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  1. Gonna need a fecking big oven....
  2. Used to use putrid rabbit guts, fish guts and anything smelly. Tip a load of it down a pair of womens tights (pref when the woman ain't wearing em..!) And drag that over a field before dumping it in the middle. Bout 25 years ago went to one of them Warrener talk nights and bought a tub of fox lure off him. Made from rendering down scent glands, genitals and skins he claimed, it sure did pong! Tried it a couple of times but with no success and gave it away.
  3. Thats a great shout Apache.... Fair play to ye...
  4. Still worth a punt IMO.... Might finish the arld fecker off but....
  5. As others have said, Bryn worked bloody hard for Ray before Buck came along. Be nice to see what he could produce...
  6. Bosun11


    As for dining, my fave is always round at my brothers house. Sometimes we all cook and sometimes it's his Mrs but they have a huge 12 seater dining table and when your all sat round it eating good food, it's a lovely expierience... As for eating out, here in the North West, near Southport, is a family run restaurant that offers excellent local British fayre. Master McGraths, named after the famous greyhound. It's owner was a serious coursing man before the ban and themed the decor with that in mind... Even without the coursing/hunting theme it'd still be my fave restauraunt, the food is very good. If your anywhere near at any time, go check it out and keep an eye out to the right of the front door, a plaque, dedicated to the memory of The Captain, Willy Tough...
  7. Went with the Greenkeepers on our Course, to the BIGGA convention in Harrogate earlier this year. I went looking at the Stihl stand to look at the battery chainsaws, with a view to buy my own, for a bit of off road logging. Billy our head greenkeeper turns up and tells me not to bother as they are a toy an wont replace petrol. Bloke on the stand see's a challenge and i books em in at our place for a trail. He turns up, van full of Stihl battery kit, lobs a battery in a chain and pole saw each and gives em right to Billy to go have a go.... We now have the full range of Stihl battery kit because Billy's eye was soundly wiped.... It's bloody good kit (and now i've no need to buy one myself...)
  8. Don't read right to me that story, all the well quoted abuse he gave the lamper... If your gonna call someone like that 9/10 times its gonna esculate... Recon he went looking for it and didn't like the outcome, so went crying to the media. Either that or its just another bullshit anti driven post from the media...
  9. Mostly my downloads off Deezer...
  10. Feckin PMSL... Gnash thats spot on mate...
  11. Me too... Feckin love playing along
  12. I fancy trying a well bred coursing dog as a lamper/moocher. Need to do my homework first though, right lines etc. Have read good stuff about a dog named Scout on here, a few years back now. Thats the blood i'd like to try....
  13. Fingers crossed for a sound recovery...
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