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  1. To be perfectly honest, if I was France I would be supplying the boats.
  2. I actually think the sad fcukers that foisted multiculturism onto us have turned decent charitable folks into racists and created more bad feeling than there ever was, but then again maybe that's the plan.
  3. I'd rather jump in front of the train.
  4. mackay


    Or small talk after, this might catch on.
  5. More moons ago than I care to remember my brother and I had a couple of coaches. We did a lot of work for the orange lodge and rangers supporters clubs but we had a contract through another coach company for a celtic supporters pub. Never really had any grief and with the exception of the odd twat most of the folk rolled along and did their thing, kick the pope ,kick the queen etc. Never ceased to amaze me why anyone could get so caught up in the whole thing, but they did and clearly still do today. Didn't matter which side of the divide you were driving for, if you shut your eyes they all sou
  6. From another angle, what with this spending ?, does that mean the powers that be have realised things might be about to, shall we say?, change.
  7. Scottish you ignoramous, scotch is a drink.
  8. No truth in the rumour then that William has been humping her mate.
  9. What?, is that like suggesting ideas or offering tips like?.
  10. It doesn't. But listening to all the pissed off mp's complaining about it makes me happy. So that'll do me.
  11. Hundreds a day coming across the channel and we're spending all this money keeping her out. A token feckin gesture to appease the plebs.
  12. Carefully orchestrated. New labour gave workshy feckers more money to sit on their arse than they could ever get actually working. result, massive amounts of folks on benefits, solution ?, bring in loads of migrants we have a workforce shortage. Oh and we now need more immigrants to work in the care sector due to all the fat bstards that now think fatness is an illness and can't actually wipe their own arse because they were allowed to sit on benefits. One big massive cycle.
  13. Sorry for your loss mate.
  14. Firms wages paid for the forseeable.
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