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  1. Thanks mate she is a cracker I agree with you about the pecking order , as she matures I’m sure she will want to move up. It’s about knowing your dogs, knowing how the pack dynamics change as dogs mature .
  2. Seems to be a bunch of bickering back stabbers over there , glad I’m not involved in that shit . The man who bred my dog lives over there but is a scouser , he regularly tells me of the f****d up stuff going on over there . Not to say over here in the uk we have our fair share of idiots and chancers in the dog world
  3. Man that fella that writes the old country blood shit is a dickhead . Don’t work dogs himself but yet is an expert. I lost any interest in his page when I kept seeing him banging on about the great Kerry blue
  4. To be honest I don’t really care much for other people’s opinions on my dogs . I feed them, I work them and I’m happy with them. I’m a bit old in the tooth to worry about if I have got random blokes I do t knows approval of my dogs . I’m not going to get into any more back and forth about the breeder of my pup, he’s a good friend of mine and I’m happy with what we have done together over the years and will continue to do so in the future . Pups doing great as well , growing like a weed . Don’t look like a Lakeland now as some people stated she was at the beginning of the thread ? Really
  5. The breeder of my dog is not on Facebook no
  6. Your good friend cannot know much as the man has no breeding partners. Neither goes he go to dog shows. Your friend is referring too the idiot with a big beard who puts videos of his dogs on badgers and was the subject of a bbc documentary. Yes that guys works his dogs but at the peril of bringing heat on everyone around him .He had one of my friends wheatens but when he was exposed on telly my friend went and took the dog back . The bearded man is an idiot yes but no one can deny he walks the walk as far as working dogs are concerned. He is the owner of the dog storm mentioned earlier on
  7. Maybe I wouldn’t know . As far as I’m aware the fella that owns storm didn’t get him until he was 15 months old so I wouldn’t imagine he knows his exact breeding himself .
  8. No mate , my mate owns both dam and sire . A pit bitch from Russia and Irish wheaten . storm is an impressive dog
  9. The pups doing great . she has great nerve nothing seems to phase her. Settled in with my dogs now , found her place in the pecking order . Seems to have teamed herself up with my bandog male . Very intelligent little pup,,only have to tell her once or twice and seems to cotton on. Took a few sessions for her to grasp that my horses are to be ignored but no problems with that . Easy dog to have round you. Quiet in the kennel and a nice off switch in the house . A real easy keeper so far . Well pleased i decided to keep her instead of ending her back to Ireland
  10. I’m the owner of the pup. My friend bred the litter to add an outcross to his wheatens as the blood is very tight and very inbred as most genuine working wheatens are . This certainly was not the case of just using what was readily available and putting any old dog to any old dog . The bull bitch was from excellent stock and the wheatens very well worked . If any of the 6 pups he gifted out ( mine included in that ) do what they are supposed to do then he may put back to his wheatens . The man has plenty of money , plenty of game to hunt and travels all over Europe working and testing his dogs
  11. Do you know the fella who bred them mate ? If you did I’m quite sure you wouldn’t say it was about money. ive had 4 dogs from him now over the past few years and no money has ever changed hands . He had 9 pups from this litter and as far as I’m aware he gifted 6 out and sold 3 so I’m not sure how he is lining his pockets. If he was just churning out pups for money I don’t think he would be messing about with wheatens . They are hardly a money spinner, he would be breeding xl bullies or Merle things
  12. The pit dam was out of a dog called Ch Jihad . A very good dog , I will get Her pedigree and send it to you
  13. Pups coming along well . Fitted in well with the other dogs and responding well to her training . Just been concentrating on livestock training and environmental exposure. Not got any complaints about her so far , finding her much the same as any other dog I’ve had . Probably change as she matures but a very easy keeper so far
  14. That’s a fair point mate. In your experience what size would the ideal catch dog be? Too heavy and not got the wind and too light get smashed as you say
  15. Yes that’s right . His dogs sire is my pups grandsire. my friend who bred mine sent the one to the states a couple of years back.
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