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  1. Ye guys do a great service to the rest of us, ye keep us laughing https://youtu.be/v-xLmI352vE
  2. Ah they are elected, just by either representatives or govts, I forget which exactly. Place would be a horror story if people had a vote on everything, homeless people would be 100x because everyone would vote not to pay tax, be no services, no funding for anything and a public execution after a kangaroo court on every corner each week. People really are selfish c**ts, I wouldn't want to govern. Who'd want that f***ing headache. The EU is good for me, it's a stick I can use to beat my own govt with if I need to. Someone once said about democracy that it's the least worst system
  3. Sure don't pay the 39bn, then ye'll be seen as unreliable in international agreements. No one can force ye to do anything, don't see why knickers are so twisted over it.
  4. Was just going to post along jiggys lines, good luck with it.
  5. If you could lay down the megaphone of innacuracy there for a second we can corect a couple of things. First, in the Lisbon treaty there were some concerns over things like a European army and abortion. The referendum went ahead and was defeated. Afterwards there was debate here, from which the Govt. consulted with the EU and outs and assurances were agreed on the above issues. Another referendum was held which passed. That's mature, grown up democracy. There was no strong arming as you put it. Secondly, in most if not all treaties "ever closer union" is mentioned - from before
  6. I think you'll find quite a number of people in the EU think the end of March can't come quick enough.
  7. Or in lay mans terms the EU didn't give the UK it's cake & unicorns so the brexshitter narrative is all & sundry are bullying the UK rather than reality which is that the UK is hopelessly divided, doesn't know what it wants, had negotiators that would be humiliated on Tipping Point, and started off by further weakening it's own position with a general election, red lines, and generally proving itself untrustworthy and incompetent - publicly. Just wait until ye go negotiating trade with the USA, China etc, then you will have something to whine about.
  8. Yes, a deal the EU have ruled out repeating. Where's the confusion?
  9. Because it was overly complicated and time consuming compared to other deals. What's true?
  10. From what I have read the Swiss have a very complicated deal with the EU, a deal the EU said they wee never going to repeat. Pictures like the above is only more unicorn cakeism propaganda.
  11. Doubt it. SF run on an abstentionist policy, one of the reasons their voters vote for them. Also they well know what influence their few votes would have on the atmosphere in the HOC. It would be counter productive from their POV. Bit like how Hitler was never bumped off, he was doing too much damage to his own side.
  12. And some wonder why the Withdrawal Agreement is going so badly for the UK. A mystery for the ages.
  13. I've no problem with an EU army. Oh, and this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opt-outs_in_the_European_Union#Irish_protocol_on_the_Lisbon_Treaty
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