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  1. Can those types catch much in bramble brier ect or are they bred more for work rate?
  2. Will it be a Piccaso or Escobar? Time will tell.
  3. Cracking dog that and nice and busy also. How is he bred what i mean is is he all terrier as he sounds very much like a hound when he opens up.
  4. Totally agree some of those russell types are the bees.
  5. I know what you mean fella my one's getting on now she's just over eight she will still hunt fairly well but it takes longer too get over it now whereas when she was younger a few hours rest and she would be up for it again atb.
  6. I bump into a woman now and again who own's a springer x russell and that was an accidental mating also. The person who bred it kept working springers and intended to breed spaniels but his jack russell got there first. By all accounts it has not made a very good pet because in her words the thing is potty.
  7. I envy you fella, that's a lovely looking pack you have there by which i mean they could turn there paws to anything. atb.
  8. Coming on very well by the look of those pics. On average what sizes did they make, tts. atb.
  9. I remember long before i had my own terriers i used to go out with some fellas who had that very type.. small mainly white terriers and they were awesome whatever was in the cover was in trouble if it hung about for too long. atb.
  10. I totally agree you can't beat those small russell type's. They were the one's that were more likely to catch in cover most time's out.
  11. Nice little bitch foxpack what is she like on rabbits and is she bred the same way as your'e two pups. atb.
  12. Nice pics SheepChaser is that out of a litter tyla bred Terrier spaniel and whippet mix i think also how are the terrorists and how many did you keep in the end atb.
  13. Now they are lovely, you're gonna have some fun with them i'll bet. I said on another thread that i would love to have a hound type for mooching but with all the roads round my way its bound to end bad atb.
  14. Plenty of deer round my neck of woods and lots of roads some quiet some busy and that is why as much as i'd love to have a hound type for bushing i can't have one as it will more than likely end bad.
  15. Those pics are superb Ruski. Am in right in thinking that they were taken when you were ratting.
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