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  1. Bosun11

    German Wirehaired Pointer At Stud

    If that dog goes over a greyhound i know someone on here who will be very interested...
  2. Bosun11

    The Specials

    Like Downsouth, i've seen the Specials a few times, starting in 1980 and again like DS i've seen most Ska bands. On Friday went with the family and friends to watch Madness (another i seen in 1980) at Aintree Racecourse. A great venue to take kids (age 10), they loved it...!
  3. Bosun11

    Urban wildlife.

    Just seen a vid on FB this morning, of a Roe deer walking along my old street in Anfield Liverpool. If anyone knows the area (Liverpool 4) then you'd know how urban the location is but i believe there is a small population living happily on an abandoned site next to the old railway line (their way in!). They have also been spotted in local parks near to the same line.
  4. Bosun11


    Freddie Starr...
  5. Bosun11


    I just read this off singer Ian Prowse's FB page.... Freddie Starr on tour in the Middle East, there were very strict codes. "Just two things Mr Starr, never swear and never refer to Prince Hussein directly" Curtain up Freddie: "Alright, which one of you fuckers is Prince Hussein?" Curtain down
  6. Bosun11

    RIP Tigger

    Moved as requested... RIP Tigger
  7. Bosun11

    Goodby Doris ......

    The original 'girl nextdoor'. A true old Hollywood great. Been a long time since i seen one of her films but as a kid they were great fun.
  8. Bosun11

    Sir Loin Knight of Steaks

    I think those chuck away bbq's are great for cooking steaks.
  9. Bosun11

    Kennel is it sufficient

    Fine job Igz.... Well done mate
  10. Bosun11

    Dandruff in dogs

    Change the diet (a bit) and take into account the time of year, throw in a bath or two with a dandruff shampoo but what works for me is a damn good hand massage in the mix. Get your hands and fingers into that coat daily and it will make a difference.
  11. Bosun11

    Greyhound bitch free to good home

    I hope someone breeds a top class litter from it and then finds it a decent pet home...
  12. Bosun11

    Title race

    Of course we are, it was the points you dropped in the derby that cost you the title...
  13. Bosun11

    Title race

  14. Bosun11

    Four hour knife .......

    Really like that Ken, well done
  15. Bosun11

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Belter FP.... Breeding..??
  16. Bosun11

    All together

    Done the same Socks, one huge fecking creche.. Worked a treat! One thing i did do though was to keep my hob's cages well clear.
  17. Bosun11

    All rounder

    Simply a tag used to sell.... Your dog should be what you want it to be... No more, no less... Some may want a jack of all trades, some may want a master of one (or two!).... Really don't matter, so long as your happy with it... But if you buy that selling bullshit and your dog is NOT what you either want, nor expect it to be, then you've either made a piss poor decision in your type of lurcher, or your a piss poor hunter. No more, no less...
  18. Bosun11

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    I'd go for Beddy cross MM, maybe the sire of those pups and looking at that terrier, it looks of early Scotty/Sky type, so both were possibly obtained in the North East border areas. Though i could be well off the mark...
  19. Bosun11

    Another bird in the hand

  20. Bosun11

    Another bird in the hand

    Sent through on PP Bill Cheers
  21. Bosun11

    What knife do you carry ?

    Which is why its my second Opinel, the first one and me, parted company, sharpish...!
  22. Bosun11

    What knife do you carry ?

    I carried and used the old pocket knife my Dad gave me for years but its too precious to ever loose now, so i've been using Opinel for about 10 years. This is my second one.
  23. Bosun11

    Various Jack Russell's

    Really like them
  24. Bosun11

    Pups and pricing

    Fantastic stuff Katch, well played and great judgment, which is something many dont have... As for that advert, i've seen them peddling feckers on there a few times with that same stud but have no idea who they are. They know how to write-up a litter and i've no doubt they'll sell like hot cakes.
  25. Bosun11

    Lot of cheap dogs about

    Provided an unwanted youngster is injury free, then you should be able to mould it into what you want it to do. Most will relish the fact that someone is providing stimulus and tune in really fast. A recent example is the young couple who moved in next door to me. She keeps a couple of horses and wanted a lurcher as a pet and to accompany her on hacks. Off they went to the local rescue center and came back with a fine young broken coated bitch, which i thought may have a drop of Saluki in its make up. It came with the name Peanut and it stuck. The deal was the obligatory 'get her spayed', which was done a week after she came home and within a couple of months of good grub and excercise, Peanut was a really smart looking mutt. Arriving home from work one day and the couple stopped me, they asked if i ate the rabbits i caught and could i teach them how to gut and skin a rabbit. I asked why and it turns out Peanut has become quite the catcher of game on them morning hacks. And apart from foxes she was taking everything else with ease. It got to the point where she was no longer welcome on hacks, as she was dissapearing to catch her quarry. That Saluki blood has really come to the fore..!