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  1. Interesting I have a friend that offed to save me a pup off of the gsp that were povin fox dogs do your two always catch the guy said the way his worked was to jump a fox out of it bed and he would shot it or the dog run it to the ground
  2. Have you ever used her for staking fox I was wondering because I met a few guys that doine it but I don't know if it was because of their special traning video or not
  3. Ok this is not so much a question on dogs for deer but on other game I found a Facebook group for people that use gwp and gsp in Australia and seen that some of the guys use the same dog they use for deer they also used them for fox and rabbits but they all use a set of training videos called deer dog bule prints that costs about 450$ so I was wondering if anyone has used different traning books or videos and have taken different game
  4. West Siberian lakia it a hunting dog breed
  5. Just found out about them a little bit ago the little bit of them over here seems to be mostly squirrel and Coon dogs. But I have heard of them being used for big game bay dogs and giving they were meant to hunt in heavy cover and run quite until they bay I would like to hear anyone who has Hunted with them if you would believe a video of them being used in fox hunting and it looking like they run it down and killed it would you believe they could have that kind of speed or would them running quit make it sound possible
  6. Cool it was just neat to hear about a different way in the place my people came from
  7. One night I find a story of a kind of Collie was using for hunting thought it was interesting so I was guffing around on line to see if I could find any more about it and came up on one called a bearded Collie and it being used in scatland to track fox back to it den was a interesting story was wondering if anyone has ever seen one used like that and if so would it be nomall for the breed
  8. So I have seen that most if not all of the German pointers were breed to hunt birds and furs both in fact from what I have heard a lot of them in Germany are used for big game and vermin more than brids I was wondering do you train them on birds frist then fur and with the fur hunting do you start them like you would with a hound pup
  9. Funny you say that because I meat a guy a few days ago that told me about hunting coyote and fox with his dogs and one that I thought was interesting was the cur dog who job was once a coyote or was jumpined the cur would get ahead of it and turn it back towards the other dogs which were a pair of gundogs he called Weimaraners saying they were his tracking dogs and were breed to work game and brids both and his kill dog which was a German Shepherd that had a hateterd for coyote and fox said the cur was able to turn one like that being a stock dog just don't say if they were born knowing how t
  10. I was reading a post about a guy that was coyote hunting with his dogs and one that sounded interesting was a stock dog who's job was once a coyote was found was to get ahead of it and turn the coyote to make it easier to be taken by the slower but more powerful dogs so it made me wonder if a stock dog could learn to use it speed to turn game to make it easier for the other dogs to catch
  11. Interesting would be cool to see one like that
  12. I was reading a story about a guy that was hog hunting with a interesting x it was a beagle Rottweiler x bread special for hog hunting in heavy cover said they came from one of the far eastern eropeing counrts the guy said his only fault with them was they were to willing to fight anything they came up on was wondering if anyone has ever used this x and what you think of it
  13. Interesting when you say collie do you mean a border collie
  14. Well they are another one I was looking just seams the ones over here have had the fur hunt breed out of them seams like the ones that come out of earoup are the only ones still used for fur hunting would love to hear any experience you have had with them on anything besides brids
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