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  1. Never seen any of the native snakes, feel like I need to rectify that too... Hunting the Formby dunes as a kid we'd always come across sand lizards and natterjack toads. Wonderful shy creatures, I hope they are doing well there, now that stretch of dunescape is choc full of people daily..?
  2. Yeah, first cross and a one off
  3. The older I get, the more I avoid people in the field and my dogs become more antisocial....
  4. Our Ronda, she hunts like a hound, kills like a terrier, works close like a spaniel and has the heart of a bull blood. Gonna miss this weirdo when she goes...
  5. I'd always say the best is the cross between the two and hope the results are scared of the dark...
  6. I've not done the wire thing with fruit trees (there's a name for it) but I now give my old apple tree a prune to stop anything growing vertical. I take off everything growing up twice a year, keeping all horizontal branches and tie some in, to force growth that way. It's an old tree, in a 1930's ex Corpy house, so I think they were put in when built as there 'was' one in every garden. I think it looks great in the garden now, much better than the straggling verticle branches it once had, and the fruit up in the gods. Both in blossom and full fruit its stunning, everything is hand pa
  7. I remember reading Ted Walsh's Lurchers and Longdogs back in the late 70's. In the book Ted says, "The lurcherman should always carry a good knife. Puma make good knives". That quote has stuck with me all this time, and I love hunting knives of all sorts, especially Puma knives. And yet, I've never owned one...
  8. Bosun11


    Really nice
  9. I'll strip this one down a bit when it gets warmer, but not too much, I like that trampy look....
  10. On a scale that goes from rip-roaring fun, to deep depression. I think most people idle between 'not upset' and 'not too upset'...
  11. Can't better that and totally agree. I find wolves far more interesting than say, big cats etc...
  12. Calm With Horses Film4 I post here when a film has genuinely stirred me, and this one really did... The story of Arm, an ex boxer and now an enforcer, for a criminal family in rural Ireland. Trying to provide and be a father for his autistic son and with his ex still in his heart. A film about divided loyalty. It's stark, gritty, poignant and a compelling watch. With the lead played by Cosmo Jarvis, an American actor, who is superb in the part, though for me Barry Keoghan, who plays the menacing Dymphna, steals the show. It's the Director Nick Roland's debut film
  13. The owner used to on here, putting pics up... 'The Dealer' dog always reminded me of the older 'The Real McCoy' dog. Both were very similar, big headed, well grafted and had a 'The' stuck in front of their name.... Wonder how much blood is left from both dogs...
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