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  1. Yeah flushing them out and shooting them thats what i ment
  2. Does any 1 on here hunt wild boar with dogs in scotland or uk ?
  3. Spend the little extra and get the 22amp lithium batt , I've got the striker and getting the blits just for a change
  4. I'll get the make and model later the note , don't think its 1 a the best guns out there but is a decent gun , A don't no much about the rifles lol Comes with BSA scope and bag
  5. Hi I have a .22 air rifle for swap am looking for a blitz lamp for it The rifle has just had a new spring put in it in march and is in mint condition for an older rifle
  6. Alrite , WhT lamps use usen this year ?
  7. Cheers lads just get a decent pair a boots lol
  8. Cheers guys , tbh its fisher men that's recommended them to me
  9. Looking at getting a pair of muc boots , any good ??
  10. Looking at getting a pair of muc boots , any good ??
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