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  1. Thank you is it Bigmac97kt I have messaged him,thankyou just hope he's local ,thanks again
  2. Where could I get a main spring from and I this something I can do myself? Or candy this chap Bigmac 97 can do it all?
  3. I don't have the 177 barrel,
  4. That's a little gem that,good find.used to have one of them when I was a kid.used to hit the barrel over my knee and put the butt on the floor to cock it !
  5. I used to have one of these,biggest regret selling it,you ever want to sell this give me a shout.atvb
  6. Thinking of getting new spring put in ,safety repaired and re blued, had the gun since I was 13,first airgun,knocked some stuff over with it to and now I just fancy trying open sights for a bit of fun and a meal or two!
  7. Here's my mk1 webley & Scott Hawk.
  8. My kind of mooch that,dogs,dobber and a rucksack with flask and that in.
  9. Great stuff,do you have any up to date pictures please,atb scentchaser
  10. Not had experience with terriers In any way but what you are after sounds a handy tool and I like bushes to kill,I have a beagle spaniel which I've had bits with but I can see your point about them being pushers rather than pushing and catching,,, had a rabbit ,tree rat,and well into double figures on duck n pheasant but...,,there's always a but.....if a pheasant is just hiding he won't grab it hell nose at it and it gets up and flys off but if there's one running through cover hell get that,I small gripe but does f m off at times,,,,rabbits can be the same,so watching this post to see what you lads use,atb scentchaser
  11. I'm okay at stuff on the ground soon as it's up a tree it all goes to pot
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