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  1. aye think shel do me mate , bita sport, few thrills and spills an il be happy
  2. Aye she’s starting to put abit of muscle on now, looking more sturdy. Been really enjoying having her
  3. Few pics from this afternoons walk out, 6 an abit months old now. Showing a real willingness to hunt and use her nose . Was a lot of Fox scent along a gully bottom , an she hunted along well , was very keen an tracked along way. Also tracked a hare along way , witch I could see a fair old way ahead of us , slowly creeping from cover to cover. She followed the scent well, a showed a real willingness to work, was pleased with wat I saw this afternoon stock breaking been a piece of piss with her so far aswel. Had a few heart in the mouth moments as she does everything 100 mph full pelt
  4. Cracking pic of it in the snow , looks a real smart bitch. An sounds like she had a full life doing what she was born to do . Defo better to pts when you know suffering is most likely imminent. Atb with the pup, look a belter aswel
  5. Bout the same , closer to 24 . Be interesting to see where they end up, carnt see her getting that much taller. Maybe 25 /26 at the most I reckon
  6. Really nice pup charts looks to be shooting up and doing well . This is a litter mate to the one in the pic lurchers posted I have here.
  7. From what u describe it Just sounds like a typical young excitable dog mythering an older dog to play that’s not arsed, dosnt sound like out to be overly worried about. They will establish there own pecking order and boundaries with each other over time and it will pass. One thing I would say is don’t be tempted to separate them all the time to make things easier or avoid the situation. It won’t get better like that. it’s just something u will have to get through. Like previous post said be firm and stick at it and it will pass.
  8. This pup iv got at the mo is a pretty clean well behaved dog in general but does do a few things that do my tits clean in. She is a path walking shitter , has a habit of pulling the heads off flowers in the garden . Also has this really annoying habit of incessantly grabbing at the buckle on the side of me wellies while walking. But will only do it if we in a wide open space. If we’re in a wood or Bridle way etc never does it at all, soon as we go through a gate into a field , she’s at it straight away for a good 40/50 yards till I loose me rag then stops but only in a wide open spac
  9. Think il be looking into to one of them , looks really handy that. Was wanting something just to have a shine about when taking dog for its daily run out in winter , just for 2/3 runs after work kinda thing. Leave the old cluelight for a full nights Lamping. That looks ideal instead of lugging a big lamp and battery around every day.
  10. Bob on saw something similar happen in oz , dog bashed against a tree while latched on, smashed ribs on one side, witch pierced lungs , had to be pts there and then. Would often find by the time u caught up to them some of the dogs would be exhausted to the point of collapse from the battle they’d had. Would also notice that quite often if caught out in the open they would run till they hit a thick patch of timber before turning to fight. Don’t think it was coincidence either, they are not daft animals dont know wether the term deep game dog is appropriate an wouldn’t pretend to know
  11. Aye definitely a place well worth going if the opportunity’s there , had I not of had abit of a f%*k up with my visa don’t think I’d of ever come home, loved the bush life
  12. Spent a couple of years on a cattle station in central Queensland in me early 20s . Just went over backpacking originally, but after drinking all me cash in the first month ended up with a job on this cattle property in Queensland. idea was to just save abit of cash to go off partying again. Ended up loving it so much I stayed for nearly 2 year and met my now wife. Along side the station work we were hunting and shooting pretty much daily, the place was lifting with Roos and pigs an I bloody loved it. Anyway there was a local lad that worked on the property next door who had a pac
  13. Spot on, good to hear been meaning to give him a call see how there getting on. Wel get em out together for abit rabbiting [BANNED TEXT] there ready for it
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