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  1. I ordered one as well, its coming in a plastic bag as it's not the done thing to put Chinese in containers anymore.
  2. mackay


    Never ceases to amaze me, the country is awash with deer and folk are queueing at food banks for a tin of beans.
  3. Calm down, no need to take the hump.
  4. Sounds like you stumbled onto the hunting life fishing competition.
  5. Was it Fealar Jimmy Lean was the keeper/ stalker?.
  6. If it's rabbits and rabbits only you're after you're probably as well with a well bred whippet from the right lines.
  7. Could be he's just missing his chum. Why don't you allow him to have his little friend over for a sleepover this weekend to cheer him up.
  8. Those kids in that picture would be receiving counselling if you tried that today.
  9. I would think a well bred athletic first cross lab/greyhound would be more deserving of the title lurcher than quite a few dogs out there.
  10. mackay


    Says people have no respect for others anymore, fat baldy poof.
  11. mackay


    Her neck (wring).
  12. mackay


    Andrea Leadsom now resigned due to her boss not delivering on Brexit.. Got to give your woman Theresa May ten out of ten for pure hard neck.
  13. Some bint that is well up in a charity organisation has been sacked for congratulating the clown and saying it should have been acid.
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