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    It’s all ways the good uns

    Two in a week, tragic news Trev....
  2. Bosun11


    Brilliant as Uncle Silas...
  3. Bosun11


    Bloody good actor, RIP
  4. Bosun11

    Cannabis oil

    Cheers D
  5. Bosun11

    Cannabis oil

    Although i dont know that much about medical cannabis and CBD's I do know my brother knows a lot about it and has been taking it , bought from abroad, since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December. I very much doubt its doing anything for him, as he is getting worse daily and his pain is almost unbearable. The cancer has spread to his lungs and he has been in a hospice since the middle of January. He still takes the stuff daily and his doctors know and turn a blind eye. I asked him if it making a difference on my visit earlier, he replied he doesn't know.... Only that he's been/ is seriously stoned most of the time. And if i'm being honest, it's not the best way to visit him....
  6. Bosun11

    Liam Neeson

    Given both his timing and wording, this is as logical explination as you'll get... The bloke is a bellend...
  7. Bosun11

    Evening All

    Good to see you back Gnash
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    RIP Windsor... Thanks for the memories...
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    Some old photo's of our collie bitch, 51 years ago, with my mum and me as a babe in arms. The collie my dad used for rabbits and she caught em well enough. The next is my parents, with the litter she had to a cur type jukel (as Bill calls em) And the last is the pup my dad kept back and me (on the left) and my brother lol..! That bitch was a very handy animal.
  10. Bosun11

    Life of brine

    Oh yessssss....!!! Though an 11 day wait would fecking kill me..!
  11. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

  12. Bosun11


    That's what i've heard too but Max's first owner kept lurchers and terriers and it was a Reid dog called Max....
  13. Bosun11


    Two lads owned him. He went up to Scotland on loan for both stud and graft, thats where that photo was taken
  14. Bosun11


    Graft -When he was alive. The internet - When he was dead..!
  15. Bosun11


    He was as good a shape as you'll get in a F1. He was put over his litter sister Otter and threw same shape dogs.
  16. Bosun11


    He did a fair bit yer
  17. Bosun11


    He was out of a Reid dog called Max to a greyhound bitch called Maggie. Genuine first cross.
  18. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

    She's ok....
  19. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

    You guess... Answer in your own head please...
  20. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

    No mate...
  21. Bosun11

    Pics of workers as pups

  22. Knife porn at its finest...! Stunning knives...
  23. Bosun11

    Daytime fox,s

    If foxes were still legal, a man with a good dog could do very well squeeking urbans round Dartford & Bexleyheath parks and open spaces. And if its rats, try the shrubberys planted around your local McDonalds or KFC, just mind the traffic. Last winter we had a family stroll round Sefton Park Liverpool and the place was heaving with rats, all going about their business without a care. The people with children didn't give a fig about the rats either, not even when they jumped out of the litter bins as children threw rubbish in...!
  24. Bosun11

    Daytime fox,s

    London is chock full of urbans. Have mates over the river in Kent who are almost plagued by em.
  25. Bosun11

    The Way Home

    Good to see that you can put enough in front of 4 to come home like that Joe...