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  1. poacherman

    Alunt Pups

    Cloned them
  2. poacherman

    Saluki Type Dog 10 Mth

    Out of soggy sonia
  3. poacherman

    Fox Only Terrior

    Got a terrier there but am looking to swap for a shetland pony or a bag of nappys
  4. Spiders in the living room at that age
  5. poacherman


  6. poacherman


    Just got mine back the day because it was over heating and expanding water in to the expansion bottle, the pully belt had to be replaced because the wheel was spinning at a bit and it was making the fanbelts loose and the water bottle wasnt working the way it should be, 130 quid but hopefully thats it sorted now, problem car
  7. poacherman

    Venison Stew

    Add a can a guinness to it or half a can, takes the strong taste away
  8. poacherman


    Ive got a warrior 04, just got the head gasket done on mine a momth ago, it was overheating and expanding the water over to the expan bottle where the water would be bubbling up, the 03 and 04 are bad for this, since i got it back from the mechanic its never been the same and its starting to overheat again, my fanbelts are screeching a bit so a will tighten them up to see if the makes a difference, never thought of that till i read it there
  9. poacherman

    Coursing Pups

    From shadow x red x lucas x frankel x shut up and stop talking pish
  10. poacherman

    Two Border Bitch Pups

    Stick them up your arse
  11. poacherman

    Show Us Pictures Of Cockers

    Belucky hows dillon getting on, were u happy with him
  12. poacherman

    Double Rees Breed Bull Pups For Sale

    Your full of shite amatuer lad, breeding a untested 2 1/2 year old dog then talking about good dogmen, give yourself peace and get them put on preloved with the rest of the monkeys
  13. poacherman

    Double Rees Breed Bull Pups For Sale

    Show ponys, theve no seen a full seasons graft yet