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  1. Do u not eat them they make a cracking stew or burger
  2. Looks like u had a good day did u dig much
  3. Loads on fleabay wanting daft money for them
  4. Rent it to me so I can live on it in a caravan
  5. No dogs allowed on inside but loads of fresh poo and tracks but nothing at home but seen loads on another part we doing next time
  6. Not a bad day better than drawing a blank like my day other day
  7. Had first day on new permission ferreted a area they wanted doing and drew a blank but never mind still had a good laugh
  8. Will have to sort out meeting up
  9. Just had a email today got ferreting and lamping permission for shobnall leisure complex want all rabbits gone so happy days
  10. Hi all does anybody know if the sabre th stock will fit a express rifle
  11. Merry Christmas everyone hope u all have a good one drink be merry and good hunting and stay safe
  12. I'll wake up at half four take dog out ring my daughter up when I get back crack a tinny open and sit and watch world go by
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