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  1. Rob (judge) Rinder on Watchdog tonight on the subject of Vets v's online meds.. No idea if its gonna be any good but maybe worth a watch. On in a min...
  2. Bosun11

    Unusual Bushing Dog

    Much more lab than that BH.
  3. Love Paramo gear, been wearing it for years. Its surprisingly much tougher than it looks...
  4. Bosun11


    Bonny pups Andy, plenty of bone, like that..
  5. Bosun11

    Old documentary.

    Brilliant find Darbo, i remember that..! How uplifting is it to see that lurcher trotting happily beside that bike down rural lanes... Though i'll have to watch it fully tomorrow.
  6. Bosun11

    Dog collar & Id tag

    Though i'd much rather run any dog without a collar, my busher works with a collar with one of those rubber 'chipped' tags on, to identify that its been chipped. Also gives it a lovely 'pet' look, which can come in real handy in certain spots.
  7. Bosun11

    coursing clamp down

    Divide an conquer is spot on BUT it is the 'governing body' that should have pulled us all together, especially following the marches but no, as said, they bounced us to save their bacon. They can rot for my money...
  8. Bosun11

    One for the David Dickinson`s on here

    30's art deco i'd guess at, though i do like it.
  9. Bosun11

    coursing clamp down

    Too right Boris... Give them what the've given us for years... FECK ALL..!!
  10. Bosun11

    coursing clamp down

    Tim Bonner and his fecking cronies should have got their self indulgent shite together before 2004 and coursing wouldn't be where it is today... Fecking turncoats..!! They bounced us for foxhunting back then and they'll continue to do so now because its the easiest way to save their own arse... How many times have they supported lurcher work since the ban? How much effort do you see from them when bellends like Pwackham is spouting his bile and others who are against everything hunting with dogs... Nope, far easier to give modern lurcher work bad press, paint us black, support heavier handed policeing raise your own profile, keeps the wolves from your door eh... Same old shithouse tricks..!!
  11. Bosun11

    Sad to kill rabbits anymore.

    Just got back in from a couple of hours walk. Got 4 out of 7 runs on rabbits. A sad state... But i'll still catch my rabbits wherever i may find them...
  12. Bosun11

    All good then?

    Oh Lordy, a fine pup indeed...!
  13. Bosun11

    Various Jack Russell's

    Her ears are the same MC and she dont give a flying feck about them or much else bar work either. We have a real mixed bag of terriers in our team, from quality digging dogs to strange combo's like my cockerbull but she has an attitude and style like nothing else there and which i've only seen in the same type Russells 30+ years ago.
  14. Bosun11

    Various Jack Russell's

    We will be soon...
  15. Bosun11

    Various Jack Russell's

    This tiny bitch is a cracker...
  16. Bosun11

    Bull x

    Thought it was
  17. Bosun11

    Grew’s first night out

    A flying start for a pup, well played...
  18. Bosun11

    Bull x

    Whats that in relation to mine Joe?
  19. Bosun11

    Various Jack Russell's

    Lad i rat with has just this type of Russell and she is superb..! He found her, living rough in a wheelie bin and gave her a propper home, she's paying him back tenfold... I'll try and get some photo's this Sunday.
  20. Bosun11

    Bull x

    Can't be a real one then, their all thick as feck...
  21. Seen a couple back in the 80's, very much as Dilly said....
  22. Bosun11

    A sadder than sad day.

    Never easy Phil, especially when there where so many good times...
  23. Bosun11

    can any scousers on here help..

    Will ask about for you Bill
  24. Bosun11

    Pointer Cross

    Are they local Mud?