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  1. Never easy, RIP Chicky
  2. http://www.buchanskennels.co.uk/ These did mine, very good
  3. Watched Joker... One depressing film that... Shite!
  4. Watched that film a few times over the years and its always a good watch. Hare numbers seem up this year, that lovely spring kept many a leveret alive i think. That said, this years youngsters seem to be having a bad time of it over the past month or so on FB...
  5. In awe of that post mate...
  6. Much appreciated Arry, thst would be great..!! Gnipper, whatever you can get me mate, thank you.
  7. I was all set to plant an oak or two when i moved here. Then i realised tiny oaks were growing almost everywhere. Thanks to a local Jay population, these birds are prolific acorn stashers and a few of them will 'plant' hundreds if not thousands of acorns a year. Keep a local jay population and watch those oak trees grow, fecking everywhere..!! So as its all good round here for the mighty oak, i'm still planting fruit and nut trees and bushes, in quiet corners all around my village, for future generations. Need some more walnut and mulberry, or any old variety stuff if anyone can point me in a cheap direction?
  8. Will be my next lamp if i can get one.
  9. Lovely set up Ken but your blowing like a n old tug boat on the Mersey..!
  10. She's about 22/3" now with plenty of growing yet. To be honest, though she gets the best of grub, i'm not too worried what size she makes. Back in the day of them half cross bulls, size, along with blood, was everything in a pup but now its just blood (and ability). She's ok, i like her. If she can keep them critters to a field or two and away from local roads, we'll be ok...
  11. Same with me, not in brown rats. (Though i have hunted black rats) I recon, just like ginger badgers and white foxes, certain areas carry that gene.
  12. Right now, at that 'too fast for her own good' stage of puppyhood, Mabel 'caught' her first this morning. Just a winged pigeon but she ran for it, got hold and presented me with a lovely little (slightly bewildered) retrieve. I was so pleased. We all put so much into our pups and so when they get something dead right its both an elation and a bit of weight off. Really its only a minor thing, just a scabby wounded mick but I never let a pup see or feel real live (or dead) quarry until they are ready, unless, like this, there is nothing i can do to stop it and i do my best on our daily walks to avoid seeing runable gear. Like i posted earlier on this thread, i should get a propper start for this little girl at some point this season.
  13. I'll be honest, prior to buying those Stihl hedgies, i'd used a set of old Black & Decker electric ones for about 8 years that i was given on a freebee from THLPatrick. Kept sharp and well oiled, they tackled these hawthorn hedges well, when it was a mess (I'd be letting it grow out to thicken it) I'd cut through the cable so many times it ended up about 5 foot long! Finally (and sadly) they gave up the ghost and as my brother had a swanky new set of petrol Stihl trimmers, so i used his for a season. I feckin hated them, loud and heavy, they were not for me. A chance trip to the BIGGA convention in Harrogate and as we were looking at Stihl chainsaws for work, we ended up buying a couple of the new battery saws and i got a deal on those trimmers! I just hope, for the money, they see me out but if they don't, it'll be good 'ol Black & Decker for me again..!!!
  14. Have a lot of hawthorn hedging here that i like to keep tidy. Treated myself to these last year. Gamechangers...
  15. Watched that Rise Of The Footsoldier uncut or extreme (or something?) What could of been a decent script was let down by piss poor actor choices and character portrayal. It was almost criminal...! I've no idea how tall Carlton Leach is but bloke who played him looked about 5,1" with a massive leather jacket on and about as menacing as Tyrian Lannister in GoT. And then Terry Turbo's 'syrup' as Tony Tucker Jesus..!! I wont be putting myself through anymore of that 'series'...
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