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  1. I had one of Plummers alaunts from the first litter he bred. Basically a mastiff to a pit/greyhound. I didn't buy into the recreating the medieval alaunt malarky I just wanted a healthy mastiff. She was a great dog, trustworthy and honest and was never near a vet in her life. I bred her with a pure mastiff a couple of times and the pups were tightened up fit and to all intents and purposes mastiffs. She went to twelve and a couple of pups I knew of made fourteen.
  2. mackay

    TV licence

    Ok, so cancelled the licence, don't watch their shite anyway. Got the letter, question is, do I go online and indulge them?, or do I just ignore it?.
  3. I'm beginning to think this guy walks around with his arms in sleeves every day mate, the ones on his feckin strait jacket.
  4. A mali isn't and never will be a bulldog mate.
  5. Teenage mutant turtles on a bender on their day off ??.
  6. Just thought it was worthy of a mention on here that today is the 20th anniversary of Brian Plummers death. That and the fact of how quickly time has passed. If you're going to do it, do it. Time and tide and all that malarky.
  7. Saw the title of this thread and thought it was about refraining from masturbating.
  8. Or thrice even, I've lost count.
  9. Fcuk that, I'd probably land on an asda shopping trolly.
  10. A few of us fell for it, me included. When I read he had difficulty eating and was basically eating through a straw I sent him a party sized bag of coloured straws to cheer him up.
  11. mackay


    Strange that, there never is.
  12. Sweet Jesus, no wonder we're fcuked.
  13. Maybe if shitcunt dosser woman stopped opening their legs it wouldn't be a problem.
  14. But it wasn't illegal, was it?. As for lecherous readers, well that would have applied to just about every lad I know growing up in that time including myself. If we were lecherous how the fcuk would you describe the devient oddities cutting about today. Another difference, whether you agree or not, the sun was doing this in full view of the whole of Britain these shady bstards are creeping about, telling porkies and denying it until they have no option but to come clean, sleazy fcukers embarrassing and betraying their families. Remember, it was this sleazy bstards wife that grassed him up. Be
  15. Brexit was never meant to happen, it really is that simple. If the powers that be had thought for one minute we would have voted to leave, well, we wouldn't have gotten to vote. Since the vote it has been their mission to ensure it is one clusterfcuk after another in the hope that folk will crumble and change their minds. Regardless of whether you are a remainer like Sandy, this should worry any sane person because it proves our path is mapped out for us and we only have the illusion of being free to choose. Some day, some way further down the line the same tactics will be used to fcuk the lef
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