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  1. German army jungle boots waterproof breathable and take sum hammer 35 quid brand new from army surplus online
  2. Shefflad69


    Hi been given a long net it's about 58 foot long no poles just two end pins attached wondered if any body near willington Derby could show me how to set it cheers
  3. Love them hares proper mint
  4. Beddlington whippet xwhippet grayhound he five and half month old
  5. Rats allways get away with a slap personally I'd slap um with a bat
  6. Shefflad69


    Are the books still for sale
  7. Virbac prinovox is good stuff but pricy but works very well on ticks and fleas and all worms
  8. I'll stick with Hades they are spot on in express
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