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  1. A cracker that Joe, i remember watching that back then too and wanting a big deerhoundy lurcher instead of my (very capable) grew. Good post
  2. She's a fine lookin bitch mate...
  3. Always came over as a good bloke, a fine presenter with a real sense of humour and one of those voices of my youth... RIP
  4. Going rather well AND a very intersting topic..... So please post wisely.....
  5. Could/should make an interesting thread, so post about the subject.... Not gonna pull the thread but will pull bullshit posters on it... Ain't gonna be on every day but i'm watching.... Post wisely...
  6. ABC.... Genuine post IMO so lets post nice or its by by's...
  7. Or like Arther & Olive from 'On the Buses'... "Arfer... Arfer..." "You great fat lump..."
  8. Gentlemen... As has been said, talk working dogs and keep your snide comments and bickering to yourselves. Sort yourselves out or you ain't gonna be posting on here anymore...
  9. Cheers BN The roof is T+G with an extra heavy duty felt, which they state will last 10 years(?) I touched lucky as mine is the ex display model, which was on display inside but has a side (patch) which has lightened in the sun, through a window. Got it £600 cheaper and with the standard guarantee.
  10. Just bought this, tannerlised wood with fully insulated kennels and heaters. Delivery next week
  11. Yer, your dead right Saltmoon.... THOUGH hate to say it BUT sadly, it's what makes the world go round... As PC as we like to be, breeding puppies, failed youngsters, 5 minute wonders, getting locked up, splitting up with the Mrs/Mr etc..... SELLING PUPPIES AND DOGS is all part of what keeps the lurcher & terrier world supplied.... Personally speaking, i LOVE dog advertisements, on any site and i sure miss em on this one. This site is all the poorer for that IMO..!!! In past years, ad's in E&M, Shooting News, EDRD and CW were the best part of them 'rags'... First pages i'd turn to! In my 52 years, i've never kept more than 2 lurchers. Only bred one litter of pups BUT what's out there, the crosses, the breeding, the chance buys, have always been a constant facination to me and many others in the game AND long may that continue... LET THE SELLERS SELL...!!!!
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