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  1. BBC using a LACS spokesman, I am surprised. Some folk really don't help themselves but a lot of innuendo on that programme with no facts provided.
  2. See the BBC NI Spotlight programme are doing a piece tonight (4/10/22) on working terriers & alleged illegal hunting. Expect the usual hatchet job from them. BBC One - Spotlight, Exposed: Hunting With Dogs - Spotlight WWW.BBC.CO.UK Hunters using dogs to track and kill – Conor Spackman probes hunts condemned for cruelty.
  3. Its the type of Game Fair that really benefits from spending a couple of days at.
  4. The B.A.R.F diet is the way to go if you have access to the food & the time to do the prep. A lifetimes of info is available on the subject. If, like the majority of folk you only have the time to feed a kibble mix, then buy the best you can afford. Whatever way you go, I would start by doing what the breeder is doing & slowly transition to the method you want. Enjoy the pup
  5. I'm tempted to get this one. http://www.huntingdogseurope.com/dogs-for-sale/
  6. When I had a GWP she was excellent in the water & brought geese back for fun. No problems as long as the introduction to water is done correctly. Not sure I would have a GWP purely as a 'Fowling Dog but each to their own. "Flushing" a fox would have been the last thing it would have done if it was that near to one.
  7. There are no puppy trials in the UK. You either run against other Novice dogs or against other Open dogs (a Novice can run against Open dogs but you are unlikely to get an entry)
  8. You don't need a big run, its a place to keep the dog safe not an exercise pen.
  9. Some of mine. Sadly the Liver & White dog died last week at a grand old age.
  10. Lovely coat on the GWP. That was the same as my old GWP, far better than the "shaggy" coated version (I know it makes no working difference but....)
  11. Well the old boy so nearly made the end of the shooting season. Spent his life hunting in the woods so only right he gets to rest there. My first & well loved Cocker will be missed.
  12. Remember when the "shows" came to town and they had the air-rifle shooting stalls. Took about 5 go's before you worked out the rifle was shooting about 3 foot to the right..........................and that was only over 10 yards
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