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Spent a couple of years on a cattle station in central Queensland in me early 20s . Just went over backpacking originally, but after drinking all me cash in the first month ended up with a job on this

It's not about money it's about power

I don't think that's true, a dog that has caught plenty of pigs will have the scars to show for its efforts ,even if its just a bailer. One out a big boar can make short work of a dog in fact I lost(k

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Sounds like self promotion to me. Was that the same guy with the one bollock whippet named sonny that he used to promote as the best whippet in the country an argue with John Glover and John glovers Jude about being the best in the country……

cracked me up Darren slags face book off saying everyone wants to be a hero then tells the interviewer to check fb out on his dogs progress an what there at??‍♂️

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22 minutes ago, thefensarefarbutistillgo said:

Thought it was an interesting listen to be fair, put some weight on hasn’t he 

not my type of dog, i was never into thick set bull xs,but to be fair you would get a stream lined racey animals if you crossed them back to a greyhound bitch again,but like you said an interesting listen. 

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