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  1. I friend of mines is looking fir a Deerhoundx greyhound his dog has done its ligaments in so looking for a bitch pup if [NO TEXT TALK] can point him in the right direction
  2. That’s very ture. About giving them to strangers and I don’t for 1 min expect a pup for free. Because that’s no how it works. But boys putting a grand on a lurcher I personally think is crazy and I do t care how good the mum and dad are the pups aren’t the mum and dad it’s alwes a gamble All the best we your gun dog pups mate keep me in mind for the coursing pups please
  3. Would just like to clear up the man seams like a honest genuine man iam not in any way speaking badly of the man .... be4 it gets blown out off hand we the fish wife’s of this hunting life form
  4. Man seams very genuine and I look forward to getting home fae my holiday to speak to him some more
  5. Iam in the process of getting a coursing pup well the boy sayed it’s bulldozer x Tilly to another bitch canna mind the breeding. But the next thing is .. is this man telling the truth or iam I getting spun a load of shite
  6. I know people need to cover what there send in stud fees wormers food vet bills and so on. Maybe iam just a tight c**t. But iam no paying 500/600 for a lurcher pup
  7. Every 1 selling there lurcher pups at 500/600 a pup terriers at 350 to 450 a pup f**k me the days are gone of buying a pup at 100-200 off good working stuff
  8. Na it’s still 24 degrees and like I sayed she’s a puppy so until the winter comes in she can continue you been a pup
  9. I got her from a boy inMiddlesbrough she’s still a pup but huntingbup and no shh to get stuck in so I’ll take it slow we her
  10. She’s a beddy grey xbull grey boys thanks very happy with her
  11. Caught rotten ... I know he’s on here why would I put the post up if I had something to hide
  12. Caught rotten ... I know he’s on here why would I put the post up if I had something to hide
  13. You cheeky lying b***%*d What are you talking about you were away to shoot her Don’t be talking shit about me on here Iain you have my number call me Your. Words was it’s your bitch do as you want
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