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  1. This cnut on instagram who bragged about leaving his dog.... I'm hoping he got a volley of abuse and shite for it, fecker needs naming and shaming too.
  2. Interesting thread gents, enjoying it
  3. Must be some heavy sh1t to do that Ted..!
  4. We were due to go to Florida in July, it's all paid up but i doubt very much we'll be going this year (at least!) Damn shame, as i've been following this thread and was gonna ask where to find some bow fishing around St Pete's, though i got a car and distance wouldn't be a big problem. The year before last we got a day over in Everglades City doing a bit of air boating through the mangroves. We had a boat to ourselves, the skipper of which, an old boy, was one of the most interesting blokes i've ever met. I could have spent a few months in his company. He spoke about bow fishing, which he did a bit of, amongst many other things... At first, most of his tales i was taking with a big pinch of salt, until he said we should go see some gators and other critters. So we flys through to a big clearing, half a dozen other boats there all waiting to see a gator. As we go past em he's telling us these skippers wait here hours with the tourists hoping to see a gator but they dont know his secret. So we goes past an he asks the skippers if they've seen any gators, to which they answer no and we move on, leaving them behind to find a smaller clearing and he reaches in a bag to pull out his secret... A bag of Cheetos and after swearing us to secrecey starts tossing them in the water. After about 30 seconds the first gator surfaces and makes a line direct for the Cheetos and the boat. It was like cat nip to them gators and he had em coming out the water for the smell of em. Ended up with about 6 gators around us, all mad keen on Cheetos!! He then takes us to a racoon 'creche', where again, they were Cheeto mad, coming right down into the boat for em. We dropped to some land and seen bear tracks but sadly no bears. It was a great day in fine company and his tales of his life and life in the Everglades and Everglades city were both facinating and damn funny and i got to handle the boat too. I was gonna try an take a trip back this year to say hello, as we struck up a good friendship and he wanted to show us much more, with a few beers and bbq but not as 'tourists' ...
  5. Watched that Clint film The Mule the other day. It was pretty good too.
  6. Some great posts H&B. Your dead right about those youtube Mali clips we've all been watching. It's all very impressive stuff, until you start breaking it down and rationalising on what it would be like to own a dog like that, especially for those who would have no idea of what would need to go into a dog wired like that..! And again your dead right in the difference between PP and guarding. For me i have no need for either type. Certainly don't require a PP dog and don't need a guard dog either, as i ain't got much to guard and unless i had, i really dont want to feed one, or put my time and effort into such an animal. As a hunter, all my time us/should be dedicated to my hunting dogs. Now what i have found is that as my hunting dogs double-up as family pets and when we are at home, spend their days with us constantly, their doggy loyalty starts to shine and they take on a nice steady basic guarding role on our property. For us its the best of both worlds, a hunter come pet, that instinctivley knows when somethings not right and alerts us. Job done! Some of the dogs we've had have been better than others, of course but ALL over the past 25 years+ have shown this side. I may be wrong but a dog that feels part of the 'family' will act accordingly when it senses something ain't right. The best of them was my last lurcher, bred by Joe Ox, Ike had a fair drop of collie blood and a dash of bull. He was just about as quiet and gentle a family dog as you'd find BUT really did have a second sense with strangers, near or entering our property. A real Jeckle & Hyde dog, I have no doubt that if anyone would have entered our garden he would of 'directly' defended us. And for me, thats just about all i need.
  7. Bosun11

    Gyms shut

    I work in Leisure and so am at home, though i'm gonna go back to help out as our buildings have turned into crisis centres. Whilst i'm at home with my daughter, it's a daily morning run and then turning the bramble patch on the other side of my fence into a veg patch... Stealth gardening. Fecking hard work too!
  8. Right now, 'just dogs doing the job' IMO. When some of the early wave of APBT's were put to greyhounds, there were very few purebreds in the country and what were here either were worked, or came direct out of working dogs. Some of those early bull cross luchers created decent lines, some of which may still be around today BUT most have been watered down to nothing. Same as finding a decent purebred bull to breed luchers from, i'm sure the real ones still exist but its a shadowy, tight lipped world you'd need to tap into to find your holy grail and i'm sure it'd take many years of effort. Why would those men let you in, or ever contemplate using a dog to produce lurchers...! We are now in a world of staturated bulldogs, every street corner kid has a big mean dog on a chain. Oh they'll spit names at you too, Eli, Jeep, Bolio, Smuggler, Psycho etc, names they've read on the internet and maybe the odd mutt may carry a line to those dogs but how far away (in years!!) are they and how much work has been done inbetween.... They advertise those same dogs for stud but they've done nothing. As Katch put it so well, 'they are so new they've still got the wrapper on' The dog world and especially the bull world, both pure and lurcher, is choc full of 'collectors'. People who want a name to hang on to, "my dog has this blood, my dog has that blood." Almost all do feck all with em, real graft that is. I look on the FB bull blood lurcher pages most days and through all the dross and cock crowing, every so often posts pop up with lads that still graft their lurchers hard, week in week out in the season. It would be those dogs i'd take a pup out of, before any that are associated with a historical 'name' but which in reality see very little real work.
  9. Bosun11


    The greenkeepers on our golf course have just moved on to Sthil battery ones. We went to thier annual fair in Harrogate last year and i got talking to the lads on the Stihl stand and asked about the battery ones for myself. Our head greenkeeper, Billy, comes over and states they wouldn't be worth a carrot for propper graft. The Stihl guy says he'll come over the next month to demo the range. Billy walks off shaking his head. Month later the Stihl rep rocks up with a van full. I forces Billy an the lads over. Rep hands Billy the pole saw first and says try that? Billy fucks off whilst we get the lowdown on the kit. 5 mins and he's back with a face like a Cheshire cat. Asks for the chainsaw and fecks off again. 15 mins later comes back and asks if we can buy the lot...!! Now i dont know that much about em but for average sized jobs, i'm assured by Billy and our lads, it's 'man enough'. As is the rest of the kit and your only limit is the size of the bar, for which you can't swap. For the big jobs go for the big petrol gear. If you do go down this route make sure you have enough battery power for the hours in your day. Especially if you aint near charging points. Just one other thought... 20 years ago tradesmen were slating the new battery drills. Now, you go find a tradesman who still plugs in..??
  10. Seen that pup on DD, really well put together bitch. Best of luck with her.
  11. The big supermarkets are decimated round here but the local shops are still holding up well. Just took my daughter to her swimming club, maybe for the last time (although sodium hypochlorite kills it) and the centre was as busy as usual, gym and classes full too. Even had the gangs of local scrotes outside the offey on my way home! Gonna get a lot worse though...
  12. Hope all goes ok for you both mate...
  13. Bosun11

    RIP Roy Hudd

    Great entertainer was Roy. Met him in about 1975, on the stage of the Liverpool Empire, for the annual panto. Apparantly i must of thought it was gonna be my big acting debut and shot up there. On stage there was a line of boys and a line of girls and 'ol Roy wanted us to kiss under the mistletoe. Well sorry but aged 8 my life was football, swimming and my whippet and i wasn't having any of that kissing girl rubbish and i stormed off stage and sulked in my seat! Much to everyones amusement, apart from my little brother, who was so embarrassed for me, we didn't speak for months. And my parents, who used it to embarrass me about it till the day they died...
  14. When you see a dog run something that it almost has no right to catch, make that catch, you know you'd never want any other type...
  15. I've recently got hold of a Black Cat trap and was wondering if anyone else was using them? If so, what are you baiting them with and how are you setting them up, as i can only find American info on ground squirrels? Thanks
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