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  1. Thanks bud i think she’s Gona suit me spot on. Wat sorta height did yours make?? Would love to see a pic if u get the chance
  2. Yeh spose it makes sense really doesn’t it, good bit a sport an il be happy
  3. Will be interesting to see how they turn out, like u say ud think they will be something similar to the ones u had. There the ones on the pics u put on the other thread arnt they?? Look real lean an racey ??
  4. Yeh he showed me that one, nice long racey looking pup
  5. @ Aussie whip, Yeh I think she’s Gona suit me and the ground she’s Gona be running on predominantly, rough hilly, up and down sorta terrain.
  6. Oh aye il be in no mad rush with her, let her grow into her frame properly an mature mentally before I try to push her too hard , no rush at all were u tempted to take one like??
  7. 7 wk old bitch settling in nicely , thanks to everyone who offered there opinions an advice and pointed us in the right direction nowt like the start of a new journey with a pup
  8. Going to pick it up this weekend, carnt wait haha Think the only thing more unbelievable than the prices people are sticking on pups is the fact that people are actually bloody buying them!!! While I was looking I saw a litter of whippet/ beagle 1st crosses. An accidental mating , both pets.......£2500 each , they were gone within a fortnight , who the f*#k in there right mind is paying that for them haha first dog I had as a boy my dad got me from a shelter for nowt, was a Irish terrier / Airedale cross, was a brilliant dog , couldn’t do the work of a lurcher or a Gundog, but would have a
  9. I rehomed a straight Mali bitch few year ago. Went to look at it and the conditions it was in were an absolute disgrace. As I got out the car the bloke shouted out the top window don’t come through the gate!!! I immediately thought in my head get back in the car and drive off. Anyway I went in and met the bitch and found her a very insecure nervous scatty animal in a minging tiny house . I felt so sorry for it I took it home. For a good while it was terrified of me , but sound around the wife. Slowly built a bond and trust with it over time . Got it walking properly on the lead , then walkin
  10. Thanks bud il definitely post some updates as she develops , be interesting to see how the others get on, if any go to people on here
  11. Oh aye carnt wait, been so strange not having a dog in me life for a while, just changes your whole routine, have seriously missed it. Love the whole process, from socialising and training to eventually seeing it all start to pay off , nowt like it for me . An yeh FairPlay to your mate for selling them for a sensible price , with what there going for elsewhere and the fact he’s got 11 , could make some big money if he chose to, an probably would of sold them aswel. Top man
  12. Been over today an got a deposit down , that brindle bitch with the white socks , caught my eye straight away, looking forward to a new journey with a new pup
  13. Can anybody recommend a good strip down guide for a Logan s16?? Got the rifle out after a few year of not being used much, and it now has a air leak. As soon u put the bottle on there is air hissing from the action. Just assuming it’s a o ring that needs replacing somewhere. So with all the gun shops / gunsmiths closed thought I’d attempt it myself , I’m pretty handy so think il be alright with it. But a good guide would be handy, could anybody recommend a good one?? Any advice much appreciated
  14. Yeh iv seen a few round Carlisle last few months all crazy money. Iv also noticed a guy on the classified sites in Carlisle who over the last few months , has put 4 different adult dogs ( all lurchers) for sale changing his user name every time and cropping his face off the pics. but the stupid c#*t hasn't bothered to put a different tracksuit on or take them in a different back yard for a picture hes also advertised the same dog with exact same pic, twice with different user names saying Whitehaven then carlisle. dogs being stolen left right and centre round here since these prices shot u
  15. I’m from a gamekeeping background and can see this from both sides , iv seen so many times both while I was keepering and since, people given permission to go on land only to then completely take the piss and run a muck. It’s these few dickheads that can make farmers and land owners hesitant to give permission where lurchers are concerned. It’s the same with a lot of things, a few pricks make things harder for everyone one else . Was talking to a farmer last year about doing abit of ferreting and pigeon shooting, conversions going well an he’s all for it ( I’m thinking mint, this is in the bag
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