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  1. Lure machine for training dog for racing
  2. Hey up does anybody have a lure machine for sale in willington or derby cheers
  3. Has anybody used the new black widow gray bands with 8mm steel if so are they any good and what's the fps cheers
  4. Full bite [BANNED TEXT] across middle of his back tried to break his back the f***ing piece of shit and dumb f**k owner
  5. Yea u bond real close with them when u together all time out on adventures
  6. My lurcher pup been bitten seven times now by other dogs and stupid thick owners just standing by watching last one that had him was a big mastiff tried to kill bite him well that went down well as u can imagine my pup got hold of it jaw and ragged it's jowles the f***ing thing dint come back after that and owner got f***ing chinned for being a c**t
  7. Yea it sure knocks the wind out your sails but in time it will get easier and sorry for the loss
  8. Cheers mate I'll have a look now
  9. Does anybody know of sumbody who can repair a mk 15 ft knocker box it needs a new speaker I'm in willington so close by would be ideal cheers
  10. Do u not eat them they make a cracking stew or burger
  11. Looks like u had a good day did u dig much
  12. Loads on fleabay wanting daft money for them
  13. Rent it to me so I can live on it in a caravan ?
  14. No dogs allowed on inside but loads of fresh poo and tracks but nothing at home but seen loads on another part we doing next time
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