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  1. day and night walker

    Local wander

    Horrible stuff that, should be called barbaric wire.
  2. day and night walker

    Out today

    Loads round my neck of the woods also, roe and muntjack mostly. Saw one drop dead in front of me back in January a young roe buck, went for a walk there the other day and it had been picked clean, nothing left but hair and bones.
  3. day and night walker

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    That's a shame as they would have been ideal. My one is okay just trying to get her fit again as didn't really do much this summer coz of the heat, normally you can have a little mooch out here n there in the evenings but this year was to much atb.
  4. day and night walker

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Hi Squirell how goes it fella, Did your other bitch take and if so how did it go atb.
  5. day and night walker


    I reckon they'll make outstanding little dogs, ideal for around the hedges working with the ferrets and terriers ect. atb.
  6. day and night walker

    Old busher from 90s

    Some lovely old pictures there chaps keep e'm coming atb.
  7. day and night walker

    First rabbit

    Nice one, there will be no stopping him now. Catching when they are young does e'm nowt but good imo. atb fella.
  8. day and night walker

    Bred bitch

    If all goes well you will get some tidy little bushers from that mating, nice and small with plenty of drive. Hope all goes well with that atb fella.
  9. day and night walker

    Couple of pics

    Lovely pics as always foxpack. Sorry to read that your going through some horrible stuff at moment but i hope things work out the best they can for your family and yourself. atb fella.
  10. day and night walker

    Not enough blacks riding bikes in London .....

    And so are a lot the cars, round where i live there is hardly space for pedestrians to walk as most folk who drive use the pavement for parking.
  11. day and night walker

    Bushing litter

    Those pups look a picture of health, they have that roly_poly chubby look. Good on ya fella.
  12. day and night walker


    See the same thing where i live young men and women driving to the local shop. These are probably the first to laugh at overweight people in mobility scooters.
  13. day and night walker

    Tasmanian bushman skills

    Really enjoyed that, nice one fella. atb.
  14. day and night walker

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    That is a fine looking dog and so healthy looking as well. Good on ya friend of foxpack.
  15. day and night walker

    Bushing litter

    This is too foxpack and nightwalker and anyone else who has bred a litter. What flea treatment have you used on bitches in pup? cheers.