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  1. Nice pics SheepChaser is that out of a litter tyla bred Terrier spaniel and whippet mix i think also how are the terrorists and how many did you keep in the end atb.
  2. Now they are lovely, you're gonna have some fun with them i'll bet. I said on another thread that i would love to have a hound type for mooching but with all the roads round my way its bound to end bad atb.
  3. Plenty of deer round my neck of woods and lots of roads some quiet some busy and that is why as much as i'd love to have a hound type for bushing i can't have one as it will more than likely end bad.
  4. Those pics are superb Ruski. Am in right in thinking that they were taken when you were ratting.
  5. My sister has a small russell type it is bred out of working stuff as far as i know but it is just a pet to them and that thing is always killing hedgehogs that come into the garden. He's affectionately known as the little shit to them.
  6. That black n white one is the one that stands out to me he looks like a typical jack saying that there all beauts. What size do you think they will make.
  7. I'd be over the moon if i was getting one of those pups, they are little crackers and all in fine fettle by the look of those pics. atb.
  8. I know what you mean, my one catches in cover but not consistently. Saying that there isn't a great deal of bunnys round my way now.
  9. Can't beat a bit of rabbiting imo, were they bushed out or bolted with the ferrets atb.
  10. Was the sire to these pups the petite vandeen or one of the other types? either way should make very handy moochers atb.
  11. I think the antis and the so called animal rights brigade could do with reading this as they could learn what areal animal lover does when the chips are down. Good on ya Fuji.
  12. They look awesome fella, if i was having one it would be a toss up between white bitch or white dog. What size do you think they will make. atb.
  13. They seem to be coming on great and catching at such a young age i'd guess they are going to become very handy indeed atb.
  14. I do like the look of those two, both look as though they are going to be quite racy .
  15. That is a beaut Foxpack . It looks similar to some of those american beagles atb.
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