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  1. Aye that makes sense for sure thanks for the advice ? started it today went pretty well . Gona get something bit more appealing to use like. An go somewhere with less distractions. Where we go for our daily mooches theres roe popping about all over the spot , can hardly go 100 yards without flushing one , needless to say they diverted her attention on a few occasions ? Will take a route with less game popping about an scent , build it up from there ?
  2. I’m going to start me pup with it this week. She’s been coming on fine to be fair to her , but after seeing the massive improvement in me dads dog I’m Gona give a go for a week an see how we get on . Was thinking maybe with labs being such dustbins and so kinda gut driven for want of a better phrase that would explain the quick improvement . My pups not particularly manic when it comes to her scran it might not motivate her to the same extent. Going to giv it a go for a week or 2
  3. Was over me old mans the other day. He has a black lab dog coming up 3 year old. The dog is a very decent dog overall and has had a good start to his working life. but sometimes had abit of a habit of loosing focus at times. Anyway me farther has been hand feed training the dog for the last 2 weeks ( all food given by hand during training, no food in a bowl at all ) the improvement in the dog is unreal. Focused him right in an in all honesty hes now bloody impeccable, was quite stunned to see it. Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried this an how they got on? Was think
  4. Would love to have a first cross at some point in life or put a first cross over the bitch I have maybe down the line if she turns out a goodun ? Absolute cracker that anyway , really nice ?
  5. I have faith we are going to have abit of a reset in this country at some stage. We carnt keep going down this road of pandering to the kinda snowflake and woke way of looking at everything. Where u carnt disagree with or criticise anyone , where u are pushed to be ashamed of our history and heritage and anyone who disagrees with it and speaks out against it is immediately a racist or homophobe or any other “ist” or “phobe” u wanna pull out of thin air. Cos I really believe that this way of thinking is in reality a small minority. Yet we seem to go down this road more and more and pande
  6. Please forgive me , I know not wat I do . Get some Vaseline on it and just try not to think about it ?
  7. Would just work on getting it steady around livestock an getting a decent degree of control with it. before trying to take it out with u. If it’s abit loosey goosey then it’ll be a right nightmare haha ?u don’t want a dog bouncing around on the end of lead in one hand all day while ur ferreting. Stick at tho an ul get there. good luck with it all bud ?
  8. Do u take the vizla u mentioned with u ferreting?? I’d imagine it could be handy around a warren , using its nose marking holes etc, probs nab a few as they bolt ?
  9. If uv got a lamp, air rifle and ferrets best way to learn is to just get yourself out after em as much as possible. Every escaped rabbit and unsuccessful trip out will be a learning curve ( nowt wrong with asking for advice aswel mind ?) but u carnt beat just just getting amongst it to learn your field craft and those first bits of success priceless. My only regret Is not getting into running dogs sooner . Was always more involved in the shooting an went into keepering at a young age so always had labs. Always fancied a lurcher of some sort an always admired a nice lurcher [BANNED TEXT
  10. To complete the job u just need a larl fella hanging around the urinals to give u a squirt of aftershave and bit of chewing gum an for some reason a lolly as u leave
  11. Aye had a read through that thread ages ago , sounds abit suspect to say the least. Seems as though the whole things been given up on abit , an possibly alot feel we better as we are, rather than rocking the boat an risk making it worse ?
  12. Bloody things built like a lioness ? doesn't half look a well put together animal , really nice mate , propa like the look of it ? atb
  13. Does anyone on here know if there’s currently any sort of associations or groups that are actively trying to do anything around the laws regarding hunting with dogs ?? Tried to look into to it a few times an never found anything at all .
  14. ? aye think shel do me mate , bita sport, few thrills and spills an il be happy ??
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