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  1. Finally got round to watching The Sisters Brothers. It's a dark western, not the conventional type of film of that genre. Well acted with interesting characters but a bit hard on horses...! I enjoyed it.
  2. Nice bit of film there FD good bit of sport that. That lurcher wasn't fussed on the job though...
  3. Don't like em, can see too much border terrier blood... Some fine lurchers...
  4. Need to get that kettle fixed. The whistle's blocked...
  5. Got an issue in my little Home Bargain 'greenhouse' though... Think its called leafcurl. Its affecting some of my tom's but not all, some of my chilli's but not all. Its only on the upper leaves and dosen't seem to affect the plant, anyone know anymore?
  6. My little guerilla gardening (not my land) patch is doing ok thus far... Had some early carrots (to thin em), broad beans and cabbage. Recon early spuds are ready too. Would have liked a bit more variety but things couldn't be helped this year. Hopefully my runner beans, dwarf french, beetroot, butternut and pumpkins go ok.
  7. Very sad, lovely bloke. Met him at Newcastle airport years ago. A man that did what he wanted to do, in all walks of life... RIP big Jack
  8. Thats great Gem, keep us posted
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