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  1. wyeman

    Chris Packham CBE

    He lives in the New Forest, so he's closer than you think!
  2. As above - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46682660
  3. wyeman

    Collie bull grey

    A bit harsh, but probably on the spectrum!
  4. wyeman

    Hello from Sheffield

    Stuart Mitchell, were you in the knife business around 25 years ago near a football stadium? If so I purchased a number of great knives off you.
  5. wyeman

    Advice on fly fishing

    If I were you I would go for a weight 5 Rod 8.5ft long. This middleweight set up would cover your river fishing and also be man enough for most still water situations. To go heavy for example weight 7 or 8 would be too much for your river fishing. Longer rod gives better line control
  6. wyeman

    Guard dogs

    I live at the other end of the Country but I am really concerned that I understand him!
  7. wyeman

    The Black Assassin

    wrong thread
  8. wyeman

    Stand your ground law?

    From the ridiculous to the sublime? Watch this - http://www.selfreliancecentral.com/2018/09/19/girl-with-gun-teaches-thug-painful-lesson/
  9. wyeman

    Gun dog training book

    jwed, PM me your details and I will send you a couple of training books
  10. wyeman

    Forum lifespan

    I've been waiting at Battlefields Island for two days and no one else has shown up!
  11. wyeman

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Donation made
  12. wyeman

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Where's the link for donating?
  13. We've been down this track many times. Some folk feel that they are entitled to go where they like and poach (steal) what they like. But if these same folk found someone trespassing on their property, or heaven forbid, stealing their property it becomes a totally different scenario!
  14. This makes interesting viewing
  15. wyeman

    5 month old Cocker chasing low flying birds

    BBB, If the pup is chasing birds just think how he will be, when he comes across a rabbit or Hare - you may lose him! Sounds like basic training needs to commence and I would suggest a Gundog train book to get the basic obedience started. Even better many Gundog societies are starting training classes that you may want to join. An untrained spaniel becomes an embarrassment and many shoots are plagued by them!