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  1. thanks for the advice lads, I will do just that!!
  2. cheers mate, I always change my batteries before the start of a new season, collars and 9v for receiver, your right it deffo worth buying a good quality 1's rather than cheapo, gunner send it to deben for a service mate, cheers ATB tom heavy
  3. alright lads, I've never used one but recently encountered opportunities where the long net would suit my needs, I've seen the quick set long nets on various videos and had a look on ebay and it seems that a 50 yard net is about standard. my question is, where is the best place to get one from and do I get a 6 or 8oz net?? I saw this on ebay what do you lads wreckon?? the same seller does one 50 yard net for £125 anyone had one off him and are they any good?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QUICKSET-LONG-NET-BASKET-2X50yd-6z-PURSE-NETS-/262685129161 cheers ATB tom heavy
  4. hi all, as the title says, the receiver is only working to half of its range and it won't pick up the collars if more than 8ft away, I've had 3 seasons use out of it, and I purchased a new collar last week and it is the same with new collar so must be receiver... is there anyone that could fix it, Deben maybe?? can they be fixed or is it best to just get a new 1...?? cheers ATB tom heavy
  5. smart little group of mutts there, its only a matter of time...
  6. thanks, he is about 3 an 1/2 and I got told saluki/bull/grey when I bought him (18 months), I cant be sure tho because I haven't seen the parents, it would make sense to look at him tho ATB tom heavy
  7. great job, I can only dream of sport like that ATB tom heavy
  8. a few pics of last nights mooch with the hounds, never get board of this spot!!
  9. great pics, lovely little spot for a ratch!! ATB tom heavy
  10. people will actually be drawn in by that daft long winded speech about how well they will be reared, I bet they will sell
  11. thanks!! the kennels are not quite finished yet as I need to mesh that frame out between the 2 dog boxes, the fronts still need to go on the boxes and it all boxes need lining with carpet for winter. Almost there!! ATB tom heavy
  12. terrier/beagle/cocker
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