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  1. one terrier in each pen/kennel. easy
  2. are you serious... you want to know who bred a white bitch over a hundred years ago...why ?
  3. very precise locator. can read deeper than it really is as already mentioned. but you will be bang on the dog everytime. I use my bellman more , and in bigger earths but the MK3 is bang on.
  4. No but im thinking of it. Seen it on YouTube videos so had a bit of a search on Google
  5. http://www.snowcountry.eu/arva-3-red.html/?curr=GBP&utm_source=googlemerchant&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=googlemerchant&utm_content=default&gclid=CLPT48j_ucMCFcTnwgodznkAzw
  6. Wouldn't go back to lowa, haix are top class
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