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  1. Bosun11

    Bull x

    Good mature dogs that graft hard dont need advertising...
  2. Bosun11

    FU**ING RAGING .....

    The world is full of cruelty and the internet brings it right into our homes and our lives.... Once seen and all that. Nope, i have no wish to see shit like that, nor any sick internet viewing. My advice would be to simply stay off dodgy sites and never press play...
  3. Bosun11

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    They aint that fecking smart, thankfully..!
  4. Bosun11

    Groovy Stan

    He didn't throw much that made any sort of name for themselves, that i can remember Mick. I remember Len showing him to me and he was a big 'ol lump of a greyhound, out of field condition but he had some substance to him and a back like a coffee table. They wern't the type of lurcher i was running at the time but the puppies he bred from it to coursing bitches were real nice...
  5. Bosun11

    Groovy Stan

    Fagan/Faggle couldn't remember which... I think he paid either 14 or 17k for it... And put it up for stud.
  6. Bosun11

    Groovy Stan

    How much..!! When Len French bought React Fraggle, the Waterloo Cup winning greyhound, his puppy prices (at that time) to decent coursing dogs where no where near this...
  7. Bosun11

    Interesting article re dew claws.

    Never had a problem when left on BUT maybe i've been lucky, as i've heard of enough that have problems with dew claws that would piss me right off. You took the claws off that pup i had off you Joe, so i have no idea if it would have caused me issues BUT what you did give me was piece of mind, on that front, i've never had to think about that subject, as the jobs already done... Also, as this dogs grown to have no inherited foot problems, IMO taking off the dew claws has been well worth while. Damage limitation.... It's your call Joe, you know your line... Just my opinion....
  8. Bosun11

    Bloody horses

    Think i started lamping around 1980. One thing i learned in the first year is that horses can't be trusted. No matter how good your dog is.... IMO they are a skittish danger and i avoid horse fields almost always, permo or not. A few pesky wabbits aint worth the problems you may encounter with our four legged friends.... Give em a wide berth....
  9. Bosun11

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Fair play to ya Dbod, like Phil said, you got a plan and your sticking with it and in a world of swappers, changers and grass is always greeners, thats a refreshing change.... Stick with the programme... I wish you well...
  10. Bosun11

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Wouldn't bother me in the slightest, if a track bitch was a fighter or not, as it can simply be the slightest quirk of fate that can cause a greyhound to scrap on the track BUT once they've had a pop their limited brain seems to think thats what they should do everytime out, sort of part of the performance, the adrenalin rush so to speak... It dont make em any better or worse catching gear... iId be more interested in its breeding, constitution and performance... Totaly see where your coming from in your choice Dbod but as has been said, it dont always work out that way...
  11. Bosun11

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    Sometimes you just gotta stop swapping. Pick one and stick with it. Won't be an easy week but eventually that dogs gonna have to eat it....
  12. Bosun11

    Retrieve training

    Had two dogs that were half arsed with retrieving training as pups but as soon as they made their first catches in the field they turned into fecking gundogs..! The best advice i ever got was that "retrieving should always be a game" and its that game both me and my dogs love playing, both summer and winter, all their lives...
  13. Bosun11

    Dog eating grass.

    There are folks on here with more knowlage than me but i thought it was a help with digestion... I have one the same as yours, top grub, excercise & graft and in a field you'd think she was cocker x friesian...
  14. Bosun11

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    I really don't have time for fussy eaters, i feed decent enough grub and work my dogs enough to ensure their bowls are licked clean every day. Though there's a difference between slow/picky eaters and fussy eaters IMO. Fussy eaters are dogs that simply want better, no matter what you put in its bowl and folks keep on changing till their mutts 'will only eat M&S cooked chicken'..! Easy solution to that is ensure your feeding the best 'dog grub' you can find and stick to it... It may take a few days but it's gonna eat it eventually! Slow eaters are different and as been said, split a meal up into 2 or 3 portions throughout the day. It can be a pain but will do the trick. Don't give treats or titbits! Combine that with more excercise and graft and you should find your dog eating better.