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  1. Hi everyone, anyone have any hob kits available in cumbria area, would prefer light colour albino/silver/sandy…please pm me!! atb tom heavy
  2. Cheers for you in put lads, is there anyone on here with 1st hand experience with a dog which had/has this condition??
  3. Evening lads, wondering if anyone can shed a bit of light on this as my pup has the above condition and i am obviously concerned about the longevity of his working career or if it even worth entering him!?? gutted is an understatement!! ive put alot of time in and he has taken to most thing very naturally, he’s got a great temperament and showing great potential, i just cant see him lasting very long the way his hind legs are. Is it worth a try or should i start again?? any advise from anyone with experience would be helpful and appreciated. ATB thanks in advance
  4. Both ment to be decent animals, they certainly look the part, shite coat on my pup tho, the bitch has got a bit of a denser coat but never rubbed off on my pup. Time will tell if it turns out alright...
  5. Mail/bull/grey 12 week old... dam, 1st X mali/grey sire, 3/4 bull/grey
  6. I was looking at pics of martins bitch the other day and thinking how similar that are, they were almost all indentical stamp pups, all black and white smooth coats, think one turned out rough coat. someone else messaged too and picked out where they both came from, he bred brain dog and willows dam! Spotted it a mile off!!
  7. Shes doing great, loves her work, real nimble and fast through the nasty bits and loud in pursuit. I prefer the black and white one slightly more if im honest tho as he doesnt get distracted by rabbit as much
  8. Yes they do mate, i could really do with some tracking collars for some situations tbh, i dont like when im not 100% sure on there where abouts. Both dogs have been missing on a couple of occasions
  9. tri coloured bitch is terrier/cocker/beagle Black and white dog is russle/beagle/springer
  10. thanks for the advice lads, I will do just that!!
  11. cheers mate, I always change my batteries before the start of a new season, collars and 9v for receiver, your right it deffo worth buying a good quality 1's rather than cheapo, gunner send it to deben for a service mate, cheers ATB tom heavy
  12. alright lads, I've never used one but recently encountered opportunities where the long net would suit my needs, I've seen the quick set long nets on various videos and had a look on ebay and it seems that a 50 yard net is about standard. my question is, where is the best place to get one from and do I get a 6 or 8oz net?? I saw this on ebay what do you lads wreckon?? the same seller does one 50 yard net for £125 anyone had one off him and are they any good?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QUICKSET-LONG-NET-BASKET-2X50yd-6z-PURSE-NETS-/262685129161 cheers ATB tom heavy
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