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  1. My last bitch Annabel, absolute rocket, RIP
  2. The Middle East is only ever quiet when its controlled by Dictators. Try to introduce a democracy is futile. Here comes the next lot; http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/08/22/376201/yemenis-call-for-govt-to-step-down/
  3. Does this actually work on rabbits? What the battery life like? Seems to good to be true...
  4. I thought Tumbler was a term given to dogs that role after striking a rabbit. I do see them advertised in the back of CMW though. Always wondered how they looked, got any pics :-)
  5. Mine likes a swim, being thic/course coated it must be a hellish relief in this weather. Nice pics mate
  6. Are we not best mates on here then
  7. Sorry top hijack the thread but have you got a link for the one you use? cheers
  8. I use one of these when out; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CUSHION-WEBBING-LEAD-LUNGE-REIN-LONG-LINE-LEAD-HORSE-DOG-TRAINING-TRACKING-/111069154834?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Kitchen_Steamers_Cookers_PP&var=&hash=item5f805c99ec Start recall training in doors along the corridor first with lots of good quality treats, each time it comes to you and it will as your indoors with food, let it scent the treat in your hand then ask it to sit by raising your hand. Do this a few times. When you go out with it on one of these leads, do the same. I go to the local cricket pitch as there is little scent if
  9. There is a good article on puppies and 'established' dogs written by skycat in the CW at the moment. Its the first of a series I think
  10. Now that would make a tidy cross. He looks real racy. Cracking dog. How old is he? Cracking looking dog mate
  11. Fascinating read. Goes to prove how this forum is so 'emotive'; this forum has people that run dogs on every ground type, using dogs bred from many different breeds sight and scent and many in between. Its no wonder we never or rarely see eye to eye on what's 'right'.
  12. all the best mate, happy days!
  13. Truly shocking, I hope they get there just deserts.
  14. I take her to the local cricket pitch as its got no scent at all on it compared to the fields round an about. I also use the 50' lunge style leads off ebay too, this works well. Edit: I wonder if some Saluki blood is behind this as back in the day, they seem to be set on desert hares and left to run followed up on horse or jeep these days. Not sure if this is the case but it might be. Saluki have strong lungs and stamina and more independence
  15. Thanks! Dam is Bull x Grey, Sire Deer x Grey, x Saluki
  16. Thats her up to 1 year anyway! Looking forward to the coming season.
  17. Dan have you ever ran any Saluki crosses out there? Do you get saluki's in the US?
  18. Had two, one the first, it was all you could do to keep it in the same county once of the lead, rescued at 18 months. The second was a pearl, rescued at 6 months. I think once a dog reaches 2 years or near about, it is really hard to train so younger the better. Also, rescue dogs always have a history - or they would not be rescue dogs, and you gamble what that is and how it will affect the dog, atb
  19. Nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Dont tempt fate Gaffer, this thread is going so well!!! :-)
  20. I'm sure its possible. Mate of mine trains police dogs, over the years he has been involved in GSD 'aggressive' dogs, drugs and firearms with Spaniels, the whole lot. The thing with him is he is with the pup all day every day training whereas - certainly speaking for myself, I don't have anywhere near the time to train my dog that he does. I think as much as your dog is capable of is related to how much time and energy the owner has...
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