mali, its really gaining popularity which, with this breed needing so much work, will only end in tears. They ain't for the faint hearted...
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