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  1. A lot leggier and longer and at ten months old much more laid back. I'm very happy with her, I've got four cockers along with her.
  2. There's folk out there who would take a jab from Mike Tyson if they thought it would let them go on holiday.
  3. I've got a ten month old kc registered cocker from the lines I think you're talking about, the springer is glaring right out of her in both looks and attitude.
  4. We are still (for now) the majority. If everyone stood shoulder to shoulder you would get results. Problem in this country is that sadly now we don't.
  5. I often think the powers that be are actually trying to orchestrate a race war, then I visualise a group of them sitting shaking their heads saying what the fcuk does it take to get this lot (whites) pissed off enough to actually get off their arses.
  6. I could actually fcuking puke when I see those fcukers on their knees.
  7. Steal a 42" telly in protest at your black brother being killed.
  8. With the death rate in ethnic minorities and blacks disproportionally higher than other groups does that make covid 19 a racist virus?.
  9. Also, do you think the black eyed peas will reform anytime soon?.
  10. Better to have at least tried and failed mate than never tried at all. In years to come you won't see it as a failure more an experience and education. Better that than living and dying in the same house you were born in.
  11. Wrong thread pal, that's Jonathon Woss.
  12. I might be over simplifying things but wouldn't nuking the chinks go a long way to helping?.
  13. Serious question, do people refrain from posting a death to allow Socks time to do it?.
  14. In no way am I trying to reduce the severity of the situation, but, a couple of points, and this from someone I know in the nhs. Every death is being attributed to covid 19, and this is certainly true in some cases in many others the virus is killing people who were going to or were dying of other things. In instances where the cause of death wasn't logged as covid 19 the records were changed to covid 19. A great many people have it or have had it and showed no symptoms and recovered. No one seems to know the amount of people treated in hospital and released. How about
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