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  1. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

  2. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Nope. They ain't. They're even stopping US senators getting into these facilities. Nothing at all to hide of course.
  3. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Great to support a dickhead that puts children in cages alright.
  4. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Give that man a mic! AKA enough rope to hang himself. Tell us more lies Donny.
  5. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Chris, I hope you were sitting up at attention!
  6. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    This from the Beeb. Lol. "Under the deal, the North retains its nuclear warheads, the missiles to launch them and has not agreed to any specific process to get rid of them."
  7. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Chinese seismologists or some such recorded damage after the last test. Basically the facility was rendered useless already, the mountain had collapsed.
  8. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Right, like I thought, Trump had to give a lot to get nothing. The American president had to give gifts just to meet a third world dictator. The Fart of the deal, in action.
  9. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Oh it has, in favour of Kim. What did Trump get? All he did was give. Enlighten me.
  10. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Someone enlighten me as to exactly what Trump has achieved here. From what little I've read Trump has Pledged to stop "War Games" with South Korea, no doubt filling the SK's with joy. Met a brutal dictator who's crimes are numerous on equal terms. Hinted sanctions will come to an end. Hinted at a US troop withdraw from South Korea. From what I understand, Rocket Man has closed his already blown up beyond use nuclear testing facility and committed to "denucularisation" which from a North Korean point of view means removing the US protective nuclear shield from the neighborhood. Great win for the little fat lad with the bad hair.
  11. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    With a bit of luck, the rest of the worlds leaders will tell him to sincerely f**k off
  12. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    That's about right
  13. JohnGalway


    Jesus f**k Now look just how steep that hill is
  14. JohnGalway

    Trump Under Fire

    Interesting article on wired.com about Robert Mueller, can't link, don't want to use up my remaining free articles The G man is the real deal.
  15. JohnGalway

    Brexit Thread Redux

    That'll keep the preppers happy